Decking My Bloggy Halls

If only decorating my house were as easy as changing a blog header, I’d be ahead of the game right now.  My snazzy new Christmas design was done, of course, by the super-talented Jules of Everyday Design.  Thanks, Jules! 

Now if only I had a mouse that could point-click-drag my children to put the Christmas tree up the right way (instead of, you know, sword-fighting with the branches).  Then I could right-click and the stockings would just fly into place.  And control-alt-delete would clean the whole mess up on New Year’s Day. 

I believe that would be a fine use of technology.

22 thoughts on “Decking My Bloggy Halls

  1. Activities Coordinator says:

    The tree is up, cookies are made, stockings are hung, BUT the house will NEVER be clean. Three out of four will have to do.
    Love your new look. Let us know if you figure out that control+alt+delete thing.

  2. Tricia says:

    If only organizing/decorating my house were as easy as decorating the blog.
    Technology has seriously let me down. When I can point and click to clean…
    And what ever happened to the flying car idea anyway?

  3. Barbara H. says:

    Love the new look!
    I’m savoring the last few days of our extra week of November before transitioning to Christmas mode. I like it when there are five Thursdays in November — it just seems to give us a little extra prep time before Christmas.

  4. Gego says:

    I still have punkins’. What am I missing? I have refreshed, rebooted, and all those other techno terms and I still have pumpkins! What am I doing wrong??????

  5. Queen B says:

    The Christmas design is great!! I am so with you on the decorating. Scrooge and I have been working on it a bit today. It is less fun than I’d hoped.

  6. Mrs. Troop says:

    Good luck with that decorating! It took three days to get our tree up with eight kids helping. Ugh. And the sight of all of the branches mixed up with the laundry that needed to be folded. I’m so glad my four boys didn’t think to sword fight with them! That’s funny!

  7. MomOnTheGo says:

    I like the design. I’m afraid I won’t be managing a Christmas theme this year on my blog and only barely at my house. I have a 2.5 foot tree that goes away with it’s lights and some of its ornaments on and we’ll scatter a few decorations around. It was enough last year. We’ll hav to see what my now 3 year old thinks of it all. Without the pressure of Black Friday or another trigger here in Canada, it seems like an issue that will wait.

  8. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    I like the holiday look! I’ll have to work on making or finding something for my site.
    My hubby and I fight about the lights. Every single year. But yet he won’t let us get a pre-lit tree because if one light goes then the tree is worthless… Sigh.

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