Let It Rock, Let It Roll…

I’m not sure which is worse:  noticing that the Jack and Diane video is playing on the VH1 Classics channel (classics!?), or watching it studiously and thinking to yourself, I could totally do this on PowerPoint and it would look better.  So I’m old AND a computer nerd.

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25 thoughts on “Let It Rock, Let It Roll…

  1. Jess says:

    LOL! I know. However, when you think that the video was made in the 80’s, it’s not terrible….not great for now, but not terrible for the 80’s. It’s amazing how far technology has come in 20 years!

  2. faithful chick says:

    Ugh – I know how you feel. My kids almost died on the spot the other day when I told them that DVD players weren’t even invented when I was a kid. They were horrified at the thought that we also had only three TV channels!

  3. Julie says:

    What is worse is songs that I recognize are now “CLASSICS”! When did that happen? HMMM… Probably while I was watching Veggie Tales and Blues Clues!

  4. Simply Sandy says:

    You could not pay me enough to be 13 in 1982 again. But the song will always have a special place in my heart because in 1993, when we brought our first baby home, he woke up in the middle of the night and cried. And cried. And cried. And his two clueless young parents tried everything we could think of to get him to STOP, so we finally began singing. We sang lullabies, church songs, classic rock… finally it was “Jack and Diane” that got that kid to sleep, go figure. Thank you, John Cougar Mellencamp!

  5. Veggiemomof2 says:

    I came through the house yesterday & DH was watching one of those music channels & there was a video on! I was like, “HEY! I didn’t think they played videos anymore!” LOL

  6. Staci at Writing and Living says:

    I just realized recently that I had been singing the lyrics to “Jack and Diane” incorrectly for the last, what, twenty-five years?
    Don’t laugh, but I thought it said, “Let the ball bounce, come and save my soul.” When I realized my mistake and told my husband, he laughed and said, “You’ve lived in the Bible Belt your entire life. How could you miss that?”

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I’m not old until tomorrow! But I clearly remember when INXS was new on MTV. In fact, I wrote one of my honors English papers on the impact of MTV on something-or-other back when I had enough brain cells to let them spill out through my TYPEWRITER.

  8. Cindy says:

    How cool do you think I am….
    The “Tastee Freeze” in the video is actually in my town. It is really the Chocolate Mousse and we love to go there. John lives in my town and I see him every once in awhile. He’s no Barry Manilow, I know, but still, I’m cool, don’t you think?

  9. Missy says:

    Giggle, totally agree. I posted about another classically bad 80s video earlier this week.
    Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…and the very next day, you gave it away (gave it away)

  10. Steff J says:

    what we love to watch are those top 100 shows on vh1 like the top 100 most awesomely bad love songs etc…
    C and i will watch them and spend 3/4 of the time going noooo that was a great song and some songs that we remember as horrid seem to get voted as really good songs…i think the people who vote on some of those shows are either drunk or trying to see if everyone watching the show is drunk or nostalgic…LOL

  11. Tammy says:

    Every so often I hear that song on the oldies station and my daughter cringes-because I sing right along.I can’t believe that this song is 25 years old.Now I am old!

  12. Rebecca says:

    I LOVED that song growing up. I was under 10 but loved it. Did you know that the hand clapping was an accident that they ended up liking? I learned that on an old vh1 show where the bubbles would pop – can’t remember what it was called. Stupid trivia that I remember. Anyways so 20 years makes it a classic? By the time my kids are old enough to care all the music I listened to will be old. Another ‘old’ moment? Roseanne is on Nick At Night.

  13. Cyndy says:

    Okay, what’s really depressing is reading some of the comments about gals remembering the song from Jr.Hi. and I was in college when it came out. Classics huh? Does that make me classic???

  14. Steff J says:

    I was in grade school when it came out. Remember that was when you could still call the 800# for MTV to play real songs…before the real world and road rules and commercials…just music all the time….

  15. Ann says:

    @Simply Sandy…I’m with you…there is no amount of money I would take to go back to 1982…
    As for me…I’ve always liked John and his music, but I kind of cringe hearing my own teen dd singing “dribble off those Bobbie Brooks, let me”…you can fill in the rest. That said, compared to the lyrics of many current pop and hip-hop songs, Jack and Diane is totally G-rated.
    I prefer the term ‘retro’ versus classic or oldie…or better yet, ‘modern retro’. I can be contradictory…I’m GenX…it’s who we are.
    Oh, yeah, life goes on…let it rock, let it roll, let the Bible Man come and save my soul…
    And…WOW…The Bible Man DID come and save my soul!! Praise Jesus! πŸ™‚ Does that make John Cougar a prophet or something? LOL.

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