Minding Your Bloggy Manners

Did you know that my good friend Melanie at Blogging Basics 101 is beginning to experiment with a podcast for that site?  As the girl who has (many times) called Melanie late at night with a blogging crisis, I can tell you that she can explain even the most complicated issue to the biggest dope (me). 

In fact, I’m sure she would just love it if you would all start calling her late at night with blogging questions. 

JOKE!  That’s a joke!  Nobody call Melanie, or she will never speak to me again, and then who would I call for emergency runs to Taco Bueno?

Later this week, I’m going to be joining her on the podcast, and we’re going to discuss the often-sticky issue of blog etiquette.  Melanie is taking questions from readers on this post, and we’ll try to go through each one (depending on the response, there may be multiple parts to the podcast!)

I’m closing comments on this, to encourage you to leave your etiquette questions over at the BB101 post.  Check over there in the next few days for the first part of it, and I’ll post a link from here, too.

* * * * * * * * * *

As long as I’m making announcements, don’t forget that tomorrow is a Backwards Edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday.