I’m So Organized, I File My Pop Tarts

Not really, but I thought that made a splendid post title. 

A more apt post title would be Somebody Stop Me Already With The Containers

I’ve already told you that I’ve declared 2008 The Year Of Less Stuff.  I’m continuing to purge mercilessly, and it feels good.  Taking a cue from some of my favorite organizing blogs, I’m putting the stuff we’re actually keeping in containers.  Because I reason that if it resides in a cute plastic bin, I will never lose it, right? 

We’ll see.

I have a sordid history with containers and organizational systems in general.  If you don’t believe me, you can just ask my Hubs, who has witnessed the whole 13-year journey (and has the garage full of empty containers to prove it).  I seem to be able to get things in a good container-y system, labeled all pretty, but then I forget where I put them.  Or I get in a hurry and stop using the container.  Or I just change my mind. 

But I’m determined that 2008 will be different, and I am madly containerizing this whole darn house.  My most proud accomplishment so far has been the Pop Tart box.  I hate it when my kids open a twin pack of Pop Tarts, eat one, and then just toss the the unsealed pack back in the cabinet.  It gets stale quickly, and that’s just wasteful.   

Enter the freakishly organized Pop Tart box.  If I were actually this organized, this next picture would probably be kind of scary.  Rest assured in the knowledge that next month my pop tarts will most likely have resumed their stale little spots in the back of the cabinet.  But for now, this is my crowning glory:


Look!  A spot for the Pop Tarts.  And look!  A hinged lid:


Is that the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

But the containerizing doesn’t stop there.  I also emptied out the cabinet we use for kid art supplies and computer supplies.  If I had a before picture, this next shot would be considerably more impressive (but that would have required forethought, and we’re only tackling one organizational skill at a time around here.  Baby steps, y’all.)

I moved most of the kids’ art supplies to another cabinet, and I was left with this:


The bin on the lower left is for new computer paper.  The bin on the bottom right is for old paper that has printing on one side, leaving the back side still perfectly fine for drawing.  Because oh-yes-indeed we are reducing, re-using and recycling.  I feel so green I could ribbit.

Thus concludes today’s foray into my mad organizational binge, and you are most welcome to ask me in two months if any of it still looks like that.  I’m not hopeful. 

Tell me–what’s your most clever use of containerizing?  Because there are a handful Rubbermaid containers in the state of Oklahoma that I haven’t bought yet, and I’d love to find a reason to nab those last few.

96 thoughts on “I’m So Organized, I File My Pop Tarts

  1. JCK says:

    You are scaring me…just a bit, with the poptart container. But, truly they look SO fresh.
    I’ve got no container insights for you, but am in much admiration of your determination to organize!

  2. Julie says:

    Silly me, I just put the left over Pop Tart in a sandwich bag. J/K. I am very impressed. Hubby and I tackled the garage today and strangely I have about 20 various sized lonesome lids. How did that happen?

  3. chrissy says:

    That is a solution to a problem I didn’t even realize I had. They DO get really stale!
    I’ve joined you in manic organizing for ’08, simply because I can no longer function amid the clutter, plus I can’t find anything.
    My biggest container accomplishment was buying one of those fishing tackle compartmentalized things to keep hairbows in. It has all these tiny see-through drawers so you can sort them however you want. Now if I could just get the girls to return them to the drawers when they yank them out of their hair.

  4. Laura says:

    Okay I CANNOT stop laughing! Oh I love it when a plan comes together…you’ve crossed over to the junkie side! That was a mighty nice “fix” you shared here with me today. I mean seriously, a pop tart container, with a HINGED lid!! Girlfriend you are so speaking my language, I think I have to go lay down I’m shaking so bad.
    It’s a good thing we live in two different countries so we can share in the container madness that consumes all org junkies everywhere!
    I LOVE it!!!!!

  5. Krista says:

    I bow down to your organizational skills. I too am trying to rid my (teeny tiny) apartment of unwanted/unused items so that I don’t feel like my house is going to eat me! However that is easier said than done (especially with a 9 month old who likes to get into everything!)
    Good luck to you and please send a little of your vibes my way!
    Also, best wishes for your Compassion trip. I’m SOOOOO jealous they picked you. I have a boy in Columbia now, but my first child graduated in Peru and I never got to visit him. 😦

  6. toni says:

    The title hooked me alright! And those Pop Tarts look great. It’s been awhile since I’ve had some!
    Will you be filing your cereal anytime soon? πŸ™‚

  7. susan says:

    my husband and kids are coming home tonight after a 4 night trip so that i could be alone in house and organize and purge. it’s been magical. almost everything in my house is container-ized (technical term) or basket-ized (more technical lingo). i’ve lost track of the number of times i’ve just gazed upon the linen closet. the beautifulness of containers and baskets and labels is, well, *something*.

  8. Erin says:

    Pop-tarts 😦 I wish I had some to file – I can’t find anywhere in Australia that sells them anymore.
    Here is a tip to help you get rid of stuff; – Move twice with in 5 months – being surrounded by packing boxes and realising that I will have to do this again very soon has made me want to give everything away!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I brought home that same container for my daughter’s thread yesterday, right before I sat down in the middle of the dining room floor and put 15 years of recipes into sheet protectors. I would add that I put them into binders, but I grossly underestimated how many binders I would need!

  10. Beth_C says:

    Wow! A hinged container for Pop-Tarts and it is even labeled! I suddenly feel the need to put my bagles and English muffins in a Rubbermaid container!
    Must get label maker….

  11. Gettysburg Mom says:

    Your kids leave pop-tarts uneaten? Wow! I have three different containers in my laundry room- one for each size sheet we use in the house. After I pull the sheet out of the dryer and fold it, it goes into the right container. I no longer have to hunt for the right size sheets when we have overnight guests. Some people might make up the guest bed long before it’s needed, but that doesn’t happen here…

  12. Multi-Tasking Mommy says:

    Sounds like you and I are cut from the same cloth. I organize so that I can be organized, but then I never remember where I put things. It seems all logical at the time!
    I have the same resolution as you–LESS CLUTTER!!!!
    I’ve already gotten rid of a microwave sitting in the garage, 2 garbage bags and two boxes full of junk from the basement! It’s a start.

  13. Alana says:

    I love containers. I’ve promised myself I would not purchase any new ones until I have exhausted all of the empty ones collecting dust in the laundry room. Which pretty much means I can not go to the Dollar Store or Target ever again.
    I do have to say my all time, all-purpose storage containers are the simple little Ziploc Easy Zipper Storage Bags. I rarely use them for food purposes, but the organizing possibilities are endless. Yesterday I took all the kids puzzles out of the flimsy cardboard boxes that take up way too much space, cut out the picture from the box and put all the pieces in the Ziplock bags. The zippers are easy for the kids to open and close and the bags take up a lot less space.

  14. Mandy says:

    Wow! I am impressed! I also have kids that love to leave a pop tart to stale away.
    My most ingenious use of a “container” is when I bought one of those large plastic things with the drawers to put my two youngest girls shoes in. They share a room and a shoe size. I put sandals and flip flops in one drawer, gym shoes in another, dressy/church shoes in another and finally snow boats in another. Now we can actually get in the closet!
    Keep up the good work, I am so jealous!
    But not jealous enough to get off my lazy butt and actually do something about it!

  15. michelle says:

    We use containers for 2 very important things in our home. Legos and Heroscape. Nothing out of the ordinary but here’s how it works: The boys have a large, old homemade queen size bed platform to house their permanent Lego town and we keep the extra Legos in rubbermaid under-the-bed size containers: easy to slid in and out and pick up is a snap. Then for Heroscape game pieces we store them in rubbermaid drawers, easy to seperate the different pieces and keep them upright, easy to access and again easy to pick up.
    I also use old ice cream conatiner tubs to house smaller toys, especially outside things like army men, if we poke holes in the bottom of the container cleaning them is easy- rinse and drain, of course that is if we actually clean them.

  16. caroline says:

    “I feel so green I could ribbit.”
    This line HIT my funny bone! I just HAD to comment that it made me laugh till tears came.
    I may steal your poptart box idea. I’ve told the kids over and over again to put the one poptart in a ziploc bag but half the time it doesn’t happen. Grrrr…..

  17. Jynell says:

    I don’t want to rain on your Pop Tart Parade, but do they really stay fresh in those containers? I have those same containers & I know they aren’t airtight… just curious- sorry!! I just put the extra one in a ziplock & make them eat that one before opening a new pack- but my kids are all still little, & I understand that can’t always be done!
    I do LOVE those containers for the collection of bouncy balls we’ve acquired. I also use them for the miscellaneous little cars that I would otherwise step on as well as my sons Little People Pirates.
    I also just did the ziplock bag/puzzle organizing- LOVE that so far too! We’ll see how long it works…
    My favorite organizing to date would have to be what I did in my medicine cabinet. Wal-Mart also has clearish white or blueish/purple mini crates. They have holes in them & are meant for CD’s. I separated all of the (junk) we keep in the medicine cabinets into categories. Kids medicine, Adult medicine, Hair stuff, Teeth Stuff, extra supplies, misc., feminine products, Jason’s (so that my hubby only gets HIS bin messy!) and so on. If something does get disorganized, it’s only ONE bin & only takes a few minutes to empty & re-do. I wasn’t sure if it would work or not, but it’s been almost a YEAR now & I STILL love it! I can’t say that about other O projects I’ve done, but this one has been great. I’m going to start doing the WFMW this week, so I think I’ll use this as my first one & put up some pictures! πŸ˜€
    Sorry this is so long!!

  18. Beth says:

    When you’re tired of organizing at your house, will you come over help me? ‘Cuz see, I got the “pack-rat” gene. I’m pretty good at donating unused/unwanted clothes now, but all the clutter is slowly taking over my house.
    Rubbermaid to the rescue!!
    (But my Pop-Tarts are safe in sandwich bags. Umm, tasty!)

  19. S.B. says:

    Just like Caroline, I have also organized all of the medicine and stuff I get from CVS. I bought one of those little organizers with the three drawers – one for nail polish, one for hairbrush and hair accessories and one for medicine. It has worked well.

  20. Carri says:

    Nathan, newly age 3, just asked if that was our house. Don’t I wish. Want to bring some of your containers over here? Forget the pop tart one, though. That’s a bit much. Haha.

  21. Karen MEG says:

    You are brillers!!!! Containering pop tarts, who woulda thunk?
    Your shelves look very organized, I am mightily impressed. I woke up this morning and decided to tackle the linen closet. My husband got excited (that’s how often I organize things).
    The one thing I did a few years back was use the smaller rubbermaid containers to hold the kids’ hats, gloves, etc. on the top shelf of the closet. And I switch them by season.This system seems to be working, now we don’t have to dig through the whole closet to find this mitt or that cap.
    I know, I should be given a Nobel prize for that ingenuity πŸ˜‰

  22. nicole says:

    I am always trying to find better ways to store stuff. Freezer bags are very popular around here. I keep puzzles in them, with the picture from the lid cut out so the kids still have it as a guide. When we go somewhere and I know my 2 year old will need entertainment, I take his cars in a freezer bag. Is there nothing that can be kept in a freezer bag? As for containers, I don’t think I have any new uses for them. I use them for the typical stuff. Oh, well, I do keep the baby wash cloths in a storage container in the laundry room, so they don’t get lost among the big towels. And all of our wood puzzles are in a storage bin with the pieces all mixed up. I figure the kids are learning sorting skills while also developing the fine motor skills.

  23. TracyMichele says:

    I gotta ask.. can pop tarts ever REALLY be fresh? LOL. I love the organization. I am a bit of a freak myself so I am happy to learn of others coming to this side. πŸ™‚
    Hey.. this post reminds me, what did you decide about all those tapes and DVD cases? Knowing how organized you are, you probably posted an update. I’m off to look.

  24. Sincerely Anna says:

    I love the bin to recycle old printed paper so kids can draw on the other side. I’ve never once thought of having a “place” for that! See, you are sharing your organizing wisdom and we are listening and learning! πŸ™‚

  25. margalit says:

    I keep all my cake decorating supplies (food coloring, tips, pastry bags, etc. in a plastic container. Even birthday candles are in there. These are things that you can NEVER find, but if they’re in a container, then at least I know where that is (right under the shelf with my cookbooks.)

  26. Mindy says:

    I love the Pop Tart container! We too usually have a lot of single pop tarts left hanging around our house, and no one seems to think about looking in the fridge before they open a new pack. Thanks for the idea!

  27. momrn2 says:

    I’m tackling much of the clutter around here too! No fantastic plastic bin ideas yet, but if I come across one I’ll let you know!! Keep us posted if you find anything too!!!
    Now, back to the stuff….

  28. Sarah Williams says:

    I did not read all of the other comments….but this is my most handy container…
    My spice cabinet is really high and basically out of my sight (I can reach it, but I cannot see deep into it). I bought ice cube containers (like the ones you would dump trays of ice into if you don’t have an automatic ice maker….so not ice trays).
    I used my label maker (a must have for an organizational nerd) to label the tops of my spices. I was able to fit all the spices into two containers. Now, when I need something, I just pull out the whole container and easily locate the spice I need. Thats a really long explanation but its not complicated!

  29. Laura says:

    I do use containers for books, girls animals, sports equipment. A variety of sizes I do own. But I am also a HUGE Gallon size ziploc freezer bag user. (Wow, that’s a mouthful.) For everything!!

  30. Melody says:

    While I certainly love your Poptart container we are lucky if the poptarts last more than five minutes. Of course, I do get the Smore ones which is like a breakfast food but also like a snack but could even be a desert. Good luck with your organizing!

  31. Andrea says:

    My favorite organizing tip is to use a clear back of the door shoe hanger. We’ve used it in our coat closet for hate & gloves because do you really want to dig through a big bin trying to find a glove?
    And now I use one on the inside door of my toddler’s closet door for not only his shoes, but extra packages of baby wipes and all that other little stuff you have- thermometers, med. dispensers, etc. Sometime soon I’m sure I’ll start putting toys in it as well.
    It’s a great space saver & a really easy way to stay organized.

  32. Libby says:

    I have been completely inspired to rid our house of unwanted junk! A few years ago we built a two-story garage and the entire second level is storage. You can imagine the stuff that accumulated! In fact, I even got my hubby on board. My Valentine’s Day gift is a day of purging. He’s going to go through all of his own things and together we are going to tackle the family things. Then it is all going right into the car and heading off to charity. I can’t wait!
    I don’t really have a tip for what to put into those containers, but I do have a tip for where to put them. Make sure that the things you use most frequently are put at eye level. So, for example, the Pop Tart container should be on a shelf that is about eye level for your kids. Since eye level is the first place you look, then you notice it right away and are more apt to put it back where it belongs. Good luck!

  33. Nikki says:

    Wow and I thought that was just a clever post title! The President of Rubbermaid must send you a tin of Christmas cookies or something, right? If not, he/she should!

  34. Stacey @ Happy Are We says:

    I use two ice cube trays I got at the dollar store to organize all my girls’ teeny tiny earrings!

  35. kris says:

    That is a great poptart idea! So many times, my kids open a package and eat just one, then the other gets stale and yucky! I love it!!! I am a sucker for containers, too, my house is full of them.

  36. jennielynn says:

    Oh Julie, I have the lonesom lids as well! I actually binned all my kids toys according to categories and put those in their toys boxes. It’s a sickness.

  37. Missy @ It's Almost Naptime says:

    I think my favorite tip is to get a clear shoebox and your little label maker and make a label that says RECEIPTS. I keep it in the study and periodically dump my wallet. You never know when you might need to return something.

  38. H. Kyle says:

    Last night I actually did have rocks in my dryer, 3 to be exact. Just so you know it really does happen. My most recent organizational idea is a small box with a flap lid which is beautifully covered in a patterned glossy tissue paper left over from Christmas. Inside the box are envelopes with categories such as Food, Clothing, Gas, etc..
    So that I can keep track of the money spent in each category and then create a budget based on those amounts..after adjusting for overspending and the best thing about it is that my husband and I and MY Children are becoming very aware of how much things really cost and how much money we really have to work with! Good Luck with continuing your organization and purging!

  39. Marian says:

    Tupperware Modular containers! Ok, so they’re pricey, but I was able to do well on Ebay, once I knew what I was looking for from an actual Tupperware party. People look at my kitchen cupboards and want to commit me to an institution on the spot, but I gave myself so much more room in that little kitchen. I spent nearly $ 300 on containers one year, but it felt like I got a little kitchen addition for that price.

  40. Reynie says:

    I’m so glad to see that someone else gets really excited about organizing! What about label makers? I love mine! Everything has a place!! And I’ll make a label to go along with it!

  41. Pat says:

    I am addicted to plastic containers! When we moved into our new house I said no more cardboard boxes in the attic or garage. They just make me squirm thinking about the spiders that get in them. I’m also in love with the giant ziploc bags. If you’re storing fabric, or papergoods, they are really great for separating out things so that their easy to grab. I used them a lot when I stored away the Christmas decorations so that I could pack everything away in the plastic bins but, still have things sorted.

  42. popsicles on the porch says:

    I’m a container freak too! In fact, I just got back from target and had to resist spending more money on organizational bins! πŸ™‚
    The best bins I have purchased have been those from the container store. They are deep and stack up on top of each other. I have 6 of them that I use in our toy closet. They are labeled leggos, puzzles, miscellaneous toys, doodle pads, phonics, etc.. They’re great! The best part is, is that my 3 and 1 year old know where everything goes!
    I also love my 6qt plastic containers that I purchased at the $1.00 store. I use those just like you did to store the art supplies, playdoh, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, crayons, etc..
    My husband teases me every time he see the label maker come out and often calls me Monica from friends!

  43. Not the Queen says:

    We containerize our sheets and towels. We have 2 large rolling under-the-bed storage containers in our bedroom. One houses our towels that get used in the master bathroom. The other houses the sheets we use in our master bedroom. My older daughter also has a container under her bed for her sheets and towels. There is yet another one under the crib containing sheets and towels for guests. This way there are no sheets and towels using up space in the hallway closets. Those have been commandeered by me for my craft supplies. Which have yet to be organized. But the sheets are towels are!

  44. MaryLu says:

    I can’t believe you keep your crayons in an OPEN bin on the LOWER shelf of your cupboard. That is contraband in my house folks! As in: UnderlockandkeytopshelfofMomscloset Contraband! It will NEVER be in an open container, you hear me, NEVER!! (insert maniacle laugh here.)

  45. Happy Momma says:

    My husband has spent so much money on containers that he just rolls his eyes when I throw another one into my cart at Target…oh well. Our pastor informed us this past Sunday that anaylist predict that within the next 2-3 years “organization” will be the big thing to jump in on.

  46. Nicki says:

    I wish I could have my kids’ art supplies in a low cabinet like that, but I’m sure my entire house would be colored. I use containers for children’s medicines, first aid supplies, hair supplies, make up, lotions, and of course toys. Have fun organizing.

  47. Celly B says:

    I love the title of your post! I do not keep Pop-Tart singles in a container, but put them in ziploc bags. I empty granola bars, Little Debbies, and other individual sized snacks into a basket in my pantry when I get home from the grocery store and go ahead and put the boxes in the recycling bin. It seems to free up more pantry shelf space that way.
    After Christmas I cleaned up the playroom shelfs and put construction paper in one labeled plastic bin (with lid), coloring books in another plastic bin, and crayons and washable markers in a smaller bin. I can already tell that as my children grow older, we will need to divide this last bin up into several.
    Now I just need to tackle my craft closet, but it’s scary!

  48. Tara says:

    Okay, a pop tart container?? Now that’s just about freaky. We have several containers of different meds in the linen closet. One for prescriptions, one for allergies (and with 6 allergy prone people in one house this one is pretty full!) and one for other meds. I thought that was odd, but I am pretty sure the hinged pop tart container takes the cake. πŸ˜‰

  49. edj says:

    um…what is this organization of which you speak?
    Here’s my method: put everything in a closet. Close the door. Voila! Clean room πŸ˜‰

  50. Nancy says:

    I too, did the pop-tart container when my kids lived at home. And all packaged cookies, and cereal,crayons, markers, itzy bitzy toy parts etc. I was Tupperware Queen for sure.
    I have all their saved baby things in the big Rubbermaid plastic bins.
    This is sick … I have a big Rubbermaid bin to store my plastic containers in!

  51. dcrmom says:

    See, this is why I never buy those containers. Just looking at all those containers gives me hives. I would never take the time to actually, well, USE them. Sigh… I’m hopeless and destined to be disorganized.

  52. Mayberry Magpie says:

    If only I’d known you could file Pop Tarts, my life would have been complete. Thanks to you and this handy tip, it now will be. (Seriously. This is brilliant. They need Nobel prizes for this kind of stuff. I don’t care about physics and biochemistry. But the woman who makes it okay for me to file my Pop Tarts — she deserves a prize!)
    By the way, I currently live in Mayberry. Hope you’ll visit sometime.

  53. Mayberry Magpie says:

    If only I’d known you could file Pop Tarts, my life would have been complete. Thanks to you and this handy tip, it now will be. (Seriously. This is brilliant. They need Nobel prizes for this kind of stuff. I don’t care about physics and biochemistry. But the woman who makes it okay for me to file my Pop Tarts — she deserves a prize!)
    By the way, I currently live in Mayberry. Hope you’ll visit sometime.

  54. Shannon says:

    I love reading your blog! I told my 12 year old about organizing the Pop-Tarts and she exclaimed, “Oh my gosh!”
    She wanted to know if you have different boxes for different flavors!

  55. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Those sectioned fishing tackle containers (the clear one from Walmart for 3.87) is great for POLLY POCKETS! All those teeny tiny shoes (what were they thinking?!), the little bodies and all their clothing, accessories and critters to go with. Voila! Works for us! πŸ™‚

  56. Robin in New Jersey says:

    Poptarts are a rarity around here. When we do have them, it wouldn’t be worth them having their own container. They are gone in a day!

  57. Rebecca says:

    I couldn’t get past the part where they only ate ONE of the pop-tarts, they are meant to be eaten in pairs – they’re wrapped together. πŸ˜‰ I need to get myself some more containers. I reused a round pink gift box (looks like a small & tall hat box) to hold my daughter’s hair ties in recently. I will be purging my scrappy magazines into binders with page protectors to hold my favorite ideas & inspiration. There’s a basket sitting on my bookshelf that holds my mini albums. But I’m still in need of more containers in the bathroom, kids’ rooms, kitchen…the list goes on! Oh and I have a taller container in the laundry room that houses my cleaning supplies – I think I need a bigger one for that and a shelf to put it on.

  58. Julienne says:

    I LOVE the poptart container! I actually use the same containers all throughout my miniscule kitchen. I use one the same size for oatmeal packets – it makes it so much easier to get the flavor I want when I buy the multi-pack.
    One other thing – I used those same 4 point hinged lids for baking supplies (yes, I labeled them with the label maker as well) and have one for sugar, flour, baking soda, baking powder and powdered sugar. It keeps them all so fresh and reduces clutter since they stack so nicely!
    Congrats on your foray into organization!!

  59. Jill says:

    When you are labeling things “Pop Tarts” I think that is a sign you are not safe to be using a label maker. I’m just sayin’

  60. Dawn says:

    Still loose stuff after containerizing?? Hehe. How about a book where you write down where you put it. Then you only have to remember where one thing is.. the book! πŸ˜€ Maybe use an index like in the book, File Don’t Pile By Pat Dorf . He uses it for indexing files, but I think you could use it to “index” your house? BTW this book is older, probably available at the local library.

  61. jenn says:

    Good grief i need to have you over and organize my things. Im a super neat freak and when things arent organized i get a tad OCD. I have slacked though since before Christmas since everyone around here has been sick.. but just so ya know, your not alone with the pop tarts! I too put mine in a container, I cant stand the kids putting one back, and then crumbs get in the cabinet, they get stale, and then are thrown away!

  62. Tiffany says:

    I keep all of my pudding boxes and mix packages (chili seasoning/gravy mix/sloppy joe mix, etc) in a Tupperware container so they don’t get spread all over the pantry. I also keep all of my tea bags and hot chocolate packages in a container. My gloves, hats, scarves and earmuffs are all in a container under my bed.
    I think that is most of my containers. Now baskets on the other hand…

  63. Carrie says:

    Those are some excellent organizing skills – makes my afraid to open my cupboards (I’ll probably be hit with something falling on me)!

  64. Julie Stiles Mills says:

    I love “freakishly organized Pop Tart box.” I actually have a category on my blog called “freakishly organized” so I completely understand! I’m working on documenting my freakness. Currently, I’m explaining my anti-filing system.
    Love the photos! But are the Pop Tarts alphabetized by flavor? (I said I was a freak.)

  65. TheChickadeefeeder says:

    Oh, your cupboards look so wonderful! Because my parents live far away and we only visit them 3 or 4 times a year, we have a plastic bin where we can throw things in “to take to Mom’s.” Little things that get lost and forgotten, otherwise. (like a paperback I think she would like to read)

  66. Jessica H says:

    I am actually a professional organizer, and I have to say I applaud your organizing πŸ™‚ I just love containers, and I love them to be labeled. If you have a specific place for everything, your house is MUCh more likely to stay organized. I think it’s great that you are so ruthlessly getting rid of the things you don’t use or need, and that you’re being very mindful of what you bring into your home, I also live that way. Keep up the good work!

  67. LisaC says:

    I have to say I am shocked at the idea of “leftover pop-tarts”. This has NEVER ever happened in my whole life. I was in my 20’s before I stopped long enough to read the box and found out they are supposed to be toasted and are WAY better that way.

  68. Aimee says:

    containerizing…sounds like a wonderful adventure. I an aspiring organizer but for some reason my young children refuse to cooperate
    “so green I could ribbit” –my favorite part!

  69. TracyD says:

    I am so going to the store tonight and buying me a pop tart container. You are so cool. I love this. I am a tad bit anal and OCD. I cannot believe I never thought of this myself….

  70. Yupper Doodlebug says:

    Another “Organize in ’08” household here.
    Personally, I love “Lock ‘n Lock” containers. (QVC has tons and our local COSTCO has just started carrying them.) We use them for everything — Gameboy games, PSP games, Shape ‘N Race cars, toy soldiers, coin collections, rock collections, YuGiOh cards, Pokemon cards, Bionicle parts, and…..oh yea, food! Ha!
    Of course, haven’t started “THE PURGE” yet. But, I’m getting ready to.
    Any minute now. πŸ˜‰

  71. forgetfulone says:

    I use a baggie for my leftover poptarts, too! But I like your idea. I organized all our extra wires and cords, but it doesn’t stay that way – not with hubby and kids in the house. We can try, though!

  72. Angela says:

    My favorite containers for toys and school supplies are Sterilite brand bins. The ones I have a lot of are the “Show Off” Sterilite bins, but I also have their “Fun Box” and some under bed bins. They’re translucent (most of mine are clear) with great lids that are snug yet easy to remove even for young children. The Show Off version has a handle that allows children to tote toys around and unlatch when they get to their destination. I REALLY like these can you tell? I have the whole play area organized in Sterilite.

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