And Next Time I’m Taking Video

Things I learned about rats yesterday:

  1. Rats hate baths.
  2. Rats hate hair dryers more.
  3. Rats have a vertical leap that puts Michael Jordan to shame.

I will leave the rest to your imagination.

31 thoughts on “And Next Time I’m Taking Video

  1. mimi2six says:

    When I was keeping the kids for you last night, I actually noticed that the rats seemed unusually quiet and inactive for that time of night! Guess they were in bath-shock. I am amazed that it entered your mind to give them a bath!!!

  2. pam says:

    I think I just got my ab work out this morning, just from the gales of laughter this caused. Too, too funny! I would have loved to have seen that video.

  3. jenni says:

    There are few things I’m really scared of. Rats would be one of them. I saw one once, while visiting in Florida, it was larger than my cat!
    Do tell…

  4. ~Amy says:

    rats and cats have something in common.
    my daughter thought it would be fun to bathe the cat…boy did he hate the blow dyer…he attacked it.
    looking at it from a cats view….it was a big thing hissing at him.

  5. Jeni says:

    Ha HA haha…just those three statements are making me laugh. You tried to use a hair dryer on a rat?? Ha ha ahahhhhaaaa….

  6. yarnigras says:

    I am cracking up. I had mice as a kid and we used to make them go swimming. It was a riot.
    My mom made me get rid of them though because they kept having babies. Who knew, I got 2 females….but they were all already preggers………..hahahahaha I ended up with a kajillion mice……..

  7. lisa (lost pezhead) says:

    are you supposed to give rats a bath? we had hampsters growing up and i know you’re not supposed to bathe them.

  8. Daiquiri says:

    Ha! Now that sounds like a good story! I’m impressed with your having rats at all. Yikes. I’m grossed out by my sweet dogs some days! Heck, I’m grossed out by my own children some days…
    Have a good day:)

  9. Elaine says:

    All I can picture in this little rat with a towel turban on it’s head and rat-sized robe. Guess I have been watching too many kids animated movies lately, huh?

  10. Cathy says:

    Our rats bathe themselves, like a cat! Seriously, in 24 years plus of rat ownership, bathing and blow-drying is a new concept…maybe we should try it? 😉

  11. annette says:

    We need pictures of the rats! My cat loves the blow dryer, always has. He squints his eyes and leans right into it.

  12. Gego says:

    This post has me laughing til I cried. Did you really? Were the kids there? Who helped capture the athlete? Reminds me of trying to give three boys baths at the same time.But, I was the one that looked like a drowned rat! I have forgotten the one boy who decided to include Sydney the ancient Pom in the foray. Syd was willing to enjoy the shower until the water fight began. First one out was the dog and he was so happy to have the hair dryer that he was smiling.
    Mimi2six, you are so brave to keep kids and rats. That totals 7 (seven) mammals and each and every one has the ability to shake up a household – a lot! Praises and prayers, Mimi!
    Shan, you really bathed rats?????? Teeeeehaaaaa, gasping for breathe, hairdryer????? Fluffy rats????? Did their tails get fluffy, too?
    Was this in the kitchen sink or the shower? More details, please! Laughs are always appreciated. GREAT VISUALS!!!!!!!
    Love and hugs, Gego

  13. fern says:

    Way too funny. I don’t need a video–it is playing just fine in my head. If the bath was not in toilet water, you are probably in good shape.
    We have always had a lot of pets. Basically, my mom is a sucker for animals and I inherited that gene. The highschool zoology teacher is very happy about that on weekends and vacations. Right now the animals in our house outnumber the children 3 to 1, and we are not babysitting any this weekend.
    But, I have laid down the law when it comes to rats. I am fine with snakes, chinchillas, guinae pigs, hamsters, bunnies, gerbils, turtles, frogs, chickens and other birds and a menagerie of all sorts of creatures. But no rats–maybe because our cat is already on valium. Do you know why he is on valium? Because the prozak didn’t work.
    Also–found a new wallpaper remover–chinchillas. They also remove old ugly paneling and door frames.

  14. mom2fur says:

    Poor Ratties! Being as how they are some of the cleanest animals on earth, why in the name of all that is sane did anyone give them a bath????????

  15. Stacy says:

    As I read this post I laughted because on our local “swap shop” (you call in the radio and announce what you have to sell, trade or want to buy) and a lady had a rat to give away. She started her call praising how nice the rat was, but she just couldn’t keep it. Before she ended her call she said “So if anyone wants a loveable rat or has a snake….” My husband and I laughed.

  16. jody says:

    Rats make the best pets. They are so very sweet, but the giant, fat tails are so icky.
    We are getting mice today for a science project, and after they learn how to run through a maze for sunflower seeds, then they will take up residence next to the salamanders, newt, box turtle, aquatic frogs, and the leopard gecko.
    It is all about having lots of little boys in the house!

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