We Think He Has a Future At Hallmark

My six-year-old son made this drawing for my parents:


If you can’t read it, it says, "Dear Mimi and Pop, We love you guys so much and we will never hate you guys.  I love you alot."

Then, for emphasis, he taped a beat-up old eraser next to it.  Because, you know, nothing says "we will never hate you" like a beat-up old eraser.

Just warms the heart, doesn’t it?

44 thoughts on “We Think He Has a Future At Hallmark

  1. miss chris says:

    I totally see the Pink Pearl Company partnering with candy heart makers in a super Valentine’s Day cross promotion next year. Because he’s onto something. Love it.

  2. Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife says:

    Rolling – I love it.
    My daughter made a card for her grandma with a big nasty bird feather out of the yard glued on it. I made her wash her hands a-plenty after I discovered that one.
    Have a great day – we’ll never hate you either. 🙂

  3. Am says:

    Now that is hilarious! My son made cards for everyone with his birthday thank you. Each picture had me pregnant. Guess what? I am not pregnant and I have no plans to be. It was starting to give me a complex 😉

  4. Marian says:

    Very cute. One of my kids likes to tape random stuff to homemade cards, too. He says it’s a “prize,” a la Happy Meal.

  5. Gego says:

    What a precious message to those he loves so dearly. My “frig” door is filled with precious pictures and precocious writings from my GRANDS. They are daily reminders of the joy all four bring to my life.

  6. Jennifer in OR says:

    Darling, and that little smiley face on the end of the eraser. 🙂 Love can not be erased. Or just a little gift with no meaning. Last night, my 4 yr old gave me a “present” – an envelope with interesting things inside: a cough drop (I’m not sick), a penny, and a tiny play spatula. After thanking her profusely, I said, honey, will you go put that on my desk for me? She said, “But Mommy, how will you cook?”

  7. mumple says:

    It’s the sweetest thing. Don’t mail it unless they promise to give it back. I’d save it and look at it everytime I was ready to pull my hair out when he’s a teen!

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