Works For Me: On-Line Shopping Edition

Wfmwsmall I love on-line shopping.  I really do.  It’s so much easier than trying to wrangle my gaggle of children in a store!  (How many weird Google searches am I going to get from the phrase "wrangle my gaggle"?)

For today’s edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday, let’s all list our favorite on-line shops.  Maybe there’s a site where you always find bargains, or maybe it’s a great source of unusual educational resources.  Or maybe it’s just fun.  Whatever your reason for browsing the site, share your list of favorite shopping sites with all of us this week.  Spread the linky love!

As for me, I’m a huge fan of  I’ve ordered several things from them, including bedding (this is the quilt in our master bedroom, and this is the quilt in Corrie’s room, in pink) and jewelry (for Christmas gifts).  I have never been disappointed with a single thing I bought there–and OH! The CHEAP SHIPPING!  It makes my heart sing.

For bargains for kids’ clothes, I love to look through the clearance sections at Lands’ End, The Children’s Place, and Old Navy (they have cheap shipping too!).

Another fun shopping stop is VistaPrint.  They have super cheap business cards with funky designs (moms need business cards too!)  Their personlized stationery is as cheap as I’ve seen anywhere, and I’ve even ordered birthday invitations from them without spending much more than I would’ve at the party supply store.

And then…there’s Etsy.  When I can’t sleep or just generally want to kill some time, this is THE most fun place on the web to browse.  Everything on there is handmade, so when you buy those products, you know you’re supporting home-based artisans (often moms themselves).  That’s very satisfying.

So, do you have some fun on-line shopping links you’d like to share?  Post at your blog, and then leave the link directly to your post below (as a courtesy to other readers, I’ll need to delete links that don’t directly to the post.  Here’s how you do it.)  As always, the Works-For-Me Wednesday guidelines apply.

This is my last WFMW before my Africa trip.  Though I plan to blogging regularly from Africa, I won’t have the time to administrate a WFMW from there.  Melanie at Don’t Try This At Home has graciously agreed to be the guest host of WMFW next week.  I hope you’ll participate!

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1. Lady Why (Valentine\’s Day treats!)
2. MamaGeek (Coupon Codes, Discount Sites)
3. The Diaper Diaries (Plum Party)
4. Infinity Goods (On-Line Store)
5. Jack\’s Mommy (Fabulous Home-Based Business Shopping)
6. The Road to Home (Tons of info!)
7. warillever (not shopping/Montessori)
8. Infinity Goods (Valentines)
9. Ronnica (Unique Gift Idea)
10. Many Little Blessings (Aprons, Scrapbooking, Crafts, etc)
11. Hotomom (A Cherry on Top)
12. Anne Glamore (Outdoor Safety Site)
13. Beth @ The Natural Mommy (Cloth Diaper Stores)
14. Michelle at Scribbit (Valentine ideas)
15. Jes @ BeautyFromChaos (Cloth diapers and more!)
16. Phyllis (Amazon)
17. Megret (variety of stores!)
18. Alana (Eco-friendly Kid Sites)
19. Allison (mostly kids stores)
20. MooBeeMa (Health Nuts Unite!)
21. Life In Progress (Fantastic handmade kid\’s onesies & tees)
22. Kristin
23. ToddleBits (Online Gift-Shopping)
24. Heather (Favorite stores)
25. A Juggling Mum
26. Lori ~ Simple Life at Home (Romance, Web Style)
27. Tons of Sons ~ free shopping
28. Martie\’s House (very inexpensive movies)
29. Karla~Looking towards Heaven (various bargains)
30. Mama Duck (Custom Jewelry)
31. Alison
32. Heidi (clothes and books)
33. ToddleBits (Online Gift-Shopping)
34. Christine (more kid-friendly photo tips!)
35. Short Stop (Unique Online Gifts and SHOES!)
36. Kelley – (GoodSearch = Raise $$ for Charity)
37. Liza\’s Eyeview (Modest Dresses)
38. margalit (design, clothing,misc.sites)
39. Mamacita (Tuscan decor, clothes and lovely artwork!)
40. All The Buzz
41. Stretch Mark Mama (free stuff; meet your neighbors, reduce-reuse-recycle!)
42. Jane (the anti-shopper)
43. ellen b
44. Laura Williams\’ Musings
45. Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home (getting ready for garden season)
46. Moriah (HAIRBOWS! Also discounted baby gear, best nursing bra, cheap electronics)
47. LeeAnn AKA Frazzmom (blog cards)
48. Duckabush Blog (Prime=Free Shipping)
49. Jen (Coffee & Tall clothing)
50. Burger Mom (general shopping, travel, and free $10)
51. K: Etsy
52. Crazy Daisy – My online favs!
53. If Only I Had Super Powers (Super Duper educational products)
Jenni (Top 5 favorites!)

55. Sue(MadeInTheUSA)
56. Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home (getting ready for garden season)
57. Dena\’s Deliberations (Free Shipping)
58. Lana G – Levenger – For Serious Readers
59. Karla
60. It Coulda Been Worse (Awesome Coffeedrink)
61. Becky @ The Fun Blog (Free Christian Books)
62. Organising Queen (Ziploc)
63. Farrah
64. Jaime Adams (gadgets & downloads)
65. The Thrifty Blogger (Fair trade Mennonite site)
66. Capturing Today (whole family!)
67. Mrs. Who (One Dollar Items)
68. Michelle@Gotchababy
69. Mrs. G (Shoes and clothes)
70. Real Life ~ PICKY EATERS
71. Maria (A Few of My Favorites)
72. GettysburgMom- Daydreaming
73. Debbie J. (My Favorites Sites)
74. Vickie @ Pursuing Simplicity(BBW, Macys)
75. Shalee (codes)
76. Peggie
77. Stop the Ride! (valentine aliens)
78. S.B. (Two Sites to Help You find Online Shopping Deals)
79. Reformed Grits (money back from most all purchases!)
80. Peggie 9other blogs)
81. Sarah K (Scrapbooking and HCW)
82. Dandelion Dayz(online shopping stops)
83. Courtney( responsibility for little ones)
84. Carrie @ Three-Girl Circus
85. Clappy Shoes-links for Valentine\’s and Accessories
86. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (girls\’ clothes)
87. Natalie @ Like I Was Saying (Popcorn)
88. Coralie (My top 10 sites, and 3 shopping rules)
89. Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers (health food sources)
90. Ames (fun shops for gifts)
91. Ornery\’s Wife (chocolate, vitamins, slippers!)
92. Julia @ walking backwards (music equipment, books, little girl hair bows)
93. The Not Quite Crunchy Parent( Sites For Buying Crunchy Toys)
94. Mommin It Up (
95. Ashlyn (NON-TOXIC TOYS)
96. Mummymac (Christian products)
97. Christine (don\’t buy when you can remake and reuse!?!)
98. BowWow
99. Nonnie
100. citystreams (got advice for a new mom?)
101. chilihead (save money online)
102. Miranda (old shirt*new purse)
103. Barbara H. (books, clothes, geek gifts, fabric, and home decor sites)
104. Jane (online bargain shopping)
105. Beth @ I Can Fly (Land of Nod)
106. Jendeis (gifts, shoes, plus size)
107. Stacey (bargains)
108. Milehimama (Vitamins, books, computer parts)
109. Ginkgo100 (tracking perishable food)
110. Valerie at Home (Guy Gifts)
111. Dawn @ Baby Addiction (Hard-To-Find Baby Products)
112. Gretchen from Lifenut (supremely cute Etsy jewelry)
113. Katz ($5 shipping)
114. Cindy @ (Christian/Homeschooling shopping links)
115. Beth (Agave Nectar)
116. The Domestic Princess (Top 6 Favorites)
117. Nichole (finding deals!)
118. fAiThFuL cHiCk (For the love of Sharpies)
119. Lorraine (Amazon & Zappos)
120. Amy (sledding – forgot the theme!)
121. Amy (coupon codes)
122. Britni (Easy Blender Cleaning)
123. Jen M (baby bands and bows)
124. RookieMom 101 (Craigslist Sold Car On it)
125. Amy W (homeschool, aprons, Etsy taggies)
126. Amy @ By His Grace (Pick your own discount site and more!)
127. Mom To Two Boys (Rubber Stamps)
128. SAHMmy Says (Online Photo Services)
129. Wifey (Amazon, Old Navy)
130. Penny Raine (
131. Mamabug (Internet Filter)
132. Homemaker\’s Cottage- All Natural Hair Care
133. Dolphin Lady (books, books, books!)
134. Kim(Great razor))
135. Mira (bulkfoods)
136. Veronica (pets, kids, and fun)
137. Heart at Home (vinegar-forgot about stores)
138. Andrea@Braun Family Circus (sports and fabric)
139. MrsB (WAHM store)
140. Lynn (
141. Michelle @ LAJ (Fun Online Shopping!)
142. Carisa (my favorite things)
143. Dee (Baby Registry)
144. Kirstin: Where do you shop?
145. Katrina, Callapidder Days (My favorites)
146. Nichole (Ebates)
147. Jasmine31 ( Great deals at amazon)
148. The Family CEO (
149. Hollie( Pigsback, Silver)
150. NerdMom
151. Jennielynn
152. Erica (A Yankee In Jawja) Great deals on DVDs and CDs
153. Ministry So Fabulous! – Keeping Little Girls Under Control
154. WomanlyPursuits (favorite source for oil, vinegar, coconut flakes)
155. Spider Lady (First Time)
156. Ashley
157. Veggiemomof2
158. AtThyWord (Frugal Books)
159. Pure Joy (photo books and paper)
160. A Few Obscure Gems
161. Multitasking Mama (Gymboree Clothes at Wal Mart Prices)
162. Kelley – (promotional codes)
163. Kimi (seriously cheap McDonalds trick)
164. Simply A Musing Blog (thrifting & deals)
165. Jai (Wifeof1Momof4)
166. Janelle @ Now Play Happy (Homeschool sites)
167. Proverbs 31 (Playdoh)
168. Sonshine (shopping potpourri)
169. Discovering Liz (Earn Gift Cards For Shopping)
170. Betsy (make-up)
171. Carol – Raise Money for Charity as you Shop Online
172. Crystal @ Pretty Much It (Amazon Love)
173. Amanda Horvath (modest clothes for women and girls)
174. Susan (shopping for cookbooks online)
175. Melanie (Online Bargains)
176. Suzanne (tax time)
177. Melonie (Momma & More – bib storage)
178. Michele J.
179. BRC Banter
180. Sarah (Library Timesaver)
181. Domestically Blissed (cloth diaper sites)
182. Amy@sonshinecottage
183. Nancy-Incentives & Freebies
184. Suzanne (hanna andersson on eBay)
185. Suzanne (online tax help)
186. Kaci (shopping for charity)
187. The Building Brows (Tips to Success eBay Bargain Transactions)
188. Plastic Daffodils (Crafts and Clothes)
189. Laane (cross stitch patterns e.o.)
190. Kisses of Sunshine (Handcrafted Jewelry and Christian Gifts)
191. Sharon ( review cheap airfare)
192. Not Trying For A Boy- (my faves)
193. Stephanie (digital camera and supplies)
194. Janelle (Breakout Bras)
195. Scott (Valentines from Jerky Husbands)
196. Erin@PurpleFrangipani (SensibilityPatterns/ Tear)
197. Stephanie (SkyAuction)
198. Kim (Toys/Willow Tree/Gifts)
199. Ariel L (Fabulous shopping)
200. Makeshift Mama – Craft and Wedding Supplies
201. Ginny
202. Jen @ JenuineJen (books/clothes/toys/other)
203. Seis (shopping 4 skinny kids)
204. Jack\’s Mommy (Awesome "Get Cashback" Shopping Site!)
205. Becca (@ refrigerator art)
206. Elizabeth (Stitching My Life Together – New)
207. MamaGoesGreen (green & thrifty)
208. The Bargain Shopper Lady (Valentines and Shoe Bargains!)
209. Miriam (Growing Thrift-Muscles)
210. Jen (new to online shopping)
211. Reynie (address labels)
212. Lucky Wife (clothes, shoes, bras)
213. Tara Thinks (Kaboodle… to keep track of your online favorites)
214. Emily @ Laundry and Lullabies (online coupon codes)

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49 thoughts on “Works For Me: On-Line Shopping Edition

  1. warillever says:

    I am rarely up this late, but I had to see the initial primary results come in from the west coast. It is like the Super Bowl twice in once week. Too bad my team lost in both πŸ˜‰

  2. Jack's Mommy says:

    I love doing the WFMW! I just discovered it a few weeks ago – so this is my first themed one. πŸ™‚ It was a blast coming up with a “creative angle” to make it interesting on my blog.
    …I love VistaPrint too. They’re the only company I use for my marketing materials – it’s amazing at how much stuff you can get for free (and very very low shipping) if you wait on those special emails to arrive. πŸ™‚

  3. MooBeeMa says:

    I’m a health food freak! When I’m not eating Oreos. So I posted my favorite health food site. I hope everyone else posts chocolate websites.

  4. Nicole @ Life in Progress says:

    I also love Land’s End for kids clothes, especially the sales. I’ve gotten some amazing deals there.
    I’m excited to see that you mentioned Etsy since my WFMW link this week is an Etsy crafter. There is some serious talent on that site, and I love to go and salivate over all the unique things. I can barely sew on a button so it really amazes me!

  5. Amy says:

    I just realized this might be dangerous to my budget.
    I love Vista Print and agree that overstock is great for bedding. πŸ™‚

  6. S.B says:

    I posted about my two favorite online deal finding sites. These two sites help me to find the best online shopping deals, coupon codes, manufacturer coupons, supermarket savings, etc.

  7. BLMOM says:

    Okay, so I finally realized I was not directly linking my WFMW posts! Sorry about that. I am still catching on to all the blogging rules. πŸ™‚
    Hopefully, by next week I will figure out how to get your WFMW button on my post.
    I love WFMW – I have found so many useful tips!
    I too love Vista Print for mommy cards. My hubby uses them for business cards, too.

  8. EmahS says:

    First time participant here! Not sure how to get the WFMW logo over to my blog. Gotta run now but will be back to try and figure it out. I’ve posted 3 links that I use for online shopping, buying gifts for family back in the US. (we live in Israel).

  9. Britni says:

    Sorry I really don’t do a lot of online shopping other than amazon…so I didn’t follow in on the theme, but I’m excited to see where other people get great online deals!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love Overstock too–I’ve ordered furniture from them and it was delivered on time and in perfect condition.

  11. Robin @ Heart of Wisdom says:

    Complaint: The WFMW should have come with a warning your Wednesday maybe blown shopping. πŸ™‚
    I forgot about the shopping theme this week.
    I need a WFMW tip on keeping up themes.
    Now we need a day to post all the things we bought from the online shopping. I haven’t spent anything but have put several things in a wish list.

  12. LeeAnn says:

    I have done a lot of browsing at, but have not yet made an actual purchase. Now that I have an endorsement- maybe I’ll go do a little shopping!

  13. T Nash says:

    I don’t have a blog, but I had to share my favorite “online” shopping tip. – Click n Pull
    If you place an order online by 5pm, you can pick it up the next day. It is already in the cart, with a list that can be scanned at the register.
    I not have to walk all over the store, I do not have to lift the heavy items into the cart, I do not have to wait in line. In the comments section I ask them to use regular cart and leave room for the child seat to open (learned by experience – flat bed cart and 2 small children). I also like to pick my own produce and then pick up my online order (they just grab what is on top).
    As a mom of 4 this is a great time and energy saver for me. It can be exhausting to shop at Sams with all the large items, add 4 kids to that and I’m done for the day. I hope this helps.

  14. Jai says:

    This is my first time linking so I hope I did it correctly.
    I love, love VistaPrint too. Didn’t realize I would get so many emails from them. Makes me want to wire my wallet shut. (SMILE)

  15. Nancy says:

    I posted my favorite online sites and great reward opportunities. Getting a little more for a lot less is what sets online shopping apart from in-person shopping, at least for me.

  16. Brittney says: Shoes. Kid Shoes. Adult Shoes. SHOES SHOES SHOES. FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!!! :):)
    we buy so many shoes for my brother and sister, (who outgrow them at a rapid pace!) It is wonderful!

  17. TexasMommy says:

    I’m not an online shopper, but after seeing some of these links…just might catch the bug. I’m new to this bloggin thing, but loving the variety and different points of view on any subject imaginable! God Bless you and your family.

  18. JCK says:

    I’ve had great luck with Overstock. And I just had to say that VistaPrint is the best! I got my business cards for my blog there – also postcards and other cool stuff.

  19. The Bargain Shopper Lady says:

    I always get the kids shoes online (Crocs and Stride Rite) for great deals! I like to work the online codes at Victoria’s Secret and get stuff for pennies as well!
    I have an awesome Valentine’s Day deal on popcorn!
    I love your blog!

  20. Tina says:

    I love to shop at for bedroom items. I was able to purchase my current bedspread online for 50% off the catalog price and had extra money for the added items like shams and bedskirt, etc because of it!

  21. courtney orrange says:

    tons of blessings to you on your trip. May you have good health, freedom from anxiety (of what’s going on at home and the trip itself), intense communion with God and the ability to hear and follow His leading, and a deep well of energy fueled by compassion.
    Although you will miss them desperately, your children will be fine at home. And when you come back they will begin to learn of the sacrafice and adventure their mother when on to see and touch God’s creation on the other side of the world.
    It will become part of the legacy you leave your children. That their mom was faithful enough to trust God, go where she was scared to go, and listen to Him each day for direction.
    Go and bless those kids.
    I’ll be praying for you.

  22. Heidi says:

    I know it’s unoriginal, but I love Amazon. The reviews have saved me from buying things that I didn’t realize were lousy, and also have talked me into buying things that I was only thinking about. I keep a wishlist for me and for my kids, and a private one to keep track of books I’m thinking about getting.

  23. Chris says:

    I love any of the stores that help me save money – especially for things that I need. I’ve started buying gift cards online at a discount. There’s a listing of stores and restaurants where you can buy discounted gift cards at
    It’s worth a look- especially if you like many of the stores mentioned in previous comments.

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