Works For Me: Sleep

WfmwsmallIt is Wednesday, right?

I’m not in any shape to be speaking complete sentences yet, much less wowing the internet with a clever tip.  So y’all are on your own today.  If you have a Works-For-Me Wednesday tip you’d like to share, leave your link in the Mr. Linky below.

If you need me, I’ll be on the couch sleeping.

And while we’re on the subject of Mr. Linky, don’t miss this.

1. Liza\’s Eyeview (Quickie Dinner)
2. The Diaper Diaries (beauty tip)
3. Smockity Frocks (Teaching Reading)
4. The Road to Home (Cheaper Dryer Sheets)
5. Mama Geek (Free Online Photog Classes)
6. Nikki (preschool flip-binder)
7. The Pumkin Patch (Great Hair)
8. Marie (baby naming)
9. homeschool Hacks (Teach your little one\’s to hold a pencil correctly)
10. Melissa\’s Idea Garden(Less Laundry)
11. Beth @ The Natural Mommy (A Potty Training Tip)
12. Jes @ Beauty From Chaos (CURE for Morning Sickness)
13. Alana (wrap-n-mat)
14. Stretch Mark Mama (Prayer Calendar)
15. Kristen-(The Best Baby-Proofing Find)
16. The Gentle Art of Ruling your Husband (How to not dishoner your Hubby)
17. Wired For Noise (recycling milk jugs)
18. Ronnica (Fast Clean-up)
19. Life with Littles (left over Lansinoh)
20. Jack\’s Mommy (Easy 100% Whole Wheat Bread Recipe)
21. jen (cheap easy meal)
22. Kim Sue (White boards for math)
23. Hotomom (Grocery Lists)
24. Laura@HeavenlyHomeMakers (Natural Sugars Creamy Pudding Recipes)
25. Simply A Musing Blog (Out, Spot!)
26. Mom Is Teaching (Book It)
27. Julie (Using up old bananas)
28. Many Little Blessings (Choosing and Simplifying Your Wardrobe)
29. warillever (DIY weekly planner)
30. NotTryingForABoy- (rice cooker)
31. Ashlyn (Snacks for Breastfeeders)
32. Daiquiri (Breastfeeding Tip)
33. First-timer Forgetfulone (saving kids mementos)
34. Lori ~ Simple Life at Home (Surefire Cure for Hiccups)
35. Treasures From Heaven (Vinyl Bibs)
36. If Only I Had Super Powers (uses for baby wipes)
37. margalit (green water bottle)
38. Ashlyn (Solution for Baby Afros)
39. Passionate Homemaking (tips & tricks with ziploc bags)
40. chickadee
41. Karla~Looking towards Heaven (Keeping children SAFE from PREDATORS)
42. Robin (preschool books)
43. Tracy (mooning)
44. Melody from ~Pennies In My Pocket~ (BLOGROLLS (they\’re fun) & Free Magnet)
45. Holding little Hands (removing stubborn stains)
46. Christine – From Dates to Diapers (potty training)
47. Michelle at Scribbit (pretty envelopes)
48. Infinity Goods (2 FREE Magazine Subscriptions)
49. What About Mom? (not about the journey)
50. Sasha @ Cherished Moments (easier diaper changing)
51. Butterfly Mama (foaming hand soap)
52. Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home (the dry diaper pail)
53. Farrah~Party Planning Site
54. Amy @ The Q Family (Speed payment from Uncle Sam)
55. Western Warmth (Inventions?)
56. Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home (the dry diaper pail)
57. Owlhaven (helping kids behave– REALLY!)
58. Susan(VacationHomes)
59. Mill Musings (Utilizing Dead Closet Space w/PICS!)
60. Nadine (storing stabilizer rolls)
61. (Niki) easy meal planning
62. Trixie @ Farmhomelife (How to Get Paid to Shop @ CVS)
63. Mrs. Who (Chocolate Cherries)
64. southern
65. Shalee (Simple and Delicious!)
66. Twinkle (freezer meals)
67. Carol – Communicating w/your kids\’s teachers
68. Britni (Giveaway)
69. Cindy @ (Desktop Productivity)
70. Teresa (Keeping the romance alive)
71. Beth (Free Babysitting)
72. Laura (literacy center ideas w/ pictures!)
73. Kristen M. (remove crayon from laundry)
74. monica (guest bathroom decorating)
75. Mrs. G (wiggly diaper changes solved)
76. Hadias (P-nut butter jars)
77. Mommin\’ It Up (bib that stays on)
78. Missy (Hydrate!)
79. Charity (get muffins out of pan)
80. Keren (No More Mushy Grapes–uses for leftover grapes)
81. Lady Why (Pet Medication Savings!)
82. Kelly (Make Your Own Cloth Diapers, no really!)
83. Carrie @ Three-Girl Circus (children/family devotional)
84. Joy of Frugal Living (substituting whole wheat flour)
85. Veggiemomof2 (toilet brush)
86. Hollie @ CheaperthenCheap
87. Thia (Freezing Soup)
88. Beth @ I Can Fly (Changing Our World)
89. Elizabeth Sue ( Detangling Babies Hair)
90. Stine (homemade dishwasher detergent)
91. Clappy Shoes-Saving Money on Gardening
92. Stacey(online sweeps)
93. Erica (easier finger foods)
94. Tiffany @ Snapshots of Life (Managing Your Subscriptions)
95. Melinda (fun pancakes)
96. Organising Queen (keeping up with receipts)
97. Amy (Delicious Crockpot Recipe)
98. Michelle (dryer sheets)
99. Janelle (Clean Sheets)
100. Edi (Kids Painting Tips)
101. Mari (good, easy rolls!)
102. monica (guest bathroom decorating)
103. Beth @ I Can Fly (Changing Our World)
104. GettysburgMom: Kid Book Storage
105. Domestic Spaz (Points System for kids)
106. S.B. (Tips for Blogging)
107. Coralie (Helping Baby Stay Stable)
108. Veronica- Sweet Substitute
109. Robin @ HeartatHome (Frige & CONTEST!)
110. fullheartandhands mama (Keeping a Toddler Busy)
111. Ames (hair dryer in the kitchen)
112. Braun Family Circus (timers)
113. Peggie (men)
114. Emily (windows & funnels)
115. Feminine Pursuits (Avg. $100/week)
116. Tons of Sons ~ easy, healthy breakfast
117. Peggie (craft organizing)
118. Donetta (feeding the dogs)
119. Beans & Rice (Makeup savings & free makeup)
120. Valerie at Home (Kid Friendly Lunch)
121. Ann\’Re (Organized Calendars)
122. Abbi (laundry tips)
123. Sara@Sarandipity (Toddler Big Kid Cup Tip)
124. Nichole (lost sock solution)
125. Heidi (time constraints)
126. Passionate Homemaking (tips & tricks with ziploc bags)
127. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings (frugal crayon on wall clean up)
128. Rhen (yestheyareallmine!!)
129. Angela- (lighter french toast sticks)
130. Kelli@GohnCrazy
131. Meredith (coffee table picnic)
132. Milehimama (Easy Kid Pet)
133. Dolphin Lady (secret pizza burger recipe)
134. Heather -Quick Hair Tip
135. Mrs Stepford (Make Your Own Febreze)
136. Nichole (Book Giveaway)
137. Stroba
138. Nichole (Ebates!!!!)
139. Moonpie (Cooking with Wine)
140. Alexandra(Multitasking and Frugal: Microfiber Cleaning Cloths)
141. Lynn
142. Lynn ("Friendly" Cleaners for Kids)
143. Sarah (FREE budget software)
144. simplemom (cape & mask from a pillowcase)
145. Lylah – You\’ve Got To Meet My New Friend
146. Untraditional Home (Once a month Shopping)
147. Smellyann (Meal idea for picky kids)
148. Allison (high end shopping at a fraction of the price)
149. Stacy (Laundry Game – My first time here!)
150. southernseven
151. Christine (Rebates on personal care items)
152. Capturing Today (flu survival tips)
153. Jamie (Kid games for the car)
154. Mommy (Firefox)
155. Sonshine (freezing meats for meals)
156. Amy (managing "two under two")
157. Amusing Mom
158. Bev (FREE weekly menus!)
159. Mummymac (Loads of Breakfast Recipes)
160. NerdFamily Food(Orzo and Asparagus)
161. Making Money Keeping Money(Coupon Giveaway)
162. Nerd Family Things(Clothing Tape)
163. Maria (dinner ideas)
164. NerdMom(Meal Plans)
165. Babychaser (Supervising from the Couch!)
166. Southernseven( Laundry helpers)
167. Meredith (Cheap Toddler Distraction)
168. Sandra (Computer TV Card)
169. Dee (Coupon Clipping)
170. Ashley (3 tips)
171. jennifer ( easy treasure hunt for kids)
172. Char (tights on my daughter)
173. Katrine (showering w/ a toddler)
174. Kara(quick way to gourmet)
175. Amy (BEST Homemade Bread EVER!)
176. Kisses of Sunshine (Best Kids Bible Ever)
177. Carrie (put it on The List)
178. Amy@sonshinecottage (inspirational quote clothesline)
179. Melonie @ Momma & More (errands)
180. Mandy
181. Katie (washing your washer)
182. Jeni (get fluid into sick baby)
183. Laura @ Laura Williams\’ Musings (Frugal Ideas)
184. Karyn for you (toddlers put on socks)
185. Amy@sonshinecottage (inspirational quote clothesline) link fixed!
186. Kathy (frugal green cleaning)
187. Pinkaholic Mom (Cleaning Washing Machine)
188. Plastic Daffodils (Prep for Dentist Appt)
189. Janelle @ Now Play Happy (Kid Room Organization)
190. Ann Kroeker (6yo accountability partner)
191. Julesie (FLYLady)
192. Megret (household calendar)
193. Dallas
194. Liz (alternative to drawers for kids)
195. Shannon @ A Reforming Mom (How to Save MONEY using CVS Extra Care Rewards!)
196. First Ourselves: 10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen without Yelling, Bribing, Threatening, or Naggi
197. Scott (Shredded Paper)
198. Lisa (quick and easy bread)
199. diXymiss (Library day)
200. Kris (Chore Charts)
201. Jen (Recycle gift wrap or coupon papers)
202. LaRee @ Broad Horizons (Water plants)
203. Crystal @ Biblical Womanhood (frugal, nontoxic cleaners)
204. Cammie @ My Thoughts
205. Money Saving Mom (homemade bread for beginners)
206. Kristin (Shopping without bags)
207. JoAnn (Stuffy Nose Sleep)
208. Tea Party Girl (Hiring Servants)
209. Amanda (Frugal Tip for Eating Out)
210. Natalie @ Like I Was Saying (First time parent advice needed)
211. Tami (cough/flu tip)
212. The Thrifty Blogger (Recording special memories)
213. Soliloquy
214. Sisterlisa (Coffee recipe)
215. Soliloquy (Sorry! Homeschool Shortcut)
216. Tea With Dee (cheaper orange juice)
217. cyn (natural solution for an itchy head)
218. Kim – Easy Chicken Recipe
219. Lylah – How To Work Through Marital Conflicts
220. Erin (quick dinner)
221. Sarah (Tips for a Lovely Loo)
222. Rag-Tag Believer (Recycling Magazines)
223. Penny Raine (why I blog)

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42 thoughts on “Works For Me: Sleep

  1. Kristen says:

    I’m so glad I wandered upon your site a few weeks ago. I’m even composing a blog about wandering upon your blog. It’s meant a lot. You are the reason we’ve added Bereket to our family prayer time. Thanks.

  2. Beth says:

    Thank you, Shannon, for remaining faithful to WFMW when you’ve got to be reeling for this life changing trip. I’m glad you felt free to make you part simple.

  3. Domestic Spaz says:

    I spent a good portion of last night reading your posts and the posts of other bloggers… and crying…
    Thank you for experiencing it and sharing it with all of us. You’re making the world a better place.

  4. Moonpie says:

    Sleep definitely works for anyone who has returned from a trip across the world! I am amazed at all the posting you’ve done so far! Thanks for all of the photos and posts about your trip.

  5. Debbie P. says:

    This is my first WFMW. How fun! I don’t see how you can possibly keep up with your comments and links- but if you want to see how I got my children back on board to help me dig out from my post-flu house – check out my WFMW post.
    Hope your recovery is quicker than mine =8-/.
    Debbie P.

  6. Amy says:

    Um… after you sleep you could remove my linky #186? I put the wrong link there and re-submitted later. Sorry. Glad you’re back.

  7. diXymiss says:

    Sheesh, I goofed and somehow linked twice. I don’t even have a good eXcuse like, you know, jet lag from being in AFRICA or something! Welcome home, Miss Shannon. Rest, recharge, decompress and be blessed. XoXoX

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