I Hear the Carrots Are Pretty Fierce Too

My husband read my previous post and told me he knew exactly what my dream meant.  He said that clearly I have Johnny Depp pirate issues, and my dream simply revealed this. 

Me:  But Johnny Depp is pretty gross and grungy in that movie.

Hubs:  Yeah, but you totally have the damsel-in-distress, save-me-from-the-scallion thing going on.

Me: The scallion?

Hubs: Yeah.

Me: Do you mean the scalliwag?  Last I checked I didn’t need to be rescued from onions.

Hubs:  Oh.  Yeah, that. 

Either I’ve been putting too many onions in my enchiladas, or my man has been watching too much Veggie Tales.

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32 thoughts on “I Hear the Carrots Are Pretty Fierce Too

  1. jessica says:

    That is too funny! Apparently, Carlos has been having funny dreams, too.
    Side note:
    I asked Boomama, too, but do y’all know how many kids got sponsored during the duration of the trip via the blogs? Did they track that at all? I am curious to know. I know that y’all definitely impacted my heart!

  2. Snowbird says:

    See, I told you Johnny Depp had something to do with your dream. He may have been gross and grungy but kind of a cute gross and grungy! Don’t you agree? And you have to love that eyeliner!!

  3. chrissy says:

    I love how he’s all dirty in that movie, but he still applies the guyliner every morning.
    Or maybe you were thinking of the Veggie Tales pirate movie?

  4. jennielynn says:

    I can’t say that even the gross and grimy turned me off in POTC. I love me some Johnny Depp. Loooove. Don’t you love how the post was about dreams and all we can talk about is the Johnny Depp tangent? Too funny.

  5. miriam says:

    No, no, no no no. He is incapable of grossness. Weird grungy needs-a-showerness? Yes. But never gross.
    Also, my two year old runs just like Jack Sparrow- with his hands up and sort of flailing back and forth. I’ll try to dream about it tonight- maybe if I put extra onions in dinner?

  6. Melissa says:

    I read your dream post and found it interesting, but didn’t have anything interesting to say back about it. Then I saw the name Johnny Depp and here I am:) He is charming, talented, and he is cute even when he is grungy;)

  7. TracyMichele says:

    Seriously.. even with too much eyeliner and a bad costume, the man simply cannot look bad. I.Heart.JD. 🙂
    (I wonder how many of us will now dream of him tonight.. without meds!!)

  8. jamie says:

    I’d let that Johnny Depp save me from the big green scallion any day. You made me laugh out loud two days in a row after a week of tears. Stop the rollercoaster already! -jamie

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