There is a pile of grass-stained soccer cleats in the floor of my van.

The leaves we never got around to raking last fall are cheerfully decomposing, revealing their hidden treasures of rusty Hot Wheels cars and Legos underneath.

Strange contraptions are appearing in my backyard, contraptions made of a stick, curling ribbon, a deflated ballon and Scotch tape:


Curious holes appear around my backyard, most likely dug using my good spoons.

My daffodils bashfully reveal their color, while the hyacinths get ready explode right into theirs.

Something in me stretches, and yawns, and breathes deeply.

It must be spring.

45 thoughts on “Breathing

  1. Queen Mother says:

    Spring…..almost. We’ll still have our Easter “cold snap” as my grandmother used to say. Yesterday was beautiful so it does give me hope that it is coming…

  2. Edi says:

    It’s been great for the kids to be outside around here the past couple of days! Let the digging begin! Why do kids love to dig?? And poke around the already struggling grassland areas…a stick hut was sticking out of a bare patch of ground – it looked adorable and creative but it’s the wrong place for it.

  3. Katrina (Callapidder Days) says:

    We’ve got the same thing going on here. I just noticed a mysterious arrangement of sticks and boards in the back yard, random scraps of paper by the swingset, and (annoyingly) cigarette butts left by some of our basement-remodeling workers.
    Can’t wait until the sunshine and warmth follow!

  4. Sheila Gregoire says:

    Spring?!? SPRING!?! We’ve had more snow this March than any other March in history. We’re trying to figure out how to do the Easter egg hunt on the first day of spring like you said, because we’ll have to be burying them under snow.
    Sniff. Now I’m jealous.
    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  5. Lisa says:

    You forgot the sweatshirts draped on the car or on the deck railing on and the discarded socks near the basketball goal!!
    Great post!

  6. warillever says:

    Can you send some of that spring this way? We still have two feet of snow on the ground…..
    My kids think that the Easter Bunny will be riding in on Santa’s sleigh.

  7. April says:

    You know, I am jealous for another reason, an opposite reason. You get spring, you get daffodils and hyacinth. Here is Florida we just warmer temps in a “winter” that has been crazy. We have gone from 50’s to 80’s in a single day!! The poor azelas (sp) don’t know what to do. We lived in VA for two years so I do understand where you are coming from, and in some ways I miss it a lot!!

  8. Diane says:

    Oh no you don’t! I’m not gonna listen to all your talk of hyacinths blooming and Spring is here and then be devastated when the blizzard hits again. I’m going to sit here with my snow shovel and my hot chocolate and wait….
    (boy, I sound like FUN!)

  9. Jackie says:

    That’s one thing it took a while to get used to. Spring arriving earlier down south. Believe me, I enjoy it when it comes, because it seems to move too quickly into the hot humid months of summer. It’s gorgeous here today as well!

  10. Sarah W. says:

    When I was in junior high, my parents went to an auction of a restaurant that was closing. They bought every single spoon the restaurant was selling… replace all the spoons us kids had used for shovels :). I do not even actually remember using the good spoons, but apparently, according to my mom, they disappeared often.
    I got a good laugh when you mentioned the spoons 🙂

  11. Everyday Mommy says:

    “Strange contraptions are appearing in my backyard, contraptions made of a stick, curling ribbon, a deflated ballon and Scotch tape:”
    You found one of those TOO??

  12. Momandmore says:

    I’m so excited that its Springtime! I wandered outside to the backyard with my kids a few days ago and it was just lovely! Well the weather was… not so much my backyard. I decided to try to pay my boys to pick up sticks which are ubiquitous since the ice storm last November. The negotiations began: “I’ll pay you a penny per stick” I said. “How about a dollar?” my 7 year old said. We settled on a nickel. Thirty minutes later they had each earned $10 and the yard looked much better. But there is still soooo much work to be done!
    Michelle in Tulsa

  13. Beth says:

    Can it feel like spring at 7pm tonight when we’re at T-ball practice so my 6 year old doesn’t melt down in tears because he’s cold?

  14. Amy loves Bud says:

    Yes, here we have muddy shoes by the front door, hail damage on the roof, allergies kicking in, a cardinal trying to come in our dining room window, and some DAYLIGHT! I am so very thankful.

  15. Smockity Frocks says:

    YAY for spring! I laughed about the spoons, too! I used to wonder, pre-kids, why my sister-in-law always complained about the kids taking silverware outside. Now I know! I guess it’s in the Kid Code of Conduct.

  16. Kristen says:

    Happy Spring! I have many contraptions like that around my house, too. It’s amazing what kids can do with tape and string. 🙂

  17. Half-Past Kissin' Time says:

    Gosh. When I saw your post photo, I thought I had accidentally stumbled on a post from last fall! We still have three feet of snow in the yard! Guess I’ll have to live vicariously through you…

  18. kj says:

    Oh I envy your early spring. Just as our 3 month pile-up of snow had nearly melted away and just as my little crocuses were poking through the mud, just as I was breathing a sigh of relief from the winter blues, BAM! Another dumping of snow. 3 inches! Oh how Mother Nature mocks me. Looking for good airfare (and a good job for my hubby) in Arizona.

  19. KitchenScrapbook says:

    Ah, Spring… bring it on!
    Oh, and I’ve always said I wouldn’t want to sell a house in the winter (lots of snow here)… who knows what the new owners would find in the spring. 🙂

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