Girl Talk

It has been one of the sweetest and most unexpected blessings of my life that my parents and maternal grandmother now live in the same city I do.  My parents moved here this past summer, and my grandmother, widowed for several years, moved in the fall.  We all live within a mile of each other. 

I still pinch myself, sometimes.  Nearly all of my adult life has been spent without family nearby.  To have them all here now is just a little slice of Heaven.  The best part is the occasional spur-of-the-moment get-together, like the one we had on Saturday.

It was a Girl’s Day Extraordinaire.  My daughter, my mother, my grandmother and I all went out to do some Easter dress shopping.  While I’m generally not much of a clothes-shopper, and certainly not much of a dress-shopper, I make an exception when it’s the week before Easter. 

Well, and when my grandmother is buying. 

On my way out the door, I grabbed my camera.  My husband gave me a puzzled look, and I reminded him:  "Four generations of  Southern women going Easter dress shopping together!  It’s bloggable!"  Strangely, the look on his face remained puzzled.  It must be hard being a man.

We hit Steinmart first.  I ended up buying not an Easter dress, but an Easter blouse, to wear with Easter pants.  It’s all about the flexibility, y’all.

Here is my mother with my daughter.  The audio that accompanies this picture is my daughter telling my mom that "your hair looks awful."   She is just a delightful ray of sunshine, my girl.


Next stop was Sears, where–wonder of wonders–all the little girls’ dresses were 50% off.  We found several pretty ones, but my daughter actually chose her own Easter dress.  I could tell that she preferred it, because she actually stopped talking, pointed at it and gasped so loudly I thought she would swallow her own tongue. 

And it’s easy to see why the dress spoke to her.  If there’s ever been a cuter one, I’ve not seen it:


You can bet your sweet biscuit I’ll be at the fabric store this week, trying to find some ribbon to match those "pokey dots," as Corrie calls them.  I will make the most fantastically obnoxious hair bow that Easter Sunday has ever seen.

Even with all the pretty dresses and the half-off sales, the treasure of the day was the time spent with my two favorite women, laughing and enjoying each other.  As we giggled over lunch, I wondered to myself how it could possibly be any sweeter. 

I don’t think it can.



80 thoughts on “Girl Talk

  1. Jill says:

    While I realize I don’t “technically” know you, may I just say you and your mom look so much alike. And our daughters might be one in the same since mine can never resist a chance to tell her grandma her hair looks bad.

  2. Sheila says:

    It is such a blessing to live near family! We’re in the same city as my mother and mother-in-law, and we all get together a lot. The girls just love them.
    And I love my mother-in-law, which is something rare in this world, I know.
    We had a girls’ day today, too, when a bunch of the girls from our church watched the 5 hour version of Pride & Prejudice and had a chocolate fountain. Loads of fun. Feel very sick now, though. Oh, well, It was worth it!
    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  3. Liz says:

    I bought an Easter swing jacket to wear with my maternity skirt, but will still be wearable this summer with normal skirts 🙂 I’m about the flexibility too. The jacket is yellow though, so I kinda look like the Morton salt girl.

  4. Tam says:

    What a darling dress. Those are some byooootiful “pokey dots”! When my daughter was smaller she called them “pokka dotes” and we still say that. Good luck with the hair bow you are making! She’ll be gorgeous!

  5. Lari says:

    What fun! Love the dress too! My parents moved w/in 1/2 mile of us last yr. We’d never had family nearby either and it’s been wonderful. The best part is how close my boys have become to them…it’s so sweet to watch them together. At Christmas I got to have a “girl’s day” my mom, my 2 sisters and all 4 of my nieces…so much fun and great memories.

  6. suburbancorrespondent says:

    My teen daughter and I went Easter dress shopping yesterday, and we were lucky to find something for her that wasn’t either incredibly ugly or incredibly slutty or incredibly both! It seems that pretty dresses are made only for little girls these days…

  7. An Iowa Mom says:

    I thought the same thing … ya’ll look so much a like. But, I bet you hear that a lot … OBVIOUSLY!
    The last photo … so simple … so sweet … made me yearn for my grandmother.
    Thank you for sharing your special day! I know you’ll treasure it.

  8. MaryBeth says:

    We moved home to be close to family and have been incredibly blessed by their proximity from the moment our babies arrived… well, technically since we found out our suprise baby was triplets. I absolutely love having my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins around to help us with the girls. It is priceless!!

  9. Christy says:

    I just love days like that. When my sister got married, we had a “girls day”. Both of my Grandmas, My Mom and My Aunt, My Sister and I, and My two year old Daughter. 7 Strong, opinionated females together shopping for dresses. We had an absolutely wonderful time and I would love to do it again some day!

  10. Dana says:

    I’ve been contemplating the Easter wardrobes around here…If y’all decide to hit the stores again, let me know and I’ll give you our sizes.
    Shopping makes my teeth itch.

  11. Auds says:

    I’m so totally jealous!
    Awesome post, even if it did make me cry. I miss my mama….3000 miles away and I’m keenly feeling each and every mile right now.

  12. Headless Mom says:

    I’ll jump in the jealous line! My ‘women folk’ live far, far away and I miss them bunches at times like these.
    I am thrilled for you and Corrie that you get to enjoy these times, for they are truly priceless!

  13. Amy says:

    You are truly blessed. After living far from family for our whole marriage, we realized God was calling us to move our son (and future children, hopefully) to be near family. It’s such a joy to see the sweet relationship between kiddos, grandparents, and even great grandparents.

  14. Marianne says:

    My parents just moved to our new — and last! — town this past summer.
    It has been a blessing for our family, too.
    You should frame that last photo as a gift – beautiful.
    Smiles and blessings!

  15. Queen Mother says:

    What fun! We had our own version of the four generation shopping trip on Friday. Those times are so special! I’ll be wearing Easter pants, too.

  16. Georgia Mom says:

    What a blessing!!! All of my Grandmothers (on both mine and husbands side) have passed away. They would have loved spending time with my girls. And although my Mother lives an hour away, we don’t get together much. You are blessed! Your day just sounds wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Edi says:

    You already know how blessed you are and how special it is to have 4 generations living in the same town.
    My mom lives 1000 miles away and my grandma died before I got married (still sad to think she never saw me get married – and though she didn’t know who I married…she had actually met him before when he was a boy).
    Especially once I had children – I missed just having family around to drop by on Sundays and do something special like going shopping together. When I go back home I still enjoy shopping w/my mom and or sisters.
    I love your daughter’s dress – she made a good choice!

  18. Robin (the pensieve one) says:

    Oh, Shannon…having lost both my mom (when I was close to Corrie’s age) and my paternal grandmother (the following year, and to whom I was extremely close), and not ever knowing my maternal grandmother b/c she died in her early 20s, when I see outings like this, I KNOW how much it must mean–FOUR GENERATIONS! You bet it’s bloggable!! Those are the most special of times and I’m thankful you have the heart to know this…the RELATIONSHIP to ENJOY it.
    It always grieves me when my friends have had non-existent relationships with their mothers…I guess because I’d do anything to have one with my own.
    God did bless me with an AMAZING mother-in-love, though; she really is a gift I’ve celebrated for 25 years of dating and being married to her son :). And, yes, there were occasions before her mother died whether there were four generations of family enjoying one another…you’ve prompted me to scramble for those pictures and re-enjoy those memories.
    Happy Monday!!
    (oooo, and a) Corrie’s dress makes me SMILE, b) you DO look like your mom! and c) I love photos of hands–your last shot made me smile almost as big as hot pink pokey dotted dresses 😉 ).
    (sorry for the dissertation comment…..!)

  19. mimi2six says:

    It was a wonderful day for all 4 of us. Corrie kept us in stitches, as she always does! I love being told I look like my beautiful daughter!! We’re the typical “before and after” pictures: before and after menopause!!

  20. angela says:

    I too am blessed to have most all of our family very close by… my parents, and brother and his wife and my “brood” all live on family land that is mostly full of corn , wheat and sunflowers! My husbands family are just a few miles down the road, so we see our family a lot! Anyhow – I was touched by your post as I love the spontaneous suppers and outings we all share. I do feel lucky to have such a close relationship with these special folks.
    The last picture touched me the most – my GeGe (Mom’s Mom) passed away almost a year ago, but she was a spunky lady who shopped with us until she couldn’t anymore. My children were very close to her, and that picture is not unlike some I have of her holding my babies hands. So, so sweet – thank you for sharing!

  21. pam says:

    Thanks for sharing the fun. I don’t have the blessing of good family or close family relationships from the past. BUT God has begun a new thing with our little family of four. Our girls have stayed close and it is so good for the heart to hang with them. We can sit at a Starbuck’s for 3 hours talking non stop.

  22. Corey says:

    That is so sweet. My grandmother passed away right before I got pregant.(In fact, I got pregnant days after she passed and I know she had something to do with that.)
    I forget sometimes that my little one never knew her. They would have adored each other!

  23. nottryingforaboy says:

    My grandma passed away when I was 6 weeks pregnant with my first. It makes me so sad that they never met. We do have a 4 generations picture with her, my mom, my sister and me and my sister’s daughter from my wedding.
    That is so great your family moved close by you.

  24. Susan says:

    I envy you that trip so much. The last time I enjoyed a shopping trip with my mom was before my older daughter’s wedding, almost eight years ago, when we bought Mom’s suit for the wedding. That is an experience I cherish to this day. Thanks for bringing back pleasant memories

  25. jessica says:

    i can’t wait to have a girl and take her Easter dress shopping. My mom made her and myself dresses one year, and i hope to do that as well. She and i went Easter suit shopping for my 13 month old son, though, and got a really nice outfit. It’s still not the same as an Easter dress, though:)
    Your daughter has great taste!

  26. dcrmom says:

    No sweeter than that! Makes me sad that my grandmother isn’t around to enjoy my daughters. Sniff. And I’d do anything for my mom to live down the street, but that ain’t happening. I’ll settle fro frequent visits from afar. 🙂

  27. Shalee says:

    I can’t imagine a sweeter time either. You are blessed beyond any measure, Shannon – even if Hubs didn’t get the bloggability of it all.

  28. Jenni says:

    Waaah!! How beautiful is that? I’m jealous of your girl-time. My mom only lives an hour away but we never get to shop together anymore. *sniff*
    And I can totally hear Corrie saying that…LOL!!

  29. Linda Sue says:

    Ok so I’m crying now – beautiful time and great that you know to savor such moments. I miss my mom so much – still – I’m old and yet it seems so big a hole not to be chatting with her about what to serve for Easter brunch and what shoes to wear with our easter outfits. We usually bought orchid corsages to wear on Easter Sunday. Well I went way down memory lane and am now in a side street – I still miss my mama and so happy that four generations of y’all shopped and enjoyed and found an absolutely adorable lil’ girl dress.

  30. Chris says:

    …this brought me to tears and makes me miss the days when my mom was in the same city and state as we would do our Easter shopping together. What a gift you have been given.
    The picture of the two of them holding hands is priceless, absolutely priceless.

  31. Nancy B says:

    Let me just say that I’m jealous. And on several levels:
    1) My mom is no longer able to do a day of shopping due to her health and I miss that. Not only me, but it’s memories that my girls won’t have.
    2) It’s very difficult to find Easter outfits for teens and tweens. What is available in the jr. dept is inappropriate for Easter (and every other day of the year unless you’re doing a pole dance) and tweens are just that…in-between. They want to look grown up and not like a little girl anymore. My shopping experience for Easter outfits was nearly impossible. I needed a biggie size diet coke on ice before we were done!

  32. Jeanne V says:

    What a lovely article that I can relate to as well…..I am 1 of 7 children and have never had my family near-by….Now that I have retired, my 3 sisters have moved in to our area for their retirement home and my kids and grand kids are only couple of hours away….Never expected that his would ever happen…Aren’t we the lucky ones!!

  33. Darla says:

    Awww… her hair looks beautiful! I love the dress too! It will look so cute on your daughter! Uh oh, I need to go clothes shopping too. “Bloggable…” I love it! I tend to say “scrappable” more than bloggable, but yeah anything that is interesting is so bloggable or bloggeriffic…lol

  34. ukrainiac says:

    “That’s a blog!” is the usual quote here. Bloggable from time to time. Bloggeriffic is a new one for me!
    Loved this post. For lots of reasons…

  35. Heidi says:

    Shannon, I just bought exactly the same dress for my 2-year old. It must just speak to the little ones. I like it too! 🙂 And this is totally bloggable. It’s the best kind of blogging.

  36. Stacey says:

    What a very special day out with the ladies!
    That dress is absolutely adorable. Miss Corrie picked a great one! I can’t believe how big she is getting.

  37. Elaine says:

    It is so nice to have family near. I recently posted about how wonderful it is that my sons will get to know their Great-Grandparents and how much it means to me.
    That last picture is awesome!

  38. Daphne says:

    How fun! I remember when I would shop with my mom and grandmother. We would just have the best time. Of course, then when I hit the teen years, it was just plain torture. You know the whole ordeal with not liking a thing your mother picks out. My grandmother has since left us to be with the Lord and I do miss those times.

  39. gretchen says:

    Just a tiiiiiiny bit green with envy (it is St. Patrick’s day and all), but I hope to create the history your family is already enjoying with my dtr and her children. Have a wonderful passion week and an eggcellent Easter.

  40. Joy says:

    How wonderful! I’m jealous!
    My parents are going to be moving to my little sleepy town as soon as they sell their house, but in this housing market, it takes so long to sell anything.
    Know of anyone who wants to buy 50 acres with three houses in rural Missouri?

  41. Happy Mommy says:

    Last May my Mother and Grandmother and Grandfather moved 480 miles to live in the town we live in, it is a wonderful blessing!
    I love the dress!

  42. maudie says:

    It’s funny what people look at on your post. I totally understand your bracket for the March Madness. Hubs and son will look up the Vegas odds on the teams and plan their bracket accordingly. Now, I’ll fill mine out on much the same logic you do–Always Arkansas (I hail from there), then Gonzaga because that’s where whatshisnose and the other whatshisnose played (they are both now in the Pro’s) and because I live in Washington state. I guess I have to give some props to Texas teams because that’s where hubs is from. The dress thing is so far removed from my world. My daughter quit wearing them when she was 9 years old. Sigh

  43. Erin says:

    Love the polka dots, and will you post the hair bow? It’s really all about the bows in the south. I am making an Easter hair bow this week too, but the color choices are not near as fun as yours: light blue and navy and maybe a daisy or two.

  44. Jenny says:

    How sweet! We are going shopping this weekend, we are running a little late because of the FLU! But still!
    If you have a chance pop over to my blog, I got my first letter from the young man I sponsored in Uganda.
    Thank you for all your great pictures and post!

  45. Beth says:

    The picture at the end of them holding hands got me!! What a wonderful picture and sounds like you had a GRAND time!!! Such great memories!

  46. Dee/reddirtramblings says:

    That was so sweet. I am wearing easter blouse and slacks too. Just didn’t want a dress. I shopped with my girls last week. My Mom isn’t well enough to go with us, but maybe, next year, she will be. Thanks for sharing.~~Dee

  47. Jen says:

    How beautiful! I just last weekend moved back near my mom and grandma and I love that my daughter will have moments with them like this more often now!

  48. AprilMay says:

    Oh, what a beautiful post, but it made me cry. Why? Because I have three boys, three wonderful boys, but no daughter, and I will never get to have a day like this magical one of yours.
    I am so grateful for my healthy children, but a part of me will always long for a daughter. Don’t get me started on Mother’s Day Teas, Easter dresses, and Girl’s Day Out…all knives in my heart. 😦
    I don’t know if you will ever read this comment, but did you ever feel this way, or am I just a horrible person?!! ARRGGGHHH!

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