Works-For-Me Wednesday: Greatest Hits Edition

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, and that means we’re going with a theme for today’s WFMW.  I thought a “greatest hits edition” would be a good idea, so that we could all share our very best with the blogosphere.

Who am I kidding?

I’m totally swamped this week, so re-running an old WFMW is nothing more than a very lovely and helpful cop-out.  But let’s go with it.

One of my favorite of my own WFMW tips has been life-changing.  Or at least hair-changing (and when you’re a Southern woman, that’s the same thing).  This was originally published in July of ’07:

I have a head of very fine, straight, thick hair–the perfect recipe for some nasty static.  As a result, when I blow-dry my hair (as I do most days, or at least the ones where personal hygiene manages an appearance toward the top of my to-do list), I end up looking much like a troll doll.

Now, I am a Southern woman who is also a child of the ’80’s, and as such, I have a very special place in my heart for big hair.  But not troll big.

And so my life was forever changed a few years ago when I learned that spraying a spritz of Static Guard on your hairbrush gets rid of that nasty fly-away hair.  And it even smells really good.

If you’d like to play along with Works-For-Me Wednesday, leave your link below.  First-timers, please read through the guidelines.

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1. Gina (postcard fun)
2. Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife
3. Capturing Today – Baking Tips
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5. NotTryingForABoy (offsize measuring cups)
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7. We are THAT family (Humor Works for Me)
8. jen (travel tips)
9. myRUFlife (new definition of grace)
10. TXPoppet(Stationery Give Away)
11. Melanie @ NotebookLearning (Bathroom Organization)
12. aunt mommy (toilet taming)
13. MG (Blogging Tips, Tools, Resources)
14. Nicole @ Life in Progress(easy way to keeps bows organized)
15. Mammarino (Kitchen Fire GIVEAWAY!!!)
16. Niki (coffee central idea)
17. KeepingKidsClothesInXclentCondition
18. Sarah@REAL LIFE (Half-Price Groceries!!)
19. Keren ($20 Weekly Menu, Recipes, and Shopping List)
20. A Simple Walk (Kitchen towels)
21. Gourmet Mom (Restaurant Teriyaki Recipe)
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26. Life with Three (cleaning out the fridge)
27. JoyJourney (prayer bins)
28. The Diaper Diaries (Be that mom)
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30. Mrs Pear (Using up leftover or stale bread)
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35. Nester (Decorate with dishes all over the house!)
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37. Scott (Car Charger)
38. Meredith (One Fork Entertaining)
39. Saph (plastic bag keeper)
40. Smockity Frocks (Best Can Opener)
41. mzzterry(Help with IRONING)
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43. Thrifty Karen – teach kids about money
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50. Kristin (Best Shower Cleaner)
51. Like I Was Saying (great bubble wand)
52. Shaun Groves (I\’m Losing My Man Card For This)
53. Julie Stiles Mills (The Underwear Principle – and a book giveaway!)
54. Don\’t Stop this Car (like music? check out this site)
55. The Nester (Gorgeous Ways to Display Candles)
56. Joy (Low-cost, Low-stress Kid Parties)
57. Joy Of Desserts (Singing Cookbook Video)
58. Stacy (ID\’ing kids on vacation)
59. Wired For Noise (make rice milk)
60. Memarie Lane (Make Men Listen)
61. Infinity Goods (Life Saving Tip)
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63. Memarie Lane (Hair Bow Tutorial)
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65. OW (List of Age Appropriate Children\’s Chores)
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72. Many Little Blessings (Unique Picture Decorating Idea)
73. Phyllis (greener Target)
74. Michelle at Scribbit (home organization)
75. Carol ~ How to keep your eyeliner from smearing
76. Smockity Frocks (Children in Church)
77. Susanne-easy prayer chart
78. Robin (PENSIEVE) 🙂 FANTASTIC “Special” Adult Birthday Gift!
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80. Crystal (game-playing with kids)
81. Patricia (Love those Baby Wipes!)
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84. Wooden Porch (POOP HAPPENS)
85. Passionatehomemaking (homemade baby porridge)
86. Jen (frugal mosquito spray)
87. Growing in God\’s Grace (safely packing plates)
88. Muddy(Kids around the House)
89. Lalena@Finding Freedom (Strawberries)
90. Margalit (ROTEL)
91. mod*mom (green giveaways to encourage of ecofriendly mothering)
92. Becca (Magazine Storage/Decluttering)
93. Making Money Keeping Money (Ebates)
94. Nerd Family Things(Keeping clothes in place)
95. NerdFamily Food(Leveling Cakes)
96. Melanie (First time: peaceful naptime)
97. Need A Nap2 (donate airline miles)
98. momrn2 (removing gum from dryer)
99. RibbonRockStar (my favs)
100. NerdMom(Parenting Advice)
101. Liza\’s Eyeview (Paid Off Credit Card Debt)
102. Andrea (bananas)
103. IfOnlyIHadSuperPowers (magnet pictures and language growth)
104. Duckabush Blog (Affordable Haircut)
105. Mamacita (dessert w/just a few calories!)
106. Tina in Thailand
107. Cindee (measuring honey)
108. Vicky Beeching
109. Mommy Cracked (Who Is Talking About Your Blog???)
110. Mandy @ Biblical Homemaking (Styling Curly Hair!)
111. Lee (dental hygiene for toddlers)
112. ~Amy (wrapping paper)
113. Robin (you don\’t have to have a lump!)
114. Lucky (nix candle soot)
115. Stephanie @ KCBryans (Project Linus)
116. Jinxy (Healthy Cookies!)
117. Janelle & Now Play Happy (organizing digital pictures)
118. LeeAnn (AKA FrazzMom) keep herbs and spices fresh!
119. Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home (fudge it or budget)
120. Amy loves Bud (flushable diapers)
121. Kelli@Living InGrace (Shipping without the Drive or Hassel)
122. Passionatehomemaking (homemade baby porridge)
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125. Motherhood for Dummies
126. Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home (fudge it or budget)
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128. Jillian at Hearth and Homemaker (Organizing Hair Accessories)
129. Trixie @ Farmhomelife (time management help)
130. Heather L. (tip for sick kids)
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132. Susan(GotSpammed?)
133. The Fat Bottomed Girl (grocery planning tip)
134. Simple Mom (Delicious & Easy Brownie Recipe)
135. The Happy Housewife ~ kids art
136. S.B. (Blogging Advice & Tips)
137. Georgia Mom (thumb sucking)
138. fullheartandhands mama (baby nursing tips)
139. Vickie@PursuingSimplicity(Teens and Laundry)
140. Tracy (the very best stick)
141. Jackie
142. The Not Quite Crunchy Parent( The Non-Violent Pinata)
143. Nikki, The Techie Tutor (**FREE** Office Suite)
144. Sarah (Chalboard and Magnetic Paint ideas)
145. Mary @ A Penny at a Time (Cloth diapers)
146. warillever (diy weekly planner)
147. Erica (making your razor last longer – save $$$)
148. Curly Haired Girl (Prolong Dying Dishwasher)
149. JennyV(meat prep)
150. Mill Musings (Make Your Own Sippy Label)
151. carrie (organizing gift cards)
152. Feminine Pusuits (sinus infections)
153. Anne Glamore (STOP smelly shoes in tracks!!)
154. Jacki – Mess Free Tacos
155. Judy (The Mom Calendar)
156. Jacki – Storing Childrens Artwork
157. Staci at Writing and Living (No Brain Menu Planning)
158. Keeping Intimacy Alive
159. Angela-(Save on Grocery bill)
160. Candace (homemade bathtub crayons)
161. Candace (toddler in kitchen)
162. Jessica (ice cream, pepperoni rolls)
163. Erica (easier finger foods)
164. Thriving on a $20 Weekly Grocery Budget
165. Mamma D (cutting onions)
166. Megret (corralling curriculum”
167. Amy (How to Use Timeouts)
168. Braun Family Circus (bag lady)
170. Tami (Savings Spreadsheet)
171. Lizzie (Inexpensive Toddler Gift)
172. oh amanda (get more from your beauty products)
173. Janelle (keep guacamole green!)
174. Elisa (cooking 1 bag=5 dinners)
175. Coffee organizing central
176. Ann\’Re @ Home (Dry Erase Markers)
177. Chandra (craft organization)
178. Sheila ~ To Love, Honor and Vacuum (washing machine!)
179. mom_of2boys (hair turbie for wet hair)
180. Christa @ No End in Site (Cheap Family Fun)
181. Amy @ Buffaloes & Butterfly Wings (pancake shapes)
182. Jackie
183. Veggiemomof2 (coupon clipper)
184. Sonshine (clothespins)
185. MMusings (Free DIY Photocube)
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190. Britni (Greatest Hits Collection)
191. BeCentsAble (Affordable Whole Foods)
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193. GettysburgMom- Cleaning Tips
194. Momala (Cooking Chicken)
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196. Shauna (May Baskets)
197. Linds @ This Abode (DIY Baby Mobile)
198. Penny Raine (wedding flowers)
199. Amy (Office Bag)
200. Amy (cheap crib mattress pad/easy crib sheet change LINK FIXED)
201. Peggie(it did work!)
202. Amy W (lint roller- another use)
203. Library Lookup (chilihead)
204. Spence Smith (My First Krispy Kreme)
205. Kim (Prewriting Posts)
206. Sarah @ Twinkle (easy way to cut calories)
207. Sara@Sarandipity (Toddler Cup Tip)
208. Mommin\’ It Up! (CVS brand items)
209. Peggie(less stress!)
210. Missy (the Hubby Way)
211. Mrs. Troop (Family Devotions)
212. Susan (Easy Beauty Tip)
213. Mamabug (Over the door organizer)
214. LammyAnn (FREE STUFF from ClipitUp™)
215. elaine@bloginmyeye (scripture memory)
216. Elizabeth (shopping at Sam\’s Club)
217. Milehimama (Favorite WFMW\’s list)
218. Margaret copying patterns
219. Mama Duck (finance)
220. Sarah (Frugal gift for expecting Moms)
221. The Westie Crew (Washing a Down Comforter)
222. Sarah (trading gold for $)
223. Teresa @ A Life at Home (Ideas for making it work on just one income?)
224. Sashwhy @ Hanprints (FREE (sort of) Plastic Containers)
225. Get Boogers out of Baby\’s Nose
226. Organising Queen (organising my handbag)
227. Aimee (Kids and Grocery Shopping)
228. Alison (label maker)
229. Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers(Fruits and Veggies Challenge!)
230. Heather (adorable homemade earring organizer!)
231. Molly (Silicone Bakeware)
232. Jen (removing gum and Silly Putty from hair)
233. Mindy Said – Spending a little $, Getting a lot of stuff
234. Shannon @ A Reforming Mom (a really neat Art Caddy for your kids!)
235. No Watch Me Christine (take great pics of your kids!)
236. Christine @ Serenity How? (The Nuclear Option!)
237. Karen (thrift store tip)
238. Nichole @ A Call to Higher Places
239. At A Hen\’s Pace (deduct more 4 goods donated to charity)
240. Frugal Homemaker Plus (getting it done the night before)
241. Ann Kroeker (containerize kids laundry)
242. Nichole (sock organization)
243. Untraditional home (TEaching History with food)
244. Katrine – Boys Sunday clothes
245. Shalee (Waiting)
246. Amber (P31)- Top 5 of All Time
247. Char (tights on my daughter)
248. Jenna(bucket baking)
249. Kari\’s Blog (storing outdoor toys)
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251. OrganicMania (School Lunch Savings)
252. Handmade Daily (spring cleaning)
253. Adena @ Friendship Alley (organizing/cleaning)
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255. Dolphin Lady (homemade flavored creamer)
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258. tracey
259. Melissa @ Organized Chaos (My Top 5 Tips)
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261. Kitchen Help
262. Emily (Braiding Hair)
263. The “Cent”sible Sawyer (NEWBIE) RED BOX
264. Charity (kitchen shears)
265. Our Love Story (FREE movie rentals)
266. jen – cut the feet off your socks!
267. Mikki – An AWESOME ALL Purpose Cleaner
268. Babychaser (Homemade New Baby Thank You Cards)
269. Amy Halleran (Please Pass the Grey Poupon)
270. Sarah K (shopping/coupon notebook)
271. Elizabeth (chore charts)
272. Michele (paper clutter)
273. Elizabeth Sue (Singing the praises of an awesome mop)
274. The Nourishing Gourmet-Roasted Asparagus-

275. Amy Flanegan (positive newsmagazine)
276. Keely Scott ( Inspiring Junk)
277. Niki (whole foods)
278. Hotomom (Singing the Praises of Disney, yet again)
279. ClassicRockBaby: Easy Choke Tester
280. Mom of 11 Tips for Cheap/Green Moms
281. SAHMmy Says (Laundry: Sort for Success!
282. Marni (my cool free wallet)
283. Suzanne (Hard-Won Parenting Tips)
284. The Sistahs (GOTTA LOVE FREE STUFF!)
285. Pinkaholic Mom (Handi Vac)
286. Mommy Menagerie (never lose your keys again!)
287. Sarah (reminding myself about that diet….)
288. Plastic Daffodils (Buying Yarn)
289. Alexandra(Ringless Shower Curtains)
290. a suburban housewife (library laundry basket)
291. Lori (grocery list)
292. Becca (Tales From Indiana)
293. Odd Mother (Locks of Love)
294. Kim – Getting Rid of Toddler Cradle Cap
295. The Thrifty Blogger (free learning)
296. SixintheMix (southern sledding)
297. Meredith (Removing Deodorant Marks)
298. Sarah (Great Free Podcasts for Kids)
299. Lana (what a crock)
300. Kingdom First Mom (Living Without a Diaper Pail)
301. Jacquelyn: Because I Said So! (getting little kids to eat)
302. Amy (small game piece storage)
303. Kim – Getting Rid of Toddler Cradle Cap – Link is now fixed in my post.
304. Nichole (Free Ebook Giveaway for Saving Money!!!)
305. Rina

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37 thoughts on “Works-For-Me Wednesday: Greatest Hits Edition

  1. aunt mommy says:

    I’ve always wondered what kind of special magic fairy spray is in Static Guard. I’ve never been able to replicate it at home. Vinegar helps a bit for static on the clothes, but I’d never thought of Static Guard for bad hair days. 🙂

  2. Jill says:

    This is a fabulous tip I have never heard before. I am excited to try it! Which could mean I need a little more excitement in my life.

  3. Kristin says:

    I posted about my favorite shower cleaner…I’ve only done 8 WFMW posts and that was my first, so I hoped to show it off again.
    I like the static electricity look — is it not in style??? LOL

  4. Joy says:

    Reposted my very first WFMW…and considering I’ve only written two so far, it was kinda a no-brainer deciding which to choose!

  5. Nikki says:

    Thanks for the tip Shannon!
    I’m new to this so forgive my ignorance…It’s 7:20 am EST and I’m the 146th on the list. Do you post this on Wednesday or is it Works for me Tuesday??? I checked for myself last night at 945pm but a thunderstorm rolled in and so the computer was turned off.
    THanks again – you are a great writer and I love checking out your blog. I’m going to be making those burp cloths soon.
    Nikki, The Techie Tutor (

  6. JennyV says:

    I’m too new at this to have a Greatest entry. Sorry. This is fun though and I’m enjoying reading many other’s handi-tips! THANKS!

  7. Sister Sassy says:

    Interesting, static gaurd. Doesn’t it smell funny though?
    I need a WFMW about thinning hair, do I shave my head and get a nice tattoo on my scalp, don a hat or wear a wig? Help!

  8. Elisa says:

    oops, can you delete #178…this was my first time doing this and I forgot to change my url to the correct post. I fixed it on the next one. Sorry about that!

  9. kristin says:

    I enjoyed reading Shawn’s contribution this week. I think a great theme for WFMW would be “Men’s Tips.” We could solicit tips from DHs/SOs, dads, brothers, male coworkers, etc.!

  10. Christy Cook says:

    I had no idea that anyone else did that to their hair! My daughter says it stinks, but at least I don’t look like I have my finger in an electrical outlet. (:

  11. Green Baby says:

    Thanks for the tip! These days I have to do my hair in half the time so I just might try this tip! By the way, commenting over at has just gotten vastly easier. It used to be nearly impossible but we’ve finally simplified the process. We’d love to hear your comments so come on by!

  12. Jen says:

    I agree, Static Guard is the best stuff ever invented.
    I’ve also resorted to putting lotion on my hands and then running them (lightly) through my hair to cut the static. This works but not as well.

  13. Heather Young says:

    Can’t use static guard in our house due to allergies but I find that an ionic hairbrush makes a HUGE difference.
    Thank you for continuing to host this Shannon. IT is such a huge blessing.

  14. Lynn from says:

    Oh, Shannon, Shannon, Shannon, should I just say nothing about the Static Guard chemicals in your hair? Yikes.
    I know what it’s like to have problem hair…and I haven’t yet found a good, organic, reasonably priced alternative to the product I used to use…but when I do, you can bet it will be one of my WFMW tips and I will urge you to use it instead of Static Guard! Stay tuned! 🙂 — Lynn

  15. We are THAT family says:

    I think this is a great idea and I never would have thought of it. My oldest daughter has static issues. This is why I don’t invent things. I would be standing there with the brush and the can, thinking, ‘should I?’ I’m just not a risk-taker. So, thanks 😀

  16. Alyssa says:

    What a funny tip! I am sure Static Guard appreciates this free advertising.
    Does this only work on dry hair? My daughter’s curls only get even more frizzy if I blow dry it.

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