*UPDATED* Works For Me: I Got Nothing.


I am having a ferocious week.  Knock-down, run-around, ferocious.  So I’m giving myself a pass today on my own Works-For-Me Wednesday tip, but I can’t wait to see what you have to say.  If you’d like to play along with Works-For-Me Wednesday, leave your link below.  First-timers, please read through the guidelines.

Was your link deleted?  CLICK HERE.

1. Teresa @ A Life at Home (Inexpensive eggs!)
2. Activities Coordinator
3. We are THAT family (My Rear View)
4. The Diaper Diaries (sharing reading)
5. Christa @ No End in Site (Being Prepared)
6. Grace4Gayle (Make $25 for FREE)
7. kristin (getting kids to pick up their stuff)
8. Gina (Cheap Curtains)
9. Amy (soapy washer)
10. Lady Why (Pizza Perfection!)
11. Fussypants (Wear the right shoes this Spring!)
12. I Throw Like a Girl ~ Pruning and caring for roses
13. MG (Easy Homemade Foaming Soap)
14. Motherhood for Dummies
15. Jack\’s Mommy (Conair Steam Iron for Clothes)
16. Karla ~ looking towards heaven (Keeping Your Perspective on LIFE)
17. Mother Hen (Boredom Training)
18. Alison (Chores for all ages)
19. Amy (Clean Your House in a more Green Way)
20. Summer (helping bored kids)
21. Meredith (Helping Homeless)
22. Sandwiches To Make
23. Phyllis (healthy pancakes)
24. The Thrifty Blogger (How do your teachers rate?)
25. jen (getting ready for summer)
26. Sarah@RealLife So Long, Dutpan!)
27. Summer @ Mom Is Teaching (sharing knowledge)
28. Allison (How to get your Husband to Help Around the House)
29. Carlie (Fire alarms and cellphones)
30. mzzterry (Kids Paint RECIPES & TIPS)
31. OW (butterfly craft idea)
32. Memarielane (Click to see)
33. Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers (Toilets…or Taxes?)
34. Melanie (use for kitchen shears)
35. Tina in Thailand (easy mango prep)
36. Meredith (Helping Homeless)
37. Tania @My Everyday Joys (uses for Tea Tree Oil)
38. Jennifer (water cooler)
39. Jenni (How to save money on your utilities)
40. Staci at Writing and Living (Free Graphics Editor)
41. Michelle at Scribbit (Organization)
42. LeeAnn (FrazzMom) cookie scoop and bonus molasses cookie recipe!
43. The Pumkin Patch
44. The Happy Housewife ~ frugal decorating
45. Milehimama (Feed Babies the Lazy Way)
46. Loving Our Homeschool (Honey Oatmeal Bread Recipe – Bread Machine)
47. ToddleBits (themed activities)
48. Amy loves Bud
49. At A Hen\’s Pace (disciplining attitudes vs. behaviors)
50. Smockity Frocks (Sock Solution)
51. sara l (using junk mail envelopes)
52. Nicole @ Life in Progress(Grown-Up PlayDate)
53. Kendra: Organizing Coupons- No more unnecessary clipping!
54. NotTryingForABoy (RSVP-ing)
55. Holding little Hands (relief for ouchies)56. Owlhaven (need a new king-sized bed?)
57. ToddleBits (themed activities)
58. Beth @ The Natural Mommy (Random Treasure Troves)
59. MamaMay (Taking photos)
60. Smellyann (Yelling!)
61. ToddleBits (themed activities)
62. Jordan @ MamaBlogga (making great photo posts)
63. Amy@sonshinecottage (bread tips)
64. Heather (Freezer Organization / Eat More Veggies)
65. Greenstylemom (Jet Dry Subsitute)
66. Ellen (Multiplication Memorization)
67. Capturing Today (Grilling Tips)
68. Lori ~ Simple Life at Home (Getting Rid of Molluscum)
69. Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt (My Go-To Meal in time of dinner need)
70. My Three Ring Circus (getting your laundry folded)
71. IfOnlyIHadSuperPowers (got ants?)
72. Rachael @ Beans & Rice (flexible with jobs & expectations)
73. Jane (frizzy hair help)
74. Mammarino (Tooth Pulling Tips)
75. Joy (Teaching Kids How to Shop)
76. Joy @ Five J\’s (Rib Rub with a Kick!)
77. Franticallysimple (Easy way to hang a wall-quilt )
78. JaneTheSane (POAS Tips)
79. Totallyscrappy (storage)
80. Corrie (making math fun)
81. Ellen (Multiplication Memorization)
82. Duckabush Blog (Kids Clean for Crafts)
83. Menus and More For Less (Low Cost Menu Plans)
84. Fiddledeedee (Chopping Onions…or not)
85. aunt mommy (Mutant Twist Ties)
86. jen @ Land of Lovings – earthworm farms
87. Amy (Easy ABC fun for Little Ones
88. Infinity Goods (Wrong link last week. Sorry)
89. Stretch Mark Mama (FREE Online Money Management)
90. Judy (simplify your grocery list!)
91. chickadee (kid\’s cleaning game)
92. Kristin (Pill Container)
93. citystreams (getting baby asleep)
94. Liza\’s Eyeview (affordable blog designs)
95. Burger Mom (NO Junk)
96. Spence Smith ( Anderson Cooper)
97. Cheri (Easy Command Center)
98. HeresTheDiehl(washing Legos)
99. Kim – Menu Planning
100. Karen (Simply A Musing Blog)
101. Kitchen Appliance
102. Every Good and Perfect GIft – Folding Towels
103. Mommy Menagerie (cure for wilted veggies)
104. margalit (cleaning glass cooktops)
105. Keely Scott ( Aware of the Creative)
106. Amy@Experience Imagination (frugal teeth)
107. mod*mom (native plants for organic fruit vegetable garden, baby animals, ocean visit)
108. Organising Queen (grocery shopping)
109. Col @ Gigablonde (experience a Rampage of Appreciation)
110. Laane (telephone hours)
111. Niki (creative wedding idea)
112. Edi (Spare Bed)
113. Kristin (Personal Safety tips)
114. Sarah (whiter teeth)
115. Keren (Shopping for Clothes and “Stuff” by the Pound)
116. Sarah (key lime press)
117. Georgia Mom (packing for trips)
118. Donielle (saving my sanity)
119. Laura (Does your ice taste bad?)
120. Stephanie (Creating A Cleaning Schedule)
121. JennyV(Feline Diaper Genie)
122. Paminoz (No guilt Mondays)
123. Llama Momma (kid\’s b-day cards)
124. Beth_C (Restaurant Quality Salad – Easy!)
125. Amy (Alternatives to PB&J)
126. Donielle (seriously you can get $25.00 free)
127. Debbie J. @ Homemaking Dreams (Dollar Store CDs)
128. Kelli@GohnCrazy (Chore System Momma & 4yr)
129. Sister Sassy (Fun Cleaning&Smelling Pretty!)
130. Handmade Daily (Decorating with hand me downs)
131. Pam (photo frames)
132. Susan(SoreThroat?)
133. fullheartandhands mama (Removing foreign objects from toddler\’s nose)
134. Charity (finding old friends)
135. Erica (parking lot safety)
136. 100 Acre Wood
137. Thia (paint)
138. MC (Choping an onion to make Martha Stewart proud))
139. Mommin\’ It Up! (Moby Wrap)
140. Heather (teaching children about faith)
141. Julie Stiles Mills (random number generator for drawings – with book giveaway)
142. BeCentsAble (Plastic Paranoia or NOT??)
143. candace (french fried onions)
144. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings (memories in a can)
145. Scott (Coolest Marble Toy)
146. Jamie/penguinsandladybugs (changing books to spirals)
147. Frances@Loving and Serving (saving water)
148. Blue Castle (Kitchen cabinet tip)
149. Megret (easy, spring-y soup recipe)
150. A Simple Walk (Fridge full of sour cream containers)
151. Kendra (Organizing Your Coupons – No More Unnecessary Clipping!)
152. Shalee (Second Glances)
153. Kristen(kids lunch menu)
154. Mrs Nespy (Toddler Hand Washing)
155. Linds (Simple Wall Art)
156. Miche@Coordinated Chaos(finding BPA FREE baby items)
157. Alison(Easy yummy recipe)
158. Building The Ark(Helping Waiting Orphan Children)
159. Lana (my face wonder)
160. Trixie @ Farmhomelife (Spring Cleaning)
161. Tonni Geezer (truth about juice)
162. Em (Coupon Binder with pics!!)
163. ThreeTimeMommy (freecycle)
164. Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers (Best way to eat an onion!)
165. Ames (no more onion

166. Cheri (Easy Command Center-fixed link!)
167. Brea in Texas (helping out your marriage)
168. Sarah (Free reusable grocery bags)
169. HM (Getting kids to wash their hands well)
170. Auburn Gal Always -bullion cubes
171. Em (Coupon Binder with pics!!)
172. Wade\’s World (Super easy burritos)
173. AllyJo (treatment for fireant bites)
174. Petersonclan (Bugeting)
175. Jacki – Recycling
176. Lizzie (Getting Your Clothes Dryer To Work More Efficiently)
177. SAHMmy Says (It\’s WFMW Every Day!)
178. Jodi (disposable gloves/ground beef)
179. Britni (Stocking Up On Sales)
180. Liz @ The Lizness (hip baby)
181. Beth (Free food grade storage buckets)
182. Melanie @ NotebookLearning (Coffee u READ, not drink)
183. Stacey (teach kids to blow nose)
184. Untraditional home (frugal facial mask)
185. Sonshine (making muffins)
186. Jenn @ Adventures in Poop (Free Money!)
187. Alli Rogers (Nashville\’s Best Cookie)
188. Jen @ JenuineJen (kids stay in bed at bedtime)
189. Suzanne(Carpet Stain Remover)
190. Lucky (my sanity saver)
191. Kim (Quick bathroom cleaning)
192. De\’Etta (sock chaos)
193. Feminine Pusuits (Sewing with children)
194. Passionatehomemaking (soup remedy for colds)
195. Sam(antha) (Sunscreen)
196. Unsinkabke Kristen (toddler out of my bed!)
197. Lisa (Sleeping & Cleaning tips)
198. Tons of Sons ~Living Math for the entire family
199. Christine (Do Household Tasks More Efficiently)
200. Penny Raine (home decorating)
201. nicole (shopping and exercise)
202. andrea_jennine (Best! Tank Tops! Ever!)
203. Nichole
204. Jinxy (Starting the Garden)
205. Anna (BzzAgent)
206. Petersonclan (Bugeting)
207. Momala (Get Rid Of Spiders)
208. Kisses of Sunshine: Insomnia Help (OTC and Homeopathic)
209. Life with Three (Help Hauling Groceries)
210. Alexandra(Natural Hair Dye)
211. Pamela – Feeding your friends
212. Katie @ Endless Day (Get more coupons)
213. a suburban housewife (sleep)
214. Passionatehomemaking (save on electricity -take less showers!)
215. Reformed Grits (buggy shopping w/ baby or child)
216. Superchikk (Baking in Single Serve Sizes)
217. Elizabeth (Ultimate Scrambled Eggs)
218. Mommin It Up (Moby Wrap)
219. Tips & Treasures (Clean-up & Shoeboxes)
220. Nichole (digital scrapbooking)
221. NerdMom(Cool Switchplates)
222. Nichole @ A Call to Higher Places (Making Money at Home)
223. Amyswandering (The Impossible Quiz)
224. GP in Montana
225. Sarah (Scrapbook the EASY way!)
226. Passionatehomemaking (save on electricity -take less showers!)
227. Andrea (recipe calculator)
228. dieMutti (Tracking Food Storage)
229. Megan\’s Bargains – buying coupons
230. Fuschia (Weight loss)
231. Shelley (housekeeping 101)
232. Peggie(Christian Homemaking)
233. MrsScotsman (Evites)
234. Tara – Not So Perfect (Potty Training)
235. Sandi (Ease at Meal Time)
236. Erica Burgan (swedish meatballs)
237. Rebecca Huff (save w/out coupons)
238. Becky P (easier blog post formatting)
239. Elisa (Laundry duty w/ little ones)
240. Kellyn (Garage Sales!!)
241. Adena (putting out grease fires)
242. GettysburgMom- kids, pj\’s & car rides
243. Texastanya (Jazzing Up A Sandwich)
244. Jen (teaching kids about Jesus)
245. DHM (more room in your fridge)
247. Lizzie (Cheap Easy Bake oven recipes)
248. Jamie (Smelly Cloth Diaper Solution)
249. Christine @ Serenity How? (don\’t waste a drop!)
250. Lalena@Finding Freedom (Conquer the Clutter!))
251. Trina (Hypermiling)
252. Betsy (playroom organization)
253. Sheila ~ To Love, Honor and Vacuum (Kids cooking!)
254. The Nourishing Gourmet-Adjusting to healthy eating-it can be done!
255. beautifulcraziness
256. Amanda(juicing grapefruits w/out juicer)
257. Kristen McLane- iPod Repair
258. Susan (20 ways to destress)
259. Lavonne @ Economic Endeavors (quick and easy money!)
260. Heather L. (Keep Up)
261. The Fat Bottomed Girl (Cleaner Microwave)
262. Jana – Love Notes
263. Susan(SoreThroatRelief)
264. The Family CEO (eBay Completed Listings)
265. Me & My Big Mouth (Interior Car Cleaning)
266. Katie (promise to make your day better!)
267. Frugal Trenches (Going Green helps you be frugal)
268. OrganicMania (Green Savings: Stickers for Kids)
269. Hollie @ CheaperthenCheap
270. mystele (oops! unique lampshade)
271. LaRee @ Broad Horizons (moving tip)
272. Beth@sportsmomma (adding iPhone icons)
273. Jimmy V
274. S.B. (Frugal Gardening Hints)
275. Faith (Laundry aide)
276. Richelle(coupon organization)
277. Amy (Pre-preschool learning)
278. Kris (container gardening)
79. Babychaser (Dealing with lots and lots of spit up!)
280. Michele @ Frugal Granola (Toddler Discipline)
281. Leah Courtney (Spring Cleaning)
282. Kirstin: Photoshop
283. Aunt LoLo (How to Say I Love You)
284. Joy of Frugal Living (Podcasts for Housework)
285. Jennifer, Snapshot (Blogger Autoposting)
286. Soliloquy (Affordable Blog Makeover and a Blog Makeover GIVEAWAY!)
287. Jacquelyn@Because I Said So! (getting kids to read!)
288. Niki (Potty Training)
289. Kara (unloading groceries)
290. Sasha (kids back from tv)
291. Christine (chow to toothpaste!)
292. Aunt LoLo (How to Say I Love You)
293. 3 P\’s in a Pod(Girls Hair Hints)
294. The Friendly Book Nook (making bookworms)
295. Runningamuck (getting your kids outside)
296. Suzanne (iPod for Cultural Literacy)
297. Stephanie-Recycling Made Easy
298. Kari\’s Blog (No more dininng room)
299. Gourmet Mom (Fantastic Salsa recipe)
300. Kim Priestap (Shampoo Bars)
301. Lavonne (easy money maker)
302. Debbie (Travel Soaps)
303. Leslie (Grocery List)
304. The Building Brows (Simple desk & more trash control tip)
306. Lee (learning song)
307. Amanda w/Garibay Soup (Need a routine method for your child?)
308. Mary @ A Penny at a Time (Movie Night for Cheap)
309. Simple Mom (Cheap, Homemade Art)
310. Heather (Bare Escentuals)
311. Heather (Bare Escentuals)
312. The Garveys (freezer jam from freezer berries)
313. The Garveys (making double yummy lentil soup, freezing half)
314. The Garveys (freezer jam from freezer berries)
315. The Garveys (making double yummy lentil soup, freezing half)
316. Amy Halleran (Indie Music – Black Cab Sessions)
317. April(Dawn dish soap uses)
318. Christine (No, Watch me)…be true to yourself! (Sorry, last link won\’t work)

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40 thoughts on “*UPDATED* Works For Me: I Got Nothing.

  1. LeeAnn @ Frazzmom says:

    I checked 15 minutes ago to see if this week’s WFMW was up yet… went and started a load of laundry… came back… checked again… and 42 links were already up!
    You are one popular lady!

  2. Cheri in OKC says:

    “Don’t sweat it baby, have one of mine”
    Grease!! My favorite movie next to Steele Magnolia’s.
    Love WFMW Shannon, enjoy your break, there are lots of ideas to be shared.

  3. Kristen says:

    Holy Mackerel, by the time I showered, fed the baby and got on here, at 7:30am, there were already 136!!! And I’m on East Coast time! What time do you people rise in the morning?! Have a great day!!!

  4. Krista says:

    I don’t have a WFMW tip, but I loved reading all the others. Thanks for hosting this post, and for making me laugh with your other posts!

  5. Beth_C says:

    I just saw your update and I adjusted my post to include WFMW in the title and gave WFMW proper credit at the end of my post.
    I guess I got a little wild this morning trying to get my post up and didn’t give WFMW any billing in my post. Sorry about that!

  6. Heather @ Loving Our Homeschool says:

    I’m so glad you put that “Updated to Add” at the top of your post b/c it made me double check my WFMW post on MY blog and half of it had disappeared! REALLY! I posted a recipe this week and the little lead-in paragraph along with the link back to your blog was gone. Very strange. It’s back up now though. That’s what I get for staying up too late and goofing around on the computer.
    I hope your ferocious week turns into a blissfully peaceful, sunny weekend. :o)

  7. Faith says:

    Can you delete my first link #284. I am having issues today with FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS properly. I think it has to do with my Toddler regressing on the Potty. Arrgggh. At least with WFMW I can get some tips on how to get stuff done easier, and spend more time explaining why we don’t go poo poo in our underpants!!

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