A Conversation With My Dad, and a Hayfu Winner

*Ringing phone*

Me:  Hello?

Dad:  What the heck is a hay-fu?

Me: Huh?

Dad: A hay-fu.  Or a tofu.  Or whatever it is–that thing on your blog.  What is it?

Me:  Do you mean a haiku?

Dad: Yeah, that.

Me: Dad, do you seriously not know what a haiku is?

Dad:  No, I don’t.

Me:  It’s a kind of Japanese poetry–three lines, with a set number of syllables.  Your six-year-old grandson knows what a haiku is.

Dad: Well, you know, a person can’t learn everything all at once.  I’m only 63, after all.

Me: *laughing*

Dad:  So, what’s the latest on the purse?

Me: No news.  I’m sure it’s gone.  I guess I should be thankful I’ve learned such a valuable life lesson.

Dad:  Yes, it’s good to learn a lesson.  Like what a hayfu is. 

Me:  Dad.  It’s a haiku.

The winner of the Egg Beaters hayfu haiku contest is Darcie, with 944 votes.  Chelsea was a close second, with 805 votes.  Congratulations!

26 thoughts on “A Conversation With My Dad, and a Hayfu Winner

  1. pam says:

    My dad would so be tradin’ “hayfu” with your dad while ridin’ his John Deere tractor.
    Your dad is way cooler, simply because he does read your blog, and he is actually willing to admit he doesn’t know what haiku is. My dad would just smile and nod, never alerting anyone to his ignorance of the whole thing.
    My dad just got a computer for the first time ever . . . this month! Internets, beware!

  2. Chelsea says:

    This weekend I had to explain to my father-in-law what a blog was, then a haiku, then what bipolar meant. It was a long weekend.

  3. Katie says:

    I absolutely love this ” Well, you know, a person can’t learn everything all at once. I’m only 63, after all.”
    I’m definitely filing away that response for future use 😉

  4. Robyn says:

    It cracks me up that he, at 63 years old, doesn’t know what a haiku is, but does know what a blog is. Signs of the times, my friend. I bet he knows how to text message but can’t operate the VCR.

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