What DOESN’T Work For Me

Several people sent in e-mails requesting this particular themed edition of WFMW.  Evidently a good number of you have experience with things that don’t work out well?  Surely not.

Anyway, this week is your chance to share with the internet your lessons-learned-the-hard-way.  Here is my own random assortment of non-working things:

Waxing.  Technically speaking, this did work for me in the sense that the hair in question was indeed removed, but not before I screamed in pain and nearly threw the waxing-girl across the room.  Never again.  Never, ever again. 

Putting a baby younger than six months old on anything resembling a scheduleMy hat is off to those of you who managed to do it, but I always found it a little like balancing an octopus on your fingertips.  Survival is the name of the game, and if that little creature wants you to feed him at 3 am while hanging upside down wearing polka dot leggings, then by George, you do it.

Yelling at my child that he should stop yelling so muchAhem.

Thinking my purse is safe if it’s locked in my car.  Just in case I haven’t mentioned it enough.  DON’T DO IT!

Magic Erasers.  I know some people swear by these, but I don’t like how they get all slimy and soapy right in your hand.  Give me a washcloth and some 409 any day.

Going to the grocery store without meals planned and an organized list.  I still do this sometimes, unfortunately, but it never works out well, and entirely too many Little Debbies (and not enough green beans) seem to end up in my cart.

Garage salesI’ve never found that they make as much money as the tax deduction you’d receive from just donating (and itemizing) the same stuff.  And a charity gets some benefit as well.

So…what doesn’t work for you?  (Leave your link below.  First-timers, please read through the guidelines here.)

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69 thoughts on “What DOESN’T Work For Me

  1. We are THAT family says:

    I love your list! I totally agree with the waxing and yelling one. And not over the same thing (although I do yell with waxing and at my kids!) I hope even though you don’t have garage sales, you still attend them. That’s one of my favorite things to do!

  2. Blue Castle says:

    I can agree with all you listed, except garage sales. That’s where I find a lot of good deals. But, my husband would agree with you. 🙂

  3. Jill says:

    I know you are going to not take me up on this advice, but the waxing gets better after you do it a few times. I swear.

  4. Marcy Massura-The Gamorous Life Association says:

    I waxed…down there…ONCE. And swore I would never ever do it again…..it hurt BAD. And the worst part was…the majority of the hair was still there??? ARE you KIDDING me???
    My link is about what has not worked to keep idenity info on my kids for field trips…and I couldn’t help but share what eventually DID work. I added your link to the bottom of the blog story. It is on The Orange County Register as well.

  5. Liza's Eyeview says:

    I’m glad to read we that scheduling younger kids does not work with you too. I didn’t know what reaction I would get on my post this week and I am glad I’m not the only one 🙂 …

  6. muddy says:

    I’ve made some good money at a few yard sales, and other times wondered why I bothered. Either way, it was money I didnt have for things I didnt need. (which always comes in handy) We are due to have another yard sale as soon as someone (me) finally gets things together. I have teased I should just open the front doors and say, come on in, make an offer for what you see. LOL

  7. iwantmk says:

    I am a WFMW virgin. I hope I did it right. I did forget to say what my post is about….sorry, I ‘ll do better next time. Love your list…you crackalax me up.

  8. Corrie says:

    Those magic erasers don’t tend to get slimy in my hand, but I do believe my fingerprints may have been altered since using one.

  9. on the Rock says:

    Wow! Even your “doesn’t work for me” is so educational. I totally learned something new and so freeing about the fact about garage sales vs. donating! I’ve been so torn between the two options. I love that, thanks for sharing.
    And yes, because my son is under 6 months I can’t do much blogging either these days:) Hubby and I are really looking forward to the day his feeding schedule can become more predictable.

  10. Annette says:

    I have to agree with the baby scheduling! Never worked for me…
    My basic rule with small babies is: wake up, feed baby, survive. 🙂

  11. Fashion Paramedic says:

    I had to do a small list. I’ve tried and failed at many things in the past few years, and couldn’t just pick one to talk about. PS: This was my first time participating. I hope to do more in the future! –FP

  12. Stephanie says:

    This is my first “Works for Me Wednesday” ever- er, I should say…”What DOESN’T Work for Me Wednesday.”
    Anyway, thanks for hosting. It was a ton of fun!

  13. Liisa says:

    I totally agree with needing a list at the store, if I don’t have one I forget half the stuff I need and end up grabbing stuff I don’t just in case it was on my list. I also had to laugh out loud when I read yelling at your child to stop yelling! HA! How often do we do that? I actually just read somewhere – I forget where now – to talk very softly to your children if they are getting too loud or are yelling they will quiet down to hear what you are trying to say. I have yet to try this with the little monkeys but we’ll see.

  14. JennyV says:

    I forgot to post my topic “Coupons” and this is actually something that WORKS for me because I actually got ahead and posted last night. Sorry… I’ll have to think on the idea of what does NOT work for me a bit.

  15. Hadley says:

    That is soooo funny…I was just thinking yesterday about the yelling thing. From the other end of our house, I yelled at the top of my lungs (I think my neighbors actually heard me), “STOP YELLING RIGHT NOW!” LOL Oh well, yeah I had a yard sale too…after making less than 100 and shipping everything else off, I decided it was worth it I redid my bathroom, plus a few other small things, and I got rid of all that clutter.
    Too funny! I love the twist for today!

  16. Heather says:

    I’m with you on the garage sales. Too much hassle for not enough pay back. I just box up the stuff and donate to charity. I do love to shop at garage sales, though.

  17. Heather says:

    I totally agree with you about yard sales! I recently made $0.90 at my yard sale and wound up $8.13 in the hole! For the complete story, see “Yard Sale” at my blog.

  18. Jennifer (Et Tu?) says:

    “Putting a baby younger than six months old on anything resembling a schedule.”
    Shannon, could I get you to teleport yourself back in time and go tell this to me three years ago? That’d be VERY helpful, thanks.
    “Yelling at my child that he should stop yelling so much.”
    What? This doesn’t work? I always assumed I just wasn’t yelling loudly enough.
    Great list. Hope you enjoyed your break!

  19. Lisa says:

    I have to disagree on the magic erasers. Those things are like miracles in a sponge. If they are getting slimy and nasty on you, make sure you are wringing them out good. They work the best when you wet them and ring them out to almost ‘dry’ feeling. I use them on EVERYTHING. Even on the outside of my house where our pellet stove puts out the smoke. What gets left is a gorgeous huge black circle of soot on the house (vinyl siding) and no matter how much I scrub with a cleaner, nothing takes it off until I break out the all-mighty erasers. Even my girls love when I get them out and hand them each one. They will clean all of the doors and trim in the house without one little smidge of argument.

  20. Loral says:

    Can’t wait to read what doesn’t work for others and maybe save myself the effort of trying something that will fail! My first time playing WFMW, I’ve been reading for awhile though 🙂

  21. Momala says:

    I have to agree with you on the waxing. I once had my eyebrows waxed and I ended up with blisters just under my eyebrows. I’m thinking that’s not normal. Never again with the waxing!

  22. jo says:

    i totally disagree with the waxing. and the magic eraser. i guess i have a super high pain tolerance, cause it’s absolutely not that bad for me. i mean, it hurts, but i’ve never had the urge to throw anyone across the room for it. *my tattoo and all nine piercings didn’t hurt either though…so i guess it’s high pain tolerance!*
    the magic eraser is so great though!! i used it to get rid of these gross lines going down my bathtub – sure, i’ll probably never use that one eraser again – it fought valiantly for its cause – but i love them.

  23. Knittinchick says:

    What not to do is a way better way to learn things that the positive way. Remembering someone else’s pain (usually funny in retrospective) is a better way for me to avoid a stupid situation in the future!

  24. Amanda says:

    I always found it a little like balancing an octopus on your fingertips.
    Haha — that’s hilarious. It never worked for me either.

  25. Denise says:

    Oh, I am so high maintenance. sorry. i think I did the link right this time. ugh.
    And, I’m totally with you on the garage sale thing. I would rather rent a dumpster and throw it all out than bother with a garage sale.

  26. Lisa B @ simply His says:

    Waxing: It really does get much, much better if you keep it up. The very first time you have hair pulled out, it has a root ball (I think that’s the name) on the end that’s very big. If you go back for waxing 4-6 weeks after that, the root ball has not had time to form — thus less painful. And honestly, when the hair does grow back? It’s nothing like it does a day after you shave.
    Totally agree with you on throwing yard sales too — we did it once and made good money, mostly due to selling computers we’d pieced together. Never gonna mess with that again though!

  27. Sharla says:

    so i just have a comment on the baby scheduling…its actually not that hard and so much easier i think!! you can plan your day knowing when your baby is going to eat and sleep…the book ‘on becoming baby wise’ by gary ezzo was very helpful…and my daughter was sleeping through the night at 10 weeks!!

  28. Kris says:

    Hey, just head on to the store without that organized list…my dh works for Little Debbie. You’re keeping me at home with my kiddos! LOL Just think of buying those cakes as a charitable donation. 😉

  29. Rebekah says:

    I agree with the baby on a schedule thing. THey seem to work their selves into a schedule on their own after about 6 months. Wish I had know this with my first!

  30. Laura says:

    The baby NOT on a schedule is especially true! We have had four and with each new child they have been less and less scheduled. Part of it is relaxing as a parent, and part of it is the increasing chaos as each new child joins the gang!

  31. Christine says:

    Great list! And fun twist!
    My son (he’s nine) and I often laugh about people who yell at kids for yelling.
    Guess where that joke started?

  32. Jennifer D says:

    Dido on the shopping list thing & the baby schedule thing. But the garage sales, I sometimes get good deals. But for me to have one? No thanks! That’s too much work!

  33. Jennifer D says:

    Dido on the shopping list thing & the baby schedule thing. But the garage sales, I sometimes get good deals. But for me to have one? No thanks! That’s too much work!

  34. Mamacita says:

    oops…I messed up on my first link, #219. Sorry!
    And I sooo agree with you on the going to the grocery without the list thing. So true!

  35. Daiquiri says:

    I’m with you on the waxing thing. Bottom line, hair removal should not…in any way…have blood invloved. Give me a dull, rusty razor (on dry skin) over waxing any day!
    This Wednesday’s project is a great idea. I hope I get some bird nest help!

  36. Heidi says:

    I love, love, love the idea of passing on what works for us and what doesn’t. Thanks for giving us a forum to do so!
    ~ Heidi

  37. stephanie says:

    Um, I should point out that when the Magic Eraser package says to test it out on a small, inconspicuous part of the wall first, it is not joking. That stuff can take the finish right of your paint!

  38. KrustyTheCat says:

    I just read your “about the author” and had to laugh at your cat comment. I have two cats, and ironically, their names are Hades and Zeus!

  39. erin says:

    girl amen on the baby on a schedule. thank you for saying that. i was an on demand feeder for my peanut and i really felt like the odd ball among my friends 😦
    i feel the same way about hitting/spanking as you do about yelling. hitting/spanking a child to me lets them know that hitting is ok. 🙂 my 2 cents.

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