6 thoughts on “Just One Car?

  1. Paloma says:

    Sometimes I think about how inexpensive it would be to just own one vehicle, but then reality sets in and I realize that the only way I could do the things I need to do everyday would be to drive my husband to work every.single.day, and that is 135 miles round trip, so…it is not going to happen for us anytime soon. My bootie could sure use the extra walking every now and then though!
    Great post!!!

  2. Life On The Planet says:

    We’ve done it. When the children were small, it was possible. Now, with Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Youth Group, Chorus, French Lessons, Riding Lessons…I’m not sure how we’d do it. Something would have to give.
    My sanity, perhaps?

  3. Kristy says:

    We were lucky enough to find a home about a half mile away from my husband’s work, so he usually walks. We had one car until my in-laws gave us another one and really I kind of like just having one car. Walking everywhere keeps us healthy! We’re blessed to have things within walking distance even in *gasp* suburbia.

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