Some Simple Things I Find Very Satisfying

Really good measuring cups.

Clean sheets.

A bowl of pasta with butter and a dash of salt.

My grandmother and my daughter laughing together.

Potholders that have not yet been burned and stained.

When my kids leave for school.

When they come back home again.

The sound of wind chimes.


Ken’s Sweet Vidalia Onion salad dressing. 

The sound of a boiling pot.

An empty dishwasher.

My cold feet pressed against my warm husband (though I doubt he finds it quite as satisfying).

A good rainstorm.

The end of a good rainstorm.

What about you?

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91 thoughts on “Some Simple Things I Find Very Satisfying

  1. Grandma Rosie says:

    Warm Childhood memories
    Soft Kittens
    Children’s laughter
    Fresh turned soil
    The buzzing of my honeybees at work
    Vintage aprons
    Baby chicks in the hen house
    Texas sunsets
    A book, a chair and a spring day

  2. mzzterry says:

    summer rain.
    planting flowers.
    watching the birds & squirrels at feeders.
    fresh laundry.
    the smell of a clean bathroom.
    laughter. especially a good belly laugh.
    fresh berries.
    watching any children perform anything!
    a good hug.
    pajama pants.

  3. Beckie says:

    A quiet sleeping husband (he’s a snorer) and a quiet sleeping cat (the one is a snorer too)
    The smell of freshly cut grass
    My Banana Bay Candle
    Clean Kitchen Sink
    The smell of my shampoo and conditioner (I use Curlife and I can smell watermelon in it)
    LUSH products

  4. Photochick says:

    Family time and prayer together
    Keeping close with friends forever
    Photographs and memories
    Livia – my lil sweet pea
    Hot chocolate when the weather’s cool
    And summertimes spent by the pool
    My Momma’s favorite Yankee candles
    A walk upon the beach in sandals
    Pictures hung upon the walls
    Unexpected fun phone calls
    The freshness after summer rains
    Secluded, shady one-car lanes
    Homemade ice cream, sweet iced tea
    Vacations spent out by the sea
    Grins & giggles, baby’s chatter
    Fresh baked cakes and cookie batter
    Hugs and cuddles, lots of love
    Having strength through God above
    My parents’ garden and their flowers
    Spending time with them for hours
    Sports and chocolate, classic rock
    Collectables, grandfather clocks
    Cows and kittens, farmyard fun
    Outside in the summer sun
    Stories passed down through the years
    Smiles and laughter, joy and tears
    Photography and editing pics –
    My favorite ways to my kicks!

  5. Diana says:

    “My cold feet pressed against my warm husband (though I doubt he finds it quite as satisfying).”
    I *know* mine doesn’t find it even remotely as satisfying as I do. But oh, do I!

  6. Laurie says:

    The sound of birds singing in the morning.
    Freshly mowed grass.
    The sound of rain on the roof.
    And rainbows.
    A full moon.
    A clean kitchen.
    And kisses.
    And lots of “I love you’s”

  7. Mandy says:

    Seeing my inbox FULL
    The smell of my linen closet
    A minty fresh toilet
    Crisp sheets
    A nap w/ a light quilt on a sunny day
    Black & white pictures
    Sand in my toes
    Craft projects using toilet paper rolls
    Getting the mail
    Planning a vacation – it’s almost more fun than going.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    My house, gardens and warm, glowing windows in the twilight
    My red poppies and white daisies
    Sitting on my porch with friends
    My two children
    Their father
    Our dog

  9. Ann @ Holy Experience says:

    the flake of Granny’s pastry
    the pop of old mason jars opening up sealed sweet
    scooping pulpy squash out of warm skins
    leaves, gilded and red, caught by wet windshields
    the roll of a ripe apple falling into an open hand
    the tart sweet of still sun-warm apple
    apples slices with raisins in morning oatmeal
    the endless stream of jokes that boys’ punctuate our meals, our comings and our goings
    little boys with endearing toothless smiles
    little boys who smell like grease and their Dad
    “Can I pour a cup of flour, Mom?
    large moon rising, a pearl
    pungent, earthy aroma of the deep of the woods
    the pale pink of magnolias in bloom
    the glassy stillness of the pond under the willow tree, hanging motionless
    the whistle of the wind through the pickup truck windows
    the squeak of corn planter plates turning in the soil, crop going down
    the fragrance of lilacs drifting in open windows
    the swallow perched on the weathered birdhouse at lane’s end
    little piddles in the potty…cheers all around!
    massive bouquets of dandelions held up in pudgy hands
    It’s all gift!
    Thank you, Shannon….

  10. chocolatechic says:

    ~warm towels fresh off the line
    ~a hug from my children
    ~picking produce out of your own garden
    ~finding a great deal at the store
    ~home made bread
    ~my children dusting my living room
    ~my bed after a hard day of work

  11. kate says:

    – bare feet and wet sand
    – small patches of winter sunlight on a cold floor
    – fresh flowers
    – the contented cluck of chickens in the yard
    – silence
    – noisy laughter and giggling
    – getting dirty and then clean again
    – crinkled eyes smiling at me

  12. brandiandboys says:

    clean sheet
    empty laundry baskets
    spooning with my husband
    hearing my kids laugh together
    swimming pools in summer
    fresh flowers
    diet dr. pepper
    homemade cake frosting

  13. Amy says:

    My kids playing and laughing together.
    Meteor showers.
    A shower (the kind with water and shampoo!) without any interruptions.
    When I’m making dinner and everything’s ready at the same time.
    Farmers’ Markets.
    Reading something above the 6th grade level.
    Festivals and fairs, especially with my kids.
    A clean car.
    A clean bathroom.
    Basically, a clean anything, for the .57 seconds that it lasts.
    A cold drink and a nice breeze on a hot day.
    A roaring fire and a cup of cocoa on a cold day.
    Watching my kids figure out something new.
    Thanks for helping me refocus this morning. I needed to think about the good stuff in life.
    Amy @

  14. Dawn W says:

    Bare feet in the sand.
    The gentle rocking of a boat in the ocean.
    My garden in bloom.
    My 12 year old daughter climbing into bed with me in the morning for a quick 5-minute snuggle. (I fear it won’t happen much longer.)
    A warm, purring cat on my lap.
    A thunderstorm.
    The smell of the air right after a thunderstorm.
    Friday evening with all my kids at home. (It’s happening less and less, with teens.)
    Spooning with my husband.
    Clean sheets.
    Sleeping with the windows open.
    The smell of bread baking.

  15. Leigh says:

    Fresh sheets with freshly shaved legs.
    My snoring cats.
    The warm tapioca pudding from Tup Tim’s Thai restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI.
    Puppy yawns (but not puppy breath!).
    Rainy afternoons that are good for napping, knitting, or reading.
    The way my niece, Emma, curls up and sleeps on me.
    The crinkle in the nose of my friend’s son, Austin, when he laughs.
    Big, fluffy bath towels.
    Bare feet on grass.
    My boyfriend breathing on my neck while he sleeps.
    Sunny, windows down, tunes cranked while driving kind of days.
    A good bottle of red.
    Some good, juicy girl chat.
    The sounds of laughter and cooking in my kitchen. My kitchen used to be my grandma’s kitchen, so it reminds me of our endless family dinners.
    The smell of burning tires on asphalt at the drag strip.
    My boyfriend’s laugh.
    Songs that bring back good memories.
    The way my cousin and I snort when we laugh.
    The fact that I know I make my dad proud.
    How when my boyfriend and I sleep, we always have to be touching. It might only be a foot up against a leg, or an arm up against a back, but we always have to touch.
    Non-smoking restaurants and bars.
    Fresh tomatoes out of the garden with fresh mozzarella.
    Being able to master cooking just about gluten free anything.
    Long rides on the motorcycle on winding roads.
    Okay…I think I’m done. πŸ™‚

  16. Marie says:

    Clean sheets
    Warm spring days
    Planting flowers with my son
    Family time
    My ice cold feet on Dh’s warm legs (glad to know I am not the only wife that does this)

  17. Melanie says:

    A clean house
    The beach right after a hurricane- the calm is amazing. No waves. Lots of shells.
    Using a towel right out of the dryer
    The scent of a baby’s breath when they are sleeping
    Having my hair washed at the salon
    Playing in the dirt

  18. Annabelle says:

    Hugs from my children.
    Kisses from my children.
    A hot cup of coffee on a cold day.
    A warm fire on a very cold day.
    Smile from a passing stranger.
    A mother talking to her newborn child.
    A hug/kiss from my husband.
    A surprise phone call from family.
    Watching my dad interact with my children.
    Watching my mom be just as silly as the kids.
    Bread baking

  19. kelly says:

    I love:
    A rainy or snowy day
    Being curled up with a great book
    Having my kids snuggled up with me as I read to them
    My cat on my lap
    An ice cold diet coke
    A good sermon
    A freshly mowed yard
    When all the laundry is caught up
    Kelly S.

  20. rrmama says:

    My kids right out of their bath
    Warm clothes out of the dryer
    My husband and boys laughing
    A clean bathroom
    Better, a clean house!
    Planting spring flowers in the backyard with the boys
    Looking at my yard after we have mowed the grass
    A clean car
    Spending quite time with my husband
    Snuggling with my boys
    Going on family vacations
    Watching my boys play baseball
    Watching the Houston Astros
    Eating dinner as a family at the table
    Hanging out with friends
    Taking a nap

  21. Beth says:

    I LOVE Ken’s Sweet Vidalia Onion salad dressing! It is the best ever!!
    I also like:
    going to Disney World
    the sound of rain
    sleeping late
    a clean house (ha!)
    watching Lost
    reading a new book
    time alone with my husband

  22. Mary Wiedenhaupt says:

    The first Spring flowers after a hard winter
    The sound of my grandchildren on the phone
    Seeing my daughter’s name pop up on instant messaging
    My toddy maker coffee with Splenda and cream in the morning
    My husband’s hugs and kisses

  23. fern says:

    a perfectly quiet house
    a home filled with laughter
    newborn baby feet and tushies
    the faint smell of chlorine beach
    rocking a baby or toddler in a rocking chair
    dandelions crushed and wilted by little fingers
    folk songs
    hebrew folk songs
    young children singing hebrew folk songs
    my friends who just “get it”
    talking about old times with my family
    meeting new/long lost family members
    a blessing or prayer that says just what I need to hear
    a baby nuzzled into my neck

  24. Cindy O. says:

    Watching my daughter and son pray.
    Snotty kisses from my kids.
    Grubby dandelions my kids pick for me.
    “I love you” from someone I love.
    Peace of God surrounding me.
    Paycheck in hand.
    Visiting Walmart with money in my checking account.
    Smell of baby powder.
    Knowing Heaven awaits me.
    Chocolate ice cream.
    Clothes that are TOO big!

  25. Karen (Simply A Musing Blog) says:

    lavender sheets
    flowerbeds void of weeds
    a clean car – inside and out
    freshly polished toenails
    the sound of my children laughing
    the smell of freshly brewed coffee
    the end of the homeschooling year
    a nap in a cool place on a hot day
    fresh peach cobbler
    sweet surprises from my husband

  26. Liss says:

    Coming home to a roast in the slowcooker.
    Sunday afternoon naps.
    My organized pantry.
    Clean laundry smells.
    When a crisp breezy day interrupts Houston’s summer heat.
    My goodbye kiss when my husband leaves for work.
    Nursing my sweet month-old daughter.
    Quoting movie lines with my best friend at the same time, and cracking up.

  27. Kansas Mom says:

    Good knives – especially a boning knife! Cooking dinner is a whole new experience, even over a year after I bought this knife for my husband one Christmas!

  28. Terri says:

    Distant thunder
    My grandson singing to himself
    My daughter’s laugh
    My husband’s smile
    A smooth crochet hook and a new skein of yarn
    The smell of new crayons
    The song of the sparrows
    A cat’s purr
    Ice-cold sweet tea

  29. kj says:

    Bedtime stories and snuggles with my little one
    Clean, folded laundry
    Fabric Softener
    Clean everything
    Sunlight and fresh air
    A walk
    Organized closets
    Cinnamon Raisin Toast with Butter
    Fresh lemonade

  30. Molly B says:

    The smell of my sons’ heads – clean or dirty (but not really dirty)
    Flowers I planted being happy in their new spot
    Open window, cool night, warm blanket, clean sheets
    Sitting on the back steps watching the boys playing after school
    Sitting on the front porch in the summer, watching fireflies : )

  31. Superchikk says:

    Fresh snow with no footprints in it
    A clean house with TIME left to spare
    A long soak in my tub – without being bothered
    A beautiful, warm day with a book
    Afternoon thunderstorms
    Sleeping while it’s raining
    A clean dog
    A clean baby boy
    A Cherry-Vanilla Coke from Sonic

  32. Denise says:

    the first Monday of summer break
    laughter at the dinner table
    wine on the dinner table
    indoor plumbing
    a week’s menu planned and purchased
    brand new peanut butter jar
    clean sheets
    french pedicures
    freshly scrubbed tub
    letter from my grandma
    comments on my blog πŸ™‚

  33. Connie says:

    my husband’s voice
    hearing my son read out loud
    a phone call from my daughter in college
    a cool and sunny spring day
    talking with friends before and after church
    memories of our golden retriever, Daisy
    climbing into a bed with clean sheets and warm blankets

  34. Emily says:

    The vaccum lines across the carpet.
    Watching the chickies chase one another across the lawn.
    Digging in the garden.
    Finishing a good, long book.
    The smell of cookies baking.
    Having a child ask me to pray with them.
    Crawling into bed after my hubby and finding the sheets already warmed.
    Watching the sun set over the mountains from our bedroom window or deck.
    Driving into the small town I grew up in and feeling overwhelming nostalgia.
    My sisters.

  35. katy (aka funny girl) says:

    Sonic happy hour – large diet coke for 87 cents!
    An enchilada platter and a margarita with sangria, no salt
    Slightly undercooked chocolate chip cookies
    (it seems I’m hungry…)
    A great playlist on my iPod
    A “top-down” day for the convertible
    COMMENTS!! πŸ™‚

  36. jennielynn says:

    The smell of sun-warmed tomato plants
    The sight of my eldest reading to her siblings
    A long, laughter-filled phone call with Jenny
    The feel of my children snuggled up next to me.
    My husband’s shoulder
    A long float in a cool pool
    A big glass of iced tea with just a splash of amaretto
    The end of a good book
    A day with no obligations and endless possibilities
    A warm fire on a cold night
    Fresh sheets
    The smell of baking bread
    What a lovely post. Thank you!

  37. susanne says:

    Definitely clean sheets.
    The first cup of coffee in the morning.
    A heart to heart chat with my best friend.
    Listening to worship music.
    A hug from my teenagers.
    Compliments on my cooking from my family.
    Watching and listening to water sprinklers.
    Walking in the rain.
    Tangerine or orange hand lotions.
    A freshly mowed lawn.
    A clean kitchen.
    Standing in the shower.
    A good massage.
    Finishing a good book.

  38. Susan G. says:

    My unborn baby having the hiccups.
    A brand new book.
    Watching my 4 year old push her baby doll in her stroller and showing everyone her “new baby.”
    Warm chocolate chip cookies.
    My eight year olds’ stories.
    My husband’s laugh.
    Watching my ten year old son play with his four year old sister.
    Hearing my six year old read a book.
    Inviting Shannon to come visit in Massachusetts and taking her to Ken’s Steakhouse for some of that salad dressing. πŸ™‚

  39. Lyric says:

    long hot shower with scented soap
    fresh sheets on the bed
    candlelight in every room
    soft music
    my grandson’s laughter
    my children’s smiles
    the sound of rain
    freshly mopped floors
    perfect pillows
    fluffy comforter
    a good DVD
    a Sunday afternoon nap
    new slippers
    a good book
    soft conversation with my daughter
    just to name a few… πŸ™‚

  40. Beth @ A Quest for Relevance says:

    A hot cup of coffee
    A sleeping baby on my shoulder
    Listening to the rain
    Heat (I’m always cold!)
    A quiet house
    My kids playing together (happily!)
    An empty kitchen sink
    That sweet look from my husband
    Holding his hand in church
    Finally writing out something that’s been trapped in my brain
    Becoming keenly aware of God’s presence in an unexpected way
    Wow, this list could get quite long….

  41. Jen says:

    My husband coming home and giving me the first hug.
    Sitting on my screened in porch with a cup of coffee.
    A new library book.
    Homemade mashed potatoes.
    A drawer full of clean dishtowels.
    Doing a week’s worth of grocery shopping in one day.
    Cuddling with my daughter after her bath.

  42. HeresTheDiehl says:

    the laughter of my husband and our boys
    new socks
    dr. pepper, from the fountain
    a full pantry
    a glass of riesling
    clean sheets
    prayer time, when the boys improvise

  43. Shauna says:

    *the smell of the rain coming
    *goosebumps (but not from when you are cold)
    *a really cold bedroom with really warm blankets on your bed (and not having to get out of that bed)
    *a child falling asleep in your arms
    ****** these are a few of my favorite things….

  44. Faerylandmom says:

    Baby sneezes.
    Warm towels from the dryer.
    The smell of rain.
    Pot holders that are almost too worn out to use. (no offense, LOL)
    A clean kitchen.
    Little girl giggles.
    Toothpaste breath.
    Having lots of people in my house.

  45. Christine says:

    Tiny green tomatoes on my plants..the anticipation of what’s to come!
    Crayon drawings from my four year old
    New words from my two year old
    A really great praise song
    An empty trash can I didn’t have to take outside
    Fresh sheets
    A long bath
    Home cooking
    A big glass of strong, unsweet tea with a splash of lemon
    Kisses from hubs as he leaves way too early in the morning
    Tiny girls curled up beside me in bed

  46. Julie Anne says:

    Kisses from a 3 year old
    “I love yous” from a 4 year old
    Hugs from a 20 month old
    Smiles from a 4 month old
    fresh cut grass
    my new swing
    chocolate milk
    a good book
    enough money to pay all the bills
    Praise and worship music
    Dunkin Donuts iced coffee
    a helping hand
    free babysitting
    when my husband does the dishes
    going to the bathroom all by myself
    clean sheets

  47. Julie Anne says:

    Kisses from a 3 year old
    “I love yous” from a 4 year old
    Hugs from a 20 month old
    Smiles from a 4 month old
    fresh cut grass
    my new swing
    chocolate milk
    a good book
    enough money to pay all the bills
    Praise and worship music
    Dunkin Donuts iced coffee
    a helping hand
    free babysitting
    when my husband does the dishes
    going to the bathroom all by myself
    clean sheets

  48. Julie Anne says:

    Kisses from a 3 year old
    “I love yous” from a 4 year old
    Hugs from a 20 month old
    Smiles from a 4 month old
    fresh cut grass
    my new swing
    chocolate milk
    a good book
    enough money to pay all the bills
    Praise and worship music
    Dunkin Donuts iced coffee
    a helping hand
    free babysitting
    when my husband does the dishes
    going to the bathroom all by myself
    clean sheets

  49. Motherhood and Potatoes says:

    enjoying a good book
    holding my daughter to sleep
    a soft serve ice cream cone
    my daughter’s smile and laughter
    sitting pool side
    a clean house
    freshly cut hair that is blown out
    soft sheets
    cuddling with my husband
    a good conversation

  50. Andrea says:

    empty laundry baskets
    potted lavender on my porch
    my baby blowing bubbles
    my 6 year old making up songs about Jesus
    frozen croissants and cool whip
    a warm fire on a cold day
    wind chimes
    a nap
    a good book
    my soft blanket
    my husband whistling
    finding lost socks

  51. April says:

    Long walks on warm days.
    Riding at the front of a boat.
    Opening the windows after a loooong winter.
    Candle flames
    Baby smiles
    Hugs and cuddles from groggy children.
    The sounds of my daughter in the tub
    parents that understand that sometimes a mom needs time off for no specific reason.
    Kids throwing rocks into puddles, just to see the splash.

  52. Betsy says:

    the smell of rain
    warm towels
    sleeping in
    lying on a sunny beach with a good book
    children’s laughter
    an empty laundry basket
    vine ripe tomatoes
    trips to NYC
    hanging out with my kids
    going out to dinner with my husband
    good music
    an open schedule…nothing on my to do list
    a clean house

  53. april says:

    Worms and weeds as presents(most of the time, together)
    The kids laughing
    Listening to Baby Girl squeal as her brother blows bubble for her
    flannel sheets
    a feather pillow
    a hot bath
    a good back scratch
    my cat purring on top of my head at night
    the kids, ages 11, 8, and 16 months playing together
    flip flops and capris
    warm sand and a cool ocean
    a tall glass of ice tea
    or if the kids are gone, a cold margherita
    bread baking
    the smell of coffee
    The smell of Baby Girl’s hair after a bath
    watching the kid’s sleep

  54. LeeAnn (AKA FrazzMom) says:

    Blowing bubbles with African children
    A clean house
    Date night with hubby
    Seeing my children being happy
    Knowing my children are becoming good, responsible people
    An afternoon spent having coffee with a good friend
    Dinner out (no cooking or dishes!)
    Camping (not the setup or packing up tho’)
    Stars on a clear night
    Tuesday am Bible Study
    Worship music
    NIV study Bible
    Snuggly kitties

  55. Texas in Africa says:

    Our local spring-fed swimming hole on the hottest day of summer.
    Broken, poor women who’ve seen the worst of the world singing on a Sunday morning in the Congo

  56. Genny says:

    Long hugs.
    Movies that make me cry.
    Books I don’t want to put down.
    Music that touches my soul.

  57. Genevieve says:

    Swimming in the ocean.
    Walking home after a swim- skin shining and that sweet salty smell of the ocean lingering on me.
    Cuddling under the sheets with my husband on cold winter nights.
    My mornings- toast with butter and honey and coffee made just right.
    Tea made by my husband. He knows exactly how i like it.
    Being with my husband. He is my lover and best friend.
    The smell of banana bread baking in the oven.
    Fresh sheets on the bed.
    Reading a good book on the couch, with my feet up and a cool breeze blowing through the house.
    A cup of chai at my favourite bookstore cafe.
    Big belly laughs.
    Talking to my aunties on the phone.
    The day before my family arrives to visit me.
    That very first sight of my family at the airport, wheeling their bags out, a huge smile on their faces.
    Wearing a white sundress in summer.
    Spending time with my God.

  58. Pam says:

    chocolate….anything chocolate
    any Beverly Lewis book
    flowering trees
    my husband holding my hand
    listening to my grandchildren talk
    a long ride in Amish countryside
    a live concert
    holding a new born baby
    enjoying a pray life with Christ

  59. Col @ gigablonde :: things to do in ny when you're [not] dead says:

    Birds chirping outside your window in the morning
    A reeeeally really good hug
    A kind word at just the right moment
    Apples and peanut butter
    Falling asleep to the sound of rain on the roof
    Discovering new things
    Soft, fluffy blankets
    Babies’ cheeks
    Birthday cake
    and …
    A child who has autism unexpectedly connecting with you on some special level … *THIS* is better than winning the lottery

  60. Activities Coordinator says:

    Simple Things I have Enjoyed Today
    My goofy cat getting her head stuck in a cardboard box. (You had to be there.)
    My sister called from Korea.
    My strawberry jam set.
    Raisin Bran for $1.50 a box.
    Morning jog with my fourteen year old, even if it did rain.
    A nap – two hours!
    Earl Grey tea. 1 lump, please.
    Watching American Idol with my eleven year old daughter.
    Chores done without nagging.
    A funny email.
    My wind chimes.
    My husband cooked dinner AND did the dishes.
    An early night.
    Have a great tomorrow!

  61. Worlds Greatest Mommy says:

    Deep belly laughs from my kids.
    The feeling when the PTA meeting I’m conducting is over.
    A comment on my blog that connects me to someone.
    The fizz from Dr. Pepper right when you open it.
    The beauty of red clay dirt.
    The smell of lemon-scented mopping solution.
    The feel of soft clean sheets on your feet when you fall exhausted into bed.
    A phone call or email from someone you miss talking to, but haven’t made the time for.

  62. jen says:

    Fresh clean sheets on MY bed
    An empty kitchen sink
    Having nothing on my to-do list
    Baking cookies with my girls
    Freshly mopped floors
    Rainy Saturdays with a good book
    Spending Christmas Eve at my parent’s house
    A fully stocked fridge
    Perfectly fluffed pillows on my sofa
    Holding hands with my girls at the park
    Saturday nights with my family
    Floor picnics in front of a good movie

  63. Gego says:

    Laughter of GRANDS
    Bedtime when they tell their “secret” thoughts
    Helping them experience different things
    Reading and snuggling on the couch
    Lap plopping
    Time with each child
    Time with their parents – together and individually
    Susprises from Gego!
    Spoiling children and parents
    Anticipation of arrival and nice lonesomeness when they leave
    Wild times in the park or pool
    Answering questions
    Counting my blesings

  64. toni says:

    Clean sheets. -> The crisper the better! Yes!
    The sound of wind chimes. -> Esp. on warm afternoons.
    Flannel. -> Pajamas!
    Lovely list! Here’s mine:
    A clean, shiny floor
    Kicking my shoes off by the door after a workday
    A mug of hot tea
    Fresh flowers
    A kiss on the forehead
    Surprise cuddles

  65. Andrea says:

    a bleach clean house
    a vase of tulips or peonies
    kids fresh out of the bath
    passing a bakery in the a.m.
    a smile from a stranger
    digging in the dirt
    the bustle of the city when you have nothing to do
    fresh sheets
    that first baby “kick”
    hearing your child say “this is the best day ever”
    a new book

  66. Lynn says:

    dancing to praise and worship music
    Smell of a baby’s head
    laughing with friends
    walking and talking with someone I love
    smell of laundry hung outside
    a word in season

  67. pinkcamojeep says:

    – the smell of a clean babe
    – the smell of damp earth
    – a shooting star
    – hearing the words, “may I help you?”
    from one my children
    – receiving a card or letter
    by snail mail
    – fresh vegetables from my garden
    – a fresh, french manicure
    (happens once a year, tops, for me!)
    – running two miles without pain
    – blue birds, indigo buntings, summer tanagers & yellow warblers
    – John & Cleve in the morning on WAFJ(.com)
    – finding something at a yard sale that
    I prayed for before I left home
    – and I am always amazed by beautiful clear blue and turquoise ocean water. I’ve only seen it in the Bahamas and the Florida panhandle. The one question I’d like to ask God is how He made some of the beaches/oceans SO beautiful

  68. Elaine says:

    My dishwasher is only empty for about .23 seconds before more dirties go in. May I ask how you manage that one? Just curious. Wonderful list. Making my own in my head right now… : )

  69. Debra says:

    Reading a good book (or a good blog!)
    Hearing from my 20 year old son
    Listening to my kids laugh together
    My roses blooming
    My sweet dog ~ Max

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