Works-For-Me Wednesday: Low-Fat Sandwiches

They say that “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”.

They’d better be right.  Being thin better feel really good.  Because being hungry?  It bites.  (Poor pun choice.)

I should know, because I’ve been hungry for nearly three weeks now.  I’ve been a diet (which I know is no longer politically correct.  I should say I’m Changing and Reducing my Appetite Protocol.  I’ll let you figure out the acronym.)

I’ll probably blog about this more in the future–I’ve made myself promise I won’t blog any weight-loss specifics until I’ve reached a certain milestone.  I’m not there yet, but I’m close.  But I will tell you that one little trick is working for me nicely.

I adore Miracle Whip–I put it on every sandwich I eat.  Sadly, Miracle Whip, even the light variety, doesn’t mesh well with my Changing and Reducing my Appetite Protocol.  But I loathe dry sandwiches, and I don’t like mustard.  So I’ve taken to putting salad dressing on my sandwiches!  I get the fat-free version of my favorite dressings and use it as a spread.  It works really well, and it’s so delicious.

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60 thoughts on “Works-For-Me Wednesday: Low-Fat Sandwiches

  1. Blue Castle says:

    I went through a no-mayo phase a long time ago. I found that mustard and ketchup work really well too. Salad dressing is a great idea. Hmmmm. Good luck on your weight-loss goals!

  2. Mandy Houk says:

    Oh, I love Miracle Whip, too. And hate dieting. I’ve been trying to focus on moving more to compensate for my food weaknesses!
    Specifically for sandwiches, I’m partial to mustard for tang, and tomatoes for moisture. Yummy!

  3. jen says:

    I do the same thing! Mmmm-good!
    And you go girl! You went to Africa, you lived to tell; you can so totally drop a few pounds – you are a superhero! 🙂

  4. Smockity Frocks says:

    Thank you, Shannon.
    I’m trying to lose weight, too. I only have 17 pounds to lose before the pool opens… in 2 weeks. Think I’ll make it? I am determined not to be a big fat fatty 40 something.

  5. Heather says:

    Oh, good idea! I can’t wait to try that out on my next C.R.A.P. adventure! But first, I must rid my house of all temptation…

  6. Luanne says:

    I started my diet today….I am soooo hungry! Last year I lost 40 lbs. It took me from Dec. 2006- Aug 2007. I kept it off until about two weeks ago. I never thought I was a stress eater, but the only thing I can chalk it up to is the custody battle we just went through. I have gained back 15 lbs. I am determined to get it off before my 20yr High School Reunion in Aug.
    Good luck….keep us posted…and whatever you do…don’t ever gain it back!!

  7. Amanda says:

    I love ranch on my sandwiches. I can’t think of the last time I put mayo on one. Also, a mashed up avocado is yummy too. Put ranch AND a mashed up avocado together and you’ve got my version of heaven! 🙂

  8. Lisa says:

    I’m OK with mustard so that helps. I’m starting a diet, I mean a lifestyle change, again tomorrow…sigh. Hope you do well – always nice to know somebody else is going through the same thing.

  9. Liza's Eyeview says:

    Some of my favorites:
    1. veggie delight sandwich at subway on Honey oat bread.
    2. Avocado Sandwich from Bale
    3. My new discovery which I like a lot – breakfast meal from Jamba Juice called Asai (oppss, I’m npt sure of the spelling)..
    It’s 10:30 pm and I am tired, Sorry if I’m rambling…

  10. MomOnTheGo says:

    It’s good to be open-minded when embarking on a CRAP. I switched from sour cream to non-fat sour cream at one point and also from regular yogurt to non-fat. I’ve noticed that the non-fat versions of the 2 are interchangeable. Also the full fat versions make your mouth go “blech” after awhile of not eating them. I don’t miss them at all.

  11. Michelle says:

    Diets stink, but they are a necessary evil when you gain 60 lbs with a new baby. It’s too bad they couldn’t just suction out the excess fat right after the baby is born.
    So not only is labor hard, but the reverse effects of having to lose 60 lbs is also hard. It was fun while it lasted!

  12. emily says:

    I love doing this. My favorite is honey mustard dressing… unfortunately I haven’t done the fat-free option which is way smarter!

  13. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been working on weight loss (health improvement, or whatever) too. I posted about the good running plan I found online. For the first time since I was in shape in college I have been able to gradually increase running (from the point of just walking) and not get injured. It might be worth checking out to add to your food goals.
    Good luck!

  14. mom2fur says:

    Is there a fat-free version of Miracle Whip? I’ll tell you what I do with mayo (Hellmann’s). I hate the fat-free stuff. But if you mix just a little full fat mayo into it, it makes a real difference! I usually get the two BOGO, one of each. Then I take an empty jar and fill it about 3/4 with the fat-free kind. Then I add a little regular mayo at a time and stir with a long spoon (so it really mixes in the jar) and taste a bit until I like it. It isn’t as low-cal as the fat-free, but it sure has a lot fewer calories than regular and doesn’t have that icky ‘diet’ taste. Maybe you could try this with Miracle Whip?

  15. Kirstin says:

    That’s hilarious! Your acronym that is! I was laying in bed last night speaking blessing over my body (C: I need to lose about 50 pounds and well, I told God it would be really cool to wake up 50 pounds less. Okay…I know that more than likely that wouldn’t happen, but just thought I’d ask (C: So I decided to start by blessing my body instead of cursing it all the time by the negtive things I say about it.
    You go girl. I once did a weight loss program that I loved, but got away from it and put it back on…the concept was to eat when hungry, stop when satisfied. No restrictions really on what you could or couldn’t eat. I lost 30 pounds! Need to go back to that.

  16. Crystal says:

    Dieting stinks but being thin…or even thinner is so awesome. I never get tired of the comments and compliments…and I only lost 30 pounds of the 50 I want to lose. It really makes a difference. All of the shopping for new clothes is pretty awesome too.

  17. MamaGeek says:

    Hi Shannon,
    I screwed up with my link entry – can you please delete me (MG – which is link #134) I incorrectly linked right to my front blog page. I re-entered it correctly.
    Sorry and thanks.

  18. Jane says:

    Isn’t losing weight a bummer! I guess I’m lucky-I like mustard. I LOVE-Love-Love Ranch. Unless your are counting fat grams, you don’t need to worry about eating FF. There is a lot of sugar in the FF versions of our favorites.
    Thanks for all the great tips!

  19. Julie says:

    Try some homemade salsa ranch on wraps and stuff:
    light or fat free ranch dressing, a little favorite salsa, a small bit o’ BBQ sauce
    Great idea!

  20. Julie says:

    Oops – did the same thing mama geek did put on #216. I didn’t link to post, but to my homepage. I fixed it in #218. It won’t happen next Wednesday! 🙂

  21. Laurie says:

    Try fat free cream cheese, too. And it comes in different flavors! I buy the Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cream cheese that comes in little wedges. If you are on Weight Watchers, each wedge is 1 point and is enough for one sandwich. Also, instead of using bread, try using wraps instead.

  22. Jenny says:

    If you cut up an apple and sprinkle it with cinnamon and Splenda, and use your imagination, it sorta tastes like apple cobbler and the cinnamon is supposed to help regulate blood sugar.
    Also, when you really need chocolate, sugar free chocolate pudding mix with sugar free whipped topping goes a long way with next to no calories.
    I lost 83 pounds once and one trick I used was looking at the food and thinking of it as the poison that was going to kill me or imagined that somebody just picked it up off the floor. It didn’t look as appealing after that.

  23. alexsandra says:

    I’ve discovered a new favorite lo fat salad combo:
    baby spinach, pineapple, mango plus protein additions(lentils/chicken/salmon…choose one)
    dressing drizzle: honey, cider vinegar, honey dijon mustard

  24. ames says:

    Good idea! If there are lots of veggies on the sandwich, I really like to add some balsamic or red wine vinegar. Yum!

  25. mama2tlc says:

    Be careful with fat free… tends to have more sugar, which can be just as bad or high fructose corn syrup. HFCS blocks the messages to the brain that tells the brain the tummy is full.. making you want to eat more! So to avoid that always hungery feeling, avoid the corn syrup!

  26. Suezque says:

    I’ve always done this at Subway- I’ll ask for a packet of their fat-free italian dressing, and put that on my sandwhich instead of the oil & vinegar! Never thought about using it for sandwhiches at home though!

  27. Amy says:

    Right on sister, you can totally do this! They have tons of fat-free dressings (and Miracle Whip) to choose from. I love the avocado on a sandwich idea, though, I don’t need any mayo with one of those green yummies. I know you don’t like them, though!

  28. Julieann says:

    Oh WoW!!! This is just so fun–I am going to have to do this next week–in the mean time, I am going to have fun looking through all these–what an awesome idea:)

  29. llisa says:

    I SO feel your pain, Shannon! I’m battling the same battle. It’s all about substitations that you can live with, isn’t it? I love the tomato basil vinaigrette on the low cal wraps with cole slaw shreds (sans the coleslaw dressing) and whatever low fat meat I have on hand. Fish is good, too. Anxious to see how you’re doing! God bless you ~ I know it’s not easy!

  30. Lauren says:

    I don’t know if you’re a big soda drinker. I used to drink A LOT of Diet Pepsi a day and in 2 weeks I lost 10 lbs. By cutting down to 1 DP a day (I’ve found it next to impossible to cut it out completely because I love it too much to let it go)!!! and I didn’t even drink sugar drinks. I have a theory the oh so delicious sweetness of the drink made my body think it needed to make insulin, but since it was diet it had nothing to do and may have caused some insulin resistance. Just a theory.
    Hopefully you aren’t as much of a diet soda junkie as I was!

  31. Anna says:

    I love salad dressing on sandwiches and snacks. I don’t care for mayo and I doubt I would care for Miracle Whip.

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