Ad Information

Ad space is for sale in the right-hand column, mid-way down (below the BlogHer Ad Network ads). 

Ads must be 150 pixels wide, and they are randomly rotated to maximize exposure for each ad. 

For ads up to 70 pixels tall:

1 week    $25
2 weeks   $45
4 weeks   $85 

For ads 71-150 pixels tall:

1 week    $45 
2 weeks   $80 
4 weeks   $150 

Payment is through PayPal only.  If you need help generating an ad graphic (or adjusting the size of an existing graphic), I can help you with this.


Rocks In My Dryer is a parenting blog with 220,000 monthly page views, over 6,000 subscribers via RSS feed, and a Technorati rank in the 500’s.  Readers are predominantly female, ages 25-45.

I look forward to working with you!