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  1. Amy says:

    I read the “letter to my daughter” and cried, so I had to check out the rest of that blog. It turned out that this week little Audrey’s infant cousin also died. Please check out that blog and lift the whole family in prayer!

  2. AprilMay says:

    I spent the day sulking and feeling sorry for myself. Then I read “A Letter to my Daughter” and most of the rest of the blog.
    And now it’s midnight, and my eyes are swollen, there’s snotty tissues scattered about like huge, soggy snowflakes, and I’ve realized that I am blessed, really, truly blessed indeed.

  3. JoLynn Braley from The Fit Shack says:

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    Great post about $$ management, too – it’s so true how areas of your life connect when initially you might not think that they would.

  4. Jennifer (Et Tu?) says:

    Thanks so much for the link, and for sharing the rest of this great content. I agree with your other commenters that Bring the Rain just leaves me a blubbering mess every time I read it. I cannot believe what that family has been through, and their stunning courage and faith in the face of it all.

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