Works For Me: Nuttin’

I’m so badly in need of a day of catch up that I can’t see straight.  So I’m punting Works-For-Me Wednesday over to you girls this week.  Dazzle me with your cleverness while I curl up in a ball and wait for the In-Box-Cleaner-Upper-Fairy to descend upon my house. 

Leave your WFMW links below.  First timers, check out the guidelines here.  (And remember that next week is WFMW: The Five-Ingredients-Or-Less Edition, at the request of several of you.  We’ll share our simplest recipes and see if we can get the heck out of the kitchen.)

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1. Jack\’s Mommy (Cheap, Easy Kid\’s Closet Organizer)
2. Land of Lovings – Save gas
3. World\’s Greatest Mommy
4. We are THAT family (Parenting Tip)
5. Everyday Becky (Praying for Our Kids)
6. MG (Awesome Salad Recipe)
7. Mammarino – (Never Forget Your Cell!)
8. TongguMomma (Traveling With Children)
9. Lisa (Common Cold Remedy)
10. Deal Seeking Mom (Swiffer Sweeper Vac Infatuation)
11. Blue Castle
12. Life At The Circus (baby sleep tips)
13. HeresTheDiehl (save money on a plumber)
14. The Diaper Diaries (dishwasher)
15. Lady Why (Money Saving Must-Have!)
16. Mandi (Easy Kiwi)
17. Domestic Spaz (Feed your family quick and cheap!)
18. Blue Castle (healthy weed control)
19. Jen @ JenuineJen (July 4th Craft)
20. Motherhood For Dummies
21. Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers (Get your kids in the kitchen!)
22. Tara (If I lost an arm…)
23. Robin @ HeartofWisdom (Miniature Horses)
24. Capturing Today (Organize Children\’s Drawers)
25. Real Life Design (Blog Button from your Header Image)
26. Brenda (hot oil trick)
27. Duckabush Blog (Smattering of Misc)
28. Bagel-fuls
29. Kristin (2 great books – one free!)
30. Smockity Frocks (Easy Popsicles)
31. Real Life (Summer Toy Clutter?)
32. Kerri (Convenient Toddler Food)
33. A Simple Walk (Combining Tasks)
34. Deidre (Magnetic Wall)
35. The Happy Housewife~Got Preschoolers?
36. :o) Juile@The Clark Chronicles (Dry Erase Magnet)
37. Joy @ Five J\’s (Chopping Onions)
38. Grocery Cart Challenge (Save $50 on your grocery bill)
39. Juile@The Clark Chronicles (Edited to correct title: Rockin\’ Ramekins)
40. Kristin (Write on your Comforter!)
41. Megan (one-stop shopping)
42. The Apron Queen (Cell Phone Alternative)
43. Blog Button Help
44. chilihead (grammar mistakes)
45. Happy to be at Home ~ Get your Kids Reading
46. A Day with the Demos (healthy summer treat)
47. Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet-Making your own Salad Dressings
48. Becky (Bathe Kids, Not Bathroom)
49. Robin @ HeartofWisdom (Homeschool Toolbar)
50. Heidi ( Sauder Furniture!)
51. Thrifty Jinxy (Drying Clothes)
52. mc (green thumbin\’ blueberries)
53. Kirsty @ Momedy -(Staying/getting fit and sane when the kids are home)
54. The Apron Queen (Summer Activities)
55. nottryingforaboy (community supported agriculture)
56. beautifulcraziness – Sun bathing
57. amy (new uses)
58. Lindsay @ Passionate homemaking (simplifying menu planning)
59. beautifulcraziness- sun bathing
60. Alaina (date night)
61. margalit (Library clutter tips)
62. Many Little Blessings (Consumable Gifts for Holidays)
63. Debbie (Organizing Appliance Manuals)
64. Alison (The Blessing)
65. Homemaker\’s Cottage- tummy massage for baby
66. Motherhood For Dummies – Breakfast food and Giveaway
67. Carol – (Houskeeping ADD-Style)
68. Gretchen (popcorn)
69. Jenny (breakfast)
70. Kristin (Closet organizer)
71. Peanut (My Chore Schedule)
72. Activities Coordinator (Material Organizer – Need Help!)
73. Green Baby Guide (Secondhand Baby Clothes)
74. a dash of sassitude (many birthdays, one celebration)
75. cool mum (SAHM job security)
76. Nicol (outside kit)
77. Luanne (Crazy Couponing)
78. Emily@ Little Home (keeping bibs on kids)
79. Michelle at Scribbit (kids\’ nature activity)
80. Mother Hen (Keeping Kids on Track)
81. Lisa-BlessedwithGrace
82. Runningamuck (Pacifier Weaning)
83. Mother Hen (Fun Weight Loss)
84. Such the Spot (These would so work for me)
85. TX Poppet (freezer tip)
86. A Juggling Mum (cold water bottles)
87. Tammy @ Greek GRITS (No more bed head)
88. Slacker Mom (Saving School Projects)
89. Deb (DVRs)
90. Martie\’s House(EASY Family Records)
91. Lee (perfect hard boiled eggs)
92. Amy @ Because I Must… ("Birth Art" – My Experience))
93. Just Pure Lovely (it\’s okay to take odd photos)
94. Tara (solutions for climbing babies/toddlers)
95. Garibay Soup (A wonderful prayer for children)
96. Lori ~ Simple Life at Home (Tidy House in Minutes!)
97. Amy @ A Day in the Life (Safe Plastics)
98. The Nest Egg (Cust. Service Tips)
99. Lee (bedtime rituals)
100. Pepper @ Pepper Scraps (Organize your LO\’s Closet)
101. Princess at Heart (Summer Library Fun)
102. jubilee (gardening)
103. Stretch Mark Mama (Kids Eating Veggies)
104. Alison @ Pennythoughts (Fitting In More Veggies)
105. Shawna (killing mosquitoes)
106. Rebecca (cleaning pet\’s teeth)
107. Tina (potato scones)
108. Wild Squirrel (Frugal Homemade Popsicles)
109. Robin (overcoming a life crisis)
110. Gina (Juice box alternative)
111. Audra Krell (Worship Conference)
112. Daily Mish Mash (FREE Movie Passes)
113. Our Side (Blog Banner How-To)
114. boysmum2 (memory)
115. Owlhaven (selective frugality)
116. Liza\’s Eyeview (weeding and family bonding)
117. D\’Anna
118. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates (Homemade Book for New Moms)
119. EveryChapter (laundry efficiency)
120. Elizabeth (teaching kids hymns)
121. Organising Queen (surefire light travelling)
122. Sarah Mae (Overcoming Laziness)
123. Niki (using my bike)
124. Erin K. (stop nighttime leaks)
125. Judy (A bed wetting solution)
126. Aimee (Craft Items)
127. Trixie @ Farmhomelife (Join Consumer Panels – Get Paid)
128. rw (cool, free reward charts)
129. Becky (RSS -more than blogs)
130. Sarah (bat repellent)
131. Beth (Create Favicon in Blogger)
132. Petersonclan (kids and chores)
133. Mrs. Sheila (meal prep)
134. Mom, I\’m Bored! (Faded Beauty)
135. MC (back pain relief)
136. Hadias (Freezer Meals)
137. Maria (Reheating Beef)
138. Jen (Smarties Medicine)
139. emily (Just Say No)
140. Suzanne (Septic tank Maint. Tip –Nongross!)
141. Julie (economical meal idea)
142. Colleen (labeling dressers)
143. Joy of Frugal Living (Lunch Strategy)
144. Stacey (Creative Use for Leftovers)
145. Amy@Experience Imagination (keeping food fresh)
146. Handmade Daily (free tree)
147. Ashlee (coffee table cover)
148. Cassandra
149. Jessica (Stockpiling)
150. Cassandra easy homemade icecream
151. warillever (kids\’ summer writing practice)
152. Tara (creative discipline idea)
153. Stop the Ride! (basic canning equip.)
154. Jeni (Saving $ on conditioner)
155. Ames (crazy easy fruit cobbler)
156. Amy – needs help, pls read!
157. Wani (DIY Library bag)
158. The Coupon Diva (Self Cleaning Oven)
159. Playful Professional (Simple & Easy Blogroll)
160. Annie (Neutrogena skin Rejuvenator)
161. Fuschia (Kids\’ Personal Trainer)
162. Megret (appetizing carrots)
163. Crystal (tooth brushing)
164. Megan (going out to dinner)
165. Maren (GF snack sack)
166. Abby (draining frozen, chopped spinach)
167. Mothers Precious Gems (Pesky squirrels eating your birdseed?)
168. Mary Ann (organized clothes)
169. Kaye (No More Funky Towels!) Thanks WFMW!
170. Liisa (Stitch in Time)
171. Kisses of Sunshine: Easy BBQ-ing With Charcoal Chimneys
172. Sheila ~ To Love, Honor and Vacuum (recycled yarn)
173. FishMama@LifeasMOM (homeschool)
174. Minnesota Mama (Must Have Cleaning Product!)
175. Judy (get free toys this summer)
176. Popsiclesontheporch(latchesondoors)
177. Harmony (Time for the kid\’s to pitch in!)
178. Marcy-The Glamorous Life
179. Miche@Coordinated Chaos(toddler discipline)
180. Nicole (prayer journaling)
181. Mom, I\’m Bored (Down On The Farm)
182. Lisa (Filling bird feeders)
183. RainyPM – 1 day Cradle Cap Solution
184. Mommin It Up (weight loss website)
185. LargeFamilyMothering(cheap cleaning products)
186. Deanna\’s Corner (double duty for Alka Seltzer)
187. Susan (Time efficient blog reading)
188. Clappy Shoes-the Good Job Jar/Motivating Kids
189. care-in (meals for friends)
190. Crissybug(wedding gift advice)
191. StopLights(organizing crafts)
192. Babychaser (Food on the Floor)
193. Penny Raine (heaven on earth)
194. Peggie(encouragement)
195. Kaci (diaper bag space saver)
196. Sarah\’s Musings (Series, with easy recipes!, on homemade preserved vegetables an
197. Country Mommie (Blackberry Skillet Cobbler)
198. Amy (Great Mascara)
199. Tami@ourhouse (cloth napkin solution)
200. StopLights(organizing crafts)
201. Thia (overcome morning blah)
202. Milehimama (Best of)
203. Kayren (Kid\’s Artwork)
204. Sonshine(homeschooling with little ones-routine)
205. Kirstin: Parenting series
206. Becca (DIY Bag Dryer)
207. Valerie at Home (cool DIY kid decor)
208. Butthilda (Road Rage)
209. Maria @ Helpful Tips Preparing for Vacation
210. For Cheap Sake (Cheap Play Dates/ Coffee Time)
211. Making Money Keeping Money(Summer Reading Programs)
212. Kit (children\’s books to sooth the savage besast – you)
213. MamaBear (KID & HOME TIPS!)
214. Jerri – 15 Minute Days
215. Donetta at a life uncommon
216. Jenn (simple organization tip)
217. Beth (happy laundry time)
218. AmandaJean (Happy Hormones, Happy Mama, Happy Family)
219. AmyDe (green ideas)
220. Lisa~Mom of 11 (FREE fun things to do)
221. Free 2 Be Frugal (Kidtoons)
222. LaRee @ Broad Horizons
223. GP in Montana
224. OW (FREE Thomas the Train products!)
225. kari (melons for kids)
226. Amy (tackle box turned sewing box)
227. craftymom free refills
228. Jacquelyn@Because I Said So! (every kid deserves a trophy!)
229. Andrea@Cup of Jesus(measuring honey)
230. Tara@Not So Perfect(Magic Seeds)
231. Richelle(Road trip/Disney)
232. Karen (Lowering grocery costs)
233. Tamara (Using all of your Spaghetti Sauce)
234. pam@without fear (rewards for kids)
235. Lee (Keep Scented Candles Fresh)
236. Mamma\’s Meandering Mind (no stick honey lid)
237. Nichole @ A Call to Higher Places (Cleaning and A Good Dinner!)
238. New (Baby Card Sayings)
239. Marlo (Turn up the music)
240. Gina (Toddler Activity)
241. Carolyn(\’Cream\’ in my coffee)
242. AmyB – Neutrogena Wave – Doesn\’t Work For Me!
243. Candace @ A Garden of Blessings (foreign language for kids)
244. Veggiemomof2 (potato masher)
245. Michele @ Frugal Granola (Dish Scrubber)
246. Homemaker Barbi (Frugal Husbands)
247. Carrie (preschool games
248. Melissa – Breakfast Helper!
249. Amy W (bread machine cinn rolls)
250. Janelle @ Now Play Happy (working outside the home)
251. jodi (exercise via Wii Fit)
252. Amanda (Dealing with Frustration)
253. Lynn (great shoes)
254. Franticallysimple (chore box project)
255. mzzterry ( instructions 4 coloring macaroni w/PHOTOS!)
256. lylah ledner – fuses and bombs in marriage
257. Elisa (postcard kids – homeschooling)
258. Kim – Not Arguing
259. Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet-Adding veggies and herbs to salads
260. Hollie – Summer Fun Bag
261. Christine (has anybody seen my …?)
262. Marianne@Writer-Mommy (Remove Permanent Ink from Dolls)
263. Melanie (Mel, A Dramatic Mommy) Repurpose a Business Card Case
264. Melanie (Easy Ice Pack)
265. Jess (Banish Boredom!)
266. 3cookieday (easy grilled chicken)
267. Katie (Talk to a Human on the Phone)
268. All Things Cherished (online calendars)
269. Ewokgirl (inexpensive wedding gift)
270. TLC @Send Chocolate My First WFMW
271. Family Focused Fun (Use your blog as a Log)
272. Aubrey (biking tips)
273. Briggie (tissue round-up)
274. Kristenkj(coffee grounds in garden)
275. Kris (Taming the Frig Magnets)
276. Momma & More (online library)
277. Tanya (beach vacation tips)
278. Elena (relaxing labor tips)
279. Abbi @ Proverbs 31 Living (frozen dessert)
280. You\’ll Crack Your Head Open! (Keep Track of Expiration Dates)
281. The Prepared Family (gardening on a budget)
282. Days of Grace (Fast Frozen Cookie Dough)
283. Tania-My answer to clutter in our house.
284. Summer (How I lost 10 pounds!)
285. Every Good and Perfect GIft -Pretty Stoarge Solution
286. Mommy Menagerie (End the Eating Battles)
287. Sherida (Getting baby to sleep)
288. Lilly & Dot (A Cup Full of This)
289. Julie Stiles Mills (last minute wet burritos)
290. Jen (painting tips)
291. Cyn ( keeping your kiddos writing)
292. Kristen (X-Mas Planning)
293. Stephanie @ KCBryans (diaper bag/purse tip)
294. Suzanne :: Adventures in Daily Living :: (9 literary podcasts)
295. Mother Hen (Smooth Young Feet)
296. Koala Bear Writer (baby activities)
297. sandwiched (Put out a kitchen fire)
298. Jen (1st time…)
299. Tons of Sons ~ easy grilled corn

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58 thoughts on “Works For Me: Nuttin’

  1. Kristin says:

    I have to say that this is my favorite thing to do each week. I have a whole list of WFMW ideas that I can just hardly wait to post. I always seem to just gush about things that work and now with blogging I can gush all I want! LOL I’m glad to have this outlet – Thank you Shannon.
    Thank you to everyone who stops by my blog each week – I enjoy your comments.
    I also really enjoy reading all of the tips and tricks that you all come up with. This seriously is my favorite thing to do each week.

  2. Lisa says:

    As you curl up tonight, do you just laugh at how many people lurk to be the first to link? Do you feel powerful? Do you purposely toy with us? 🙂 After all your traveling and speaking you just rest and let all of us go crazy with ideas. You are the queen!

  3. Runningamuck says:

    You deserve the break! Close down the ol laptop, go put your feet up and close your eyes… and don’t EVEN use that time to think of your next post! Blank. Total Blank. Just relax and enjoy the summer chaos.

  4. Tammy says:

    This is my first post for works-for-me Wednesday.
    Sounds like all of you had such a wonderful time at BlogHer. I might just have to attend next year. Thanks for posting all this wonderful information presented at the conference. I have only been blogging since last fall. I’m afraid I’m addicted!

  5. D'Anna says:

    This was my first time to leave a WFMW link. I forgot to let you know what it is about . . .
    HOME VBS – for a 2 yr old!
    Please come by and leave a comment (hardly get any of those! : )

  6. EveryChapter says:

    Ooo, I can’t wait for next week. Is it okay if it’s more than five if the sixth is something that EVERYONE has in their pantry at all times? Thanks for hosting WFMW- it’s really a wonderful way to find other great blogs.

  7. warillever says:

    I loved your tip. Sometimes it is a good idea to just give it a rest for a day.
    I enjoyed your conference recap, especially the part about not seeing your blog traffic stats as an indication of your personal worth.

  8. Jenni says:

    Aww…if I were in your neighborhood I would SO pop by with a plate of brownies and a scrubbrush in my hand. (((HUGS)))!

  9. Sheila Gregoire says:

    I’ve been crafting up a storm ever since summer vacation hit. And decorating. And doing all the stuff I haven’t gotten around to during the year. So it’s been really productive!
    Of course, it’s unlikely to last much longer. But in the meantime, you can come on over and see some of my creations.
    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  10. Princess Leia says:

    If the Cleaner-Upper Fairy shows up, could you send her to me too, please? Actually, since I’m on the east coast and my in-laws are coming today, could you send her to my house _first_? I promise she’ll go to yours next!
    Did I mention the horrible “all day sickness” I’ve had for the past two months? That my house is only just beginning to recover from? A clean up fairy would _definitely_ work for me!

  11. Kit says:

    Oh Shannon, I linked wrong AGAIN so I had to re do it! I’m so sorry…I will really CONCENTRATE next week and hope to get it right the first time. I’m promise I’m trying to play by the rules!
    Thanks and have a good day “off”! Ha ha, right?

  12. Jerri says:

    Please delete #217 for me. I think I’ve figured it out and did it correctly on #223! Forgive me for being so technologically challenged …

  13. Kari says:

    Hey, glad you’re back…glad you had a great time! Take it easy and get caught up for mercy sake! We’ll all still be here. 🙂
    Did you see the latest on how many people are participating in Compassion’s Fast and Pray day today?? Almost SIX THOUSAND. Holy Cow!!!! Awesome.

  14. Amber says:

    Hmmm . . . I’ll think about the five ingredients or less–I’ll have to steal some computer time from my Dad since we’ll be on vacation . . .

  15. TLC says:

    SO sorry to put my link in twice. Please delete the first one, it goes to the wrong page. Whoops! This was my first WFMW and I am still working out the kinks.
    Also, I didn’t have the option to delete my link, at least not that I could see. I am going to try and email you to let you know this. Sorry, Shannon!
    T. @ Send Chocolate

  16. Crayl says:

    I am already pondering next weeks challenge. I look forward to seeing what other people come up with, we all need new recipes! WooHoo!

  17. Lilly & Dot says:

    New to the bloggersphere, Lilly & I have enjoyed reading many blogs like yours.
    Your posts have filled many a lunch hour under the corporate fluorescent lights.
    Thank you for all that you do.

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