When a Girl Has Big Brothers…

…she learns that it’s much harder to make Polly Pocket consistently act like a lady.


89 thoughts on “When a Girl Has Big Brothers…

  1. LeeAnn @ Frazzmom says:

    Love it! Any day now the Polly Pocket people will come out with a Polly Pocket with a bazooka and kung fu grip… Clearly there is a whole market niche being missed here!

  2. Muddy says:

    Funny how the order in which you have a girl in your family can totally change playtime. My daughter came first, then my son two years later. My son gave into playing beauty shop more times than I can count. He had his own Kelly doll (and tommy and ken) and a snoopy pocketbook (to carry all his HotWheels in) He played pretty pretty princess and wore her handmedown pink jammies etc etc etc.
    Now he wouldnt touch the stuff, but at that time…he played with what was here first!

  3. Yvie says:

    It’s funny, I remember having a Barbie Doll and I used to let Barbie ride on my little brother’s truck. LOL.

  4. Jia says:

    Oh my gosh that is just too funny! Reminds me of me as a kid. I didn’t have brothers but I was a total tomboy. I played Extreme Barbie where she would take stage dives off of the roof and such

  5. laura says:

    the shoe is on the other foot here under the big top. my youngest (only boy out of 5 kids) houses his hot wheels in a pretty pink doll house.
    thanks for the grins.

  6. Kelli says:

    It’s tough being the old man out. My little boy feels torn now that he is 6 and knows it is no longer cool to paint his nails with his sisters and mom.

  7. Jen says:

    That is, hands down, the most hillarious thing I have ever seen.
    At least she is dressed femininely. And the gun matches her hair.

  8. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    That is a priceless, award-winning picture! Perhaps it’s part of a new ad campaign for the NRA? 🙂
    Get ready to laugh – I tagged you for a meme on my blog ’cause I know that you have a jillion spare milliseconds in which you can respond to a little blog and post a really long meme!

  9. Aileen says:

    Too funny. I love this! We have 3 girls and then a boy, so our experience is completely the opposite — I have a boy, who at the age of 18 months loves to push around the stroller and “do” his sisters’ hair. The good news is that he’s just as happy playing t-ball and throwing balls around. We haven’t entered the realm of action figures yet.

  10. Tami@ourhouse says:

    We also have the ‘big brother’ syndrome. We watched the other day while Sophie’ Cinderella doll fought off the attack of the Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. So funny.

  11. Mrs.Sheila says:

    Haa haa! That looks like it could have been taken at my house! More times then not they are sharing toys, but the “things” they come up with! Lol!

  12. Octamom says:

    One of our Barbies has been having a hot romance with GI Joe for several years now and has learned all things weaponry out of love for him. I suppose it’s a sign of the times when Barbie signs up for military duty—

  13. jodi says:

    too funny – my son & niece are both 21 months (born 3 days apart) – she has a little pink stroller – my guy LOVES to push the stroller, but if the babydoll is in it, always throws her to the ground first. ALWAYS! It just cracks me up!

  14. MamaHen says:

    I am laughing out loud because it is too familiar! Right now my daughters little ponies are lined up to do battle with dinosaurs, and she isn’t the one who put them that way!

  15. Karen says:

    Back in the days before big brother no longer compromised on play themes with little sister, they were playing some game involving transformers and stuffed animals. She refused to play if he didn’t comply with her names, which were all feminine or very strange. He hollered to her in another room, “What was his (transformer’s) name?” and she responded with something like Nermal, or equally nerdy. He said under his breath but loud enough I could hear it, “I HATE this game!” ha

  16. Jane Anne says:

    Oh my! That is a great picture!! I am a mom of 4. I have a 7 month old girl and three older boys (7,4, and 3). This is just what I imagine her play will be like when she gets older.

  17. jen says:

    Oh, Polly! You gotta stop hanging out at the Army base. You know those soldiers are just taking advantage of you, girlfriend! First it’s an Uzi, then you’re shaving your head and joining the Green Berets. Where will it stop, hon? C’mon, drop the gun and let’s go shoe shopping. I’ll even spring for the mojitos this afternoon. 🙂

  18. Hope @ Pinkadoodledoo says:

    Um, in our house with three little girls, daddy is the culprit. He loves Star Wars and breaks out his action figures to play with the girls, except they always manage to turn it into “house star wars”. You know, I’m Luke’s mommy, let’s go grocery shopping. It is fabulously entertaining, though I’m sure not the way he imagined playing Star Wars with his kids!

  19. Robyn says:

    Aww. Something I’ll never experience. I have 3 daughters. However, when my oldest slept with her softball the other day, I almost cried. Awesome.

  20. Amanda says:

    HAAAAA! Lovin’ this pic… suddenly I’m not so ashamed that I’d rather be shooting than baking. Comes with the NRA territory, huh? At least she’s wearing a pretty dress?!

  21. Cindy O. says:

    Shannon–That is so funny and so like something I would find at my house–my nephews and my girl play together and sometimes it gets a little bit warped like that…LOVE IT!!

  22. J. Eggers says:

    Unfortunately, I had the exact opposite experiences: when my kids were smaller (3 girls, followed by 3 boys–in 10 years) it was the boys who were influenced by the girls. I had to get used to my sons traipsing around in my high heels so they could play house with the girls (who probably evilly made them do this before allowing them to join the fun). I did, however, make sure that all such play time was over before Dad came home. I figured the stress of his job each day was quite enough …. I could spare him this information!
    Great job last weekend, by the way!

  23. pam says:

    My first thought was Ana in the jungle. We just started watching Lost—GOOD GLORY, it is SO ADDICTIVE. I’m only 5 shows into the 2nd season. But that Ana is taking care of things, a little too much but she is one tough cookie. Wonder what her influences in life were. Maybe a tea party with the boys if she bribes them with food. 🙂

  24. Roxanne Kristina says:

    I have teen twin boys and a pre school girl. I know exactly what you speak of. Even a princess needs to be prepared for anything! I really enjoy your blog. This was especially funny.
    I am also stopping by to tell you about a cool story I just posted. Thought you might enjoy. It’s a warm fuzzy piece.
    Our friends who just returned from China with #2 have been featured on CNN. If you link here you can watch it:

  25. Marian says:

    Oh, amen.
    And please tell me that your daughter, like my little one with 3 big bros, is also a little more adept at trash-talking opponents in games than other little girls her age… It’s not ladylike, but it comes in handy in her milieu.

  26. tiffany McGuigan says:

    I love it I love it I love it!!! My brother use to kill my barbies with his GI Joes but when he wasnt looking I would take them and barbie had a new boyfriend!! hahahah

  27. tiffany McGuigan says:

    I love it I love it I love it!!! My brother use to kill my barbies with his GI Joes but when he wasnt looking I would take them and barbie had a new boyfriend!! hahahah

  28. Jenny says:

    I have had nightmares about something like that…REVENGE OF THE POLLY POCKETS….I have sucked up so many of those silly accessory things in my vacuum, they are bound to go postal on me sometime in the middle of the night. LOL

  29. World's Greatest Mommy says:

    My husband helped his brothers pull the legs off of his sister’s Raggedy Ann. But then she caught him styling her My Little Pony’s hair once and blackmailed him to leave her toys alone.

  30. Angela says:

    OH… I can SO relate –
    I was the only girl with two brothers in our house for years…. my Barbies all died a slow and agonizing death.
    Now, I’m the only girl in an all-boy household… so I get to say where the bazookas go. 😉

  31. Kerry says:

    I came to your blog for the first time tonight and could not have been welcomed by a better post! I just had my first daughter after having three sons (now 11, 9, and 7). I laughed so hard while thinking of what the future holds for her! Thank you for the smile!

  32. Teri says:

    Brothers are such a blessing…..not just when you’re growing up with them. My brother used my Barbie doll for target practice. He would set it up across the basement & shot it with his BB gun. I am the only person on the face of the Earth with a 1965 Barbie with inverted nipples.
    I still glare at him for doing that.

  33. prasti says:

    oh! too funny!
    my daughter sometimes carries her brother’s batman pez dispenser or some cars or airplanes, along w/ a brush, comb, mirror compact in her purse.

  34. Robyn says:

    With two boys and a girl, I can sure appreciate this picture! Her “My Little Ponies” have suffered a similar fate as Polly. 🙂

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