Works For Me: Mascara Wand

Look fast, because this may be the last beauty-related WFMW tip you will ever, ever read at this blog.  Most days, I’m doing well to remember to use shampoo.

When you get a new bottle of mascara, pull out the wand so that the brush is the only thing left in the bottle.  Then bend gently:


Presto!  A bent mascara brush is a million times easier to use:


You can get to all your eyelashes much more easily this way, and you won’t accidentally dab the side of your face with the stick while you apply it.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

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2. Deal Seeking Mom (Clorox Anywhere Recipe)
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17. The Secret Life of Kat (Parenting Tips)
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30. Real Life (Cheap and Easy Children\’s Art Holders)
31. Motherhood For Dummies
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33. Heather\’s Hodgepodge (playing card storage)
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35. Carol ~ Online Bible Study
36. Capturing Today (fruit tree scarecrows)
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38. Baby Entertainment
39. The Pumkin Patch (Strong Nails)
40. Phyllis (garden grow)
41. The Apron Queen **Answering The Call of Mother Nature***
42. Handmade Daily (custom goodies)
43. Kristin (freezer cooking tips)
44. Lora Lynn @ vitafamiliae -Recommended Reading
45. Felicity (Entertainment Book)
46. A Simple Walk (working myself out of a job)
47. Mom\’SToolbox (Flying with kids)
48. Carol (Nurturing Young Musicians)
49. Milehimama (Helping others)
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54. SingleSolitaryThings
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56. BD ( Vacation Tips)
57. Fiddledeedee! (Freezing Tip – The Muffin Tin Strikes Again!)
58. Mom, I\’m Bored! (Sneaky Math!)
59. Cara (Improving your Garden Soil)
60. Children\’s DVDs
61. Rachel (cash back credit cards)
62. Kristin (Create a Home Idea Journal)
63. The Diaper Diaries
64. The Diaper Diaries (be flexible)
65. Missy-It\’s Almost Naptime- How not to cry
66. Sarah K (Home Depot!)
67. Christine (my much sought-after laundry detergent recipe)
68. Lisa@blessedwithgrace (friendship and neosporin)
69. jennifer (saving money on groceries)
70. Many Little Blessings (Encouraging Kids to Read)
71. Megan (bedtime routines)
72. Tanna (Poor Girl\’s GPS)
73. Kim @ Up North Mommy (Spartan coffee)
74. mzzterry (Bible Online)
75. Callapidder Days (Listening to Kids)
76. Amanda (toss those dryer sheets!)
77. OW (travel light & save money)
78. Kirsty @ Momedy Responsibility/Chore/Allowance system which really works!
79. Kerri (Freezer Alarm)
80. Slacker Mom (Outdoors? Drink more H20)
81. Lindsay @ Passionate homemaking (simplifying the bathroom)
82. Rachel (APRONS!)
83. TrentTribe (Sermons4Kids)
84. margalit (Blueberry Pie recipes)
85. Juile @The Clark Chronicles {Super Useful Baby Gadgets}
86. Kari (Our new favorite drink)
87. Tari – The Grass Widow\’s Diary (double boiler)
88. Melanie (Donating Books)
89. Julie the Accidental Pastor\’s Wife (MUST HAVE travel items) 🙂
90. Marlene (Free for You)
91. Robin (when citronella candles go bad)
92. Tina (weight loss support)
93. GHD (health insurance)
94. Thrifty Jinxy (trying free stuff)
95. The Family CEO (Mr. Rebates $7.50 Signup Bonus)
96. Audra Krell (CVS Disaster)
97. Mandy (Easy Chicken Salad for summer!)
98. Annie (giving away and getting good stuff)
99. Simply Amusing Blog (How to make & install a blog header tutorial)
100. BRC Banter (Manly WFMW – Home Depot Sunglasses
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107. kari
108. kari (laundry sort)
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114. Julie Stiles Mills (“bouncing” email filter)
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117. Crayl (Smart Step Stool)
118. Lee (toddler math skills)
119. Monica @ Daily Dwelling (made beds
120. Feminine Pursuits (Start a Running Program
121. Liza\’s Eyeview (Family Walk)
122. Elizabeth (FREE dry erase marker)
123. Fried Chicken and Cheesesteaks (Chili w/ A Lid casserole)
124. Lisa @ Stop And Smell The Chocolates (Thanking Your Spouse)
125. Pepper @ Pepper Scraps (oily hair zapper)
127. Kristine (Cheap Tempera Paint)
128. Kristine (Free Photobook)
129. Mozi Esme (kid crafts)
130. Mrs. Querido::Thigh Fire Prevention
131. Kristin – The Goat (pour kitty litter easily)
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133. Organising Queen (shoe storage organiser)
134. Educational Videos
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137. Shalee (House packing tip)
138. Hadias (Gardening Tips)
139. Donna (Triple Berry Crisp-WOW)
140. *Donielle (cheap, natural face wash)
141. The Thrifty Blogger-a/c help
142. Sarah (Easy Mexican Rice)
143. Beth (Cooking Tip – Guacamole)
144. Becky (a tip & favorite Firefox add ons)
145. WunderMom (How to Hack Your Swiffer!)
146. No Peanuts Please – Christmas in July
147. amy (aquadoodle hack)
148. Life with Three (easy chocolate zucchini bread)
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150. FishMama @LifeasMOM (kids who clean)
151. Suzanne (when you\’re the only frugal relative??)
152. Miche@Coordinated Chaos (sandwhich letter fun)
153. Beverly
154. Vickie@PursuingSimplicity (Back to School Supplies)
155. Donna @ Thirsty? (Deleted Items)
156. Jennifer (easy and fun kid activity)
157. Multitasking Mama (improving gas mileage)
158. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings (great Meijers grocery coupons)
159. AmyDe (yo-yo-a-go-go)
160. MC (Curve Control with Assets)
161. McPlay stops while traveling
162. Sonshine(document storage)
163. Lyn @ Frugal Weight Watcher (organizing for coupon shopping trips)
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165. Amy (Repurposing Bottles
166. Linds (Parking in the Garage)
167. Superchikk (More Packing for Baby)
168. Tania-getting a 3 year old to sit in church
169. Summer (More HTML Tricks!)
170. Wani (blog party! – join in)
171. Jen (Deodorant Tip)
172. Mrs. Who (shopping online)
173. Gina (cleaning schedule)
174. Miss Mommy-My Kitchen Helper
175. Ames (fresh produce)
176. Jeni (Less-Mess Toddler Feeding)
177. Mom, I\’m Bored! (Not Your Average Book)
178. lylah – finding REST as a mom
179. Mommin\’ It Up! (online photo storage and editing)
180. Tons of Sons ~ maintain your “cool mom” status
181. Daisy K – FREE SparkPeople
182. Brooke (reusing containers)
183. Fuschia (Grocery List)
184. Sheila ~ To Love, Honor and Vacuum (buying beef)
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187. Kisses of Sunshine: Fluffier Biscuits and Entertaining Tips
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191. RM 101 (Grandmas HUGS)
192. New Diva…Dangerously Yummy
193. Amy Jo (repurposed candy box)
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195. Nichole @ A Call to Higher Places (Homemade Cinabons!)
196. Leigh
197. Karen @ Mommy, I\’m Home (bathtub cleaning)
198. Mom Of Faith(Get Paid to Shop)
199. chilihead (more grammar)
200. Judy (easy smoothie recipe!)
201. jodi (video from camera)
202. Heather (avoid strife with husband)
203. Caroline @ Little House( free network tv online)
204. Beth (Money Saving Dishwasher)
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207. Alicia @ Today\’s Housewife (keeping marriage interesting!)
208. Jen Zug (kid-proof flashlight)
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214. Heather L. (Bathroom Clean-up)
215. Ann Kroeker (great Corrie ten Boom links)
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218. Clappy Shoes – clothing wrinkle help and funny story
219. Kim (working under pressure)
220. emily (carwash alternative)
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223. AmandaJean ROAD TRIP!!!
224. AmandaJean ROAD TRIP!!!
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226. Texastanya (Children and Gun Safety)
227. Tara (no mortgage)
228. Nichole (chocolate)
229. Auburn Gal Always (laundry basket for shoes)
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231. IfOnlyIHadSuperPowers (safety bracelets)
232. Chelsey (online savings accounts)
233. Amy@CraftyLilDevil (new use for milk jug)
234. Mommy Lounge (cooking with your children)
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237. Maria (“Multi-Use Items” to Organize)
238. Stacey (Muffin-Tin Lunches)
239. Runningamuck (Months of (almost) fresh fish!)
240. Janel @Dandelion Dayz(easy healthy tips)
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245. Kathy Mae-My first WFMW post
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248. Cheap Therapy (Lose lbs easy!)
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251. The Building Brows (SAVE ON GAS)
252. Soy (Aphrodisiac Candle)
253. Nikke (road trip with kids)
254. craftymom clothing deals
255. Cassie (Newbie!)
256. gp in montana
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258. Kirstin: Beauty tips
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270. Olivia
271. Michele @ Frugal Granola (Fresh Herb Storage)
272. Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet-Grilled Vegetable Salad 🙂
273. Abbi @Proverbs31Living (office/guest room)
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275. 3 P\’s in a Pod – Kid\’s Clothes $$ Saver
276. Motherhood For Dummies – Educational Videos
277. Karen @ LilMomma\’s Haven (SAHM)
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280. Plastic Daffodils (Cheap Cold Water)
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282. SeetheWoods – Airbed -v- Chickenpox
283. Broad Horizons (Berry Picking)
284. Elena Stumble upon
285. Crystal(storage)
286. Crunchy Christian Mom–first timer! (Chore Wars)
287. Andrea @ Mommy Snacks (Recycling = $$)
288. Jane-Holly [digital scrapbooking]
289. Terri
290. Mrs. Happy Housewife (How to save see-through curtains)
291. Terri (oil removed from laundry)
292. Kelly @ It\’s Not the Water(Calling the Company)
293. Sam (Christmas Shopping)
294. Lisa Logan (no more messy bacon
295. Meshellyn
296. Meshellyn (kitchen towels)
297. AreWeThereYetMom(Simple Sundress)
298. Growing Great Kids- Behavior Strategies
299. Heather (kite flying)
300. John Deere Mom (Redbox)
301. Jacquelyn@Because I Said So! (THE solution for kids\’ messy rooms)(plus DIY kid h
302. Rebekah(earning money online)
303. Ranee @ Arabian Knits (On Q Pump)
304. Harmony (free photo editing program)
305. Katie (homemade laundry soap)
306. Kelley@O2BNAZ (Sonic drink trick)
307. Raising Oaks of Righteousness: Staying in hotels with toddlers
308. Motherhood and Potatoes (Picnik – Fun with Photos)
309. LaDonna (visiting family)
310. Lynne (Supermarket Shopping List for kids) Keep your sanity while shopping!
311. Sit Stay Good Blog (Curly hair)
312. Karin @ Functionally Frugal (You CAN afford it!)
313. Lisa (edible play dough)
314. Lisa (organizing meal schedules made easy)
315. Kendra (alphabet book)
316. Western Warmth (Priorities)
317. lylah – The Simple Home Planner
318. Ariel (lunch in the park)
319. Garibay Soup (Sweaty BOOBS)
320. Kris (Earn-Back and Scripture Memory Boxes)
321. Emily (Bible read-through group)
322. Kari @ Just Another Day in Paradise (Digital Prints)
323. Amber – Bringing Good Home (Tabbed Credit Cards)
324. Mother Hen (Fancy Photos)
325. Laura@StorytellinMama(letting go)
326. jennapants (evoking authentic kid apologies)
327. Shannon @ A Reforming Mom (How to Make the best Southern Sweet Tea!)
328. Mother Hen (Pizza Mac)
329. Will (Selling)
330. Lisa K
331. Julie (cleaning wipes)
332. Mrs. Sprinkles (Organizing Digital Photos)
333. Teri (prayer bookmark)
334. Heather
335. Penny Raine – family project
336. Jennie (easy out cake layers)
337. Mallory (List Lover-Great Use for a Page Protector and Dry Erase Markers)
338. Amy Halleran (Free Music from NoiseTrade)
339. The Prepared Family (we don\’t need no stinkin\’ shave cream!)
340. Jen (Free School Supplies)
341. Stephanie (natural hair care)
342. From Deidra\’s Heart (Spreadsheet Budgeting)
343. JoAnn (Morning Sickness)
344. What About Mom (Recession Refried Beans)
345. Rachel
346. Proud SAHM (piece of mind)
347. slawebb (easy clean shower)
348. Michelle This One\’s for the Girls (Surviving VBS)
349. Bitty (how to host tea)
350. The Bargain Shopper Lady (TravelZoo Bargain Vacation Deals)
351. Wife and Mommy (A cleaner fridge)
352. cchrissyy (video- Wearing a Baby Wrap)

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71 thoughts on “Works For Me: Mascara Wand

  1. Teresa says:

    That’s an awesome tip…I’ll have to try it. By the way I listened to your podcast today and it was great! Thank you for taking your time to to share all of your insightful info (from your daughter’s closte)!

  2. TRS says:

    I just joined the WFMW for hte first time.
    Sorry, I thought there was going to be another box for the tip title. I screwed up something that simple!!!
    If you want to (or can) fix it – it would have been (Fitting in a workout)

  3. Mamacita says:

    I own a mascara thingie. It’s orange, I distinctly remember that it’s orange. And I think it’s in the bathroom somewhere, probably buried under all the bad aftershave Tim gets for Christmas every year from his mother. If I can find it, I’m going to bend it! If it’s not already bent by circumstance, that is.
    Will I be seeing you in a few days? I’m, you know, kind of counting on it.

  4. Michelle@Life with Three says:

    That’s a very smart tip! Have you tried the new Cover Girl lashBlast masacara? It comes in a big fat orange tube and is the BEST drugstore mascara I’ve ever used, period. It’s so similar to Lancome, but a third of the price!

  5. Cassidy says:

    Next time I find myself wearing mascara I’ll have to remember this.. At least I’ll try to remember this since next time could very well be years from now.

  6. AmyDe says:

    cool idea – if I could put the stuff on without stabbing myself in the eyes that would be cool too! Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting WFMW – I’m having the BEST time!

  7. Mandy says:

    I do that too!
    Here’s another mascara tip:
    Do not pump the brush in & out of the tube. It shoves air in the tube and dries out your masacara. Instead swirl it round & round.
    Also, mascara contains an additive that can kill most of the germs that are put in it from the eye, but those additives only last 3 months.

  8. Beth says:

    I don’t wear mascara anymore…but if I did, this is a great idea. I remember buying mascara that purposefully had bent heads because, yes, they were easier!

  9. Jerri says:

    Great idea! I love it.
    I am here at 9 in the morning and already you have 215 tips! I’m new to this thing, but what time does everyone start posting?
    I gotta say, I look forward every Wednesday to see what you girls have to say. You’re all awesome!

  10. DisneyChicks says:

    Not to be stupid, but when you’re applying, will the wand by coming toward you or running away? Having used a straight wand forever, I can’t see how either angle would make things easier.

  11. Karin says:

    Great tip. I never would have thought of that!
    Don’t bend too hard, though, or you could end up with a broken mascara wand. And is a million times HARDER to use. Hah!

  12. Donna @ Growing Great Kids says:

    I pride myself on the fact that I am an ambidextrous mascara-putter-onner. I’m just that good. I bet nobody else can top that!
    Random question: how do I keep my eyelashes from getting caught in my eyelash curler? The lashes on the edge get wedged in and sometimes stick between the rubber pad and the edge. Once they’re stuck, only thing to do is rip ’em out…oh, God in heaven, how that hurts!

  13. Deidra says:

    Great tip…wonder why I didn’t think of that?? : ) I just posted my first WFMW tip and I’m excited to be a part of this awesome group of bloggers!

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