BlogHer, Day One

I am in San Francisco, and I am happy to report that there has been no crashing of the planes or trembling of the earth.  I am sitting in a gorgeous, 1920’s-era hotel, with my sore feet propped up, and (for real!) there is an honest-to-goodness cable car clanging just outside my window.  It is lovely for the ambiance, but perhaps not so good for the sleeping.  We’ll see.

Today was as full a day as I’ve had in a long time.  I was up and not-quite-at-’em by 4:30 for mine and Melanie‘s early morning flight.  After many hours of flying, including a layover in Los Angeles in which Sheryl Crow and Elvis Costello boarded our plane (no, not really, but they looked a lot like Sheryl Crow and Elvis Costello, and it was, after all, Los Angeles, and anything could happen, couldn’t it?), we finally landed in San Francisco. 

We had exactly five minutes to scarf down some Mexican food before a mad dash to the hotel.  You know what?   The words "mad dash" and "Mexican food" should not appear in the same sentence.  Especially when one’s first destination is a very fancy shmancy video interview with 5 Minutes For Mom, and the burping of guacamole would be somewhat less than professional. 

In our first hours in San Francisco, we had six–count ’em, SIX–events of the social variety.  Considering that my idea of a big night is renting two–count ’em, TWO–DVDs from Blockbuster, this was a little overwhelming.  There was talking and networking and chatting and OH, I have shmoozed until my shmoozer is positively broken.  But I have met some lovely ladies, among them the 5 Minutes for Mom girls, Arianne from To Think Is To Create, Anne Glamore from My Tiny Kingdom, Steph from Adventures In Babywearing, and The CrockPot Lady.

And we’re only just getting started. 

Tomorrow after lunch is the panel discussion I’m participating in, on MommyBlogging: Public Parenting and Privacy, and I’m hoping to be able to post a summary as soon as I can.

See you then.

27 thoughts on “BlogHer, Day One

  1. Kerry @ Colored With Memories says:

    You’re so funny…I hope the streetcar isn’t keeping you up after your exhausting day of schmoozing and socializing!
    I’ll be looking forward to your summary.
    Also, thanks for posting Molly’s story. I’m seeing a friend tomorrow who lost her baby to Trisomy right as my healthy one was being delivered…I’m nervous about seeing her and that post really helped!

  2. Janera says:

    Sounds very exciting! Fun, too. Hope you sleep well.
    One day I hope to get to go. Hey! Maybe Dallas next year? Or even West Texas? Now, talk about your scenery! Great weather! And celebrities to boot!
    Well, ok. One out of 3 isn’t bad.

  3. Slacker Mom says:

    Sounds like a whirlwind day 🙂
    Looking forward to your post-thoughts on the children and privacy issue. It is a topic that my friends and I discuss (in reality) often.

  4. Megan says:

    Ah, Blogger-Formerly-Known-As-Brooke, you’ve sure come a long way from the post in which you were begging for 20 comments! Look now, you are all famous and everything!
    I knew you when…or something. 🙂

  5. Robin says:

    Glad you’re there safe and sound with a good friend (doesn’t that make the rest of it even more fun and manageable?)! I really can’t imagine the atmosphere of hundreds of Type-A go getters. Female go-getters.
    Talk about electricity! 🙂
    (Praying for y’all this morning…for wisdom and clarity.)

  6. crockpot lady says:

    Shannon, it was an absolute thrill to meet you last night—when I came home and rattled off names, Adam interrupted me and asked “did you make sure to thank that Rocks lady?” You are a celebrity in our home, and in many others.

  7. sherrieb says:

    Oh, Shannon, ENJOY San Francisco!! I have been all over the United States (although certainly not everywhere nor am I a travel expert); San Francisco is my favorite city despite it’s bad rap for other things. It is quaint and busy and beautiful and different. (Be sure to visit Pier 39 if you have a chance – I realize this might only be when you are sleeping, and somehow might not be quite as enjoyable.)
    I tell people that my idea of a dream date is to fly to San Fran (we live in PA) eat dinner and explore the bay and come home the same day. (I absolutely LOVE to fly!) I am soooo jealous!!!
    Have a marvelous time and know that many people are thinking and praying for you!!

  8. erin says:

    Shannon, sounds like you’re having fun, hope you have some good down time to relax while you’re there! I went to San Fran a few years ago and loved it, Alcatraz is quite an adventure! And you have to ride a trolley 🙂

  9. suzanne says:

    Oh San Francisco. I love it there. I could LIVE there, except for the way-too-high number of complete freaks. Go to The Stinking Rose though. YUM! And the Cable Car museum. I have a postcard from there. Wild stuff….
    Have fun and be careful. The fruit on the Pier can be addicting.

  10. Plastic Daffodils says:

    Since I live in San Francisco, maybe we’ll end up running into each other one day this weekend. Of course, you won’t know who I am and will probably think that I’m crazy, but half the fun of living in a city is running into crazy people!
    If you need advice or help, you can always comment on my blog since, you know, you don’t know me so you have no other way to comment. We’ll be strangers, living side-by-side (at least for as long as you’re here anyway).

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