Works For Me: Fluffy Shams

Most of the bed pillows in my house are some pretty sorry specimens, thanks to all the pillow fights.

Hubs should really cut that out.

I got some new bedding last week, and my sorry old pillows were looking pretty wimpy in the shams.  I had a brainstorm and stuffed the shams with two old pillows.  They look fluffy and full, and I didn’t have to buy a thing.

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325. At Home Redesigns (create a welcoming entryway)
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334. Jolene
335. Kimberly Elrod
337. Tara@Not So Perfect – Giveaway
338. Mom, I\’m Bored! (Playful Parachute)
339. Robin@Heart of Wisdom (COUPONS: 42 products or 84 cents)
340. ohhollyf- vitamin storage
341. Condo Blues
342. Shannon (ziplocks)

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80 thoughts on “Works For Me: Fluffy Shams

  1. MamaHenClucks says:

    I love your pillow fluffing idea. My house is overrun with pillows and this would definitely take care of that!

  2. Tara says:

    Great idea! I do the same thing. My hubby is not picky when it comes to his pillow, so I stuff two of my flatter ones into his pillow case. He’s happy with it.

  3. Domestic Spaz says:

    I don’t believe I got to be #1 again. Can you post the EXACT time you’ll be posting EVERY week? 🙂
    I need to have shams first for this to work. I am thoroughly disorganized.

  4. World's Greatest Mommy says:

    Our pillows are in a sad state, too. I’ve been meaning to toss them all out and buy more.
    If I just by pillows for my bed, my kids have been known to steal my new ones and substitute their old ones, so I need to replace all at once to keep up the morale of the ranks.
    Great tip.

  5. Leigh B. says:

    Shannon, I really enjoy your blog very much and I look forward to reading WFMW each week. I contributed my first WFMW this week–it wasn’t much, but it works for me! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

  6. Stephenie says:

    I LOVE this idea because it is all about reusing and recycling. No reason to throw out those old pillows when they still work just fine. Thanks for sharing and thanks for providing a place for smart ladies like yourself to share their good ideas!

  7. Rena says:

    Great plan! I need new pillows…but buying pillows can overwhelm me. So many…soooo many. I don’t want too fluffy. I DON’T want too flat. Do people actually “try” them out? I mean, should I grab pillow, find a bed (dept. store) and give it a shot??

  8. Kalisha says:

    Thanks for sharing that–I’ve tried that before and it does make your sham look so good!
    What works for us today is how to make pinwheels. It is cheap, fun and will keep the kiddos busy!

  9. Sarah says:

    I’ve done this too! And we just bought a new bed (a California King!) so my little old pillows just look puny on it. When we upgrade to larger pillows, I’ll be using this same trick again to fill my shams!

  10. Chelsey says:

    So, last week was my first time participating, and I was really hesitant, because there were SO many people’s ideas listed. I thought mine would get lost.
    But I got so many hits on my blog, and even more importantly, got to meet a ton of new people through comments and e-mails!
    Thank you so much for hosting this – even though I’m not a mom, I’m finding some really great tips here!

  11. marina says:

    I’ve done this before – works great! If you have extra pillows that are too flat to use, you can save them for camping – roll tightly into your sleeping bag. What doesn’t work so well on a bed, feels pretty darn good when you’re sleeping on the ground! Maybe I should save this tip for a future WFMW post – oh well!

  12. Amber says:

    I have a friend who does the same thing and I’ve been meaning to try it with my own shams but haven’t gotten around to it. Guess I should! Thanks!

  13. Chel says:

    Thank you for deleting my link so I could fix it.
    Will you forgive this silly li’l newbie?
    Have a great day! Thanks for hosting this!

  14. Amy says:

    Aw, I wish I had gotten that idea! I tossed out a bunch of old pillows, ’cause they had seen better days! (Granted part of the reason for tossing them was the gross stains) Great idea!
    Rena, I’ve done that when I had to buy a new pillow! I didn’t want to get a bad one, so I tried it out! Sure got a lot of funny looks from passersby, but I got a good pillow!

  15. Cherissa says:

    This is my first time to link to “Works for me Wednesday.” When you say “please leave a comment” after you link, did you mean here or somewhere else?

  16. AF says:

    I’ve had to do that too! My pillows still don’t seem to be at the same level of fluffiness because the four stuffer pillows weren’t of equal fluff to begin with…but it’s way better than the floppy alternative. My pillow have flanges (one or two inches that hang off at the seam), and I can’t get them to stay up…anyone know a trick for that?

  17. Amber says:

    Great Idea! Maybe I can have a nice looking bed! My husband LOVES his flat, no shape, pillow and has a couple of them…..oh, ideas are coming! Thanks!

  18. Abby (first time doing WFMW - yeah!) says:

    Genius! It’s such a waste of money to buy pillows to put in shams since you aren’t supposed to use those for sleeping anyway. I think stuffing them with laundry is a good idea! But then again, I’m always looking for ways to hide my laundry so I don’t have to fold it! 🙂

  19. Nikki says:

    Thats a great idea! My problem is that I like it somewhere in between fluffy and flat. I need to stuff 1 and a half pillows in there…is that possible???

  20. Lisa says:

    great tip- i would’ve never thought of that! i know, i hate it when they get so old and lumpy, but it’s hard to think about spending money to get a new pillow! 🙂

  21. Kristin says:

    I have two or three pillows in each sham — it is a great idea. I haven’t changed shams in years – I had actually forgotten about what was in them LOL
    Great tip, Shannon!

  22. Mindy says:

    I actually do this in all of our shams. That is so funny. My husband hates trying to get two in there but I tell him it is SO worth it!!

  23. Mindy says:

    We actually do this in all our shams. That is so funny. My husband hates trying to get that second one in but I just convince him it is SO worth it!

  24. Lainie says:

    I stick my old pillows into shams too but I never thought to stick two in there! Good idea. I’m also a first time WFMW poster. Not sure if others will have success, but it definitely worked for us!

  25. J'Ollie says:

    for some reason we have a bazillion pillows and no pillowcases! Could it be that they were all used as Halloween goodie bags and not replaced? Loved your ideas!

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