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  1. crystal says:

    Thanks for the CNN article. I’m a stay-at-home wife with no kids (yet) and this article helped me to feel better that there are other couples out there making the same decision we made. We have much less money now, but it is worth it to have a little sanity. It was sad to see so many negative comments to the article on the website though 😦

  2. :: Suzanne :: says:

    Oh thank you so much for sharing my ICU post. Of all the posts I’ve written, that is the one I’d like to ‘get out there’. It helps with our healing if we can help others.

  3. T. says:

    Oh how I have loved Peggy Noonan for so long! I want to write like her, sound like her, look like her, have her grace, have dinner with her and ask her all about her life…. Gosh, I guess I sound sort of crazy! =)
    Thanks for posting the link!

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