A Back-To-School Haiku Contest, With Smashingly Good Prizes

I feel like celebrating today.  I’m getting back in my bloggy groove after a long break, we’re settling into our school routine, and this week is my birthday!  I’ll be turning 30.  Again.  For only the 7th time.

Anyway, in honor of all these occasions, I believe it’s time for another haiku contest.  I’ve held these before (if you’re new here, you can see older examples here and here).  Here’s how it works:

::  Write a haiku commemorating the whole back-to-school thing.  This contest is open to anyone, whether you have kids going back to school or not.  You don’t have to have a blog of your own to participate.  (Here are instructions for writing a haiku, but if you click there, I’m totally telling your 4th grade teacher that you weren’t paying attention.)

:: Leave your haiku in my comments section, below

:: I’ll leave the comments section open until 8 pm CST TONIGHT (Monday the 25th).

:: First thing tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, I’ll post the five finalists.  Then YOU all will vote for the next couple of days.  I’ll announce the winner Thursday morning.

And just wait until you see the prize package the winning haiku-er (haiku-ist?) wins:

BacktoschoolfineartImage Case Key Ring by The Fine Art of Family (retail value $170).  If you’re going to spend so much time in the car, you might as well have cute keys, right?  This beautiful heirloom piece is made of sterling silver, and it has a spot for the photo of your favorite little people.  All of The Fine Art of Family’s pieces are sentimental and lovely–this necklace is my personal favorite.

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BacktoschoolbizzimomTwo BizziMom planners, one for finishing out 2008, and a new one for 2009 (combined retail value $45).  These fold-out planners made of heavy-duty paper will get your family organized this school year!  They have spots for menu planning, to-do lists, appointments, menus, websites and more.

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BacktoschoolperfumePerfume Roll-On from Klean Bath and Body (retail value $11.50).  Just look at all the fun scent choices offered (though if you smell like German chocolate cake, how will you ever get the kids out of the car?)

Backtoschoolbow$10 gift certificate to The Girly Girl BowtiqueSend your daughter off to school in style with one of these cute (and affordable) creations in her hair.  This one is my favorite!

While you’re thinking of your best back-to-school haiku, take a few minutes to click through to sites of these generous sponsors–you’ll like what you see.

Now, dazzle me with your best haiku.  Remember, you have until 8 pm CST tonight to come up with one, and you can come back here first thing in the morning to see the finalists.

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294 thoughts on “A Back-To-School Haiku Contest, With Smashingly Good Prizes

  1. Amanda says:

    Back to school again
    Only one phrase comes to mind
    Thank the Lord it’s here!
    At least that’s what I’m sure I will be saying in a few years when mine actually go to school!! And such cute prizes!!!

  2. Shane says:

    Two ladies sleeping
    dreams of the new school outfit
    dancing in their head
    Mommy is waiting
    kids and daddy walk to school
    happy quiet house

  3. Mamacita says:

    My children’s teacher,
    not me, is in charge of their
    food and their poo. Wow.
    It was incredible and heartbreaking that someone besides me would know what they were eating and when they were poo-ing. I didn’t think I could bear it!

  4. Tara R says:

    It is almost here
    so close I can almost grasp
    alone time for ME
    I should feel saddened
    is it wrong to count down hours
    until freedom is mine
    oh the bliss of time
    to pee by myself alone
    no loud MOMMY cries
    my house will remain
    spotless and lovely until
    the beasts return home
    thank you God for school
    wonderful teachers to share
    the joys of my kids

  5. Tanya Moyer says:

    Hug! Kiss! Off they go.
    Yay! Computer time for me.
    Wait! Miss them – come back!!
    Fun contest ~ great giveaway

  6. Abbie H says:

    What is back to school?
    A puffy dress coupled with
    an Aquanet mist!
    I don’t have kids in school yet, but my mother always made me where some awful dress on the first day of school. And of course, my hair-do wasn’t complete without saturating it with Aquanet. I still think of my school days when I smell that stuff!

  7. Steph. says:

    School bus a-boarding,
    Mothers give a wave and sigh,
    Sanity returns
    Welcome to school morn
    Kids drag their backpacks and sigh
    Thank God for the bus
    Oh the homework stinks
    Backpacks are so heavy too
    But mom needs a break

  8. Faerylandmom says:

    Kindergarten at Home:
    We start school next week!
    It’s Mom’s debut as Teacher,
    her heart a-flutter.
    Reading, writing, and math.
    Such daunting mountains to climb
    for baby boy grown.
    We start school next week!
    Anticipation looms
    for lessons to come.

  9. Steph. says:

    He’s Mr. Laid Back
    Desk papers under on floor
    Mind stays in summer
    Toothpaste spot on shirt
    Maple syrup drip on pants
    What? The bus is here!
    He steps on the bus
    Yellow vessel sails away
    Mom, get to the gym!

  10. Troye says:

    Kindergarten Rocks
    quiet! I’m too excited
    but miss him too much
    I have to tell you that I feel a little guilty about how much I am enjoying my quiet days and how clean my house stays until 3pm. Oh, the bliss!

  11. Ruthie says:

    Sweet boy in first grade…
    Today you will ride the big
    yellow bus to school.
    I’m also a kindergarten teacher, so I’m not quite as excited as all the other stay-at-home-moms out there!! Today is my first day back, and the kids will start on Thursday. I’m cryin’ the blues!!

  12. Robin ~ PENSIEVE says:

    School supply shopping
    Cuteness, please or Disney-themed
    Kids happy, Mom broke!
    Everything’s so stinkin’ cute now, I even wanna go back to school just to buy the FUN binders & notebooks! My husband was FLOORED this year when he saw how much we spent on supplies for three kids…:/ :).

  13. Mom24 says:

    Essence of my kids
    Laughter; in, out, in; all day
    even fighting too
    Not ready quiet
    Too much time for quiet soon
    It goes WAY too fast.
    They come home to me
    Tired, worn out, cranky, needy.
    I will comfort,soothe.
    I love the summer
    Lazy days, Time. Precious time.
    That time to just be.
    I’ll miss them here–home.
    I am craving routine though
    that I’m ready for.
    Be good to them world.
    Show them kindness, challenge them.
    Let them see your best.

  14. Lori says:

    First Day Of Preschool!
    I’m more excited than she!
    Is that wrong?? Bad Mom!
    Seventies plaid and
    Eighties hair. Look back on old
    First-day-of-school pics.
    Why is it that in
    all first-day-of-school pictures
    we squint in the sun??
    Oldest goes to school.
    Baby gets her “mommy time.”
    Whew! Guilt averted.
    Very specific,
    She wants dark purple backpack.
    Smallest size still big!
    Hard to find preschool
    backpack that fits since she’s just
    Poor preschool teacher
    Taking all those kids potty
    Blowing noses, too.
    I LOVED school! (I know,
    I was a nerd back then, too).
    SO geeked for autumn!
    Starting school next week.
    A new adventure. Yay! I
    (I mean SHE) can’t wait!

  15. Ginger says:

    Mama waves goodbye
    To her brood of growing minds
    While bon bons await.
    Yes, that’s sarcasm you hear. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen a bon bon.

  16. Louise says:

    Quiet on the street
    Neighbor kids all gone to school
    I miss their shrill shrieks
    Since my little one’s not nearly old enough for school yet (I think she’d need to be walking first), the worst part about back-to-school for me is losing the fun sounds of kids playing, arguing, and laughing all up and down the street. It gets so darn QUIET here during the school year!

  17. Melanie says:

    The kids are going
    At last I can be alone
    In the bathroom. Yay!
    In truth, I miss my little ones when they are gone. They have such a great time, and I am definitely refreshed when their day is done…we’re all looking forward to it!

  18. Kristenkj says:

    I watch you and sigh
    My breath fogs the windowpane
    The bus drives away
    I sharpened pencils
    All seventy-two of them
    Your teachers will smile
    No crumbs, no messes
    No fingerprints, no fighting
    No laughter, either
    As summer fades fast
    And fall beckons you to school
    I smile and I cry
    This summer was great
    Daily, I let you sleep late
    Now I’ll pay dearly
    Tiny little hands
    That I once held so tightly
    I must let go now

  19. Heather says:

    New shoes and crayons
    Sweet boy waving from the bus
    My bittersweet day
    My son, Jack, is starting his second year of Early Childhood and not quite yet 4 yrs old. How wonderful it is to have a program like this to prep his mind and body for the future, but how sad it can be when you REALLY think about the time stolen from a mommy and toddler and given to a public school. All part of cerebral palsy that we still can’t exactly get used to.

  20. Heather says:

    New shoes and crayons
    Sweet boy waving from the bus
    My bittersweet day
    My son, Jack, is starting his second year of Early Childhood and not quite yet 4 yrs old. How wonderful it is to have a program like this to prep his mind and body for the future, but how sad it can be when you REALLY think about the time stolen from a mommy and toddler and given to a public school. All part of cerebral palsy that we still can’t exactly get used to.

  21. Jennifer R. says:

    No more summer fun.
    Math, science, and history
    For the next nine months.
    A new year of school:
    Another year of progress
    Toward independence.
    According to the dictionary, toward can be pronounced either as 1 syllable or 2. I’m obviously going for the 1 syllable version here. 🙂

  22. Jeni from Kansas says:

    one day they will wake
    emerged a kid no longer
    oh to rewind time
    back to days of free
    hearts and pure naiveity
    oh love memories
    swiftness is the shift
    from sweet childhood to the now
    keep moving forward
    shoulder peered over
    to see what is forgotten
    memories flood back

  23. Jeni from Kansas says:

    one day they will wake
    emerged a kid no longer
    oh to rewind time
    back to days of free
    hearts and pure naiveity
    oh love memories
    swiftness is the shift
    from sweet childhood to the now
    keep moving forward
    shoulder peered over
    to see what is forgotten
    memories flood back

  24. Cindy says:

    Back to school again!
    See my happy dance on the
    Wet grass! Oops I fell!
    The bus pulls away
    The kids are laughing at me
    I don’t care! I’m free!!

  25. Tracye says:

    This day took so long.
    It couldn’t come fast enough.
    It’s here. She’s gone. Peace.
    Eyes hot with my tears,
    Thinking about her return.
    Needing one more hug.
    When did this happen?
    She shouldn’t be in school, yet.
    They grow up too fast.
    The school bell rings-yay!
    Coming home so excited!
    Has to tell me all.
    Chocolate chip cookies
    Still warm from the oven–yum.
    The smell. Oh! The smell.
    Melting in our mouths
    While we talk about her day.
    There’s nothing better.

  26. A&EMom says:

    First day of Preschool
    And stillness in Circle Time.
    I can’t imagine.
    Calls on the first day
    From the Principal’s Office
    Look really bad, right?

  27. Shawna says:

    I’m too old for this
    Sitting in a student desk
    Butt hanging off chair
    I just started going to a University in the area and my 30 year old behind is too big for the seats. Seriously, at the university level why are there middle school sized desks? Anyway, cute cute contest idea. Happy Birthday.

  28. Karen says:

    Where are my babies
    I am both happy and sad
    To reach this milestone
    Now two are in school
    One is home comforting me
    For one final year
    When next year arrives
    How on earth will I survive
    Emotional years
    ***I now have one in Pre-K, one in Kindergarten, and the youngest will start next year. It is so exciting for them, and sad to see their childhood slipping away:( However, my logistical nightmare of them starting/stopping school at the same time on opposite sides of town that is occurring this year and next, could make one crazy, LOL;)***

  29. Heather BT says:

    Bookbag way too big
    Forty five minutes on bus
    Pray his pants stay dry.
    Acer is starting Early Childhood this year, in a class with a dozen other Visually Impaired kids. That doesn’t bother me as much as knowing he sits backwards on the toilet and hoping he remembers to get his pants totally out of the way!
    Heather BT

  30. Les says:

    This is fun!!!
    Time to go make friends
    Why does summer have to end?
    Cover my face, snooze
    New clothes and hair do
    Summer’s over, time to learn
    Back to school again
    Wash, feed, clothe, school bus
    Off to school! Mom needs a break!
    Finally I’m free

  31. Nikki says:

    Not yet time for me
    Watching from the back window
    Wish I was older
    My 3-year old, the oldest, was watching mournfully from our back window this morning at the kids lining up to enter the elementary school behind our house. Not that he’ll be going to that school next year (we’re trying to figure out the whole home/private/public school dilemma), but he was sad just the same. 🙂

  32. Azul says:

    Walk away with tears
    And leave my Special Child
    Lord keep him this day
    Chico’s starting a new program geared toward Autistic children this morning.
    I am so nervous I can hardly breathe.

  33. Ashley says:

    My Baby’s ready
    but his proud Momma is not
    Maybe I should stay?
    He nervously waves
    my baby boy looks too grown up
    His big day has come

  34. Heather says:

    haiku from the other side of the classroom
    Desks freshly Cloroxed
    New Kleenex boxes piled high
    Calm before the storm
    Carpool lane fills up
    The school bell begins to chime
    Let the year begin

  35. Amy in TN says:

    With backpack in tow
    He enters the classroom door
    Never looking back
    As she skips to class
    I want her teacher to know
    She has my sunshine.
    School supplies abound
    New backpacks and lunch boxes
    Where did summer go?

  36. Headless Mom says:

    Freedom is here for
    Mommy. All day I wait for
    The return of boys.
    Looking for a pal
    To play away the daytime
    Blogs will have to do.
    Thirty one flavors
    await the return of boys
    four more hours left.

  37. Molly B says:

    Armed with new supplies
    Lots of shiny new pencils
    He WILL DO homework!
    Mom, can I have a…
    Shiny folder shopping spree
    Fresh paper for fall
    How do they do it
    Grow two inches in summer
    Yet today be small
    I’m a First Grader!
    Little man with chubby hands
    Please slow down for me.
    Happy Birthday Week!
    I look to your blog each day
    Daily dose of fun.
    Totally didn’t mean to haiku the last one, it just happened. : )

  38. wonder woman says:

    First year of preschool.
    No longer the lone woman
    In his little life.
    This time already?
    Born just yesterday it seems.
    Don’t know he’s ready.
    Knows the ABC’s.
    Can’t use scissors or sit still.
    Have I done my job?
    Need to savor him.
    Every moment, something new.
    Not get so annoyed.
    Life forever changed.
    Never again home all day.
    Fifteen years – he’s gone.
    Not ready for that.
    Better give loves while I can.
    Soon, might not let me.

  39. Sweetanlo says:

    Math is killing me
    Geometry confuses
    Leaving me so lost
    and here’s another one
    Summer’s over now
    It’s back to school once again
    Junior year’s begun

  40. Julie H says:

    Back to school today.
    Want to dance and shout “Hurray!”
    Free all day till 3.
    Hope you have a great birthday. I turned 30 for my 7th time too this past May!
    Take care,

  41. Missy says:

    We have become they
    They that arise so early
    To beat the school bell
    I am strongly opposed to getting up before the sun; 6:00 am is the earliest I have ever been willing to set the alarm. I’ll eat in the car, skip drying my hair, whatever I need to do to get ready without getting up earlier than 6:00.
    Today the alarm went off at 5:36, and there is no getting around it.

  42. Mrs. Sprinkles says:

    The house is quiet
    Cats sleeping: not chased by kids
    Mama’s sleeping too
    Fresh pencils and books
    Love the smell of school in fall
    Backpacks and apples
    Rush: get the shopping
    done. Pens, paper, kleenex, the
    list goes on and on.
    All the stores have sales.
    You need what for school this year?
    Broke before they start.

  43. Elaine says:

    Pencils with sharp points,
    four black dry erase markers,
    One large box of Puffs.
    On the night before,
    walking sounds like such a good
    idea. Not now.
    “Mom, my tummy hurts.”
    (I will miss you when I’m gone).
    What’s a mom to do?
    Fluffer nutter sand-
    wich, pretzels, and a pudding.
    Better than hot lunch.
    No long socks at gym.
    Teacher demands perfect jump-
    ing jacks. I’m tired, Mom.

  44. Lady S says:

    fresh start with new kids
    another chance to start again
    back to school again
    not ready for school
    stay up late and then sleep in
    not ready to teach
    still seems like summer
    the sun is shining so bright
    too soon to go back
    pencils to sharpen
    folders and books to label
    ready for my kids
    projector and screen
    twenty-five lab computers
    will i learn or teach

  45. Scott says:

    Cost of school supplies
    Rivals our mortgage.
    Must play lottery.
    With four kids in school for the first time, we’ve had to choose between school supplies or eating. I hope they like their stinkin’ three-ring binders.

  46. Kristen says:

    First born goes to school
    Excited and full of wonder
    Where is my baby?
    My first if off to Kindergarten. Will it be as hard when the other two go?

  47. Shannon (ShadesofShannon) says:

    Please don’t tell my teacher, but I had to check out the link ( : Here goes:
    My heart swells to see
    The smallest chick fly the coop
    No more chicks at home
    I would’ve said leave the nest. . . but we’re more like a coop!

  48. shawna says:

    Beach sand still clinging
    Summer sun high in the air
    flip flops and swimsuits
    days not as long
    there’s a chill in the night sky
    leaves changing colors
    trade flip flops for shoes
    popsicles for apples
    who’s the teacher? me. {no fair!}
    What a great contest. Looks like the first assignment of the year was give to us mom’s. How fun.

  49. Ruth Ann says:

    marching band practice
    changing leaves and football games
    back to school we go
    these are my memories of ‘back to school’ – from the days when school started after Labor Day! 🙂

  50. allene says:

    The children are gone
    They left just before seven
    What am I to do?
    The house is a mess
    laundry, dishes, toilets, sinks
    must be completed
    time to celebrate
    say a prayer for their teachers
    One more hour to sleep!
    Fun, fun fun!!! Thanks for doing this contest. I’ll be anxiously awaiting tomorrow. 🙂

  51. Coralie Cowan says:

    desks all in their rows
    brand new faces look to me
    ****I’d better quit, or I won’t get my own homework done. Nope, here comes another one****
    true school tradition
    wait until the last minute
    ***okay, that’s it for me.*****

  52. allene says:

    The children are gone
    They left just before seven
    What am I to do?
    The house is a mess
    laundry, dishes, toilets, sinks
    must be completed
    time to celebrate
    say a prayer for their teachers
    One more hour to sleep!
    Fun, fun fun!!! Thanks for doing this contest. I’ll be anxiously awaiting tomorrow. 🙂

  53. Muskie Mom says:

    Back to school not fun.
    Husband is the principal,
    Stressful times now start.
    My daughter isn’t in school yet, she’s two. We’ll miss daddy who is now back working long days and crabby!

  54. Racer says:

    Spazzy 1st grader
    Is it wrong to drop kick her
    into her classroom?
    Non Verbal in May
    Now jabbering preschooler
    Can’t wait to show off

  55. Nicole says:

    Back to school again
    Rushing and crazy mornings
    Calm and peace till three.
    Have a great birthday, mine was last week. Same age also!

  56. Homeschoolmama says:

    The school year begins
    Excited little faces
    Ready for learning
    I love the beginning of the new school year. I love the beautiful and clean workbook pages. I’m so thankful I can curl up and read, sneaking a kiss and that’s all part of our school day.

  57. Kelly says:

    Slogging through Target’s
    aisles on tax free weekend
    I must be insane
    Still in my bed at
    Six forty-five; bus rolls by
    I love homeschooling
    My sweet drug of choice
    the aroma of pencils
    crisp sheets of looseleaf

  58. Ann G says:

    That Kid startin’ school
    That Other Kid startin’ too
    Both sides of school scene!
    Dual Credit College
    and Pre-K for my babies,
    time sure flies for me!
    That Kid almost done
    That Other Kid just startin’
    Oh where does time go??

  59. Amy V. says:

    Watching children grow
    Wonderful and bittersweet
    How they give me joy
    He is such a man
    Yet needs me for homework help
    Still his mama’s boy

  60. Aggie Mom says:

    Waiting for the bus,
    Holding new school supply stash
    When did he grow up?
    First day of high school
    How will I fit in this place?
    Chance for a new start…

  61. Aileen says:

    I didn’t know we could do multiple entries! I’ve been working on this one all day!
    Teachers are assigned
    No more popsicles at 3
    Back-packs by the door

  62. Kelly says:

    School again so soon
    Why oh why can’t it be June
    Homeschool mom you see
    Homeschool kids don’t leave
    when back to school time arrives
    crazy times fun times
    Clutter abides here
    Books papers pens everywhere
    Crazy we must be
    I’m honored to be
    the teacher of six kidlets
    homeschoolers are we

  63. Anna says:

    thick pencils sharpened
    new bindings to be broken
    best time of the year
    our school is at home
    we still sleep in and play games
    just as exciting!
    vacation is done
    postcards and souvenirs saved
    school is here again

  64. Faerylandmom says:

    I just realized I counted my syllables wrong in my entry…so…if it’s ok, I’m posting a correction…if not, I understand. I just don’t want to look sillier than I already do! 🙂
    Kindergarten at Home:
    We start school next week!
    It’s Mom’s debut as Teacher,
    her heart a-flutter.
    Reading, writing, math.
    Such daunting mountains to climb
    for baby boy grown.
    We start school next week!
    Anticipation looming
    for lessons to come.

  65. Sami A says:

    ***The Tattler***
    Frankie Will Not Share!
    Kate and Sarah Budged in Line!
    Jimmys Eating Paste!
    ***Working Mom’s Dilema***
    Oh, Hectic Mornings!
    NO! She Missed the Bus. AGAIN!
    Late to Work for Mom!

  66. Erica says:

    Haiku, Haiku
    It’s the poem you jive.
    Just remember the syllables
    I’m never going to get that little ditty out of my head thanks to my Jr High English teacher.
    Okay, here’s my haiku:
    Books, pens, erasers
    Longing to buy school supplies
    Three more years to go!

  67. Amy says:

    I’ll always give thanks
    I’m no longer a teacher
    But get to be Mom
    My son’s not in school yet, but after the years I spent as a public school teacher, I’m already planning to make sure that my son’s teachers know that I appreciate them!

  68. Katherine says:

    He starts school today
    Though not for the first time but
    Still, it tugs my heart.
    My sweet boy, have fun!
    Open your mind! Learn! Grow!
    Miss him like crazy.
    So, my 10-month-old started back to Mother’s Day Out this morning. Not officially “school,” but still . . . Can’t imagine kindergarten in a few years! And, hubs starts back to grad school tomorrow. Lots of new starts for our family this week.

  69. Patrice says:

    So hard to let him go
    don’t let him see you cry
    He’s almost a man now
    its time to see him fly
    My son entered 10th grade / almost 6′ tall but still a charmer to me

  70. Kate says:

    Back to school so soon?
    Should be after Labor Day.
    It’s only August!
    My haiku only works if “school” is one syllable. Here in Alabama, many would make it two: Sku-uhl.

  71. alaskalark says:

    Five new boys in class
    Won’t know what hit them today
    When tough girl walks in
    You run in to class
    Without a glance to your mom
    Who loves you so much
    Little man, shy guy
    I’ll let go next week Tuesday
    I will watch you fly

  72. Christine @ Live to Learn says:

    Waiting, Listening
    For the first school bell to ring
    Oh wait, we don’t need a bell!
    We are a homeschooling family that believes that true learning happens all the time, not at the sound of a bell. We learn in the rain, under the stars, by gazing up at the belly of a shark and we learn by living our days running after Jesus.
    Christine @ Live to Learn

  73. mebw says:

    Oops. Lost brain power. Attempt #2:
    Four kids, all summer.
    No bittersweet here, thank you.
    Mama needs a break.

  74. Stacy says:

    Nervous mothers cry
    Their babies all grown up now
    Off to see the world
    Since this is my first Haiku, please be kind. Neat idea. I feel like I learned something new at life “school” today!

  75. Rachel @ badgersontheloose says:

    I’m a Willow when
    Summer’s over. Holding on,
    the last to let go.
    Lovely contest!! Is it really the end of summer?
    William Carlos Williams’ fans will hear the allusion to his poem. It’s one of my favorites!

  76. Cheri says:

    Homeschooling is fun
    I tell myself yet again
    Eight sweet years at home.
    Yeppers, we’re starting our 8th year of homeschool a week from tomorrow. The first two lines are for me. Homeschooling can be a chore. The third line is for my kids. They love to be homeschooled and while it can be a drag for me at times, I truly cherish our time together. It has been a “grand experiment” that has paid off in every way – relationally, educationally and spiritually. While at times I’m a bit perturbed with it – I’m always thankful. So remind me of that the next time I post a rant-o-blog about my kids not listening, giving me attitude, not getting their work done, etc 🙂

  77. Brenda says:

    Four go out the door
    I wonder where the years went
    I smile through tears
    That is my attempt at a haiku…a least I can say I tried. I can’t believe the summer is over – I didn’t want school to start. Thanks for reading.

  78. Karen Pullin says:

    Boys always with me.
    Sometimes I need a break. But,
    wouldn’t change a thing.
    (except maybe an attitude every now and then!) Sorry if this posts twice. I posted it earlier, but now it’s gone. So here goes!

  79. Angie says:

    Baby brother prays
    Mommy wipes away a tear
    Daddy holds you close
    Your journey begins
    Tomorrow we open hands
    Our arrow will fly
    You head for your bed
    Then turn to sign “I love you”
    When did you grow up?
    Curiosity and
    Wonder will lead your footsteps
    So much awaits
    I may have posted twice… I can’t remember if I sent this earlier today. Sorry. 🙂

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