Now You Pick

You blew me away with your haikus–some of them made me laugh ’til I cried, and others…well, they just made me cry.  But we had to have finalists, so I reluctantly narrowed them down.  Here are the top five:

World’s Greatest Mommy knows the power of a good breakfast:

Smell of new crayons
Mixes with muffins and fears
Another first day.

Traci at Whosoever Believeth has her own set of challenges:

School at home is hard
Explaining Math makes Mommy’s brain
need more coffee.

Carol at A Second Cup got me all choked up with this one:

Tall as an adult
A little boy yesterday
He walks to high school

This one by Crying Moms just made me LAUGH:

Spazzy 1st grader
Is it wrong to drop kick her
into her classroom?

Angie at Spring Of Joy gives us another tear-jerker:

Up the stairs he runs
Then turns to sign "I love you"
When did he grow up?

Please vote below in the poll–the winner will take home a fantastic prize package detailed here.  Special thanks to the participating merchants:  The Fine Art of Family, Kimberlee Faith, BizziMom, Peace Love Mom, Lands’ End, Klean Bath and Body, and The Girly Girl Bowtique.

I’ll close the poll and announce a winner first thing this Thursday morning.  Thanks for playing!

17 thoughts on “Now You Pick

  1. Nikki says:

    Congrats finalists, nicely done! All so true. I prefer my coffee right before the drop kick. Then maybe another cup as I wonder how it’s all going by so fast…

  2. Amanda aka Triathamom says:

    I didn’t know about the contest until today. Don’t expect a prize or even an honorable mention, but wanted to share.
    Oldest starts high school
    Youngest to kindergarten
    Mommy cries alone
    Thanks for being a continued source of inspiration & entertainment!!! I love lurking on your blog!!

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