‘Forgot Your Password’ May Be Weakest Link :: MSNBC

How To Make an Art Apron :: Grace Violet.  Actually, just go read everything at this blog.  It’s fantastic. I’m determined to undertake this little project before Christmas.

Spring Cleaning for Normal People :: A new eBook from one of my favorite bloggers, SimpleMom.  I’ve seen a sneak peek–it’s fantastic.

The Global War Against Baby Girls :: Culture11

Plate Rack O’ Fun :: AllSorts

Plantware :: You won’t believe what these folks can do with tree roots!

Amazing Grace History :: YouTube  This is beautiful.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Thank you for writing about the deaths of girls everywhere. I am so glad people are talking about this. I never considered the future effects until now- scary.

  2. suburbancorrespondent says:

    Why is it called a global war against baby girls? The only statistics I see are from China. Other countries may use sonograms for sex selection (horrid as that is), but in those countries, odds are people are selecting “evenly” – that is, they are looking for one of each, or whatever. It is China’s one-baby policy that skews the statistics in favor of boys.

  3. Roy says:

    Upon reflecting
    Tea for two (with grandma,too)
    Kill baby girls. Tears.
    Here’s some future effects not yet mentioned: 1) AIDs pandemic that will devastate China and India. And elsewhere. 2) In the U.S.: a train wreck as Roe collides with OASDI (aka Social “Security”).

  4. Vered says:

    The “forgot password may be the weakest link” article is scary.
    My husband and I read it, then promptly went over our financial accounts to make sure we are not vulnerable.

  5. Abbey says:

    There is a very scary “War on Girls” in the world. Thank you for sharing this with everyone, Shannon.
    We live in Italy and the people there were so thrilled when we announced that we were having a boy this time (due in 6 weeks). The ultrasound technician and the doctor both shook my husband’s hand and seemed more excited than we were when we first saw “him” on the screen. One of the standard toasts in an Italian wedding is to wish the bride and groom many boy children.
    I think China is definitely out of control, because of their one child policy. My husband also often works in India and says that they seem to be an awful lot of boys there too. It’s all based on the dowry system and the fact that, in many places, girls cannot inherit property and money.
    As for us, I love my daughter, and think girls are wonderful. My husband is happy we’re having a boy, but really neither of us cared that much. We both only have brothers and mostly male cousins, so we welcome as many girls as God wants to give us!

  6. April says:

    “War on Girls” is scary and very sad…Diaper Diaries said it well!
    Although I must say that everyone around me was very disappointed (some extremely so) when I found out I was having my third boy…I would venture that girls are somewhat preferred in the US. Most parents adopting request a girl, even when excluding China.

  7. Angelinaa says:

    Almost all the countries where this imbalance is noted as being “biologically impossible” do not have any “women’s causes”. This is an issue that will have to be addressed culturally. To blame it on lenient abortion laws is really stretching credibility.

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