College Football Game Day

This weekend, Hubs and I took the kids over to our alma mater, the University of Arkansas, for the first football game of the season. 

Except that, as we were parking our car, Hubs realized he had left our tickets on the kitchen counter back at home. 

In Oklahoma.

And we were in the parking lot of the stadium.

In Arkansas.

And I don’t know if you noticed, but that would not be the same state.

We had a moment of panic, followed by a moment of frustration, followed by a moment of rejoicing (inside my head) that I am not responsible for the football tickets.  It is so painfully often that I am the member of this family doing the stupid forgetting.  Hubs was due one gigantic, flighty mistake, to balance out the 487 I committed last week.  It keeps our universe even.

Thankfully, my resourceful man figured out a mostly-ethical-if-perhaps-a-little-dicey solution, the details of which I will not share here, in the event that there are any University of Arkansas athletic department personnel reading this blog.  If there were ever a reason to engage in a little moral ambiguity, then SEC football would be it.

I’m so glad we made it, because truly, if you have not experienced the phenomenon that is a college football game day in the South, then you must head down this direction right away.  It is a feast for the senses.  In fact, I took my camera, with every intention of taking snapshots to show you.  Then I remembered that my children were all dressed in red (along with our 72,000 closest friends), and my every moment was spent making sure that nobody got lost. 

At one point, as we nudged our way through the throngs, my nine-year-old son caught my attention.  "Mom," he asked, "is this the same stadium you and Dad came to when you were girlfriend and boyfriend?"

"Oh yes, it is," I told him, while he and his brothers rolled their eyes and made kissy noises. 

Oh yes, it is.  I always feel kind of grounded when I go back to that campus, the place where I found my groove and discovered Tennyson and grew up and and fell in love with my man.  Looking over at him, it was as if nothing had changed.

Well, except that I’m carrying a MagnaDoodle in one hand and a three year old in the other.  And I’m requiring considerably more under-eye concealer.  And all those hills make me out of breath. 

But other than that nothing has changed. 

50 thoughts on “College Football Game Day

  1. Cassie says:

    You’re right, college football games in the South are like no other. I just wrote a post about that last week, in preparation for all of the football festivities that happened this weekend! I can’t wait until my son is old enough to take to a game!

  2. Dev says:

    Psh. I’m still IN college, using vast amounts of concealer under my eyes. But instead of kids, my reason has something to do with staying up late blogging/movies/hanging out with friends, then remembering I HAVE HOMEWORK DUE TOMORROW, followed by slight panic, a large pot of something caffeinated, and an all-nighter.
    How awesome for your family, though, that you guys have a “birthplace of the Dryer clan” where you can still visit. It will definitely instill a sense of legacy in the kids, even if they’re rolling their eyes now. ;o)

  3. Molly says:

    Hee Hee… Love the MagnaDoodle part. When exactly is it that I will mentally feel any older than college? ‘Cause you bring me back to that college town and I am every bit as pert and together as I felt at 19. Until I look down at my “mommy-of-four-tummy-pooch.” Hmm.

  4. happyvalleygirl says:

    Hey! Football in Happy Valley is just as exciting! Jopa and Nittany Lions and the stadium that holds 100,000 people! Fortunately if we forget our tickets, we only have to travel 5 minutes home (if we take the back roads) to get them! Thank God for scalpers! Tee Hee!

  5. Betsy says:

    Oh, PLEASE tell me that there was colorful language involved when Hubs realized that the tickets were not even in the same STATE! I am visualizing how that scene would have gone down in OUR family car, and I can tell you that, even with 3 little girls in the back seat, it wouldn’t have been pretty!!!!
    And, by the way, I am from AR, too. Born and raised in the giant metropolis of Bald Knob!!

  6. Judy says:

    College football games in the South are AWESOME. My last one was a University of Texas game last year when they played Texas Christian University. You could literally feel the stadium shake with excitement (that, and we were perched at the WAAAAAAAY top of Darryl K Royal Memorial Stadium…I think the airplanes were beneath us). I love everything about them – the tailgating, the comraderie, the cheers as people walk towards the stadium…just awesomeness.
    The big shame is that my alma mater didn’t even HAVE a football team. Yeah, a Southern college that was football-less. Lacrosse? Oh yes. Football? Nope.

  7. Kelly @ Love Well says:

    The fall football posts always make me smile. Being from the North (and/or from California, depending on who’s talking), I’ve never even watched a college football game on TV, much less been to one in person. It’s not in my genes.
    But obviously, it’s quite a spectacle. I do believe “y’all” have as much fun on Saturdays as kids at Disneyland.

  8. Michelle-This Ones' for the Girls says:

    Hey– my husband and kids were all at that game too! And my husband feels the same way about the U of A as you do… grounded. We always have to go and look up every family member’s name in the sidewalk. And there’s a ton of them.
    It’s going to be a long football season by the way. πŸ™‚

  9. MamaHenClucks says:

    I can not even imagine how my dear hubby would have responded and like you, I would have been THRILLED that it wasn’t me who left them on the counter!
    With September comes football. The greatest season ever, if you ask the man of the house! Go Huskers!

  10. Nancy says:

    Oh, I am so jealous! I never get to see the Hogs play since I now live in Kentucky. I have not been here that long but I sure MISS my Arkansas!
    Glad you were able to save the day. I can only imagine what that little slip up cost you. ;0)

  11. Kim H. says:

    Okay well Hubs is an Ohio State season ticket holder and I’m always nervous that he’s going to forget the tickets. I have always wondered what happens if you forget your tickets. I’ve witnessed a woman or two who have lost their tickets (I always suspect there is alcohol involved) and let’s just say it isn’t pretty!

  12. Maranda says:

    Wow! Sounds like you have a lot of readers in Hog Country πŸ™‚ Myself included. I missed the game myself *anniversary and wii had something to do with that LOL* Happy to hear that you got to enjoy the game after coming all the way here.

  13. Jenny says:

    I don’t think you guys understand HOG football. It’s the ONLY college football team in AR. So EVERYONE is a Razorback. Period. And people drive for MILES and MILES to watch the games. And they tailgate from dusk ’til dawn, never lettin’ up. And they are die-hard fans of ALL ages. I only married into a Hog family, that happens to live on Dickson Street, so I am technically a Hog-in-law. But I can clearly see that their dedication is amazing. I mean, it’s dedication if you leave your tickets IN ANOTHER STATE, and you still find a way to get into the game!!! Kuddos….

  14. Jennifer says:

    Don’t you just love SEC football!!!!
    We went to the AR Auburn game last year in AR. What a great stadium!!!
    Glad you guys got in. YOu will have to share your way of getting in…I think Alabama plays AR in AR this year πŸ™‚

  15. misty says:

    you DO have lots of hog fans! woo pig sooie! dh has always told me since i met him that fyv is the new jerusalem, the holy of holies… you get the idea! i can’t wait for my boys ot be AR fans b/cs it really is a legacy thing…

  16. Terry says:

    It really is great that as long as mirrors are out of sight I can feel quite young. Just took my baby to her first year of college and boy the rush of memories I felt was amazingly fun.
    Were big on Univ of Miami as we live nearby

  17. Troye says:

    We have done that. Fortunately we only live an hour from our school, and my husband got to make the fun ride back and forth while I tailgated with our friends. πŸ™‚ He has never left the tickets again though.
    And I must agree… Even for the non- football fan, and SEC gameday experience is one that everyone needs to enjoy at least once in their lives.
    Go Dawgs! Sic ‘Em! Woof woof woof woof woof!

  18. alli says:

    My husband and I were at Jordan-Hare Stadium this past Saturday watching Auburn shut out ULM. It was our first night game and such fun. The pageantry, the spirit, the fans… the Auburn Elvis. Oh wait, that’s my husband. We had a lot of fun. We can’t wait for next Saturday’s game.

  19. Robyn says:

    Oh, isn’t coming back to the ole Alma Mater WITH your kids a great way to make you feel proud? And old? I realized the other day that there are fewer years until my daughter goes to college than have passed since I was in college.
    Ahh, the nostalgia.
    Glad you got in the game – down here where football is religion, I’d say that was a pretty major feat!
    Can’t wait for my girls to get to experience Auburn the way I did!

  20. marni says:

    We came “this close” to leaving for a vacation to Silver Dollar City without our 10 season passes/tickets. We were going to spend 2 days there at the theme park, and the season passes are like $50 bucks apiece. The only reason we remembered is on the way there we first stopped at the gas station and one of the kids asked if we had remembered the tickets.

  21. Krista says:

    I live in Knoxville TN. The wonderful home of the Tennessee Volunteers. Our church has a concession stand that we work at the home games so I am fortunate to get to go to every game. The excitement is so strong you could literally cut it with a knife. sshhhh…I’m not even a Tennessee fan…ssshhh…but I still love going to the games!

  22. rrmama says:

    I always have such a fear of leaving the tickets that I put them in the car the night before. That is one mistake I don’t think I could ever recover from.

  23. Edwina@ says:

    Southern Football at its finest can be found here in Tallahassee, Florida, home of the FSU Seminoles. Nothing is more fun then to go to the game with my husband, my daughters and their families to tailgate and watch FSU play. Whether they win or lose, we are always supportive of them. I can’t imagine what you guys went through in the emotional panic of realizing you had no tickets after driving so far. Sounds like you worked it out and you got to enjoy a great game.

  24. Kim says:

    Oh my word, I’m so glad you got in. We are usually half way to wherever we are headed out of town, when my hubby will say, “Did you remember…?” and I’ll be the one panicking!

  25. Kaye says:

    I’ll second the idea of the glory of football in the South. I’m an Auburn alum and must shout from the rooftops that although there are other good teams in the country, there is not a conference quite as intense and awesome as the SEC. There. It’s said. =) You know, what is legal (tickets and such) changes on game day anyway, so don’t feel bad. In Auburn the dry campus rule is quickly ignored and the police guard the people throwing toilet paper in the campus trees so that others don’t stop them or the situation get out of hand. Love me some college football!

  26. Marietta Taylor says:

    Oh my hubby would be ever so jealous. He’s from Arkansas and loves all things Arkansas and all things SEC. We currently live in the heart of ACC country after having moved from the heart of Big 10 country. He refuses to adopt the ACC (says SEC folks aren’t allowed to do that) but he sure as heck was more than happy to adopt the Big 10. You should have seen him when he found out last year that Directv had a Big 10 channel. I thought he was going to starting shedding tears for joy! If they get a SEC channel I’m going to have to move out. I don’t think I’ll be able to take it!

  27. Jenni D. says:

    Yes indeed, college football in the South! I LOVE IT! I could practically smell the bourbon and cokes when I read your post. Glad you made it into the game!

  28. Ewokgirl says:

    Personally, I’m a Baylor girl, but I dated a rabid Razorback fan back in my college days. (I still haven’t figured out why he chose to attend Baylor, but root for Arkansas.)
    I hate football. I realize that stating that has made me a Southern heretic, but it’s true. However, I loved attending football games. There’s just something in the air at a game that creates a feeling you can’t get anywhere else. It also didn’t hurt to sit in a certain fraternity’s block and know that your sorority sisters were jealous. Not that I ever enjoyed making anyone jealous. Much.
    *sigh* College is on my mind today. One of our former youth-group girls who headed off to college 2 weeks ago called me today on her way to class. She’s rushing a Christian sorority, and she wanted to know if it’s the same one I was in way back when. (It’s not.) But wow. Just talking to her brought back memories of my college days. I told her that the next 4 years are going to be some of the best of her life! She’s creating memories that she’ll always remember fondly.

  29. Cassandra Stafford says:

    I have some pictures of my trip to Razorback stadium last year if you want to borrow them…..:) Which one did you go to (if I may be so nosey?) Fayetville or Little Rock. We have yet to go to Fayetville but LOVED our Little ROck experience. Go hogs!!!Woo Pig Sooee!!!

  30. Steffj89 says:

    There is NOTHING in the world like the experience of the Fayetteville Stadium. And It was a proud moment indeed when I realized both my little boys could call the HOGS even if they couldnt put on their own lil shoes yet. I am DYING to take them to a game but not enough to go to another game six months pregnant. The hike to the stadium when i was preg with Tanner nearly killed me and I was five years younger then…
    Perhaps next fall we can convince Nana to watch #3 and the boys and i can go with POP to a game or two.
    Till then I will have to be satisfied with cheering the HOGS from home

  31. Pam says:

    My husband has worked for a major University for 33 years. If you were in that situation here you go to the ticket office and if you know where you sit/can prove you sit there….you will be issued duplicate tickets for that one game. The stadium has been sold out for roughly 40 years so I think this service is pretty amazing. God Bless

  32. Judy says:

    Hubby and I graduated from the U of A 38 years ago. We are season ticket holders and everytime we drive in to Fayetteville my heart goes pitter-patter! I think of how we met during college and it all comes back every fall…great memories!

  33. Tara says:

    I know exactly what you mean. My niece was at my Alma Mater this summer for a conference, and it was totally nostalgic for me. It feels like home as much as where I’m at now.

  34. Jill S says:

    Oh how FUNNY! I’m always relieved when DH makes the mistake for once and not me!! It’s rare but it DOES happen every now and then! Hope you enjoyed the game. We stayed to the very end since it was too close for comfort!

  35. Marissa @ By Grace Alone says:

    We were at the game, too! I grew up in Fayetteville, going to football and basketball games with my dad. Such awesome memories.
    The game was a little . . . um, terrifying, don’t you think? At least they pulled it out in the end. But I’m thinking some of the other games (Florida) could be downright depressing.

  36. Meredith@WrittenByHerself says:

    My boyfriend and I had plans to go to the Auburn game on Saturday. He forgot our tickets, too. Luckily, I remembered them just before we got on the interstate leaving town, so it wasn’t too difficult to go back and get them.
    You’re right there’s nothing quite like SEC football, and I’m so glad we didn’t miss our teams’ season openers!

  37. Gina says:

    Whooo Pig Sooie from another Razorback living out of state. My youngest has UofA on her short list of colleges and we can’t wait to bring her south for a visit. My husband goes to great lengths to see/hear Razorback games (not an easy feat when you live in Big 10 country)! Blessings to you!

  38. Maria says:

    there is nothing like SEC football — to the point I am going TOWARDS F’ville as the mass of red comes to LR this weekend — lol — family commitments – I’d rather be here.
    My favorite experience is the ’97 AR-TN game in LR where my father was decked out in ORANGE in the middle of the Razorback Club seats —

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