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My brother and sister-in-law are considering cloth diapering their new baby daughter.  They’re especially interested in the BumGenius brand, but they’re open to learning about them all.  I know that many of you have walked down the cloth diapering road, and I thought perhaps you’d be willing to leave your best resources, tips, links, etc. in the comments?  Thank you!

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  1. Jessica Oakes says:

    I use the BumGenius 3.0 and love them. They are really the best value for the money. They can fit a baby from 7 pounds to 35 pounds. Which is good because you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying size small and then medium and then large. They come with the liners and even newborn liners as well. I bought my at cottonbabies.com and you can get a discount by signing up for their newsletter I believe.
    I also bought a Whammies (sp?) wet bag in the largest size possible. This bag is virtually leak proof and odor proof and is awesome for keeping the rinsed out diapers in until they are ready to be washed.
    We also use Charlie’s Soap to wash the diapers. It is good because it doesn’t break down the natural elements of the diaper that make it work.
    I have a lot more information, feel free to email me jess(dot)oakes(at)gmail(dot)com and I would be happy to help as much as I can.
    Oh and another useful information site is pinstripesandpolkadots.com

  2. Jessica Oakes says:

    Oh and I also forgot to add that I have several friends who also cloth diaper and they use different brands and types. So if you would like I can also pass along their information for you to talk to them about why they use what they do and what the like and dislike.

  3. mommy bee says:

    There are a LOT of options with modern cloth diapering. I would heartily recommed starting with this post I wrote a few months ago–it has links to places that can answer ALL your questions. http://liletsyshop.blogspot.com/2008/06/helpful-cloth-diapering-links.html
    Then tell them to get over to http://etsyclothdiapers.blogspot.com ASAP. We are a team of etsy sellers who all offer cloth diapers or diapering accessories. Right now happens to be “Real Diaper Week” and many of our members are offering specials for newbies to save on bulk packs and other get-started kits. I really like buying from/working with WAHMs because you can get customized service, and often the diapers are higher quality…that varies a lot from one WAHM to another (and from one mainstream brand to another) of course, but ask around a bit and you can find out who is good.
    I also recommend http://www.diaperpin.com and http://www.diaperswappers.com as places with LOTS of other cloth diaper users to talk to (get reviews, opinions, suggestions, etc)
    Even if they’re not ready to buy yet, the team blog has an ongoing series of ‘cloth diapering information’ with many contributors.

  4. rebekah says:

    The only thing i have to say is that i love my pocket diapers ( i use fuzzi bunz, but really wish they had applix (like velcro) closure) because they dry quickly and are easy to double up. I think BumGenius has these as well…but I haven’t looked too hard into it in a while. Pockets, while slightly more expensive initially are really versatile, and more hygenic, from what I’ve read.

  5. Kara says:

    I have just started cloth diapering as well. One site I found quite helpful was a post on Z Recommends:
    We weren’t sure what we wanted to try, so we ordered a variety of styles, including a bumGenius. I have noticed that a lot of web sites are offering sample kits at lower rates. One site even lets you return the diapers you don’t like to use as credit towards ones that you do:
    I bookmarked this post from the last WFMW:
    BumGenius isn’t the only one size fits all diaper out there. Happy Heinys also offers one. I really liked our BumGenius, until the fabric ripped where the velcro tab was sewn on (caused by pulling the tabs to tighten the fit). I have yet to contact the company, but I heard that this has happened to others and that I should be able to get a replacement.
    Because the velcro tabs are so small, about the same as a disposable, I worry that my little one may be able to pull it off on his own once he is bigger. I don’t think he will be able to get the Happy Heiny off.
    I have seen both BumGenius and Happy Heiny diapers sold at discounts when purchased in bulk (quanities of 6, 12 or 18)
    Also, I noticed that my Target has started carrying BumGenius diapers.
    Good luck!

  6. Rebecca says:

    We use BumGenius and well as prefolds with wool soakers (thanks grandma!), or other covers, and honestly the BumGenius are really handy. Until the kiddo learns how to play with velcro. My 9 month old has taken off her wet diaper while in transit to the stairs. Not to worry, summer is nearly over so pants will be in, and we have onesies. But yeah, thats the disadvantage of velcro closed diapers if you have a dress wearing or diapered only baby.
    I have bought all mine from the manufacturers of BumGenius (cottonbabies.com) and Amazon.com (Gift certificates!) It was recommended by a friend that cloth diapers.
    Oh and we had a not so round baby, so her thighs weren’t fat enough for the leg holes until she hit 6 weeks. But the newer ones (3.0s) have one additional line of snaps supposedly fixing this problem. And it was only a problem because we had a side sleeper.
    I have looked into snapping ones, and they are harder to find in a one size, adjustable style. Plus about $8 more expensive than the BumGenius. And the newer models of the BumGenius have a stretchy fabric with the tabs to stop the tearing problem people have had.

  7. Pam Delaney says:

    I diapered my two kids using the standard prefold diapers and traditional diaper pins + plastic pants n the days before these fancy shaped diapers with velcro or snaps etc came into existence. the same diapers worked up till age 2 to 3, just changing the folding. Doubling up at night helped. It was very economical and since the diapers unfolded completely to the prefold form, the rinsing and washing was simple, and the diapers could be bleached when desired (of course rinse very well).
    Are plastic pants and diaper pins even available any more?

  8. Louise says:

    We use Fuzzibunz for our baby. The great thing, we found, about these is that you can order them from the seconds factory (http://www.fuzzibunzseconds.net/store/Default.asp) and they are way cheaper. The seconds don’t come with liners, but we just buy cotton prefolds and use those for liners.
    I know a lot of other people who have used BumGenius and love them, so I think it really just comes down to trying one or two from different brands, and figuring out what works best for your family and your kid!

  9. Amber N. says:

    jilliansdrawers.com has a cloth diapering trail kit where you can try a bunch of different types of cloth diapers and only keep the ones you want. Its that way I am going to go when I finally convince the dh to try cloth.

  10. Jolanthe says:

    I used the same lovely diapers on each of our 4 kiddos – and the fourth is still using them. I used BabyLove fitted softwear diapers and LOVE them. No pins, but velcro closures and they are gathered around the legs and waist so rarely do I ever have blowouts (well, my kids don’t have blowouts, that is). πŸ™‚ They also have an extra insert in them to help with absorbing too.
    For the exterior wrap (I liked having separate wraps from the diapers) I will swear by the Nikki wraps. I bought 2 or 3 in each size so that if one needed to be rinsed/washed, I had a spare.
    Hope this helps out some.

  11. Slawebbsl says:

    Cloth diapers are great! I use Fuzzi Bunz and have a love hate relationship with them. My sister and a couple of friends have the bumgenous and love them. They cost the same as one set of Fuzzi Bunz. I’m going to get those next time!
    My suggestion however is this…get the sprayer!! It’s very important. It attaches to the toilet intake water line and is amazing! It gets the solids out so you can throw the diaper in the dry pail until wash day. My husband made ours and it’s great, but it cost just about the same is more hassle to figure out how to make it work. Buy the sprayer it’s worth every penny!

  12. prasti says:

    i was going to suggest gdiapers (though i’ve never tried them myself), but it looks like it was already suggested. i know it’s not really cloth, but the diapers don’t end up in landfills…they’re flushable. http://www.gdiapers.com. how funny you had this post. i’ve been considering cloth diapers for our next little baby.

  13. anne says:

    I’ve cloth diapered 3 kids, and, although I’ve tried many brands, I always come back to Mother-ease. The all-in-ones are really nice, but the most expensive. I buy them for stocking stuffers for my babies! The regular diapers and covers are great, too, and more economical. I have heard good things about bumgenius, but I haven’t tried them. Don’t think I will , either, as I’m pretty much a die hard Mother-ease devotee at this point. their website is mother-ease.com.

  14. Jen says:

    I used BumGenius for a long time. They were really cute and soft and, best of all, once we were done with them had a great resale value (on diaperswappers).
    The only thing I found was that my little one had really sensitive skin and I was never able to get them clean enough to avoid rashes on her. I literally boiled them and she still got a red bum, which never happened in disposibles. So I will definitely say that I don’t think cloth diapering is for everyone but it can be really nice and much much cuter than throwing away! So best of luck to them!

  15. Faith says:

    I don’t think I can be much help but…..
    I used a cloth diaper service. It was diapers that were made from organic cotton. Neither of my 2 daughters ever had diaper rash. The service provided a bin that was awesome…you just placed the dirty diapers in it and they picked it up each week on whatever day you specified. The cost was so much cheaper than buying plastic!!
    They would deliver the same day as pick up. The bin was an odor-free bin as well. I am from the capital region of NYS and to my knowledge the service no longer exists. But then again, I haven’t had a child in a diaper since 2001 so…..

  16. Lora Lynn says:

    One suggestion, regardless of the brand they choose: If this is for a newborn, they should give themselves six weeks of disposables, just to get over that postpartum hump. Then, when they do transition to cloth, stick with it for a week solid. It will take that long to get over the gross factor and get used to it. After that, it isn’t a big deal. Just be prepared for a long week and then know that it will be easier after that! A good wet sac is imperative. And a nice washer with a sanitary cycle is always great, too.

  17. Karen says:

    I loved the simplicity and trim fit of BumGenius AIO (as opposed to the one-size which I did not try), but always had wicking issues. I had much better luck with pocket diapers which are the same thing but the inner absorbent area is removable. I highly recommend FuzziBunz.

  18. Vicki says:

    I haven’t read all the comments, so apologies if this is redundant!
    – wait until at least 2 mths, I usually start around the 3rd mth. Use disposables until that point. They grow quickly & the size of the cloth diaper will change (usually) once they reach that point
    – they need to consider “why” they are choosing cd’s & that will help narrow down their choices (because there are a LOT of choices out there). If the bottom line is cost savings, then they should look at prefolds. If they choose prefolds, I highly recommend Green Mountain Diapers http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/ both for fit & quality! If they have a flexible budget, then the world is their oyster as far as choices…there are many pros & cons for all types of diapers.
    – DON’T purchase a complete set of 1 type of diaper (unless it’s prefolds) until you’ve tried it on the baby for at least a week or two. No diaper is a “perfect” match for all kids. It could be a fit problem, a leak problem, smells, textures, tab issues, snap issues, the list goes ON. If you sink $200 into a set of dipes & you don’t end up loving them, then you’re stuck with reselling (which is definitely possible but you will lose $$) & unable to try out different types of diapers if your budget is tight. If I wasn’t going to do prefolds, I would probably buy 1 or 2 of my researched, “favorite” diapers, try that out & then the next month either move on to a different diaper or start building my stash with that favorite diaper. Some diaper stores offer trial kits as well.
    – the “one-size” diapers typically do not last an entire time in a diaper for 1 kid. their bodies change too much – rare is the child who stays skinny & long, or a thick waist that rarely expands, etc. I bought OS diapers & they lasted my tall, skinny child about 18 months. I’m back into prefolds since he’s close to potty training age.
    – don’t attempt to ditch all the sposies in the house & immediately be full-time in cloth. There will always be a need for sposies – church nursery, daddy duty, babysitters, all diapers are dirty, etc. Ease into it & the ability to figure out what you need, timing of washes, etc. will work itself out much easier that way!
    – the very basics you need to start with are a trash can / diaper pail with a decent wet bag in it (Bummis has always worked the best for me – a Large bag in an 8-gallon plastic trash can – it’s a dry bag, no need to soak until the kid is eating solid food); cloth diaper wipes (trust me, you’ll get tired real quick with what to do with poopy disposable wipes REAL QUICK – just get a spray bottle & put distilled water with a squirt or 2 of baby wash in it); 2 Snappis if you go the prefold route; 2-3 diaper cvrs (with prefolds or fitteds). And that’s about it.
    A long post but I hope I answered some questions for them! I’ve never tried BumGenius – there were just too many “cons” about them in the reviews I read (diaperpin.com is a GREAT resource!!) The whole process can get really overwhelming really fast, which is why I would encourage them to think about “why” they want to cloth diaper first & let that guide them in the decision making. The cute / fashion factor can easily outweigh the cost factor if you’re not too careful! πŸ™‚

  19. Jenn says:

    I used bum genius 2.0 pockets. Love em! She’s 9month and I rarely use disposables. I even take the bumgenius when I travel because they are so easy to wrap up like a disposable diaper when they are dirty and if put in a wet bag don’t stink up the diaper bag or car. NEVER had a bum rash.

  20. Michelle says:

    I sort of jumped in with both feet–I had heard good things about bum genius 3.0, so I went that route. So far, 3 months into it, it’s fairly easy breezy. We still use disposables when we go out for the day, and when he starts daycare next month, he’ll use them then too. I figured out that if I cd’d for four months, I’d break even with buying disposables. We’re almost there, and the lack of diaper trash is STUNNING!

  21. Laura says:

    We use both cloth and disposable diapers, but we love the Bummis Whisper Wrap cover b/c it was economical, fit a wide range of sizes and was easy to use with cotton diapers.

  22. onemotherslove says:

    So many name brands I have not tried, but my favorite right now are gDiapers with a cloth insert. I’ve also made some that were my favorite when they fit. Check out:
    gdiapers.com and diaperkit.com if you’re interested in an easy way to sew your own.

  23. Lizc says:

    I seem to be the only one who would say “Don’t do it!” about cloth diapers…
    So here’s the only thing I would like to suggest: Use a service.
    Here’s why: studies show that fecal matter stays in a washing machine just from washing regular underwear. Can you imagine what stays in there from washing poopy diapers? That is not healthy for your baby or anyone else in the family. So I suggest using a service, that way you can use the cloth, but save the germfest in your home. (or as someone earlier suggested, you can use a washer with a sanitizing cycle)

  24. Heather says:

    I used pre-fold diapers (the white ones that you can pin) with Proraps which were AWESOME covers! I always bought the seconds from the company b/c they were way cheaper but still worked fine. You don’t even have to pin the diaper if you use those, or you can use pins or snappies. I also used fuzzi bunz pocket diapers as well as Bumkins which are all-in-one diapers. This was 5 years ago, so I’m sure a lot has changed and/or improved!
    As far as the fecal matter left in the washing machine that another commenter talked about, I rinsed the really bad ones in the toilet. No one ever got sick from any supposed fecal matter left in my washing machine.

  25. Kelli@GohnCrazy says:

    I LOVE cloth diapering and am the go to person for all my friends and all their friends. I finally decided to write up a little something so I can instead just answer questions and not type up the same advice to get started over and over. I posted it to my blog – http://gohnfamily.blogspot.com/2008/08/so-you-thinking-about-cloth-diapering.html – If you want to pass it along it is a lot of advice from me (about 10 pgs on Word). And she can feel free to e-mail me any questions at all. I absolutely love to cd and help anyone with the desire to get started. πŸ™‚

  26. jes@ Beauty From Chaos says:

    I started to read all the comments to make sure I didn’t copy what anyone else said, but I’m running out of time. So here’s my two cents, sorry if it’s duplicated…
    We started using cloth when my 1st daughter was 1, so I missed the newborn stage. we used prefolds at first, then I discovered a love for bumgenius one sized. within a year the velcro was shot on most of them, so I got some with snap closures to try out. I’ve tried fuzzibuns (which aren’t one size and require more money), Baby Kangas, Mommy’s Touch and the Wahmies brands. My favorite is the Baby Kangas. I would recommend getting the bumgenius one sized inserts to use with them as they hold more.
    Now we have a newborn and I’ve tried out several of the diapers on her. (she’s just now 8lbs, so I tried most of them at 7lbs) The ones I liked the best were the baby kangas. They folded down the smallest, and are also very trim when you use a bumgenius newborn insert in them.
    of course, the cheapest way to go is prefolds and covers, it’s pretty simple, but the nursery workers at church don’t appreciate them!

  27. Corrie says:

    We use BumGenius 2.0 one-size diapers exclusively (starting after 1 mo – disposables before that) and love them. They come with a normal insert and a “doubler” insert, so we didn’t have to buy anything else. If I were to do it over again, I would try to buy some used through diaperswappers.com, but I was feeling too overwhelmed initially to work through the forum posts and bought them all new.
    My reasons for getting BumGenius diapers:
    – Fits child for a long time thanks to adjustable snaps (that you only have to adjust as the child grows)
    – Easy to use velcro tabs
    – Nice microfiber lining means no diaper rash!

  28. Awesome Mom says:

    Diaperswappers.com is an awesome place to do research. You can talk to other users of diapers that you are thinking about trying. You can also use the for sale or trade forum to get quality used diapers which will help you cheaply try out new styles of diapers.
    PS to all the germaphobes out there we have been using them for years and none of us have gotten sick from them. We just use a hot wash and that kills all the icky germs.

  29. Tammy Elrod says:

    We just used regular cloth diapers (we found the prefolded ones worked best) and then used velcro diaper covers. Then you could have lots of diapers and several nice diaper covers. They work without pins and are very effective. We loved them and neither of the kids we used them with had problems with diaper rash, ever! It was amazing!

  30. Cathy says:

    Well, I’ve tried various kinds of cloth, but like Fuzzi Bunz the best. Personally, I don’t care for velcro/aplix as it attracts lint and gunk and eventually doesn’t fasten so well. The Fuzzi Bunz use snaps which have worked well for us. We’ve used Kissaluvs size 0 with our newborn up to about 6 months of age (my kids tend to be slim in the waist), then switched to Fuzzi Bunz after that. The Kissaluv leg gussets seem to hold in breastmilk poop very very well, much better than a disposable.
    As someone else mentioned, I’d highly recommend the sprayer once the baby is starting any solids whatsoever to avoid having to dunk and swish (blah!).

  31. emily says:

    BumGenius 3.0 are the BEST! We have a two month old and started with a variety of different diapers. We quickly went and ordered a dozen BumGenius and love them. They are so much easier to use than the other brands (we’ve tried Happy Heinys, Fuzzi Bunz, Mother’s Touch). However, we also like the Haute Pockets… not as much as BG, but they are still very good.
    My biggest advice is to USE THE RIGHT DETERGENT! I really messed up our diapers at first where they were repelling liquids = pee everywhere! And it took a lot of work to strip them and get to where they were useable. We use the Arm and Hammer for Sensitive Skin and so far so good with that.
    Also, get a good pail with a washable liner. We use the Wahmies pail liners and they wash up really well.
    Good question, I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments for further tips as well!

  32. Heather says:

    I use prefolds and Thirsties covers. I’ve been using them for about three months and love them. I don’t have to worry about leaking diapers like I do with disposables. I only put the covers in the diaper pail when they get poop on them. Otherwise, they just air out until the next diaper change. I bought a pail liner from Firefly Diapers and it has been wonderful. I just dump the diapers in the wash (with the pail liner) and use a little detergent and hot water, then outside on the clothes rack they go. The sun bleaches out the poop stains the washer didn’t get out. (I do have to put them in the dryer for about 10 minutes to get them soft again.)

  33. jenn says:

    We use BumGenius and I have been very happy with them. I think everyone else has covered any advice I can offer on the topic except the following:
    DO NOT use the sanitize setting on your washer with any cloth diaper that has a wetproof lining (like the BumGenius). The extra hot water of the sanitize setting will ruin the wetproofing and then you’ll have some leaky diapers.

  34. Rachel @ Twilight Journey says:

    I use BumGenius at home with Judah, and have been so happy with them. They are slightly bulkier than disposables (as are all cloth diapers I assume), and sometimes pants are tighter on my already-chunky guy. That’s really the only downfall.
    I have around 15 diapers, and I wash every other day, more if we haven’t left the house and less if we have.
    Definitely get a wet bag that can be thrown into the washer along with the diapers. No touching, no mess.
    Also, using baby washcloths as wipes works very well. Just throw the dirty cloths into the wet bag along with the diapers. I fold them in half and put them in a Huggies wipes container with a little bit of water to keep them moist.

  35. Faerylandmom says:

    I use BumGenius, and have been very happy. The only downfall I can see is having to “strip” them once a week, or they hang on to smells. I attribute that to two things:
    1) My water is on the hard side, so truly clean rinsing is a bit of a challenge for non-cotton diapers.
    2) I cannot sun-bleach them because I have no clothesline, which would most likely alleviate #1.
    If she goes with BumGenius, I also recommend she begin buying Charlie’s Soap (google it), and using it for all her laundry. The stuff’s amazing. Amazing.
    That’s my two pennies!

  36. Chica Schmica says:

    I’m probably being redundant with as many commenters that have already put in their two cents, but I used Bumgenius diapers for both of my daughters so I’ll still chime in.
    Since much of cloth diaper is personal preference, I would suggest getting a variety of different types to start. There are SO many choices out there.
    For my newborns, I used the Kissaluvs and prefolds exclusively. I had 7 KLs, 24 infant sized prefolds. For covers, I found the NB sizes to be a better fit for the first few weeks, but it probably also depends on how big your babies are. Once mine got to be around 6-8 weeks old, I switched to Bumgenius One-sized pockets. I had 12 of these and they usually lasted me two days. Sometimes I ran out and would either use a disposable or a PF/cover.
    As far as how much time is involved, it really isn’t that much. And when I think about how much $ I saved by not using disposables, I usually didn’t mind the extra laundry. I did laundry every other night and just made sure that my dipes got into the dryer before I go to bed so that they were nice and dry by the time I woke up.
    Here are some links that I found helpful when I was researching cloth diapers:
    Best of luck to your brother and sister-in-law!

  37. ceigej says:

    We had two in diapers at once as they were 17 months apart, and it was so much more affordable to use cloth diapers. We used Kissaluvs and nylon covers at first but we used FuzziBunz with hemp inserts quickly after that. We really enjoyed the the snaps and how easy they were for anyone to put on the babies.
    We washed with “All Free and Clear”, rinsed with a cup of vinegar thrown in and occasional baking soda treatment. We ditched the fabric softeners for all of our laundry, and that really prevented buildup…We never had a problem with leaks.
    My middle child still wet at night after potty training. After he outgrew the FB, we used a prefold laid inside a pair of underwear and covered that with lanolized wool shorts. He still wets sometimes even at 7, and he finds these “night nights” so comfy that he still wears them “just in case.” My husband calls them “miracle wool” because he really soaks them and they never leak.
    I actually miss diapering. My youngest is six now! Good luck to them!

  38. Katherine says:

    I converted to cloth a year and a half ago – when my oldest was 15 months old – and we have used cloth on our now 6 month-old since he was about a week old (we waited for his poop to change before we used cloth! :))
    We have used fuzzi bunz and Bun Genius – and love both! The BGs are easier to get on a squirmy baby, but the snaps are harder for a toddler to take off! πŸ™‚
    Most of our stash is BGs, though, and would definitely buy them again! The customer service at CottonBabies is phenomenal! I bought all of my new ones from Abby’s Lane and she’s great to work with!
    Like several PPs have mentioned, the try-me packages that many of the cloth diaper stores have are a great way to find what you like!

  39. Susan says:

    I would lean toward prefolds for a newborn for several reasons: size of baby is unknown, skin reaction to materials in diaper are unknown, and just general fit is tricky with a new baby. I have CD’d since my son was born 8 months ago. We tried a few of all the types (prefolds, All in ones, pockets and fitteds) when he was a newborn. With as often as they are changed and as quickly as they grown, the best investment for me was prefolds. He ended up being allergic in some nature to the microfiber in some of the fancier dipes. In other cases, the fit was just off, causing leaks. BG may fit their baby fabulous or they may not fit at all. It would stink to have 18 dipes (or more) of something they can’t make work, especially when you are looking at $16 per dipe!
    If they don’t have a place to try a variety – many online sites offer packages which allow you to try several types out and they return those they don’t like for the version they do – then buy just a few of each. good luck to your B and SIL!

  40. CousinJ says:

    Shannon, don’t know if you knew this but Eric and I have primarily cloth-diapered Hayden since day 1! I’ll have to call and talk to them about it–we started out with a service that only did the prefold-type. The service has since closed and I wash them myself and I think it’s pretty easy.

  41. CousinJ says:

    Shannon, don’t know if you knew this but Eric and I have primarily cloth-diapered Hayden since day 1! I’ll have to call and talk to them about it–we started out with a service that only did the prefold-type. The service has since closed and I wash them myself and I think it’s pretty easy.

  42. Lee Ann says:

    Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Shannon for posting this question! You have certainly given me more to think about as we work through cloth diapering…great advice and thanks for all the links.

  43. Jessica Blehm says:

    I eased into cloth diapering by starting with gDiapers, which were great fun until the liners lost their waterproofing. I have since inherited some FuzziBunz and BumGenius which are fabulous. The pocket diaper seems like it gets cleaner, but the all in one sure is convenient. May I also recommend Charlie’s Soap and rice paper liners….God Bless rice paper liners! Here’s a link to several posts about diapering on my blog:

  44. Martha Lowe says:

    Some 30+ years ago, I was “forced” to return to cloth diapers due to severe diaper rash with with the newly developed disposable diapers. So,I found diaper liners that worked wonderfully and could be flushed.
    Believe it or not, I am still using some of those diapers as wonderful dust cloths.
    Mothers, you have more laundry now, BUT, old diapers have a multitude of uses long after your child is potty trained.
    Cloth diapers may be an expense that is hard to justify now, but they have many more uses than just bottoms!
    I still buy them to use in my kitchen.

  45. Michelle says:

    I didnt particularly care for Bum Genius. I spent the extra money to buy them because I thought they would last through several children. THey didnt even last through one. The elastic on every single pair wore out before their life expectancy. Even the AIO’s.
    I would try diaperswappers.com and get many different kinds.

  46. Alanna says:

    I have used the fuzzibunz with both my boys and loved them! You don’t get the extra bulk from an aa-in-one/one size fits all, the dry fast and stay in good shape through many kids. For both my sons, they I didn’t bother buying the smalls and then put them in the mediums at about 4 months and they were able to wear them until the potty trained at 2 and a bit. And as an added bonus, they have a great re-seal value!

  47. Cousin Amy says:

    Hi, Shannon! It’s exciting to see that plans are underway for the arrival of R & LA’s little one!
    We used cloth diapers with SJ when she was a newborn, and have continued to use them evening/weekends when she’s not in day care. We’ve used fuzzi bunz, which we LOVE. I ordered ours from http://www.ittybittybabybunz.com.
    A lot of people recommend trying several types before ordering a bunch; if R & LA would like to try some fuzzi bunz, I’d be glad to send them a few of the smaller size that SJ has grown out of so they can give those a whirl.

  48. Hannah says:

    I use the BumGenius Whisper Wraps, and I love them. If my daughter gets anything on hers, they rinse off really easily and dry fairly quickly, too. We also use Charlie’s Soap to wash because it has no additives to interfere with absorption or cause a nasty odor. It’s also way cheaper per load than brands like Tide and All (at least, it is at the mom-and-pop natural store where I buy ours), so we’ve been using it for all of our clothes. Every so often (like, once every five or six washes), you may still need to run the Febreeze anti-odor laundry additive with them, just to be on the safe side. As far as the actual diapers/inserts go, we aren’t terribly picky. Some people tried to tell us that the Gerber diaper service ones from Walmart were horrible, but we’ve been using them for months, and we like them just fine. No, they don’t absorb as much as some of the more expensive brands, but they do a decent job, and they actually fit under our daughter’s clothes, unlike many of the bulkier, “better” ones. What we’ve done is take some of the dozens of extra washcloths and burpcloths we got when she was born and used them as extra soaker layers instead. We have to change her about every two hours in those, but that’s more or less when we would with disposables, too. We chose cloth diapering to save money, not because it was convenient or trendy or cute, so we don’t mind the extra work if it means the difference between $3.00/pc or $17.00/pc.

  49. Holly says:

    We use gDiapers, too… and love them! They’re not cloth, they’re not disposable. They’re FLUSHABLE!!! No diaper pail in the house means no diaper pail smell in the house. I highly suggest these!

  50. Katie says:

    I’ve used a combination of BumGenius and FuzziBunz since we adopted our daughter 4 months ago from South Africa.
    I have consistently been disappointed with BumGenius compared to FuzziBunz. The BGs faded after the first wash, and generally wear out more quickly, and I don’t personally think they are as cute. They are a bit harder to stuff, too. Also, they have a far lower resale value (for example on eBay).
    So I will never buy BumGenius again and will instead invest in FuzziBunz!

  51. Jennifer Casey says:

    It looks like there is a ton of good information in the comments. We tried FuzziBunz w/our 1st 2 kids, but the leg holes were a bit big for our skinny girls. Then we had a 9+lb baby, so I didn’t even try them. I have a complete set of size 1’s they could have, they are just sitting in my daughter’s closet waiting to be donated or used by someone! We go to TGC, so I can try to get them to Chris or to Reed if they are interested.

  52. Bonnie says:

    I use Bum Genius and LOVE them. I spent quite a while shopping around and asking friends about diapers before we purchased ours. Bum Genius made the most sense to me. They are very easy to put on (like a disposable). They are also SOOOO easy to wash. I just throw them in on a cold cycle, no soap, then a hot cycle with soap, then put them in the dryer. I don’t even usually rinse the poop out before washing them, unless they are REALLY poopy. A recent issue of Mothering magazine had a couple good articles on cloth diapers, with a list of links.

  53. Megan says:

    Yes! I LOVE cloth– and it’s not hard! (That’s the 1st thing ppl say, that it’s messy and too much work. It’s not, it’s easy & rewarding!)
    My first recommendation, though, is to use a biodegradable liner (like Imse Vimse, my fave). They’re only necessary after introducing solids because that’s when the “breastfeeding poop” goes away & it becomes REAL poop. Then it’s easy to dump & hardly comes into contact with the dipe. An un-“soiled” liner can be washed/dried/re-used once before tossing.
    I’d love to answer questions or chat if they want to contact me, any time. Love talking anything cloth!!
    My favorite diaper shopping website is:
    (Cheap, great selection, excellent cust svc- this has been my primary diaper provider!)
    I also love:
    (little more expensive but they have a great, CHEAP NEWBORN diaper with umbilical cutout– they grow so fast so it’s nice that they’re not so expensive, & we loved them) They also have a link to my fave laundry soap (for diapers & all other laundry), “Charlie’s Soap”. They have a good laundering instructional as well as nice accessories (love the Diaper Lotion Potion)
    Diaper Swappers (http://www.diaperswappers.com)has used diapers- you can try different styles to see what works for you best without spending a fortune. They also have lots of forums to get advice or direction– this was my greatest resource when I was starting out because I had NO idea what was out there.
    I would recommend using cloth wipes as well, it’s just easier. I make my own out of old swaddle blankets.
    I also made my own diapers when my 2nd son was born but got discouraged because I spent so much time on them & he grew SO fast! But it was fun anyways. Maybe I’ll do it again now that his weight has plateaued (sp?)
    Sorry for the long post! Contact me any time to chat!!! -Meg

  54. Heather says:

    I came here initially to tell you that I did not cloth diaper, but we did JUST finish ( knock wood) toilet training with cloth training pants.
    Our diaper pail was foul! We used a sealed bucket with a solution of water and Borax or Super Washing Soda and laundered every other day ( there were not too many pants in it daily.)
    But now I think I may have to get my hands on Charlies Soap- sounds good. We have thrown out pants that never got fresh and that is a crying shame!
    What is this stripping you speak of? Like with vinegar?

  55. Heather says:

    I’ve been cloth diapering my son for 9 months. I wish I would have done it with my other children…it’s easy, fun, natural, good for the environment….
    I use a combination of fuzzibunz, prefolds with bummis covers, and bum genius. I’ve been happy with them all, try several kinds and rotate for what you need. Good luck! I also use Charlies soap.

  56. Katie says:

    I use mostly BG and I love them – they were pricey to start with, but hold up beautifully in the washer and dryer (although I sun them whenever possible).
    I’m trying a few other brands too, just because as your baby grows, sometimes the fit is hard to get “just so” on any ONE brand – I’d recommend having a couple other one-size diapers to try out and have on hand for the days when a BG may not seem to fit quite right, no matter what you do.
    I also have some prefolds and covers that I enjoy using when I’m around the house – gives my BG a break and are still pretty darn easy.
    I use Wahmies pail liners for my diaper pail (really just a garbage can with a lid) – and they work great. Got a couple cute Wahmies wet bags for the diaper bag, too. TONS of cute patterns!
    I’ve ordered everything online and had great experiences with a number of CD websites – Nicki’s Diapers, Kelly’s Closet and CottonBabies are all fast, with fabulous customer service. Be sure to sign up for emails to get coupon codes too…
    I save a ton of money, a ton of garbage, and I really don’t mind the laundry (1 load every 2-3 days hardly makes a difference in my world)… and folding diapers is oddly cathartic. Best of luck to them!

  57. single mom with tiny tot says:

    I’m also a BumGenius lover. My daughter started wearing them around 3 months. She’s now two and still wears the same diapers.
    I also did a lot of old-school pre-folds with covers. Look for “Snappi”s to use instead of pins.
    I use baby washcloth for wipes. Nuthin’ added. I just stick a wipe (or two or three depending on the poop factor) under the warm water faucet, wring, and wipe away.
    I can also say, through experience, wash your diapers in warm, not hot. Always do a second rinse in cold with vinegar added. It will get rid of any extra stink.

  58. julie says:

    A little late to the discussion, but we use g-diapers but with cloth inserts. The G-diaper is basically a cloth wrap with a vynal hammock that snaps in; and each wrap comes with 2 hammocks. Into that hammock you can put either the (pricey but flushable/compostable if wet) single-use inserts OR you can drop your own cloth in there and use as a cloth diaper. The flexibility was worth it to us. Our son came home 2 weeks ago at age 20 months and we’ve been LOVING them. We’ve used the single-use insert once and the rest have been cloth.
    For the inserts, I went out and bought some polyester micro-suede and made about 30 simple diaper socks. They’re basically just a 20″ x 7″ strip folded to be a 13″ loop and then stitched on the sides (put the overlap near one end, not hte center). I stuff those with either a cheap Gerber pre-fold which I had on hand from DD’s diaper days or with 1-2 microfiber towels I picked up in teh Sam’s club automotive section. One of these alone is as absorbant as the thicker Gerber but much thinner; 2 is as thick as a Gerber but double the absorbancy.
    Right now we use a disposable Gerber liner (discontinued leftover from DD’s days) on top which are washable and reuseable if not soiled on; but I would rather get a sprayer & bucket and reduce the little baggies of poo we throw away (I know! It’s illegal and gross! Sorry!). And I want to switch to cloth wipes b/c I dislike having to take the whole mess into the bathroom afterwards and sort liners and diapers from wipes and other garbage. I’d rather just rinse the whole mess and toss it in the bin. I take the diaper out of the wrap, roll them up together, and stick in the bin. They wash together but then microfiber (which is bright blue and easy to spot) gets pulled out and dried on racks and everything else is dried on high.
    I use a waterproof wetbag from greenmountaindiapers.com inside my diaper champ.
    Back when DD was in diapers we used the prefolds directly with a Snappi and a vynal cover. We only CD’s about 40% of the time and didn’t want to invest in the pricey stuff. BUT…this was the LEAST convenient thing and so we were less inclined to do it and then if you’re only doing 2-3 cloth per day it takes days and days to be worth washing and then they STINK or you’re wasting your time washing a load with 5-6 diapers in it. So while it’s not an all-or-nothing thing, I do suggest to them picking something they think they’ll use often enough to justify the wash & such. As somoene else said, know your reason for doing it and let that guide you. If it’s environmental, pick something that appeals to your level of use and effort.
    Incidentally, we were primarily debating the BG’s vs. G-Diapers. The tipping factor for US was that since our son was coming home at 28 lbs we would not really be facing the size changes and so an investment in 4-5 wraps of one size of G’s will probably take care of his diaper needs and the higher price for so many BGs (12-18 for his age and our wash frequency) wouldn’t be offset by the long-term use of them across sizes. BUT…had we been facing the “9 lbs through 30 lbs” game plan, the BGs were very very appealing.

  59. Kendra says:

    Nothing additional to add, just wanted to my love BG3.0s to the mix.
    My 1st born wore ‘sposies.
    I got into cloth with my second, doing pre-folds & covers. I sorta fell off the wagon as we outgrew the medium size b/c I found pre-folds cumersome with a squirmy baby.
    With #3, I decided to try BG pockets and I have never looked back. We do still use paper dipes occasionally, but really the BGs are wonderful. I’ve been able to leave baby with other care providers and they’ve had no problem using them either.
    We started around 4months when baby was having some persistent diaper rash in ‘sposies. Once I switched over to cloth, the problem went away.
    I do agree with others, it’s a hassle to mess with cloth in the very beginning when you are sleep deprived and baby is pooping 12xs a day.

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