That’s My Boy

The kids are out of school today, so we spent a little time thinking about Halloween costumes.  My 11 year old asked me, at one point, "do you think they have rubber brains at Dollar Tree?"

And I couldn’t decide whether to be alarmed that he’s gross, or proud that he’s frugal.

27 thoughts on “That’s My Boy

  1. My Precious Pennies says:

    When I was around his age I used to “suggest” we buy things at the Dollar Tree all the time – I figured out that my mom would be more likely to get me something that I didn’t need and wouldn’t care about in a week for a dollar at the Dollar Tree than somewhere else.

  2. Dawn says:

    You remind me of a dilemma I had in a conversation with my son. He was musing about what he should be when he grows up. I enthusiastic replied that it’s so exciting to think about all the things he could choose from. I told him he should pick something he loves. He quickly responded, “Then I’m going to work at McDonald’s!”

  3. Rusty says:

    Speaking of Dollar Tree… I was in a lab recently for a blood test and it was decorated for Halloween. The lab tech told me she had found “bloody fingerprints” in Dollar Tree that she loved but thought it might be a little too much to put in the office. Funny.

  4. megan@Hold it Up to the Light says:

    Very funny! I have a gross and frugal boy myself. He prefers Dollar Tree toys to the really expensive things. Every Christmas, it seems like the cheap stuff I buy for the stocking entertains him WAY more than the other (more expensive) stuff. I guess I need to foster that frugal spirit even more! Love it!!!

  5. Francie says:

    My daughter too is thinking frugal and compassion this Halloween.
    Daughter Youngest: I’m going to go to two million houses this Halloween!!
    Daughter Eldest: You couldn’t eat all that candy! It would go stale!
    Daughter Youngest: Whatever I don’t eat, I’ll give to a hobo.
    P.S. – Saw you in Compassion mag. Wonderful!!

  6. Steffj89 says:

    cracking up here…i think its great…BTW i have to ask…how did the rocks ever make it to your dryer? I totally understand how stonewashed came into being Tanner leaves at least a handful of rocks in every pocket he has available. i have spent an hour digging gravel out of my washer in the last two days….lol

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