$5 Dinners
Cheap recipes.  Um, yes, please.

Woven and Spun :: 6-Year Med
A blog I’ve really been enjoying lately, written by a pediatric resident.

Holocaust Love Story Inspires Book :: MSNBC

Babies Aid Mothers’ Brains :: The Sun
"Mums become braver and faster at finding food." 
Is it a sign of intelligence, or a sign that we don’t have time to finish a meal?

Halloween Treats To Enjoy and Avoid :: MSN
Okay, fine, whatever.  In this family?  The Three Musketeers are MINE.

Soldier and Daughter Reunion :: MSNBC

Money Saving Mom
Great source of bargains and frugal-living tips.

WFMW: Turn Down the Volume :: Are We There Yet?
Clemntine and I had an e-mail exchange that was great I told her she had to post it!  Thankfully, she did.

14 thoughts on “

  1. AnnieBlogs says:

    When I taught school, every time I read a book like “Angel Girl”, I cried. In front of the children. Not cool.
    Now I can just cry in a coffee shop in front of a lot of my peers as I read silently to myself.
    Much cooler. 🙂

  2. Coupon Geek says:

    Thanks for posting the 6 year med site! I’ve only read a few of her stories so far and some are so touching…and others so funny! It’s a nice break from coupon deal sites! Good find!

  3. lemonade says:

    haha… you know what shannon, i have been reading Danielle’s blog (6 Year Med) too, and the first time i read her blog, i think both of you have something similar in some ways, like the style of writing or well i dont know, just something silmilar!! LOL
    And i dont even know both of you in person! I guess you dont know each other too! 🙂
    Oh i do very much enjoy reading both of your blogs! Blessings:)

  4. Sarah says:

    In regard to the halloween candy article:
    Yotta bars? 6 to 9 veggies? They’ve got to be kidding, right? Who could pass those out to kiddies at the door with a straight face?

  5. Dear Daddy says:

    Thanks for posting the link to the military father/daughter reunion. Our daddy just left so I could totally relate to the joy of daddy coming back home!
    Blessings, Michelle

  6. Racheal Felton says:

    Wow! I just opened my Compassion Newsletter and there you were! A picture of you and Dissan and a 2 page article in the back of the newsletter with excerpts from your blogging on that trip to see him. Very special! Seriously!

  7. NanaBeast says:

    If there were a “Name your favorite blog title contest”, Socks In My Dryer would get my vote. I have only this hour discovered your blog and am looking forward to visiting often.

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