What I’d Like For You to Know Guidelines

Whatidlike_3Thank you for considering participating as a guest poster in this series!  If you’ve not read it, you can read the full index of posts here.

The idea of the series is simple: I’m inviting women from a variety of life situations to post about what they’d like others to know about their particular circumstances.  It is not a rant, it is a chance to speak with frankness and grace about how other people can understand you–and perhaps even reach out to you–better.  Participants have included the mother of an only child, the wife of a soldier deployed to Iraq, and an American mom living overseas, to name a few examples.

I’m asking participants to keep the word count to a MAXIMUM of 1,000 words, and even less would be great.  (I know this can be tricky, especially when there is much to be said, but shorter, concise posts seem to resonate best with readers!)

The post will go up in the wee hours of your "assigned" Thursday.  If you can get it to me three days in advance, that would be especially helpful (sometimes the formatting gets messed up in transition, and it’s good to have a few days to get it straightened out).  You can send it in any format you’d like; Microsoft Word or in simply in the text of e-mail seem to have been the easiest so far. 

Lastly, please remember that the women reading this series come from widely varying belief systems.  If your faith has been an important part of your journey, please feel free to discuss that; at the same time, please be careful not to assume that all the people reading this piece are coming from the same place, spiritually.  This is a lovely opportunity to gently season your words with the truth of your faith.

Thank you for considering this!  Please let me know if you have any questions.