That Time Of Year

Here’s what was in my mail today:


Almost two inches’ worth of catalogs.  In one day.  Capitalism is still alive and well, it would seem.

26 thoughts on “That Time Of Year

  1. Heather says:

    Yes, it is that time of year. Last week, we got seven catalogs in one day…all geared towards kid stuff. Needless to say, those were either hidden or thrown out before school pick up that day 🙂

  2. Ali says:

    AHHHHHHHH, Promise me you’ll recycle them – I can’t stand to see pounds of paper dumped in the trash (and my mother is the biggest culprit, oh it makes me crazy).

  3. Saucy Momma says:

    Keep that ruler handy….I bet you’ll top 4″ in the next couple of weeks. Why is it I always feel like I must read By the end of the week I have stacks of catalogs piled so high beside my bed its a full work out hauling them to the recycle bin.

  4. MSM says:

    Tis’ the season!
    My kids and I love getting the stacks of catalogs that are coming in the mail, and being able to ‘window shop’ anytime, anywhere…

  5. megan@Hold it Up to the Light says:

    Isn’t it COMPLETELY insane!? I have reached the point in my mothering life where my children are actually interested in looking through the catalogs and it can keep them busy for what seems like hours (I do, however, make it clear that they will not get EVERYTHING they think looks cool)! Praying that works out for us!

  6. Slawebbsl says:

    I hate getting catalogs. I seldom buy things that way and I just see all the wasted resources when I look at them. Not to mention all the catalogs I get in duplicate, for a previous resident or for my in-laws, whom I have never even lived with (very strange!) So I use this website that allows me to choose which catalogs I get and which ones I do not. It saves me time, too, because I don’t have to call the companies and tell them to stop sending catalogs, which they usually do anyway. This really does work. I seldom get a catalog anymore.
    You may want to pass it on. I don’t have the readership that you do. Happy Holidays…in a month.

  7. courtney @ mommie blogs says:

    tis the season to sit on your comfy chair with a cup of tea and cruise through catalogs, earmarking your desires, only to put them in a basket, never look at them again until January when you are “organizing and cleaning out” the entire house 🙂

  8. Kansas Mom says:

    I’m also a fan of Catalog Choice. Not only do I feel like we’re helping the environment, I don’t have the temptation to look through them. I find I’m much more content with what we do have when I’m not constantly hammered with what we could have.

  9. Melene says:

    Our mail has been on hold since last Thursday when we went out of town. It will all be delivered today…..I’m now nervous about it! Thankfully, I’ve learned to just look and not ( always ) order.

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