Works For Me: Toys Worth Buying (Subtitled: I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE JUNK IN MY HOUSE)

Hey, I have an idea!  Let’s talk about something that has absolutely, positively NOTHING to do with politics!  You in?

I am so excited about today’s themed edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday.  I hope you’re planning to chime in–I’m counting on your good ideas.

I suspect that you, like me, have had the experience of giving your children gifts that end up in the back of a closet, attic or garage after a few short weeks.  Some toys just resonate with children, others (most, actually, I think) don’t.  This year, especially, I don’t have the time or budget for accumulating junk.  (Nor do I have the closet space.)

So, for this edition, I’m planning to share some time-tested toys our family has loved–the toys that I think are actually worth buying.  I hope you’ll share your list, too.  You might consider listing the ages you think suit each toy best.  Feel free to provide specific product links and brand names, or be more general in your recommendations.

Here is my family’s list (and, just so you know, I did not receive any free products or compensation in exchange for these recommendations.  Just the goodness of my own heart, girls):

Thomas the Train (ages 1 and up).  These are not cheap toys.  But they stand the test of time (particularly the brand name; the generic train sets don’t quite measure up, though they’re still good toys).  We have a huge Thomas set and (shhh…don’t tell) when I get it out for my daughter, her older brothers will sometimes drift into the room to “help” her.

Magnetix (ages 4 and up).  We’re big fans of building toys around here.  Of course, Legos have always been a favorite, but Magnetix is an excellent toy, too.  You have to be careful with the tiny pieces around little kids, but for the big kids, this has been a huge hit.

Elefun (ages 2-5).  This is a fun little toy that has been a favorite of every one of my preschoolers.  It’s simple and active–especially good for cooped-up cold days inside.

Wii (ages 5 and up).  We’ve had other gaming systems; the Wii is my hands-down favorite.  Of course, parents always have to apply some common-sense limits to video-game time, but the Wii is so much more interactive than the others.  It’s actually been a source of fun family time.

Aquadoodle (ages 1-5).  My kids have always loved drawing toys, but sometimes they can get gunky and worn out easily.  I bought a travel-sized Aquadoodle for my daughter this fall, and I am in love with this toy.  It’s more compact than a Magnadoodle (great for the car), and–best of all–the “ink” is simply water.  Easy to refill, and if it spills?  It’s just water.  I love it so much that I’m thinking about getting Corrie the full-sized version for Christmas.

Shut-the-Box (ages 5 and up).  My grandparents had this game in their house when I was growing up; last year I looked all around to find one for my family.  It’s simple and fast, and it builds budding math skills.  We have some violently competive Shut-the-Box tournaments in this family.

Blokus (ages 5 and up).  I love this game because it is cerebral and challenging.  My kids love this game because they can beat me, EVERY time.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

I can’t wait to hear your recommendations; please leave your link below.  First timers, check out the guidelines herePlease note that the links will close at 8 pm CST tonight, in order to keep away the spammers! 

Was your link deleted?  Click here.

1. Audra Krell (Best Toy)
2. The Well-Rounded Woman (We vote for Star Wars!)
3. Cindy (frugal toy for boys)
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5. Mammarino – (Imagination!!)
6. Happy To Be At Home (go fish)
7. What About Mom (Thrift Stores/Dance Class)
8. We are THAT family (best gift *giveaway!)
9. Mother Hen (hop to it)
10. Shalee the rebel (Origami Christmas Wreaths – great craft for the non-crafty and
11. The Apron Queen (Mommy & Me Matching Aprons)
12. Green Baby Guide (Affordable Play Kitchen)
13. Amy @ Finer Things (A Horse, of course)
14. Queen mother blog (DOG toys worth buying! (&giveaway!)
15. The Happy Housewife (time tested toys)
16. Kathy ~ Bona Vita (PlayMobil)
17. Homemaker Barbi (Best Homemaker Toys)
18. Lynne(Big Toys for Big Boys and Girls)
19. A Simple Walk (the best I can come up with)
20. kcjayhawk (our fav toys)
21. Kimberly/Mom in the City
22. Tonya (IPODS)
23. Memarie Lane (The Best Toys)
24. Kristin (oldie but goodie)
25. AmWi: Mancala
26. Muse Reviews (lots of recommendations)
27. Amy Andrews (15 picks!)
28. Kim @ Beanish & Other Languages I\’m Learning – Cariboo
29. Steph at Red Clay Diaries (Wii for Video Game Haters)
30. My Precious Pennies [Lifesaving Baby Toy!]
31. Erin (Fav Toys)
32. Havin\’ Fun Yet? (BOY toys)
33. KimC (big family toys)
34. Real Life (Bella Sara online game cards)
35. Totallyscrappy (Boy favorites that girls will like, too)
36. Buzzings of a Queen Bee! (Unique Baby Gift)
37. Extreme House Wifeing
38. Lisa @ As Thyme Goes Buy
39. Many Little Blessings (Toys for Boys and Girls ages 3 – 10)
40. Robin@Heart of Wisdom (Learn to Knit w Internet)
41. Kansas Mom (infant & toddler)
42. Karen of Sillymonkeez (Toys for Boys & Girls 1-5)
43. Walking Frugally (Keeping it Classic)
44. Emily @ Little Home (dolls)
45. Holly (Toys That Take Imagination)
46. Christmas at our house
47. The Messy Mom (toy that helps at bedtime))

48. Smithfam(Our Fav Toys/Gifts)
49. Judy (ZOOB!)
50. SarahLCC (Cthulhu)
51. Happy to be at Home (Go Fish…but better)
52. Dandelion Dayz(our faves)
53. Free 2 Be Frugal (classics!)
54. Lisa(Sandra Boynton books)
55. Christine (toys that aren\’t so terribly crappy)
56. Loving Mom 2 Boys (Around We Go)
57. Amy (10 for age 2-4)
58. fern (best toy ever)
59. Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts (Little People)
60. The Early Interventionist\’s Toy Bag (ages 0-3)
61. Domestic Spaz (what toys?)
62. Reading Rosie (Boy Toy Joy)
63. Carolina Mama
64. Carrie (no batteries)
65. MemeGRL (mostly for boys)
66. Just a little bit of…
67. avtcoach
68. mombrud (hyper racetrack)
69. Early Interventionist Recommendations for Toddler Learning Toys!
70. Mommaroo2 (Boys\’ Toys)
71. Tara@Not So Perfect(marble game)
72. Michelle@SavingSomeGreen (Faves for kiddos)
73. se7en (se7en of the best)
74. flexible dreams (ages 2 and 4)
75. Shannon @ Skizzle\’s Corner (saving money on kleenex)
76. Kristine (Fisher Price Little People)
77. Lee (ages 0-3)
78. Smellyann
79. JanMary, N Ireland (toys we love in UK)
80. Amber@MMM (Quality, Wood Toys)
81. A Maui Blog (from ages 3 til 11 & free)
82. Leanne – Towers of Fun
83. Laura @ Bloggin\’ Mama (Magna Doodle)
84. Fiddledeedee (Boy Toy!)
85. Mary Ann\’s House
86. The Glamorous Life Association
87. Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light (Computer Gadgets for Little Ones)
88. Carole (worthwhile toys for busy boys (and girls))
89. Kim
90. Col @ gigablonde (“Insiders Secrets To Raising A Future Millionaire” ebook)
91. Three Bay B Chicks (GREAT Early Development Toys)
92. Edi (Encouraging Imagination)
93. Petersonclan (Inside, Outside, Boys and Girls!)
94. “Cents”able Momma (Best Train for Boys)
95. BusyMom (my approach to toys)
96. Raise Them Up (Ride On Toy(s))
97. Counting Sprinkles (Crocodile Creek)
98. warillever (ages 1-6)
99. Sarah @ Say What (Boy tested mommy approved)
100. JessieLeigh(Busy Ball Popper- 0-3)
101. Chel (Leaving a Legacy)
102. Hadias (Making Bread Crumb)
103. Hadias (Clean Up Station)
104. Bailey\’s Leaf (Twin Time Dollhouse)
105. Miss Mommy- Toys We Love!
106. Sheila ~ To Love, Honor and Vacuum (quitting something cold turkey)
107. Camian Academy (The Good Toys)
108. Sherry (Less is More)
109. Lynn ( Favorite Kids Cookbook)
110. Sandra (1 & 3 yo boys)
111. The Gluten-Free Homemaker (toys for boys)
112. Traci @ The Sullivan Sitcom
113. Heather @LovingOurHomeschool (Ticket to Ride-great game!)
114. Holly (under 1)
115. Leaving Excess (Kids\’ Book Rack)
116. Satchell (dryer balls)
117. Melanie (LEAPSTER!!!)
118. Tami (toys for 6)
119. Having Fun at Home (the best game!)
120. chilihead (Didj)
121. Karen @ Mommy, I\’m Home
122. Lorrie (Kid Foods with VEGGIES Snuck In)
123. HeresTheDiehl(Boys 1-6)

124. Delighted Mom (Blocks and Books)
125. Chief Family Officer
126. Jill (boys ages 2 and 4)
127. Mommin It Up (Talking Dollhouse)
128. Tami @ Muddlin Thru Motherhood
129. Lori (books, etc)
130. Having Fun at Home (a quick fun homemade toy)
131. Thoughtfulmom (Wedgits)
132. Milehimama (Cheap and Expensive Hits)
133. Kacie (Price adjustments)
134. Kim – Fischertechnik
135. Alesha (toys that can be passed down)
136. Superchikk (For Kids who love to push buttons)
137. Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers
138. Tari – The Grass Widow\’s Diary (toys for wild boys)
139. Lisa@ElbowsOnOurTable
140. Everyday Beautiful (for infants)
141. Amy @ By His Grace (Great Toys for Boys)
142. This Girl\’s Life (Wooden Toys)
143. Tamara (Want/Need/Surprise Presents)
144. Katie (planning for TG)
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148. Amblin (5 great toys)
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157. Kris @ NSQSA
158. Nichole @ A Call to Higher Places (Great Discounts on Entertainment)
159. mama2tlc (some cool etsy finds)
160. Suz (halloween clearance, other uses when you don\’t do “Halloween”)
161. Jenna (11 great toys and books!)
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164. The Apron Queen (Fun Camping Ideas)
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168. Betsy (DIY gifts for kids — fun for adults, too)
169. Wendy (looking back)
170. Perfectly Provident
171. Janelle (marbles, little people, camera)
172. Erin (Einstein Cards)
173. Nichole (classics high-tech)
174. Elizabeth (ages 10, 6, and a baby)
175. Wani (something for tweens)
176. Kim (classics that last)
177. Heather (Toys For Young Ones)
178. Amanda (keep it simple)
179. Growing Great Kids: An Easy Homemade Toy
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181. Made-New (Lincoln Logs)
182. Wife Happens (Signing Time)
183. Suburban Matron (Magnatiles, pricey but awesome)
184. Amy@GrowingLikeTrees: Dress up clothes, educational game giveaway
185. Lisa (Best Toys & Catalog Ever!)
186. sandwiched (tried and true favorites)
187. Susan (A couple toys worth saving)
188. Bugzmommy (Toys on the Go)
189. Katie (Nintendo Wii)
190. 2 Is The New 4 (Toddler Toys)
191. If Only I Had Super Powers (packaging and alphabet toys!)
192. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates (toys for boys)
193. Redneck Diva
194. TexasTanya (Favorite Toys)
195. Mommy Bee (board books)
196. Multitasking Mama (toys that last YEARS)
197. MamaMay @ Christ, Coffee and Knitting Needles (really AWESOME craft toy)
198. Abbi @ Proverbs 31 Living
199. Allie @ Curvatude (Drums)
200. Organizing Tips (Toy gets kids moving)
201. Crayl, Special Markers
202. Growing Great Kids: Toys with Long Shelf Life
203. Jackie@Our Moments, Our Memories (Wooden Puzzles, great price!)
204. The Frugal Mom Blog(Our Home Is A Hoppin\’ Over LeapFrog)
205. Candace (toddler girl toys)
206. Deidra (a few favorites)
207. Weighing In (our favorites)
208. Family Focused Fun (Toddler Boys)
209. Motherhood and Potatoes (Back to Basics – Blocks)
210. Erica (Imagination Library)
211. A Day with the Demos (age 3&5 girl picks)
212. Lisa (for little boys)
213. NerdFamily Things
214. Jennie (boy\’s dollhouse)
215. Amber (Gross Motor Toys)
216. Saving Money Ideas
217. Jen (Classic Toys That Rock)
218. His Girl (Gifts that will be remembered for years!)
219. Rebecca (Alternative to Barbie)
220. Penny Raine creative homeschoolers
221. Bernie (Homemade Obstacle Course)
222. Tanya (Toys we love)
223. Christina Z (Hullabaloo)
224. Hotomom (My Boys Favorite)
225. Frugality In The Making(getting ready for winter)
226. Hanan ( Thrifty Gifts for Girls)
227. Lori @ Barefoot in High Heels (ages 3 and 1)
228. Lynley (Preschool and Toddler Toys)
229. Amy (5yo boy toys & 1yo girl toys)
230. Angela @ Diapers & Stilettos (Smarter Boys, Lasting Toys)
231. Dusty( great toys for toddlers and babies)
232. Leslie (no batteries necessary)
233. laurie
234. Melissa K (favorite building toys)
235. laurie @ rocksinTHEdryer – gifts for all
236. Poopsie (Classic toys for girls and boys))
237. Maren – Kid Camera
238. Lynn (Educational)
239. Denise @ Full Nest–toys passed down in a large family
240. Amy @ A Day in the Life (Board Games for all ages)
241. Catherine (favorite toys)
242. jodi @ bpr (toys for toddlers)
243. Housewifery for Numbnuts
244. MooBeeMa
245. Jacquelyn: Because I Said So! (duh! no toys here! just fresh lemon juice anytime

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76 thoughts on “Works For Me: Toys Worth Buying (Subtitled: I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE JUNK IN MY HOUSE)

  1. Homemaker Barbi (Danelle Ice) says:

    Shannon, what a great idea with the best toys theme. All of us as parents have had the unfortunate Christmas gifts that have bombed with the kids! Hopefully, these hand-picked toys lists will help mitigate that. Have a great week!
    Homemaker Barbi (Danelle Ice)

  2. Shalee says:

    Shannon, I’ve been so busy at the new job and exhausted at home that I’ve not kept up on the blog reading. Hence another post where I missed the intention of this week’s WFMW. Sorry girl. Maybe I’ll get my act together before December…
    But I will say that my kids can’t get enough of dominoes! Not only have they learned the games, they like to build things with them too. It’s great for the mind and the fingers!
    But if you want an actual toy, I recommend a game called 4-way Countdown.
    And my kids still love the good old reliable Legos. They can play for hours with them.

  3. Steph at the Red Clay Diaries says:

    Man oh man. I have been WATCHING the feed and the twitter, cuz I was gonna get an early link. I guess I have to settle for #30. 🙂
    Check out my post for this…
    If you hate video games, you might be surprised to find that Wii is for you.

  4. What About Mom says:

    I didn’t know anyone else had Elefun. Seems like such a simple game, but my kids LOVE it.
    A kid game that the adults turned out to love (and get very competitive about) was a 5 Little Piggies Memory game that we had. I need to try and find that. Good times.

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi, Shannon –
    This is my first works-for-me-wednesday. I’m #39. Could you add (Home Made Play Doh) after my name? Still learning! Thanks. Love your blog.

  6. Melissa says:

    First of all, let me just say, THANK YOU for a break from politics. Winners at my house include Thomas, Tinkertoys – the newer brightly colored plastic ones, and dress-up clothes. Just by way of explanation, we have 7 children – 6 girls and 1 boy. My son is not interested in the dress up clothes whatsoever. My girls,however, have all loved Thomas and the Tinkertoys. Also, art supplies are big around here too. And, we all love to play Uno together.

  7. Audra says:

    I too, didn’t know anyone else had Elefun. My sons loved that game! Never heard of the last one on your list, it will be so fun to find and check out something new!

  8. Robin Sampson says:

    Please delete Robin@Heart of Wisdom (Learn to Knit w Internet) entry. That was my Tues post. I hate that Mr Linky does that I make a mess. Sorry.
    Also sorry my WFM didn’t follow the theme.

  9. Kitty says:

    We’ve got the Thomas trains too and they are neat! Actually, they even get played with here occasionally – and that says something as my kids are really NOT into most toys.

  10. Shealynn Benner says:

    Elefun ROCKS! 🙂 The Wii was cool… for a while.
    Thank you for this non political post! SO needed due to immense disappointment!
    I have to add the PSP [playstation portable], the leapster and the Nintendo DS. Yes, I know they are all video game things, but they have great educational games for kids, and adults! 🙂 Brain Age!! Love that one!

  11. Stacy says:

    Being in Early Intervention, I just had to participate this week with a list of some of my favorite toys.
    My kiddos love the aqua doodle. Tons of fun, no mess!

  12. avtcoach says:

    I love this toy theme. I’m honored to join in. Sorry I did not add my toy to my name, clicked before I saw I needed to add to name. (first timer:) There are many good toys, and the simple toys for younger children allow the most language and cognitive development. Because I work with hearing impaired children I find that those that help develop social and play skills are more worthwhile and foster conversation and a whole host of language skills. They are money well spent. Love the game suggestions for older children!

  13. Prairie Rose says:

    What a great idea! As a speech therapist working with kids under 3, I wrote out the recommendations I have for the BEST learning toys in that age group — also some of the toys are appropriate for older kids as well (this is mentioned in the descriptions).

  14. se7en says:

    Hi there
    You made me unlurk! I love this topic… I just couldn’t stand the chaos of a multitude of toys and reduced us to se7en in one fell swoop!

  15. 3baybchicks says:

    So sorry about the double posting, Shannon. My first time participating in WFMW and I blew it. Although I linked to the specific post, I forgot to add a short description regarding the content. Apologies!
    Go ahead and delete link #89 when you have a chance.
    Thanks for hosting such a great theme this week. Your timing could not be better.

  16. Raise Them Up says:

    Thomas/brio is Great! We made our own Table as a family project to give to our little one! My big guys (shhh) play too!
    Also, Tinker Toys, Legos, and all things Star Wars work in this house.
    If you have the space, check out the Huffy Green Machine for up to 150 or 180 lbs. HANDS DOWN the most fun trike ever!! ADULTS have to be told to take turns! lol! I’ve reviewed it (and the different sizes of Tinker Toys) in my Toy Tester’s Corner.
    Thanks, for hosting a great idea! Can’t wait to read through the rest.
    We should do one on frugal fun gifts for adults!!

  17. SheilaG says:

    I’m sorry that I didn’t use the toys idea this week! I wrote my post first!
    But let me chime in on the toys anyway. What we did last year for gifts for Christmas was give one Gold gift, one Frankincense gift, and one Myrrh gift. Or, in translation, we gave one gift they wanted, one they needed (like underwear!), and one to nourish their soul.
    The kids loved it. And now they don’t demand as many things! Gift buying was much easier and more purposeful. The gold gift, the thing they wanted, was something big and great, but we didn’t get fourteen things for them or anything. And they learned more to think about what Christmas was really about.
    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  18. Bay says:

    This was a great theme! I’m enjoying the entries..I’m a new mommy, so the toys I wrote about are dog toys! I need tips on toys for “real” kids!

  19. Amy says:

    This is a fun topic…thanks for the ideas! Some of them confirm our toy philosophy around here, which is fun to know in advance since our oldest is almost four Thanks for confirming my hunch that classics are the best! 🙂 And thanks for some new ideas, too!

  20. Wendy says:

    Thanks for sparking memories with this topic. It’s also been a good reminder to me as I plan my Christmas purchases for this year.

  21. Sandwich in Wi says:

    I can’t wait to read all the ideas others have and see which toys REALLY stand the test of time (ie: they are on EVERYONE’s list)
    I’ll add this to my blog, too, but let’s see, our #1 favorite…. Playmobil maybe?

  22. Erin says:

    Thomas the Train, check! Wii, check! Magnetix, check! Though we haven’t bought any magnetix except for one set. And then the big recall/warning came out so I’ve been waiting for the kiddies to get a little older. But they do love them, and really need some more so motivate their creative process.

  23. Christine says:

    I just got my copy of the Jesus Storybook Bible from Amazon. I’ve read about 1o of the stories so far and they are fantastic! That was a spectacular recommendation, thank you!! I hope I can hold out until Christmas to give it to them!
    In our house this year it’s a big dress up trunk for both girlies. I trolled thru the cheap Halloween costumes to fill it and I’m filling in the holes with a few things from the sewing machine. The gilrs will love it – dress up is their absolute favorite!

  24. Mommaroo2 says:

    I love the Aquadoodle too. My only complaint is that the “pen” is so small, you end up having to refill it constantly. (At least you do if you have a bunch of kids taking turns with it, like me.) The best thing is that, unlike the magna doodle, if someone stands on it, it’s not ruined. (Even though I buy them used at yard sales for less than a buck, you get sick of them being ruined after one week.) Aquadoodle is definitely way better.
    My Thomas/Brio knockoffs lasted pretty well (3-4 years) til the newest toddler got ahold of them, and started biting off the rounded track connecting tips. For some reason they’re just not that popular around my house though. They’d rather use the tracks as weapons than play trains.

  25. Leslie says:

    I’ve posted about several no-batteries-necessary toys that are our favorites … now I’ll go home and hope that the lights, noises and movements all the other ones make will keep my baby entertained 🙂
    Can’t wait to read these. I’m sure it’ll lengthen my Christmas shopping list.

  26. Laurie says:

    Oh my – so excited to make my first WFMW post – I posted it twice . . . whoops! That was fun . . . now time to get ready for next Wednesday!
    happy clicking everyone!

  27. Samantha says:

    We’re doing Wii this year. It is going to be the main gift for all of us together. We’ll be doing a few other inexpensive things for the kids, but it’s mainly the Wii. I love giving them things that are consumable so they don’t stick around long-term–art supplies are definitely a fave. We always do a few good books and have quite the library. Leapster and wooden trains have been great for us in the past. American Girl dolls and Bitty Baby have been toys that have stood the test of time. Board games for the whole family have been good. I really like to give things that enable us to spend time together whenever possible. We like to request things from grandparents like music lessons, museum or zoo passes, trips, etc. Otherwise, gift cards to the book store are always a huge hit.

  28. MommaHint says:

    I recently heard about a great way to approach general gift giving as a way to “give kids more by buying them less” it goes like this…each child gets 4 gifts:
    1 thing they want
    1 thing they need
    1 thing to wear
    And something to read
    I thought that was pretty clever and we may try it out this year.
    As for other toy ideas…I am all about the games. Some of our favorites are Guess Who, Battleship, Payday and Connect 4. I bought a huge set of Lincoln Logs too and my 11 yr old will still play with those with the younger ones. We also love the wooden trains, and Magentix here too.

  29. Kristin says:

    Thanks for the game recommendations. My husband and I recently opened a little game store just for the holidays and everyone asks me about SHUT THE DOOR and I didn’t know what to tell them! I’ll have to buy one to keep for ourselves. (If you want to find more games like Shut the Box, go to any mall where they have a Go! Games kiosk, or you can go to

  30. GiBee says:

    These look like great ideas.
    For Hunter’s bday, I got him Hungry Hippos because it looked like a good game a three year old could play. And he loved it. Except it fell apart within one week.
    It was made so disappointingly cheap! I wasted $15 on a CHEAP game that would have been a great gift had it been able to stand the test of time!
    I’m really disappointed with Hasbro’s quality of a timeless game — I used to play it when I was little, and it would have been nice to save it for HIS kids, but I’m not passing down cheap junky plastic, flimsy springs that pop out, and just plain old cheap plastic hollow marbles.
    What could Hasbro have been thinking? Makes me think twice before buying another Hasbro game. Is Elefun made with better quality materials?

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