Hey, Cupcake!

Corrie’s birthday was last week, and we held a low-key party at our house this weekend (well, as low-key as you can be with seven under-five kids in the same house).  I had asked my daughter what kind of birthday party she wanted to have.  "PINK!" she answered (or, more accurately, "pank", because I’m raising my Southern girl to talk purty). 

Though my cake-decorating attempts have, in the past, resulted in something scary, I actually stumbled on a fun idea for her cupcakes this time around. 

Here was the centerpiece at her party.  Look, it’s a big pile of flowers…


Or is it?  Actually, those are individual cupcakes, all propped up on some cheapy little cupcake stand I found:


This was so easy to do.  It’s just regular Betty Crocker cupcakes and icing.  I used food coloring to make the icing green and sprinkled some green sugar on top.  I bought some $1 bouquets at the dollar store, clipped off the ends, washed them in soap and water (because I do not know what mysteries are lurking in the floral bins at the dollar store), and stuck a bloom in the top of each cupcake.

Cheap, simple, and very, very pank.

55 thoughts on “Hey, Cupcake!

  1. Jane Anne says:

    What a cute idea! I was just telling my hubby tonight that I should do cupcakes on my daughter’s birthday since will we really celebrate it on the weekend after. They are so creative and cute!!

  2. Robin ~ PENSIEVE says:

    Gosh, Shannon, you need to submit that idea to this weekly blog carnival I’ve seen called “Works for me Wednesday”; it’d be a PERFECT submission!
    Darlin’ idea…but oh, my! If you could see the clash of colors on my computer screen this morning? It looks like a Crayola box threw up!

  3. Stine says:

    Beautiful result. If only I could use it on my upcoming “yellow” party… for my soon to be 5 year old boy! Hmmm. Maybe I can find some yellow taxis to put on there or something.

  4. Missus Wookie says:

    Cool idea – I can see that appearing in one of my parties soon 🙂
    Of course you really should have had glitter as well as the pink or pank, as long as you don’t slide into punk…

  5. pam says:

    I love these! I am an avowed horrible cupcake maker, so this idea would redeem even my ugly cupcakes! I also love the stand. I was looking for one of those and still need to find one. You did “pank” up right, girl. I’m sure Corrie was thrilled! Happy Belated Birthday to your sweetie. : )

  6. Aunt LoLo says:

    So, so cute! At my wedding, I requested a big white cake, covered on roses and rose petals. I think some of the larger specimens actually had their stems wrapped in saran wrap…but it didn’t work so well.
    LOVE fresh flowers in little cakes!

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