Homework Struggles May Be Tied To Poor Vision :: MSNBC
Not exactly rocket science, but it’s a good reminder.

Same Man, New Eyes :: Owlhaven

BooMama’s Christmas Tour Of Homes :: BooMama
My favorite bloggy event every year!

New Every Morning :: Internet Cafe
By my friend Missy of It’s Almost Naptime

Pirate-Themed Scavenger Hunt :: The Inspired Room

Alphabetical Listing of Recipes :: A Year Of Crockpotting

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet :: Martha Stewart
She even makes this look easy.

Simple Pop-Ups You Can Make :: Robert Sabuda

Watch Your Favorite Shows Online :: CancelCable.Com

Librarian Chick
An on-line list of free library resources

How To Make Roses From Maple Leaves :: HaHa.Nu


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  1. Lainie@ Mishmash Maggie says:

    How timely that you would post a link about eye problems. Two of my three children were diagnosed yesterday with eye convergence issues. They had had regular eye checks and it was never detected. But things weren’t making sense especially with my 7 yo son. Schooling him is easy and he is enthusiastic until he is given copy work to do.
    What I had been attributing to character/concentration/ immaturity turned out to be eye problems.
    We found a specialist with expertise in this area and they both start therapy in January.
    For my 10 year lots of things suddenly make a lot of sense. I wish it would have been detected sooner but I am grateful it was missed even longer.
    If your child has problem with reading music and playing but you know that they know how to read notes or if a child reads the first part of a sentence and the last part but consistently skips over the middle don’t think they are being silly or not trying hard enough. Having an exam by a specialist may be the key to solving seeming “behavior” problems in an other wise bright, compliant child.
    Thanks Shannon–all this just happened and I hadn’t gotten a post together so this article will make an easy link until I do.

  2. JanMary, N Ireland says:

    That sheet folding is amazing!
    Almost makes me want to rush upstairs to the hot-press and refold them….I said ALMOST…it is the weekend!
    What do you call a hot-press? I imagine it is something different. It is a warm cupboard (as it also contains the hot water tank) where we store our towels, bedding etc.

  3. Jill says:

    I have to wash a set of sheets today…I’ll try Martha’s way. After all, “it’s a good thing,” like she says, right?? If it doesn’t work ol’ Martha will be getting a disgruntled email 🙂 (ps I don’t think I’ve commented in the past but I like your blog)

  4. Lisa says:

    The folding fitted sheets link…that is how I fold mine as well, but I fold them a little narrower (in 3rds) and then roll it up like you would a sleeping bag. That way I’m able to tell the difference between the flat and fitted sheets.

  5. Linda Sue says:

    I’ve bookmarked Owlhaven – wonderful writing and a dedication to stewardship I’m working toward! Will be on the tour of homes – actually thinking I should entitle my post “Here is the BEFORE” – rest of y’all can be the AFTER decorating. What do you think?

  6. Rachel says:

    Even better sheet-folding idea:
    Fold your top sheet and your fitted sheet to the point that they are both long, skinny rectangles. Stack the fitted sheet on the top sheet, then stack the pillow case(s) on top of that. Then fold the whole thing together into a rectangle.
    You’ll never have trouble finding a set again.

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