Etsy Love

Have I mentioned once or twice or eighteen times that I’m a big fan of Etsy?  I love and adore it in a way that is not at all bordering on an obsession or interfering with my productivity in any way.  *Cough, cough.*

If you aren’t familiar with this delightful phenomenon, I’ll fill you in–Etsy is simply “an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade” (that’s from their about page, which also has a good video intro as well).  You can browse by color (this is such a cool application), location (if you want to buy locally), or just randomly.  No matter how you do it, it’s completely addictive (and satisfying, too, to think of buying unique gifts handmade by small business owners.  I’ve already bought three Christmas gifts this way, and I plan to buy more.)

If Etsy has any downfall, it’s that there so much to see you can get blissfully lost, looking for treasures.  Since I know that so many of you are Etsy lovers too (either as shop owners or as shoppers), I thought it would be fun to see which shop(s) you love best.  I’ve put up a Mr. Linky below; please feel free to enter a direct link (or two or three!) to your favorites–including your own, of course, if you have one. 

For the sake of simplicity, I’m limiting this to Etsy shops only, so please don’t enter any other links (they will be deleted).  No need to enter your own name; simply enter the name of the shop, and then enter the direct link to it.  I’ll probably close this down to new links in a day or two, to ward off any spam.

Have fun, and link away!  I can’t wait to browse through your favorites and get a few more Christmas ideas…

1. Lily & Coco
2. Momo\’s Retro Fashions
3. Pickleberry Punch
4. Sugar Chic Baby
5. We Think We Can
6. Aliyah\’s Hope Chest
7. Bitty Block
8. For the Record
9. the vintage pearl
10. The Cherry Stem
11. Eldritch Designs
12. Do Over Designs
13. The Sweet Life
14. Katrina\’s Creations
15. Mouser-kins Magic
16. Pigment of your Imagination
17. BonBons
18. Hypernoodle
19. Cape Bags
20. That Girl Is Me Designs
21. Plain Jane Textiles
22. The Handmade Dress
23. The Plaid Giraffe
24. Crafty Mommy
25. made by crissy mathers
26. posie and me
27. Make It Perfect
28. Classic Rock Cupcakes
29. Lovey Duds
30. Portland Beanie Company
31. buggabugs
32. Quilt Baby
33. The Willow Tree
34. jaC jewelry
35. ae baby
36. Chic Baby Rose
37. Gulf Coast Cottage
38. Berkleys Clippies
39. Blossom Girl
40. Painted Designs by Cheryl Grant
41. Amber Hill
42. Retrofied
43. Little Cupcakes
44. Vintage Paper Parade
45. Jump Up and Down
46. 2cute4youfavors
47. Royal Buffet
48. LuvLugs
49. Sweetpea Arts
50. Knittin\’ Mama
51. Bonny Jewelry
52. Carrie
53. Spiderfelt
54. Think Victorian
55. the art of heart
56. Autumn Daisy Studio
57. Beech & Olive
58. Stonz Sterling Silver Beach Jewelry
59. DivaKami Jewelry
60. LilBees (for baby and mom)
61. BrightBlack (holiday goodies)
62. StonesOfHealing
63. WeeOnes (stitch markers)
64. Paco and Lupe
65. Daisy Layne Boutique
66. Stitches by cg
67. Noodles & Milk
68. Doodle Designs
69. Sweetbeets
70. Sweet Darlin\’ Ranch
72. Purple Frangipani
73. Autumn Leah Designs
74. simpledaisy
75. Phase Three
76. Moocowhandknits
77. Naptime Crafts!
78. Countree Toy Shoppe
79. umecrafts
80. hondamom
81. foofeee
82. Lanie
83. Susie\’s Homemade
84. Sarah and Abraham
85. SewSpun
86. Aprons, Tots, & Whatnots
87. Elasah Art
88. The Queen of Re
89. Shop Marigold
90. Bejoutiful
91. Oh Boy
92. Mimas
93. Super Fly Kidz
94. Sara\’s Art
95. Lottie\’s Loops (for little girls)
96. Woobie Designs
97. Unwavering Faith
98. Mamadama Designs
99. The Rocking Pony
100. Bit of Whimsy
101. His Dwelling Place
102. Sunnypond Home Designs
103. JunkPossee
104. MeanBean Bags
105. StarryBlueSky
106. Stone Lotus Pottery
107. Birch Tree Studio
108. Stinky Bomb
109. Lillyella
110. Because I\’m Me
111. See Mommy Sew
113. Back Home Again
114. Two Guitars (cards)
115. Autumn To May
116. Hip Violet
117. Heather
118. Laina\’s Laundry
119. Little Carrots
120. Lovely Yellow Ribbons
121. Peonybaker (earrings)
122. StarBaby (slings and baby things)
123. Smitten Invitation
124. Capturing Today Custom Creations
125. Laura\’s Bead Biz
126. Repurposing
127. Treasures by Tammy
128. Risky Beads
129. Kaylynn & Co. (Bottlecap necklaces & bows)
130. Little Pink Posies
131. Those Greathouse Women
132. Princess MiMi Designs
133. Kim Bobish
134. Fantasy Art
135. Faerie Made Soap
136. Yarntopia Treasures
137. Always Adorable
138. Creativethinks
139. Bon*Bons
140. Here to There (embroidery)
141. Kits & Caboodles
142. Cuddlebug Babies
143. Allikaye\’s Mama (Personalized Blocks)
144. PaperCrank
145. Lovems Baby Blankets
146. Little Alouette
147. Say It With Style
148. Play Family House
149. Fun is Always in Style
150. Little Precious Boutique
151. Raimbow Tree
152. Up Up Creative
153. little cupcakes (Christmas tees!)
154. Moon Over Maize
155. cindygert (handbags!)
156. Sunny Day Tags
157. RHBDesigns (hand stamped jewelry)
158. Artology
159. Chalkydoodles
160. Kickin\’ Glass (Lampwork earrings)
161. Sarah Jane Studios
162. Nestlings
163. LadyGil Designs
164. Azygous
165. CynthiaGarrett “Unique Hand Stamped Sterling Jewelry”
166. Baby Brain Nursing Bracelets
167. My Two Babes
168. Pink Lemonade Bags (correct link)
169. Paper Flowers Boutique
170. Second Story Window
171. Green Cottage Designs
172. Naiad Soap Arts
173. My MoonBean
174. Delight Design
175. My Craft Booth
176. SandersDesigns (children\’s original paintings)
177. Valentina Designs
178. SewICanStayHome
179. Passion for Paper & More
180. Refrigerator Art
181. PLUM BeaN (kids fleece hats)
182. PattyCake Designs
183. nikipetz
184. The Green Yak
185. Coming Home Soon
186. *Shey*[B] Camera Strap Covers
187. Jack and Jane
188. Shabby Vintage Mom
189. Prairie Mama
190. Kitchen Madonna
191. Tippy Thai
192. Perdoozy
193. Coyote Craft
194. A Dusty Frame (Alphabet Photography)
195. Baby Duds And More
196. Ginger Lehmann
197. The Black Apple
198. Little Grey Cat Designs (hand spun/hand knit goods)
199. Lindsey
200. LivvieLee
201. Less Ordinary Designs
202. by Brooke with love
203. vol25
204. Sweet Baby Creations
205. Inspiration Elegance (Beautiful wreaths! I own one.)
206. Chickpea Designs (photo cards)
207. Crystal
208. Belle & Boo
209. Little Sweethearts
210. Tiny Sweets (wool felt hair clips)
211. I Don\’t Bite
212. coon & cole designs
213. Cutie Pies Custom Creations
214. TwoSeasideBabies (Softest blankets ever!)
215. Too Cute
216. scrappermom (monogram and applique)
217. Naptime Craftiness
218. WildHairs
219. Sweet Pea & Bulldozer
220. LoLo Craft
221. Auntie Jill
222. Lima Bean Home
223. Simple Wishes
224. SugarBebe
225. L Herbert Designs
226. Rejardin
227. Ladybug Limited (hair stuff)
228. Frugal Granola (Home, Baby, & Clothes)
229. Bead Whimsy
230. An Iowa Mom – Beaded Socks and More!
231. Tara Stolz
232. Wishing on a Char
233. Pink Alligator Designs – Children\’s Crochet
234. Sweet Baby K\’s Bowtique (Hair Accessories)
235. Tutu
236. Butterflies and Lollipops
237. Heather
238. Wendy
239. BossyBella Accessories
240. The Homestylemom
241. jessicagm (awesome notecards)
242. To Live Beautiful
243. A well dressed bullet
244. Liz
245. CraftyCorner
246. Fishbowl Sense
247. Nesting Place: Tassels
248. Zoe\’s Heart
249. Karen\’s Kidz
250. Pretty Potables
251. Chic Made jewelry
252. Abigail\’s Hope Designs

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64 thoughts on “Etsy Love

  1. karen says:

    I love your blog! I agree – Etsy is dangerously great shopping! I bent the rules a bit & added 3 Etsy shops to your list: the art of heart (mine – I donate most of my cards to fundraisers or giveaways); then 2 FANTASTIC shops — Beech & Olive (France) and Stonz. I’m posting this everywhere these days since it’s the season of giving: Help rebuild Esteria’s home — Thank you!!

  2. Grace in Dubai says:

    I’ve added Paco and Lupe. The fabric is great, designs are beautiful and the bags are even earth friendly (made with natural materials)!
    I just discovered Etsy and got hooked to it immediately!

  3. Cary says:

    I added number 74-Phase Three. If you love aprons, these are the women to visit! They make lovely aprons that are VERY well made. I love the wide waistband (hides a multitude of sins!).

  4. mom2fur says:

    Etsy is not only a great place for handmades, but for the ‘stuff’ you need to make them! It is my first source for buttons, fat quarters and many other goodies! It’s so much nicer to be able to buy one little thing and help support a fellow crafter, than to have to fill a basket at Joanne’s in order to make the shipping reasonable for the purchase.

  5. Jessica says:

    Love Esty, so thank you for doing this post! I just helped my mom get hers together. She’s been sewing for years and has finally decided to get on the Web! Check out her custom purses, bags, specialty totes and home decor!

  6. Karen says:

    Hey Shannon! Thanks for this! I’ve enjoyed shopping around in the links. I noticed, though, that my shop is in there twice. Oops! Sorry about that, I didn’t see that someone had already put it in there.
    And if someone hasn’t pointed it out already– shopping on Etsy is a great way to directly support our economy rather than pouring our money into foreign made goods. It’s especially nice when you can support a local Etsian.

  7. Kits & Caboodles says:

    I’m on Etsy all day long! lol So when I popped over here to catch up on your new posts I got a little confused at first since the first thing my eyes read was the word Etsy! lol
    So glad to hear youre an etsy fan! Have you taken the handmade pledge yet?
    Its the final step in admitting your etsy addiction. πŸ™‚

  8. Julia Freund says:

    Oi, I’m sorry. I misunderstood how the links work and entered my own name. I really wanted to add the name and the link to one of my favorite etsy shops: yaelfran.
    Really sorry about that. Is there any way I can remedy my fault ?

  9. Kori says:

    Thanks so much for doing this!!! I have bag tags that are great stocking stuffers. I also have round labels, address labels and Mommy Calling Cards!!! If you mention Rocks in my Dryer I will add a free bag tag with your order!!!

  10. Abbie says:

    Ooooh–I’m excited about checking out these links. This is a great idea. Sometimes for us new etsy users it’s hard to know where to start looking.

  11. Blessed says:

    I just entered my Mom’s Etsy Store – Baby Duds and More… she’s still trying to get started and figure out what people like to order! She does take custom orders too!

  12. Diana (Ladybug Limited) says:

    Just listed #215– Too Cute. She has the cutest peg dolls and dollhouses ever! (Be sure to check her sold items.)
    And maybe if you do this by this time next year, my shop will make the list πŸ™‚
    Thanks for this great idea– I think I’m going to have to link it…

  13. Aunt LoLo says:

    Ooh…what a great idea! I have a small “etsy round up” of my friends’ shoppes planned for my blog…but your list DWARFS mine 100 to 1! (I posted LoLo Craft – I make gifts for babies and toddlers.)

  14. Diana (Ladybug Limited) says:

    OK, Shannon, I wasn’t going to self-promote, but after reading through the 214 that were posted before I listed my fave (Too Cute), I was inspired to finally get some inventory in my shop. It’s only 6 items so far, but I’ve got over 150 more hair items waiting on my blog– the holiday bazaar season was a little slow this year!
    Anyways, thanks for the opportunity! I’d love to do a giveaway someday, though I don’t have any big Southern bows πŸ™‚

  15. teri says:

    Stopped by to check out the list of shops and was thrilled to see Phase Three on the list. Thank you Cary! I see a lot of my other favorites on here as well.

  16. jen TuTu's Bliss says:

    I love that you are spreading some Etsy love. You should create a minietsy!! Just click on your Etsy and at the bottom under PROMOTE click will get a visual, clickable code for all your favortite things and it is sooo pretty!! Jen

  17. Karen says:

    I am finding a lot of women have never heard of Etsy. So,thanks for spreading the word about Etsy. I just love browsing at all the wonderful things these talented women and men have made.

  18. Danielle says:

    Oops. I’m sorry my link was added. It was an accident (and I did it twice!)before realizing what I was actually doing. Duh. Please delete it when you get the chance. Thank so much!

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