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Funniest post ever.

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One kid will win a $2,500 savings bond for an essay about how the internet can improve their community.

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A Cosmetic Lift For Your Funeral? :: MSNBC
Seriously?  Stories like this make me want to whack somebody in the head.

4 thoughts on “

  1. Melanie says:

    The dead person facelift goes against everything my people stand for when we die.
    Every woman in my family wants someone to stand over her and say,”Don’t she look natural?”

  2. Kathryn says:

    Well, since Melanie already commented on the funeral story.. I”m afraid this will sound morbid but oh well! Our 6 month old son went to Glory in October. He had a severe congenital heart defect (HLHS) and didn’t survive his 2nd surgery. Most of his life he was a little blue because of how his heart defect compromised his circulation. No one mentioned this fact to the funeral home and a the private family only visitation, our 7 year old wanted to know why Seth’s lips were so pink! (Honestly, God & my three “big” kids (who are of course FROM God) are the only thing getting me through most days!

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