We Interrupt This Blog Break For a Very Important Announcement

I told you about The Mother Letter Project several weeks ago.  The organizer, "Danny", wrote to me to tell me that his wife reads my blog, and would I consider a writing letter?

I did.  And I told you girls about it.  And you wrote letters.  And then you blogged about it.  What started as a simple gift from one husband to one wife has turned into something much bigger.  Good ideas have a way of doing that.

Danny and I have e-mailed often in recent weeks, as he's kept me informed about his progress.  He even gave me a few sneak peeks at some of the letters.  Some of them made me smile.  A few made me weep.  Danny and a group of his faithful friends have spent hundreds of hours getting this project together.   The scope has been huge. 

Danny e-mailed me back this week to ask if I'd like to be in on the big "reveal" to his wife.  After succumbing to a giant case of goosebumps, I said "YES, PLEASE!  LET ME HELP!"  Oh, how I love a Christmas surprise. 

So, my sweet internet friends, it is my great blessing to tell you about a very sweet momma named…

…are you ready?…

…I mean, seriously, are you ready?…

…(oh my word, this is so much fun)….

Amber.  She has three little boys, Isaac, Jude and Ian.  She and her husband Danny Seth live in Arkansas.  And right at this very moment she is standing a computer screen at her sister's house in Alabama, hopefully jumping up and down and squealing with joy at a remarkable gift. 

(Hey, Amber?  I can HARDLY WAIT to e-mail with you and hear your reaction to all this.  Can I just tell you that you are married to a man who is so absolutely crazy about you?  Sweetest thing ever.)

For more big surprises about the reveal, visit The Mother Letter Project on Christmas Day.  Some really good stuff will be posted first thing on Christmas morning.  Those of you who participated will get some information about getting your own e-copy of the project.

And just for grins, pop over to Amber's blog (it's absolutely lovely; I've been reading it for several weeks now, unable to comment because I didn't want to give her any clues that The Mother Letter Project was for her!)  Amber has been hard at work on a remodeling project and hasn't gotten to devote as much time to blogging as she'd like, but she has still written some amazing stuff.  Let's flood her with some Merry Christmas wishes and round out the surprise!

Thanks, everyone–especially to those of you who wrote your own letters and blogged about it at your own blogs.  Remember to stop by The Mother Letter Project for more good stuff.

[Back to the blogging break now.  Merry Christmas!]

20 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog Break For a Very Important Announcement

  1. tracy says:

    How exciting and creative!! I have been dying for this day so the big surprise could be revealed. I think it’s obvious that more than Amber will be benefiting from this great project! So glad I wrote my “mother letter”

  2. brooke says:

    The day is here! I’ve been waiting (like all of you) for darling Amber to receive her Christmas gift. Thank you allll so much for making Amber feel as special as she is!
    She is MY ULTIMATE Best Friend! I can’t wait to read all your letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    b.robinson – Fayetteville AR

  3. Seth says:

    Hey all. Thanks again.
    Please email me if I inadvertantly left you off of the distribution list. It was quite difficult to ensure everyone made it.
    Thanks again. You ladies are the best!

  4. JD says:

    Seth is my hero… His wife, Amber, must be one amazing, inspiring woman, to make a man go to these lengths for her (and putting our husbands to shame, ha ha ha… j/k… sort of!)
    I can NOT wait to see/hear/read about her reaction. May this be one of the most memorable Christmases ever for their family, and all of ours.
    There may be rocks in our dryers, but there ain’t no coal in HER stocking, wheeee!!!!

  5. pam @ without fear says:

    So, so cool that you got to “move that bus” for Amber!! I have loved this . . . every single part of it. It was a privilege to join in on the secret and now the reveal is precious.
    Thanks Shannon, and Merry Christmas to all the Dryer family, too!

  6. Ann Voskamp @ Holy Experience says:

    Reading the letters…
    This project not only honors mothers… it honors He who came as a Babe, was held by a mother.
    This Christmas, all these mothers, bowing low and whispering: “We are Your handmaidens. Use even us.”
    Please, Lord.
    And Amber! Girl! I’m smiling, smiling for you, Seth and all that love… Merry, Merry Christmas, friend!
    All’s grace,

  7. Jill S says:

    How fun!! I got my email and can’t wait to begin reading. I wish I had enough ink and paper to print!! I’m sure they are both overwhelmed at the response!!

  8. Anissa@Hope4Peyton says:

    Ahh, Shannon, I can just tell you that my life is richer for having you to read and know. Seriously, you are a blessing.
    I hope you and yours are all being blessed through this holiday.

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