A Happy New Year Contest!

I think it's time for another hayfu contest (that's a haiku contest for those of you who haven't met my dad).  These things always make me laugh so hard–you all are seriously creative.  (For examples of previous contests, go here and here).

Here's the theme:  It's a new year, full of fresh starts.  Some of you are making big resolutions like crazy, and others of you run screaming at the thought.  So write a haiku about your resolution, or why you won't make one, or how badly you've already broken yours, etc.  Be profound, be thoughtful, or be wickedly funny–it's up to you.  Simply leave your haiku in the comments section below.  (If you don't know how to write one, go here).

I will close down comments at 8 pm CST tonight (Thursday), and I'll pick five finalists.  Winners will be posted tomorrow morning (Friday), and you can vote right here all weekend.  The one person with the most votes at 9 am CST Monday morning will win. 

And oh yes, there is a fantastic prize package.  The winner of this contest will receive the following items:

HaikupearbudgetPear Budget :: Pear Budget is a simple, on-line budgeting tool, perfect for people who aren't used to budgeting, who don't like looking at spreadsheets full of numbers, and who generally know they "should" be paying attention to their finances, but don't really know where to start.  The winner will receive a one-year subscription to Pear Budget.  (Retail value, $30)

Haikujan JM Digital Designs ::  Maybe '09 is the year to get all your old pictures organized.  As far as I'm kind concerned, the best kind of the scrapbooking is the kind that someone else does for you.  Jan Mary is a designer extraordinaire in jolly ol' Ireland.  She's offering one 8×8 custom, personalized design for the winner.  She's also offering readers here a 10% discount–just enter SHANNON09 at checkout.  (Retail value, approximately $36) 

Haikucarycollins Cary Collins Designs :: We can't have a new year's prize package without a calendar!  These adorable creations are produced by a talented artist who incorporates scripture into all her designs.  The story behind Cary's business is a wonderful successful story of an artistic mom with a dream.  She's giving away a 5×7 calendar, a weekly planner notepad, and a "This Is the Day" notepad(Retail value, $33)

HaikuappledoniaAppledonia :: I love these cute, handmade onesies–they're an affordable and creative baby gift.  And while I'm partial to the pink little pig at left, I have to say that this Just Like Daddy is a close second.  The winner will receive any one Appledonia onesie of your choice.  (Retail value, $13) 


WordWorld :: This is my four-year-old daughter's new favorite show.  Its colorful characters are actually made of letters, appealing to the visual way so many kids learn phonics and letter sounds.  You can find them on PBS.  They're giving away 3 DVDs to the winner of this contest.  (Retail value, approximately $36)

Haikulittledebbie Little Debbie :: You know what's better than having a box of Little Debbies arrive on your front porch?  Um, nothing, that's what.  The winner of this contest will win a large box of Little Debbies, all from their new 100-calorie line.  (Retail value, about $15)

Haikuvintage Vintage Momma Designs :: Inspired by her sister who has beaten breast cancer and a brain tumor, this jewelry artist developed the One-in-8 line, to signify that one in eight women will develop breast cancer.  Fifty percent of profits will go towards the continuing fight against breast cancer.  She's giving the winner this gorgeous necklace and ring set from the new line.  (Retail value, $42)

HaikuexpectingExpecting, by Marla Taviano :: The winner will receive an autographed copy of Marla Taviano's just-released new book.  This is hardcover devotional book for pregnant moms.  Even if you're not expecting yourself, this would make a delightful gift for an expecting friend.  (Retail value, $14.99)

Many thanks to these great companies for offering such fun prizes.  Now, fire away with new year's haiku in the comment section below–may the best 17 syllables win!

Comments are now closed.  Finalists will be posted first thing tomorrow (Friday) morning!

195 thoughts on “A Happy New Year Contest!

  1. Jenn says:

    Is it the new year?
    My christmas cards are not sent!
    Three month old baby
    (that’s kind of a question and answer one and quite true 🙂

  2. Lori says:

    I resolve nothing.
    This way I should be happy
    When I achieve it!
    I resolve to have
    a baby! So far so good:
    I’m twelve weeks pregnant!
    Make resolutions
    You know you can maintain well:
    Eat, sleep, laugh, live, LOVE.
    This year I resolve
    I WON’T become my mother.
    Dear God, please help me!
    THIS year should be fun:
    Hubby runs a marathon,
    Me? Everything else.
    I won’t disappoint
    Myself or anyone else.
    I’m staying the same!
    Resolve means to fix.
    It’s hard to fix perfection!
    None for me this year! 🙂
    I resolve to win
    One of these haiku contests.
    Please, please pick me now!
    New Year, same old thing.
    By February the gyms
    Start to empty out.
    is not my strong suit. Oh no.
    Too much to tackle!
    Target has sales on
    organization bins and
    workout gear. Cliche!
    So cliche to say
    But what I’d really like is
    to work less, play more!
    Resolutions start
    next month. Then I seem good when
    Others start to slack!

  3. Annie says:

    New Year new dreams now
    New life growing inside me
    What a way to be
    I would so love the “Expecting” book! I am finally pregnant after struggling with infertility and a miscarriage. Thanks for the contest.

  4. Sidnie says:

    patiently waiting,
    our soldier’s return. he’ll be our protector soon
    patiently waiting,
    for this year to bring happy
    memories for us

  5. Sidnie says:

    patiently waiting,
    our soldier’s return. he’ll be
    our protector soon
    patiently waiting,
    for this year to bring happy
    memories for us
    *sorry to post this twice, it bothered me that the 3rd line didn’t post right*

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