*WE HAVE A WINNER!* Can’t. Stop. Haiku-ing.

*See the end of this post for the winning entry!*

Your entries were great;
Spent many hours laughing
And now my side hurts.

(Though lots of you girls
Made me think and reflect, too,
And for that I'm blessed.)

Almost forgot to
Feed my family; couldn't stop
With the dang haikus.

But I had to pick;
Five finalists were what I
Aimed for.  It was hard.

Okay, I really have to stop that now.  (Although I think now we see why I host haiku contests but never win them.) 

Your entries were so great I got all twisted up trying to whittle those down into five, but my best efforts are listed below (I'm resisting the urge to say that you're all winners in my book.  But if I were going to say that, which I'm not, this is where I would be saying it.)

A long list awaits.
More than water freezes here-
Fear of failure haunts.
–by Allison of AngelGal's Realm

Treasure fleeting hours
While little feet run the halls.
Toss the to-do list.
–by Jo of Mylestones

Ponder this, O Self:
This year, be not resolute–
The desserts beckon.
–by Maren of Howdytoya

Cynics don't resolve
I used to be one yet now
God's grace equals change

–by Kelly of Musings

Since I tend to fail
Resolutions, this year I
Plan to GAIN five pounds!

–by Julie of Keepin' the Faith

Please help out by voting below (please note that each haiku is listed by its first line and author's name).  The person with the most votes at 9 am CST Monday morning wins the great prize package!

*Poll is closed to voting, and here are the final results:


Congratulatins, Julie!  Thanks to everyone who participated and voted, and thanks especially to the generous vendors who donated prizes.

24 thoughts on “*WE HAVE A WINNER!* Can’t. Stop. Haiku-ing.

  1. Robin ~ PENSIEVE says:

    Shannon, GREAT picks–you made the vote difficult (to me, no clear winners). If my BRIBERY haiku couldn’t be a contender, why I think you’ve narrowed it down to a fabulous field!

  2. Mercy says:

    I wanted to vote for Julie because hers made me LAUGH! But, alas I decided to go for Jo’s because it touched my heart. :0)
    Good job everyone! I usually call upon my husband to do these for me. Last time he did one for this and I was too chicken to post it. So, I may have lost his help. Just trust me…it was, well…let’s just say it would make a 10yo boy roll on the floor laughing.
    Anyway, hat’s off to whomever wins.

  3. Rebekah Youngman-Forbes says:

    I voted for Julie because I love the child – like wishful thinking in her logic. Really funny and sweet.

  4. Laura says:

    oh I liked them all!!! but i had to pick the last one b/c well… it spoke to me personally hehe
    but really, they are all so great! be proud of yourselves!

  5. Mommy, the Human Napkin says:

    On my desk, I keep a copy of my very favorite haiku ever (I saw it on a t-shirt once):
    I can write haikus.
    But sometimes they don’t make sense.
    I giggle every time I read it and I’ve considered painting it on something to be framed. Is that weird?

  6. David A. Cochrane says:

    Here’s my entry for your next contest:
    The hopscotching girl
    Kneels to the caterpillar
    And begs forgiveness.
    (C) by David A. Cochrane

  7. Amber says:

    Oh, I love Mommy, the Human Napkin’s haiku. I realize it’s in the comments and not about a resolution, but all the same that is pure awesomeness.

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