The Best Christmas Present I Ever Got :: The Pipers

The Brick Factory
Every set of Lego instructions you could ever need.  Via Melanie.

Danny Is the Hottest ::  The Run-a-Muck
The recipient of the Mother Letter Project shares her reaction.  Priceless.

Ladyblog Awards :: Culture11
It's blog award season, and here's another good one specifically aimed at highlighting women bloggers.  (Edited to add:  Ann's comment below was, as always, very kind–but I mentioned these awards as a way to bring some attention to some women bloggers who have not been–and should be–receiving some attention.  With all sincerity I ask you not to nominate me; I have received plenty of happy kudos over the years and would really prefer to see you girls spread the love to somebody else.)

Quest For Color :: Southern Living
Click on that and tell me if it isn't the best living room you've ever seen.


26 thoughts on “

  1. Ann Voskamp @ Holy Experience says:

    Alas, the discrimination of being Canadian ~warm smile~
    I attempted to login at the LadyBlog Awards to nominate this fine corner of the web in the parenting category, but apparently you must live in the grand United States of America to register.
    Would any kind American care to nominate Shannon and Rocks in the Parenting/Mommy category??!!! This Canuck sure would appreciate it!
    All’s grace,

  2. Lori L. says:

    Well, I clicked, and you’re right, very pretty living room. Of course, my first thought was, where’s the TV, and now I understand more about why I’m so design-challenged.

  3. Megan says:

    We had so much color in our Colorado Springs house. I. Loved. It. However, when it came time to sell it, nobody else did (sniff, sniff).
    We’re about to enter the stage of painting again (our current home is just dying to be relieved of its 1984 imprisonment) and I’m stuck. Whereas before I could name a color in a second and love it, I’m now worried I might get it wrong.
    Guess we just need to do it and get it over with…

  4. Aunt LoLo says:

    there must be something wrong with me! the living room isn’t doing it for me…something about it looks cheap and not put together. i think it’s the patterned curtains..with the regal red background?

  5. Loretta says:

    Everyone has their own style, I guess. 🙂 I’ll have to agree that the living room isn’t quite doing it for me. But that is probably because I prefer a simple, clean look with solid colors or patterns that aren’t quite so bold. Still, it is fun to see what draws other people’s eyes.

  6. tiffani says:

    I did like the living room but don’t know if I’m bold enough to use so much color. I was so impressed by the Lego site. I admire people who take the time to post helpful things like that (and believe me, Lego instructions are a necessity around this house.)Thanks for sharing!

  7. Runningamuck says:

    I love the kitchen even MORE! I think I’d never stop baking/cooking if it was in my house. Although, that alligator carpet might scare me off in the dark. I’d move that to the boys room where it would be better appreciated. =0)

  8. Kelly @ Love Well says:

    Excellent living room. Warm and inviting. A true inspiration. Thanks for sharing it.
    (And while I’m still recovering from the holidays and my tiny blog-cation, I have to say: I’m glad you’re back, Shannon. You are a mainstay here in the blogosphere. You are missed when you are away.)

  9. GiBee says:

    Wait a silly second… how did THEY get pictures of MY HOUSE in their magazine without MY permission?
    Beautiful! And color is a very Southern thing, so if you don’t get it, you’re probably not southern, and most likely have every room painted either the same color, or all neuterals… which isn’t a bad thing … just very Northern!! lol

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