Works For Me: Vintage Family Photos

If you have any old, yellowed family photos, don’t just toss them in a box–use them!  I love framing old family photos and using them to decorate–it’s beautiful and meaningful.  (You might consider scanning the photos and keeping the originals somewhere safe.  You can decorate with the copies.  Then spread a little familial good will and e-mail the digital copies to other family members, so they can use them too!)  Hang them in your house, and tell your kids about those relatives from long ago.  Things like this help families build a sense of history.

Thanks to a family with a long history of pack-ratting old photos, I have these treasures all over my house.  Below are a few of my favorites.

This is my dad, in 1949.  I don’t normally post pictures of my kids’ faces on this blog, but you know what?  My son Joseph’s face looks exactly like this:



This is my great aunt Irma with her best girlfriends in 1921 (someday I’m going to have to post their whole story, because let me tell you, these girls knew how to have fun):


Here’s my great grandmother at the turn of the last century, grouped with my husband’s great grandparents (in front).  Hubs got his great-grandfather’s handsome genes:


That’s a sweet, affordable and lovely decorating idea that works for me!

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

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78 thoughts on “Works For Me: Vintage Family Photos

  1. Blue Castle says:

    I love this idea. I want my kids to be surrounded by their family’s history and this would be a good way to do that. Now if I can just get my mom and m-i-l to share their pictures. 🙂

  2. Raise Them Up says:

    There is something absolutely captivating in old black and white pictures. I can’t resist them! Even in those country magazines where they publish readers’ pictures, I find myself smiling and studying the photos. Somehow, it doesn’t matter that I don’t know the subjects. I still feel strangely drawn. Call me strange, but I usually find myself wondering what their life was really like.
    Great idea, and your pictures look lovely!

  3. Raise Them Up says:

    I love old pictures. It doesn’t matter if I know the family. I still find myself smiling and studying the image, trying to imagine just what their life was like in their time.
    Your pictures look great! It makes me want to dig a few of my prescious ones out of their albums and display them. Thanks for a wonderful idea!

  4. boysmum2 says:

    13 minutes after you post this post and still I only manage to get #49 spot, geez everyone is in a hurry to link today! We have some beautiful old photo’s on our stair way, they look so lovely

  5. Raise Them Up says:

    Hey, Shannon,
    Please feel free to delete one (or two) of my comments…I really thought somehow I deleted the first myself. So I wrote another.
    I’ve been fighting cantankerous computers all day…and now I’m creating my own havoc. Who needs computer helpin that area?? Certainly not me!
    On the flip side, three comments are better than none, no? I really do love your pictures!

  6. Colleen says:

    We got my mom a digital picture frame for Christmas and loaded it with lots of scanned old photos. My mom LOVES it. My brother even scanned a lot of her old slide pictures, which hadn’t been looked at in decades because…well, who sits around and sets up a slide show anymore?
    Also, we inherited my husband’s nanny’s dining room furniture and I’ve always made sure there’s a picture of her sitting on the buffet. I like the idea of pairing the picture with an item that was significant to them.

  7. zobars says:

    thanks for reminding me about this. i actually have a few pics of my grandparents that my sister had sent to me after scanning them and I want to do this for them.

  8. Zoe in England says:

    I have lots of old photos scanned in, but not printed out in frames. I should work on that too. In fact, i used some of my old photos for another Wednesday meme today, yo can check them out further down my main page.

  9. Mom Of Faith says:

    I love old photos! Might even be my favorite kind of photos, I just love how classy everyone looks! My aunt has old photos of my great-grandparents and grand parents all over her pre-civil war home. I love it. It adds a sense of where you came from to a house.

  10. Jennifer, Snapshot says:

    My grandmother has a framed 5 x 7 in her home of her basketball team from jr college — all lined up in their satin uniforms. It was in the late 30’s probably. It’s one of the things that I hope to inherit.
    Also, as an additional tip — I have been given some photos that were those small 3 x 3 format pictures, and I took them to a photo shop and they did a great job of blowing them up to 5 x 7, and I gave them as gifts (some of the pictures were ones my mom and dad hadn’t seen in a while and had probably forgotten they existed.

  11. Tidymom says:

    I LOVE using old family photo’s in my house too! Someday I’ll have to take a picture of the neat ones in my bedroom that are in the antique frames as well!!
    Great idea!!

  12. Okie Sister says:

    I’ve been collection old photos from relatives this year as part of my genealogy research. Sadly they are in a box. I did scan them all to my computer. I need to display them. Great idea.

  13. bia says:

    one time i came across a vintage photo of a beautiful woman, her hair tied back with a velvet ribbon, and something about the photo spoke to me.
    i bought it, and now it’s displayed in our study. i consider who a member of the family…a great, great aunt.

  14. Leigh says:

    This is fabulous! My family started preserving our photos by scanning them about two years ago. My uncle has a terabyte of server space and a website we can all hook into to grab them.
    I have a 3 photo frame that I bought at Ikea for like $5 that holds 3 photos of my mom’s parents shortly after they were engaged, and my grandpa is in his Navy blues. I particularly like the one that I have in the center where they’re all smoochy smoochy. It’s very WWII. 🙂
    I have my eye on a collage frame at Michael’s that has like 40+ photo spots. I intend to mix all of the old family photos from both sides of the family in there, and hang it in my living room.

  15. Lynn says:

    I have done this too. I think it looks great and I love the black and white look or the sepia toned. I think it is a great way to decorate and also lets our kids know about our relatives.

  16. Rona says:

    My sister gave me some old b&w photos several years ago. I took them along with my husband’s family photos and made a nice photo collage.
    Your post has given me some new inspiration to re-create a new and updated photo collage.

  17. Ann'Re @ Home says:

    Those are great pics! I love vintage family pictures and I have them all over our home too. I lost my mom just before Christmas and I had a lot of these pictures out at the service. I have one frame that has two pictures, one of my moms kindergarten picture and one of mine. That is one of my favorites. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

  18. stephanie says:

    So funny that you posted about this because I have been working on my own collection of family photos and have just been blogging about it.
    I’m putting together a room that I am calling my “Heritage Room”.
    It has been so much fun going through all the photos and remembering stories I’ve heard from the past, and learning things I never knew before.

  19. Jerri says:

    I adore family photos! Another important thing to remember is to label the backs of photos so that future generations know who they are. You might not be around to tell them!

  20. Julie From Inmates says:

    Thanks for sharing… I love photos and I love displaying them. I especially love how the corners of your pics are rounded on your blog. Very fancy =)
    PS: Please delete my first link (I forgot to add the title). I don’t see a delete button next to my link like I normally do.

  21. Trish says:

    I would really like to put more family pictures up around our house. Both of my grandfathers took tons of pictures; I really should make this a higher priority. Thanks for the reminder!

  22. beyondjustmom says:

    We put together a scrapbook for both of our parents’ anniversaries and discovered fabulous pictures. Those of the grandparents as children, who look just like mine, are definitely my favorites.

  23. Swank Girl says:

    I love this idea so much. I’m definitely going to do it and post it on my blog in a little while. What a fabulous idea! My family has so many old pictures and I’ve never thought to put them up in my home, but they look so good in your bookshelves and I think I have almost idential built-in bookshelves in my home so it makes me want to do the same!
    Thanks for the idea!

  24. emily says:

    Beautiful. We don’t have a lot of older photos, but my grandma gave me one of my great-grandparents when my husband and I got married. My husband is Jon and my great-grandfather was John and I am named after my great-grandmother so it was special.

  25. 'Becca says:

    (I’m not seeing a way to do the Mr. Linky…but my link will be behind my name, right?)
    I always enjoy seeing other people’s family photos and using the ones hung in my house to start conversations with guests.
    When my son was 3 years 4 months old and I was having a hard time with his annoying behavior, I got out a photo of myself at 3 years 4 months and put it in the corner of my dresser mirror where I saw it every day. It helped to remind me of how it felt to be little, and to be more compassionate with my son!

  26. LFinn says:

    Great idea! My son is named for his great-grandfather, and we have a gorgeous vintage print of him hanging in our home. That will be great when Boy is older to use to tell him about his name and heritage.

  27. Josie says:

    I love this. I have many old photos that I’ve been meaning to frame. This might just be the inspiration that I needed! Thanks for another great idea.

  28. Dane says:

    Hey there,
    My name is Dane Ensley and I work for Life Preserver Digital Archiving.
    We take photographs, slides, negatives, 8mm, Super 8, VHS, and more and transfer it all to a DVD or external hard drive. Photos and movies take up a lot of closet space right now, but they don’t have to. They are aging, losing their color, and feeling lonely in the dark. They are unorganized, jumbled, and chances are people don’t truly even know what they have. Using our service breathes new life into old photos and media, often returning a better image than the original.
    We do all our transferring at our location and our client’s most precious memories are never out of our careful hands. We’ll even come to your house and pick your media up. We pride ourselves on working intimately with our clients and we guarantee the ability to meet face to face with a Life Preserver representative.
    Please feel free to contact us at any time:
    Check out our website at:
    Hope all is well.
    It’s your life. Relive it.™

  29. Melissa says:

    All the links are gone – and I tried it on two different browsers, Firefox and Safari.
    But, I love your idea, and you are awesome for hosting this every week. I feel like I need to bring a hostess gift!

  30. jennielynn says:

    I’ve done this with several of the family photos from my husbands family. With his parents gone and his siblings so distant, it brings a sense of his family into our home. But our favorite is a snapshot of my grandfather, age 20, in a leather cap, posed next to his Indian motorcycle. I’ve got the rebel gene!

  31. Pam says:

    When I was one year old (59 years ago)my aunt crochet a dress for my one year photo.
    My mom saved the dress and I had my daughter’s one year photo taken in it….when her daughter turned one year old we had her photo taken in the dress. The three photos hang side-by-side in my home…and I love seeing them everyday.
    God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  32. Lorie says:

    A few years ago for Christmas I gave my husband a double frame with a picture of his grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary & a copy of their marriage certificate (the original is in a safe spot). He loved it. I’ve also got a poster sized print of my grandparents right before he sailed off for WWII. I’ve always wantedto frame a picture of my dad to put in my son’s room but I haven’t done that, yet. I love this kind of stuff & plan to do more at some point. It’s so easy & inexpensive.

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