Our Snow/Ice Day, In Pictures, Because We’re a Little Bored

Subtitled: And It Would Be a More Effective Narrative Tool If I Knew How To Take Decent Photos






(Because nothing says "Happy Almost Valentine's Day" like the good Christmas china.)  


(Yes.  He's playing Nintendo with his feet.  Did I mention we're a little stir crazy?  There's no school tomorrow, either, so by Thursday morning we may be bathing with our elbows for entertainment.) 

54 thoughts on “Our Snow/Ice Day, In Pictures, Because We’re a Little Bored

  1. Minnesotamom says:

    Haha! Love the thought bubble on burning stuff. Sounds like my brother when he was younger–what a pyro. Hope you guys are able to get out and about soon (said in a Minnesota accent)!

  2. angela =^) says:

    “My little buttercup has the sweetest smile…”
    “Look! It’s a male plane!”
    “Can I kiss you on the veranda?” “No. Lips would be fine.”
    Yes. We are another Three Amigos Family.

  3. mkw says:

    northern iowa here. off from school 2-1/2 days last week. went to school only 6 hours the week prior. we know all about stir crazy on snow days!

  4. Jenna says:

    We are in Northwest Arkansas, also stuck in the ice. I wish we had some Three Amigos entertainment … what a great flick!

  5. Melanie says:

    “All we have is tequila. It’s like beer.”
    “Lip balm?”
    “Sew old woman, sew like the wind.”
    Family phrases at our house.
    No snow/ice day for us. Just ice I had to drive in to take her to school.

  6. Liz says:

    I love that one of your boys is in the fridge in the background of the movie photo. This is my life…I have 3 boys too, and when we’re bored, I can’t keep them out of the fridge!! And my oldest is only 5! 🙂

  7. Lorilee says:

    We are more likely to have “Hurricane Days” than snow or ice days here! Love the fireplace photo! I think there is something specialy about fire and males! I grew up out in the country and we burned our garbage. My baby brother always had singed eyelashes and eyebrows!

  8. Gina says:

    Your day was more exciting than mine. I swear. I have GOT to come up with something, anything that an almost-2-year-old can do in case of another snow day for me tomorrow!

  9. KayKay says:

    Love the “burning stuff” photo. We had a snow (actually ice) day here too and it’s looking like everyone will be home tomorrow as well. Have fun!

  10. Cheri says:

    Blessings on you and yours. We were house bound except for necessary visits to the grocery store for two weeks around Christmas. You wanna talk stir crazy . . . . oh! My laptop became my best friend.

  11. mannequin says:

    Ah snow days. Those are the days of endless boardgames, cookie baking and Excedrin.
    There is never enough snow here to do anything outside, only inside. Why when I was little, we had so much snow….

  12. Alisha says:

    All of us Okie have to stick together. It is almost 7:30 and it is snowing here. A couple of hours ago we have snow flakes like quarters. I wish that the bank would let us have snow days, but everyone seems to want to have access to their money!!! I am going to work in the morning and will be thinking of you and your kids.

  13. Amy@ Joy of my Heart says:

    LOL!!!! I love it! Sorry that you are stir crazy and havin’ a bit of cabin fever… but you are just so awesome while you are doing it!
    Love all the pics… the feet pic takes the cake tho… ha ha!
    Hugs from sunny AZ… oh man… 70 degrees… I can’t take this winter! Heesh.. la la la la… nah! I am feeling for ya.. really.. really.. :P~

  14. Wanda says:

    Oh so funny! That looks like what’s going on at my house too!
    We are gettin CABIN FEVER!!!
    People are starting to look like chicken legs!! hint hint!
    We love snow days….but dang….we’re bored!

  15. Steph says:

    Hmm wondering why they canceled school where you are. Our schools are rarely canceled unless it dropped more than 10in of snow or a full inch of ice.
    Entertainment ideas:
    -Clean out the junk drawer and take all junk your throwing away and toss it onto the table hand them glue and tell them to make something. When they ask what tell them it had better look cool and go read a book in another room. They will figure out something. It keeps my kids busy for about 2 hours.
    -If it’s REALLY icy out put their warm clothes on them and send them outside, the last one to fall gets a prize. Not so fun for them, but great entertainment for the adults!
    -Make something from scratch that takes forever. Think home made noodles or something like that. They take awhile and will keep the kids busy for awhile trying to figure out how to do it. Also there is nothing wrong with Christmas cookies if there is snow on the ground. It actually means all cookies eaten lack all calories!
    I have more ideas, but my mind has gone blank right now.

  16. Groovewoman says:

    Haa, haa that last picture is hilarious. Well okay the burning stuff picture is funny too because that is SUCH A BOY!!
    I am glad you guys got a snow/ice day. We had a semi-snow/ice day here. My hubby got to come home early due to school early dismissal…WOOHOO!! We are praying the sleet coming down right now, freezes so he can stay home all day tomorrow! 😀

  17. Carrie says:

    Hello Shannon:
    I have been reading your blog for a bit now, and thought that I could, and probaly should, introduce myself. Hi, I’m Carrie.
    I had wanted to comment about your mouse situation and whether or not a cat is the best way to go.
    YES . . . I too am alergic to cats and had no desire to have one under the same roof as me, but when we moved into a home where several mice were already living I was more than happy to add a cat to the mix.
    I truly feel for you and the situation you are in. I mean I TRULY *feel* for you. I discovered we had mice when I walked into the laundry room and stepped on something soft and warm. It was (emphasis WAS) a baby mouse. (Just thinking about it as I read your post and as I write now I can feel it all over again in my foot’s memory . . . I have a swirling stomach and shivers running up my spine.)
    Two days later a neighbor stopped by and asked if we would be interested in caring for an abandoned little kitten. Mice in my home and the offer of a FREE cat was enough to convince me to give the cat thing a try at least.
    My recommendation would be to get a short hair variety and have a non-allergic family member be the one to care for the pet, including brushing her regularly. If you have a large laundry room or a basement that has a door that closes to it. Try to keep the cat *put away* at night so she does not sleep on your beds. And lastly, just wash your hands (and do not touch your face!!!) after petting the cat.
    Best of luck resolving this delema!
    Carrie @ http://deuteronomy6five-nine.blogspot.com/

  18. Danelle Ice (Homemaker Barbi) says:

    I think those pictures are great! But I do have to say that even without the Christmas mug in there, they look like Christmas break photos as opposed to end-of-January! The fireplace, the cocoa, the shovel… I love em!
    Danelle Ice (Homemaker Barbi)

  19. Natalie says:

    We got 10″ of snow the same night/day you did. No school closures here. I still made the kiddos walk to school and then walk home as more snow was falling. Funny how different places do different things. 3 Amigos……. PRICELESS entertainment.

  20. lucy says:

    We’re getting the storm today in Toronto, ON. No snow day however, schools open buses running in my region and I’m at work. Should be fun getting home tonight!
    Take care, love the blog!

  21. LInda says:

    We were iced in in Dallas too. We’re here watching the five grands. It melted by noon though and we were outta here! The kids spent the morning sliding on every avaiable surface – and then wanted to go to Target. That’s about all of winter we care for around here.

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