WFMW: Nada, Zilch

I’m taking a WFMW breather this week.  Between recovering from the chaos of last week’s ice storm and preparing for BlissDom (I fly out tomorrow), I’m running in about 4,892 different directions.  So y’all post your own links, while I finish packing (and praying for skies free of killer geese tomorrow afternoon).

Please feel free to leave your WFMW links below.  First timers, check out the guidelines herePlease note that the links will close down at 8 pm CST tonight, in order to keep away the spammers.

Was your link deleted?  CLICK HERE.

1. Online Book Club
2. We are THAT family (personalized art giveaway)
3. BlueCastle (recycled candlelight)
4. The Diaper Diaries (packing list)
5. Homemaker Barbi – Carry On Checklist
6. Kerri (Bible in a Year)
7. Can you wear stilletos?
8. Amy @ Finer Things (We a Team!)
9. Traci (Homeschool Planning 09\’-10\’)
10. Home School Dad (Swim Lessons)
11. THE COSTS OF EATING HEALTHY – Kelly the Kitchen Kop
12. 3 Bay B Chicks: Google Tips!
13. Daiquiri (ear wax tip)
14. Land of Lovings (Getting Kids to Sleep)
15. It Feels Like Chaos (Ways to Save Money)
16. Raise Them Up (Birdfeeder on the”Cheep!”
17. This Side of Eternity (Making Extra Money)
18. Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers (Butter-Fingers)
19. Carolina Mama (Boost Baby Brain Power)
20. Liz @ Working Mom (Storing fabric)
21. Christine (natural deodorant)
22. Stretch Mark Mama (Care Package for Homeless Men and Women)
23. mombrud (organize your magazines)
24. Alison (Babesafe Mattress Cover)
25. A Simple Walk (shedding my martyr\’s cloak)
26. Kristen (dressing kids with no fights)
27. Cooking During Stolen Moments (feeding my family foods I don\’t like)
28. Mother Hen (Bible reading)
29. So Thankful (use up old herbs)
30. The Happy Housewife ~ Cavity Free Kids
31. “Cents”able Momma (Get Free Photos)
32. Happy To Be At Home (training kids to be helpers)
33. Mammarino – (Cheap Capris!)
34. Laryssa @Heaven In The Home (Romantic Valentine\’s Day At Home)
35. Tonya(smalltownlagirl)
36. FishMama @ LifeasMOM (Kids\’ Chores)
37. Holly@Homebody (repurposed kitchen island)
38. Amy loves Bud (chores – help me!)
39. Kristin -The Goat (Customized free images)
40. Mari (Shark steam mop)
41. Margot (Bread in My Crockpot
42. Condo Blues (Stay Put Draft Dodger)
43. Mulberry Spot (Cloth diapers)
44. Anne @ teaching two (kids craft)
45. Musings of a Housewife (gloves/hat organization)
46. Joy @ Five J\’s (Kids Questioning Authority)
47. Broke Girl (Tips for Saving Energy)
48. Colleen – Mommy Always Wins (cold weather activities GIVEAWAY!)
49. What is it Now (ColorStay Lip Gloss)
50. Chief Family Officer (Minimalist skin care)
51. Daily Dwelling (glass marble magnets)
52. Homeschool Classroom (Preschool at Home)
53. Kansas Mom (don\’t spill salt)
54. Joyful Johnsons (Popsicle Stick Chores)
55. Parent Wonder (Food for Toddlers)
56. Nicole (Best Bible ever!)
57. Lee (preschool Valentine\’s project)
58. Crystal@ News from the Zoo(Economical Cleanser)
59. Reading Rosie (Through Golden Windows)
60. Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet-Curried Sprouted Lentils with Cilantro Sauce
61. Many Little Blessings (Homemade Recipes for Disinfectant)
62. Michele @ Frugal Granola (Homemade Liquid Hand Soap w/1 Soap Bar!)
63. NerdMom (Cough Solutions)
64. Heather (frugal “xerox”)
65. Kristine (Easy Valentine Gift/ Craft))
66. Sarah
67. Donna@Way More Homemade (The Baby Years-Homemade Baby Food)
68. Lindsay @ Passionate Homemaking (bulk grain storage)
69. Angela @ Diapers & Stilettos (Mommy Lunch)
70. Audra Krell (ReCreate)
71. Ewokgirl (Unmounted Rubber Stamp Storage)
72. mom2my9 (The Family Bed)
73. Lisa @ The Owl\’s Nest (cleaning without “help”)
74. Headless Mom-Loose 5 Pounds
75. Tina in Thailand (easy Thai food)
76. se7en (se7en do laundry)
77. Trekaroo (kids. trips. tips)
78. Extreme Housewifeing (Grocery List Generator)
79. Lizzie ~Some of our favorite games
80. momsfrugal (Xylitol)
81. Tara@Not So Perfect(Wii Exercise)
82. Krisi @ Mom & Dad to R Kids (calendar)
83. Extreme Housewifeing (Free Toys)
84. col @ life by muse (How to Feel Good)
85. Runningamuck (RV packing list)
86. Kim @ Stretching a pot roast for 3 (or more) meals
87. Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings (organizing card making scraps)
88. Our Life Upstate
89. MollyGreen(simple kitchen trick)
90. Bonnie (Kids Journals)
91. flexible dreams (shoelace solution and giveaway)
92. Alice@supratentorial(Morning Sickness)
93. Drop the Baby Weight (hot breakfast meal plan!)
94. The Prepared Family (prep for power outages giveaways!)
95. Jennifer, Snapshot (naptime)
96. Kim ( More Homemade Valentine Decor.)
97. Lori (Breakfast made easy!)
98. Nicole @ Here\’s The Diehl (setting the timer
99. pinkcamojeep(super easy & yummy sticky buns)
100. *Michelle* @ not so random mom (*free* homeschool resources)
101. Megan (help for super dry hands)
102. Kate\’s Kitchen: Memorizing Scripture
103. Momma & More (fun with yogurt)
104. Stephanie @ The Coupon Game (Swagbucks is getting me THIS!!)
105. Sarah (free books)
106. Shannon (stock up, freeze meat)
107. Sarah (CurlyQ Cuties)
108. Jolanthe (Stop Coughing)
109. Trixie @ Farmhomelife (How to Earn Free Gift Cards and $)
110. Beth @ A Mom\’s Life (Swallowing Pills)
111. Amy Andrews (28 healthy snack ideas)
112. warillever (preschool at home)
113. Callapidder Days (housework motivation)
114. BusyMom (Dining out … at home)
115. Girls in White Dresses (organizing clipped recipes)
116. Stop the Ride! (Amazon sale code)
117. whimsy (nap better)
118. Susan(CheapEasyTubCleaner)
119. Heather @ Just Doing My Best (double duty cleaning)
120. Muses of Megret (wholesome website for kids!)
121. Life At The Circus (cookie tips)
122. Counting Sprinkles (Keeping Kids Occupied)
123. Newlyweds (Biting)
124. Jenni @ OneThing (homemade wall art)
125. Fairion – budget jars
126. Jenni @ grueling homeschooling (phonics)
127. MC (Easy, Low-Cal Pumkin Muffins)
128. Bailey\’s Leaf (Recycled, Homemade Valentines)
129. Leigh Ann @ Momma Roar (personalized notebook tutorial)
130. Camian Academy (School Drawer)
131. Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet (Brinner?)
132. jodi @ bpr (perfect mom watch)
133. PASS THE TORH (affordable fam travel/condos)
134. Allyson @ A Heart For Home (Navigation Bar)
135. Kathleen (vacuum sweepers)
136. Brittany (Fun Party Snack)
137. jen (yummy dip)
138. lizzykristine @ Uplifted Eyes (controlling paper clutter)
139. Amy @ Tiny Blessings (coupon sources)
140. JB (Couponing)
141. JessieLeigh (Speaking Up for Those Who Can\’t)
142. Sheila ~ To Love, Honor and Vacuum (Jump start your libido!)
143. Emily @ On the Road Again (Used Books
144. onemotherslove (my homemade detergent story)
145. Heidi and Gretchen (homemade laundry detergent update!)
146. Scott (Dressing the Kids)
147. Erin (easy memory keepsake)
148. Mary Ann(cleaning schedule)
149. Jeni (Better Bacon)
150. Carol (Easy Corn Shucking)
151. Jean Stockdale (Fast Eggs)
152. LFinn (Discounts for newspaper subscribers)
153. Houstonmom (finding quiet time)
154. Olivia (snow pants)
155. Kirsty @ Momedy (Surprising Stain Remover!)
156. oh amanda (valentine\’s)
157. Suburban Saga (decorating with toddler art)
158. Shauna – Amazing Tacos
159. Veggiemomof2 (timer)
160. Jacki (how to make kid-friendly turkey on a stick)
161. songbirdtiff (hanging heavy stuff)
162. Kim @ Beanish – protecting your floor while cooking
163. Ranee @ Arabian Knits (Clean Microwave)
164. Totallyscrappy (save $)
165. Photoqueen (skincare routine)
166. Michelle (oatmeal uses)
167. My Treasure Hunt (Valentines with kids)
168. Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers (charger drawer)
169. TrentTribe (freezermeals/BQribs)
170. Rebekah @ Diagonally Parked
171. LANA (Free Meat)
172. Organizing Tips (Stop the Morning Rush)
173. REPURPOSED (the hard work of FASTING)
174. Elizabeth (Clean Monitors)
175. Donnetta (Pillow cases into throw pillows)
176. Jennifer @ Lirazel (dryer balls)
177. Tara (non-slip toddler barrettes)
178. Rebecca (pare down magazines)
179. Taylor @ Household Management 101 (stain removal tips for families with kids)
180. Karen @ Living Well on Less (electronic financial organization)
181. Gina @ MMM (Swagbucks for Free Amazon stuff)
182. Organizing Mommy (morning devotions)
183. Janet (visual schedule)
184. Jen@Beauty and Bedlam (bulk baking days leading to Blissdom)
185. Michelle @ Saving Some Green (Cooking Ahead)
186. Alice Cantrell
187. Thrifty Jinxy (Very Easy Biscuit Recipe)
188. Christy (cleaning pans 1)
189. Jennifer (living w/food allergies)
190. FamilymakesCents (free coffeepot w/ coffee purchase)
191. Tanna (DIY Drawer Organizer)
192. BeyondJustMom (stop the nagging)
193. Free 2 Be Frugal (after-holiday sales)
194. MamaHall (easy craft for kids)
195. Leanne – Soda Bread Recipe
196. Penny Pinching Diva (My Daily Planner Download)
197. Amy @ By His Grace (Taking Away the Obvious)
198. Julie From Inmates (Deployment Communication)
199. Missy@Simply Red(chocola
te surprise sundae cups)

200. Shannon (roasted cauliflower)
201. Stephanie in France (biscuit idea)
202. Susan @ Practicing Thrift (always read before signing!)
203. Penny Raine
204. TexasTanya (No More Exploding Drink Boxes)
206. Daily Delights (shop vac)
207. petersonclan (Saving Money at the Dentist)
208. Mandy @ N\’ Stitches Designs(a healthy supper for everyone!)
209. Jerri (winter & valentine links)
210. Annie Jones (Food Service Film)
211. Christian Kids in Public Schools
212. Day (No small animals)
213. angie @ shopannies (saving money idea)
214. Sandra *Frugal Gift Baskets*
215. Andrea Holloman–Digsby
216. Farrah @ Wife & Mom of 3 (Digital Org)
217. Kara (beach towels and giveaway
218. Rachael @ Beans & Rice (Jars and Lids: a frugal toy)
219. Milehimama (get paid for web writing)
220. Mrs. C (garlic & onion)
221. Erica Burgan (Birthday Freebies)
222. Melissa (weight loss tips)
223. mannequin(it\’sNOTworking)
224. Havingfunathome (snowday idea)
225. Amy @ MOMSTOOLBOX (Chocolate and Wine)
226. Keeslerchaos (number line hop)
227. EightAtOurTable (bartering)
228. Kara (“Hearing” Angels)
229. Laura (VIP medical files organized)
230. What\’s Cooking (homemade instant pancake mix)
231. What\’s Cooking (easy/fancy appetizer)
232. The Things We Do (praying with my family)
233. Amanda (shopping cart cover)
234. Becky (kid food prep sanity)
235. thesimpleme (Planning Dates w/ My Husband)
236. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting
237. Superchikk (Dimmer Switch)
238. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace(Boxed Cards for any occassion)
239. Wendy (breakfast dilemma solved)
240. Elastigirl ( Reuse ziploc bags)
241. A Bright and Happy Home (Costco Pizza)
242. ChickyMama
243. Lynne (Working on working for missionaries)
244. Everything Moms ( Toy Storage)
245. Jen @ Mommay\’s Mayhem (Art fun & giveaway)
246. Vickie
247. jennwa(kid made Valentine\’s)
248. Amyswandering (getting marker off a doll)
249. Miss Mommy (Asking 4 Recipies)
250. The Simple Life of the Boreings (Hulu/Boxee)
251. BooksnBoys (easy baby gifts)
252. His Girl (Homeschooling High School History)
253. Michelle@Momstoppable (washing and storing grapes)
254. Jerri@Jerri\’s Journey (Easy Chicken and Rice)
255. Chic Critique (Personal Posture Coach)
256. Who Left The Light On? (Reheating Popcorn)
257. Kaycee(Taking Time Off)
258. Julie @ The Clark Chronicles (talking to littles about divorce)
259. Joanna @ Grace In The Home (Cheap Fun)
260. kitchendoor (five saving strategies)
261. Tappy Bear
262. Ginger (Workboxes for homeschooling)
263. Rachel – Sandwich Fun
264. Becca @ the Stanley Clan (Pillow Talk)
265. Susan (A Few Cooking Time-savers: Pre-chopped and pre-packaged mixes)
266. Jill @ MoneySavinDiva (Makeover Your Leftovers)
267. BumbleBabyMommy – attracting & keeping polinators
268. Blogaroni and Dees (taking care of Husby)
269. Rookie Mom 101 (Momarazzi)
270. Aunt LoLo (Good for you cookies!!)
271. Judy-surviving your first home school convention
272. Rachel R. @Titus 2 Homemaker (time management)
273. MrsScotsman (Celebrate Recovery)
274. Martia (Get Pee Off Mattress)
275. Lynne(Free Museum Admission)
276. The Messy Mom (soothing your babies irritated skin)
277. Suzanne (Natural Free-Range Beef)
278. NJP (Copycat Drinks)
279. Suburban Matron (Slacker homemade dip)
280. Mozi Esme (Z kid crafts)
281. Simply Catholic (Bathroom Bliss in a Box)
282. Lisa@Elbows (Mega memories- Mini price
283. Saving Money Ideas (save$ on framed art)
284. Elena @ My Domestic Church (when someone dies)
285. Eden (School Birthday Treats)
286. Recovering Noah (Cheap Letterboards for Nonverbal Kids)
287. Shelby (Keeping kid\’s outfits together)
288. Sandra (life without cable)
289. Alexandra(Kitty Litter Facial Mask)

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Links are now closed.  Please join us tomorrow!


42 thoughts on “WFMW: Nada, Zilch

  1. BlueCastle says:

    I hope you have a great trip. 🙂 Will pray for geese-free skies. I also hope to go next year to BlissDom and maybe I’ll get to shake your hand and tell you in person how much I love your blog. 🙂

  2. Stretch Mark Mama says:

    Did you totally fall off your seat when you saw Barry Manilow tonight?
    I’m so glad to hear you describe your life as “chaos.” Sometimes I forget that I have three kids at home during the day and therefore spend the bulk of my time HERDING CATS. I declare. Each kid I add to this house increases the chaos and mess exponentially.
    “Let’s have FOUR kids,” she says…

  3. se7en says:

    Well done you! There are days when I should just say: that’s it and blog one line to say – I am done in… but no on I go, regardless of life and limb!!! I could really learn something here!!!

  4. Sarah (GenMom) says:

    You deserve a breather!!
    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at Blissdom! I am so glad Jo-Lynne told me about it back in the end of last year. It is going to be so fun seeing everyone! I just finished adding little stickies with my twitter address on them. Should have remembered it in the first place, but . . . what can ya do.
    Gotta run & work out and see if I can lose in one day what I couldn’t achieve in 3 weeks! LOL! Time for spanx.
    See ya!

  5. Kara says:

    Have fun!! Does anyone know why for two weeks in a row I can not see the links. It shows up for the previous Wednesday, but not for today’s? This keeps happening to me…

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