That's What Daddies Do :: Owlhaven

Ultimate Lego Birthday Party :: Like Merchant Ships
I love these clever (and inexpensive!) birthday party invitations!

Life On Death Row :: Conversion Diary
I know.  I link to Jen so much I've told her I'm going to stop calling this "Saturday Linkage" and start calling it "Just Go Read Conversion Diary".  But seriously.  Go read Conversion Diary.

Love Letters :: This Ain't New York

How To Make Marshmallow Lollipops :: Grace Violet

40 Years' Worth of Thanks :: Boston Globe
via Missy

11 thoughts on “

  1. Ann Voskamp @ Holy Experience says:

    “Love Letters” on Valentine’s Day… following your post yesterday… tears and swelling heart again. Thank you, Shannon.
    “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” ~Jn. 15:13
    That we might live real compassion and great love… You do.
    All’s grace,

  2. Betty Beguiles says:

    Your links never fail to knock my socks off. Thank you!
    And you’re right, Conversion Diary is amazing and Jen is just as wonderful in real life…I think you knew that though. She speaks very highly of you.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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