Hello Kitty Cake Pops :: Bakerella

Dr. Seuss Meets CPSIA :: Easy Fun School
(Never heard of CPSIA?  Click here.)

Jelly Telly
From the creators of Veggie Tales!

Sleep Off the Weight! :: MSNBC
Here's a diet plan that makes my heart sing.  Or snooze, as it were.

The Facebook Fast :: Out of Ur
A very wise perspective, written by my good friend Anne.

A Living Prayer, by Alison Krauss :: YouTube
I could listen to her all day.

The Cora Project :: Etsy
Via Sarah

Silence :: Homemaking Through the Church Year

14 thoughts on “

  1. Linda Sue says:

    Alison Krauss is quite a blessing – I’d read elsewhere about the discussion which Anne’s “fast from facebook” is a response. Very good discussion and one people should seriously consider rather than jump on one side or the other and refuse to fully explore.

  2. Melanie says:

    I can’t help but connect the miracle of the Cora Project with the CPSIA link. If we bloggers could all just show up on those Senators’ steps. Maybe they could listen.

  3. MandM says:

    I just loved the Jelly Telly.
    Definately can see a use for it in our Sunday School program – thanks as it is always good to find new things.

  4. Sarah says:

    well, The Cora Project led me to her mom’s home page, which had me crying buckets of tears…
    they have a beautiful Etsy shop as well, as part of the fundraiser…
    I am glad to know about them…
    thank you Shannon

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