We had three perfectly restful days at Ree's Lodge.  Over the course of our time together, we ate entirely too much food and got way too little sleep. We managed to analyze what is wrong with the State Of Marriage In America, which era of Saturday Night Live was best, what might possibly happen in Iran, and why on earth we wore those clothes in the 1980's.  Sophie, Melanie and I feel so recharged and pampered and well-fed that we briefly considered refusing to leave.  But that would just be bad manners, so we sadly packed up and left yesterday afternoon.

Here are a few of snapshots of all the lovelies:

[First, a disclaimer: Compared to Ree's photos, mine look like they were taken with a cheap camera and by a bad photographer.  Probably because I have a cheap camera and I'm a bad photographer.]


Below, the back deck.  This is where we stood to sing rousing verses of show tunes from the musical Oklahoma.  (Not really.  Okay, really.  But only once):


I'm not sure, but I think this pantry may hold the key to world peace:




Even dirty laundry smells good in here:


The view from the room where I slept:


I would like to report that the reason this guacamole is halfway gone is that I had been sharing it evenly and diplomatically with everyone else and NOT AT ALL because I shoveled half the plate into my mouth so vigorously that my skin has a green tint to it today: 


A scrumptious dinner:


And (*sigh*) cinnamon rolls for breakfast, lightly flavored with coffee:


Signing off now, to go shop for some elastic-waist pants.  

29 thoughts on “Bee-Yoo-tiful

  1. Linda Sue Buhl says:

    I’m so grateful you showed MORE of the food -I’m in the proces of losing a HUGE amount of weight so vicariously I had a pigout party with y’all and still can face the scales next week. The guacamole picture alone was worth a fortune but combined with the cinnamon rolls – oh BABY

  2. Grateful for Grace says:

    Again… so jealous! But also so happy you got to go do something so super fun!
    Those cinnamon rolls are now a staple for Christmas and Easter in my home. I’m eternally grateful the recipe makes 7 tins or I’d make them more often. I’m also eternally grateful that it’s too much brain work for me to do the math to figure out how to cut the recipe in half. I would weigh a gazillion pounds because I would make them too, too often.

  3. Laura@HeavenlyHomeamakers says:

    Really…that’s her PANTRY? And I thought I had a cool pantry. (Checking…double checking that I put the “r”s in pantry) (yeah, got em) (I’ve made that mistake before on my own blog…now I’m over paranoid.)

  4. genny says:

    That looks like such a peaceful place! This really made me long to go on a vacation. I’ve been sort of laid-up lately (broken arm and torn knee) and I’m feeling a little cooped up…lol. Thanks for the pretty views!

  5. Katherine says:

    Hi! Discovered you blog by way of the other 3 ladies! You are just as funny as they are – YAY!! I am STILL snorting about your post yesterday when you used your turn signal! What a scream! I look forward to visiting again to laugh some more! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Over-Caffeinated Mama says:

    I am coming out of lurking to tell you that your blog was the first one I ever heard of, you practically inspired me to create a blog in the first place, although it was pretty pathetic in the beginning. But now imagine my jealousy when I find out that you are actually personally friends with Ree and Boo Mama too! I only aspire to be as cool as you! 🙂

  7. Amy @ Living Locurto says:

    I love your recap of the weekend! That little town is where I grew up. I love the prairie, it’s so pretty. What a treat to get some home cooking from Ree. Yum! Where were you on the horses?? I think you were smart, I bet Melanie’s bottom was very sore:-)

  8. Maureen says:

    I’ve been away from the computer (due to illness) for a few months and this is the first post I have read in awhile. The pictures are fine by the way, they certainly made me want to be there!! It looks like you had a wonderful time and I am so glad for you.

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